Woodland Predator

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Rose is wandering home through the woods from her friend's house and suddenly, out of no where, he appears...


What a wonderful time of year, I thought to myself as i gazed up at the gorgeous dark sky. I was just approaching the woods that I normally walked through to get home from my friend's house. I breathed in that heavanly pine scent.

I wandered along, it was so silent, so still, and so sudden. To my left i heard a snapping sound. My head shot round and my eyes set upon a tall, dark silhouette of a man. I froze. He moved forward so I could see his face. He had very dark hair, that was meant to be slicked back but some fell in front of his left eye. He had a young face, maybe in his twenties? His expression was serious, determined maybe.

He looked me up and down as he slowly moved forward. He got closer and closer until he was about a foot away from me. I stumbled backwards, he reached out and grabbed my arm to steady me.

"You ok?..." He looked straight into my soul and I observed that his eyes were a striking emerald green. I just nodded to him and tried to pull away but he gripped my arm tighter. He felt me tense up. "Don't do that....I wont hurt you..." He trailed off and looked down, smirked to himself.

"Please.....let - let go of me.....I am in a rush...." I stuttered and tried to break free from his grip.

"Oh but it would be such a waste to let you go.......just look at those tits! I can't resist a girl with such a lovely set." He reached out and touched my breast with his free hand, I looked at him in horror. He then scooped his arms round me and pulled me over to a little picnic table and layed me down. I was frozen still, I couldn't speak, I couldn't pull away from him, the fear was too much.

"I love that top you're wearing but I would far prefer if you removed it...." He straddled over me and pulled my top up over me slowly. I felt a tear fall down my cheek as he proceeded to remove the rest of my clothing and his own. "Hey...don't cry girl, I'm gonna make you scream with pleasure soon!" He wiped at my eyes and I flinched away. "Bitch don't test me! I said don't fucking cry! Can't you obey that one command?" He slapped my across my face, hard.

He kissed my neck, "Sorry baby, didn't mean to lose my patience..." He carried on down my neck, across my chest and started to nibble on my left nipple. "Oh baby they're so stiff, because of this chill in the air. Lucky it hasn't affected my stiff dick..." I felt his dick grow hard against my leg. He squeezed my breasts in his large hands, roughly, so that I squeeled in pain.

"Ah please! You're hurting me! I'm a virgin!" I couