A Real Life Medical Humiliation

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

A real life story of embarrassment I experienced as a young man in a doctor's office, involving both reluctant nudity and a particularly embarrassing diagnosis and treatment that I had to endure while the doctor's sexy young assistant watched.


I found the courage, after reading some other stories on this site, and the real story thread started by Bobby Brit, to tell the story of one particularly embarrassing experience I had, as a young man, in a urologist’s office. All that follows really did happen to me. The medical procedures are described as accurately as I can recall them. I hope that this story may also serve as a way to introduce myself as a new member of the house of Stripping and Humiliation, a subject I find very exciting!.

I am an American and to set the stage for what eventually happened I must explain that I had, back when I was a teenager, a feeling that, if I ever got stripped or got caught naked in front of members of the opposite sex, especially before girls my own age, that maybe the ground would just open and swallow me up. It was not about size, but about the fact I was brought up with rather strict ideas about nudity, and felt that if I ever got exposed before girls I knew, I would never be able to face any of them ever again.

Every summer back then, one of our high school teachers would organize a whole bus load of kids for a trip from Michigan to Florida, with many stops along the way. Like most of the other kids on this trip, I was between my Freshman and Sophomore year. I was a shy kid in those days. There were a number of girls on this trip that I found quite attractive and I had been making repeated efforts to get to know one of them better that I really had a crush on.

One day the whole group was at a beach swimming and sunning. Another kid thought it would be great fun to strip me in front of a group of girls from my high school. For a brief moment I thought it was going to happen. He was stronger than me and might well succeed in pulling my swim trunks down despite my efforts to prevent him. But then I decided to go for his swim trunks instead of trying to defend my own. This proved instantly effective. I was kind of a fat kid back then though I had become slender by the time of my adventure in the urologist’s office. The other kid was skinny. My trunks were maybe a size small for me and fit very tight. His were maybe a size too big and fit him very loosely. He immediately perceived that I would probably succeed in getting his down before he could get mine down. Suddenly the game wasn’t fun for him anymore and he walked away. I felt like I had just dodged a bullet!

My feelings about appearing naked continued at least through my twenties. When I was about twenty-eight I had developed a condition, harmless and later corrected, that made it seem to me that I had three testicles. My primary doctor referred me to a urologist to get this checked out. This was my first visit to this man who I will call Doctor K. When I checked in I thought I was going to die when I had to write down the purpose of my visit on a form I knew the receptionist would see.

Soon a nurse came out to take me back to an examining room. She said to take off all clothing from the waist down, including underwear, put on this paper gown and lie on the table. She left the room while I got undressed. Of course the paper gown had gaps at the sides and was just barely long enough to cover my private parts. About five minutes later the doctor came in, without that nurse. He pushed the paper gown up to my shoulders and examined me. He said my ‘third ball’ might be something as harmless as a hydrocele or a spermatocele, but it could also be something serious like a cancer tumor. He said we will need to do an ultrasound of your testicles first to rule out cancer. Then he left the room for a few minutes.

When he returned, he had a beautiful mini-skirted young woman with him whom he introduced as Vicki.  She did not, based on her manner of dress, appear to be a nurse or medical technician.  She was a few years younger than me, maybe twenty-four, a redhead, sharply dressed and a real looker. I noticed her skirt fitted her like a glove and ended about mid thigh. Her legs were long, lean and beautifully muscled, like those of a dancer. High heels added to this impression.

And I was lying on the exam table fully exposed. I was shocked that he would bring a non-professional young woman in to such an intimate procedure. But then he introduced her as his nurse in training. Still, I was acutely embarrassed. If she were a battle hardened older nurse it would be one thing, but a young girl? And of course I wondered what kind of doctor would let his ‘nurse in training’ dress in such a manner? No doubt he liked how she looked and was reluctant to ask her to dress more appropriately.

“She is doing her urology rotation in my office until she decides if this is the field she wants to specialize in. I promised Vicki that the next time I got a case like this I would include her for training purposes.”

He took up a position just to the left of my hip and motioned Vicki to put on a smock and a pair of gloves and take a position just next to my right hip.

“The first thing you do, Vicki, in a testicular ultrasound procedure, is insure the patient’s penis will be out of the way. You could ask the patient to hold it up and away. But we find it is usually less embarrassing for him if we wrap a wide elastic band that will conceal it and hold it up against his abdomen. That way there is less chance he will embarrass himself by having an erection during the procedure.”

He is instructing her in all this as though I am not there. By now I am dying of embarrassment and I am sure my face is red. I notice Vicki’s face starting to color. I wonder if maybe this is the first time she has participated in a medical procedure involving a man’s genitals. Next he takes a long elastic Ace bandage out and slips it under me and around my front to hold my dick tight to my tummy. Then he turns on the ultrasound machine, and mounts a fresh end on the probe.

“Before starting the scan, Vicki, we have to apply this gel to his scrotum, which serves to conduct the ultrasound to and from the probe when I scan him. Why don’t you do that part to get your feet wet, so to speak?”

Now Vicki’s face is turning red, but she reaches one gloved hand into the jar of gel and begins to touch my scrotum tentatively with her gloved fingers. Then, with an impatient look from the doctor, she supports my testicles with one gloved hand while, with the other gloved hand, spreads the gel evenly around my scrotum. I am very conscious of her delicate touch.

About now I begin to do math tables in my head to take my mind off what her fingers are doing and in the hope I can avoid further embarrassing myself with an erection.

He then picks up the probe and begins to glide it all over my testicles while Vicki watches intently, missing no detail. She momentarily takes her eyes off my scrotum long enough to make eye contact with me and smile. Then, and while he continues to scan, I feel my penis starting to become partially erect. Fortunately the elastic nature of the Ace bandage allows my dick just enough movement so that the partial erection does not become painful. But there is enough swelling that Vicki notices. Her eyes go to the swelling in the Ace bandage and the doctor sees that.

“Don’t worry about his erection Vicki. That will often happen during this procedure. It is perfectly normal. But we don’t want it to become painful for him. If it looks like he is going to have a full erection you should loosen the Ace bandage enough to give his penis room.”

I quickly turn my attention back to math problems and hope I can make it go down.

“Well, I am happy to tell you Mr. Daverse, that you don’t have a cancerous tumor. What you have is a pocket in there that has filled with some kind of fluid. It may be a hydrocele or a spermatocele. I can drain that fluid now and restore the appearance of your genitals to normal. You should have no further problem there. Once I have drained it I will be able to tell you what the fluid was.”

My throat is dry now and I can barely speak but I nod my head for him to go ahead. He pulls a syringe out of his tool tray with a rather scary large bore hollow needle. I ask if he will use anesthetic. He says no, that short of putting me under with general anesthesia there is nothing that will effectively prevent the momentary pain I am going to feel.

 “Just bear with it Mr. Daverse. It will all be over in a moment”.

So saying he jabs my scrotum with his huge needle and it goes in to a depth of maybe half an inch. I scream and practically bounce off the table with the pain. I feel further embarrassed in front of this young girl. Then he draws the plunger back and I see the syringe filling with some kind of fluid. I look down and see that my genitals now look perfectly normal, with two balls like any other guy. The doctor removes the Ace bandage.

“Bear with us for a minute now. Vicki, come with me to next room where our microscope is.”

They are gone for maybe five minutes. Then he calls out to me from the next room.

“Mr. Daverse, I think you might like to see this too. Would you come here please?”

So I got off the table and pulled the paper gown down. I don’t know why I bothered since Vicki has seen everything anyway. I go into next room where the two of them are waiting for me.

“I have placed a sample of the fluid I withdrew from you on a slide in this microscope. If you will look through the microscope you will see what I just showed Vicki”.

So I look and what I see is lots of little things swimming around.

“Those are your sperm sir. What this tells us is that it was a spermatocele. Also that your swimmers are very numerous and healthy. You can get dressed now. Vicki thanks you for letting her have this learning experience.”

An odd way to put it. I don’t recall ever being asked if it was ok with me for her to observe or participate. I am conflicted now. Part of me is concerned that the doctor acted inappropriately in not notifying me of her involvement beforehand and getting my consent. Surely he could anticipate that involving a 24-year-old trainee in such an intimate procedure might cause distress to the patient. I should have been offered a choice. I felt violated!

Another part of me wondered if maybe I had a bit of an exhibitionist streak in me, even though I had never been conscious of it or acted on it. I could have objected at any stage, after she entered the exam room.  And the reason I did not is that this hidden part of me would not want to have missed a minute of this experience!

It is my hope that those of you reading of my experience will have found this interesting and perhaps even titillating! I look forward to reading many more stripping and humiliation stories that many of you are writing!

I very much welcome any feedback on this story, whether as a public post or through the private message system. If you are not a member of this website please consider joining - it's free! Then you can give feedback on this story and find many other great stories (both real and fictional) about stripping and humiliation.


The End








Submitted: March 10, 2021

© Copyright 2023 Daverse. All rights reserved.

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I had a very similar experience but at a much older age. I was in a urologist office because of an enlarged prostate. The nurse who would have assisted the urologist in the procedure wasn’t in the office that day so he asked his young and attractive receptionist to come into the exam room.

Wed, March 10th, 2021 10:20am


Thanks for reading and sharing your experience!

Thu, March 11th, 2021 5:25pm


Quite the experience, I’m sure it has been replayed multiple times & ways in your own head!

Wed, March 10th, 2021 11:48am


Thanks for reading and your comment!

Thu, March 11th, 2021 5:24pm


A very interesting account especially as you describe your feelings at each stage. It is so understandable that you fear getting an erection which would be most humiliating, and then going on to find it happening. As a young man it is the most natural thing in the world.
Sadly as you get older involuntary erections become less frequent as I found when I spent a year with a urinary catheter which had to be changed by a nurse every 12 weeks. On one occasion the nurse was assisted by a young lady making computer notes. She took an interest in the procedure which involved much handling of my penis. Being in my 70s I found I was able to resist the natural urge which would have been impossible 30 or 40 years previously.

Sat, March 13th, 2021 3:56pm


Thank you for your interesting comment. I agree that it is much harder to control erections when we are young and the hormones are raging. I had an experience when I was about 12 years old and my hormones were very high. I was on a public street and two very pretty girls about my own age walked by. I immediately got hard and my hardness was really tenting my pants. I thought it would be the end of the world if anyone noticed my pants tenting like that. I held a jacket in front of me at first. Then I quickly went into a department store and found a clothing section where I could immerse myself in between racks of coats, pretending to be shopping, waiting for it to go down. A clerk became suspicious as to what this 12 year old boy was doing hiding among the merchandise. She was about to challenge me so I decided to move on to another department and repeat the process. I thought it was never going to do down, though it eventually did after what seemed like hours but probably was only about 15 minutes!

Sat, March 13th, 2021 5:51pm


Interesting story. It seems a few of us have had similar experiences, in both our countries. I had one a few years ago, except the nurse was a bit of an 'old dragon' rather than a trainee. Still embarrassing but no danger of getting excited! I used the experience as inspiration for a story ('The Examination' https://www.booksiesilk.com/content/britguy/britguy-story-archive-31488/chapter/26/version/1) so some good came of it.

Sat, March 13th, 2021 10:41pm


Thanks for your comment! After reading your comment, I decided to read your story 'The Examination' and found that very clever and entertaining. Reminds me a bit of another of your stories that I read a few days earlier, 'A Non-Standard Deviation', which was also very clever and entertaining. I think I will make it a point to read quite a number of your stories now!

Sat, March 13th, 2021 6:48pm


Hello, 'D'! And welcome to Silk.

So, just 'wow' on such a first offering as this. I'm a nurse, D. I found your experience very interesting. Maybe I shouldn't tell you these things, but here are the facts. Nurses don't do 'internships' or even 'shadow' physicians in this manner. We don't train in doctor's offices like this. We do clinicals in a hospital setting only, which is under the direction of other nurses (not physicians). Believe it or not, you can actually get a PhD in nursing, but most nursing instructors do not have that. All of them have at least a BSN.

The reason I mention this is simply to clue you in on the expertise of the young lady you met. This was likely a 'social' acquaintance of the physician in question. Further, nurses do NOT do testicular ultrasounds. If you want to do that, you go into a different field - Rad Tech. Physicians occasionally do ultrasounds. Obviously, radiologists do them, but OBGYN does ultrasounds in the office and urologists do them as well. Some cardiologists do heart echo in the office. But, if physicians want ultrasounds done by a third party to read the scan later, they hire a rad tech for that procedure. Nurses are not trained in performing ultrasounds.

It's possible you misunderstood the doctor or he may not have felt compelled to specify what this young lady aspired to study, but nurses don't do what she was doing.

Having said all that, and just based on your description, this "nurse in training" was certainly not in any 'official' medical training. What you describe is more consistent with 'shadowing' - and you typically see that with young people who are considering medical school but have not yet applied. That means they are probably college students who happen to know a doctor that will allow them to follow them around a few days just to see what goes on daily in a doctor's routine. It would have made a lot more sense if this girl was introduced as an 'aspiring physician' rather than a nurse.

You're right about one thing. You could have gotten that doctor in a lot of trouble if you had pushed the matter. This young lady was nothing more than a 'lay person' invited to participate at the whim of your physician, and your permission has to be at least verbally granted - most malpractice attorneys would suggest a written permit with a signature. My guess is that girl probably never entered the medical field. But your doctor probably won't admit it if you ask. I'd also bet you he was even more erect than you were during the exam.

Sun, March 14th, 2021 3:29pm


Thank you DK!

Thanks for your generous compliment on my piece. I really appreciated learning about how nurses are trained as well as your thoughts about what was really going on during my exam! Yes, I had some doubt about whether him introducing her as 'a nurse in training' wasn't just an excuse to have her there. One possibility, as you suggest, maybe that doc was getting off on having his girlfriend (or his receptionist) there observing and participating.

All that said, the young lady maintained a respectful and serious demeanor, consistent with her being there for some sort of medical learning experience. I cannot fault her in any respect. The doctor impressed me as highly competent and resolved my problem in one short visit. Despite my embarrassment, he did me no real harm. Rather, he gave me an experience to remember. The last thing I would have even considered was making trouble for him!

I did read and enjoy your three poems, and especially was moved by 'Riding Hood'.

Sun, March 14th, 2021 6:24pm


Well, thank you for reading my poems, 'D'!
Actually, my portfolio on this site includes substantially more than those - they just happen to be featured for whatever reason.

I'm glad you have no ill will towards your doc. I don't think he meant to make you uncomfortable. I don't think the girl was a secretary or his girlfriend. I wouldn't eliminate those possibilities, but my guess is she was the daughter of a close friend or family member who indeed voiced an interest in nursing. She probably was a high school student - (what does that do to your cock, D?). The reason I say that is because her attire was so 'adult', it implies she may have been trying to look older than her actual age. High school students typically shadow professionals, especially doctors. College students tend to be too busy for shadowing and some high schools have formal shadow programs set up in the community.

Additionally, it's good to know you want to do nursing before starting college because you need to begin taking your pre-requisites as a college freshman. You usually apply for nursing school as you are completing your Sophomore undergrad year. Nurses don't need an undergrad degree to get into nursing school as opposed to doctors who almost always have a four year degree before applying to med school.

So, yea...I bet she was seventeen...not 24. It doesn't surprise me that she could fool you on her age.

I'm sure she saw lots of genitals that day in clinic. That's what urology is all about. But I still suspect you were a spectacle of sorts for her. Most patients in a standard urology clinic are going to be at least middle age if not frankly elderly. The large majority are men with prostate problems or ED.

As professional as he may have seemed, there's little doubt in my mind that the good doctor was getting a rise out of this exercise since he instructed Vicki to participate as she did. Generally, people who shadow strictly observe...particularly with something like that. He didn't need her to hold your scrotum to do the exam. My guess is that he did some jerking at some point that day in his private bathroom at the office. My guess is you went home and did some yourself!

Wed, March 17th, 2021 12:05am


Thank you again DK! I have sent a more detailed reply as a private message.

Tue, March 16th, 2021 6:18pm


I really enjoyed your story. I had something similar happen to me where I was naked from the waist down being examined by a nurse with two women sitting at my feet watching. I had not been asked to give consent to the observers.
This is a violation of Medical Ethics Opinion 3.1.2 which requires that all observers have explicit consent unless they are "directly involved" in the examination. It is a question of bodily autonomy.

I understand exactly how you feel. It may seem to be inconsistent to find this erotic and embarrassing at the same time. The reason is that you are excited by female desire and if similar thing happened in a non-medical context where it was expected you would have found the incident pleasureable. However, since it was in a medical context when you reacted it was mostly embarrassing.

If something similar happens to you again I suggest that you do not have to tolerate it. If necessary get up and walk out and then complain to the Board of Medical Examiners. This would never have happened to a woman. No male doctor would ever bring in a man to observe a woman's modestly sensitive examination without consent first.

Fri, August 12th, 2022 5:23am


Thank you Pringle. I appreciate your feedback. You are right that I had options that I might have exercised. I could have said simply "I am not comfortable with this and request that she not remain in the room if she is not needed to assist you in the procedure." There is at least a 50-50 chance that would have been sufficient. However it might also have gotten the doctor to say, in effect, "my way or the highway". Then, for sure, I could not back down, and would have to walk out, and not get the medical help I had hoped to get that day. Of course there are plenty of other urologists.

Fri, August 12th, 2022 11:37pm

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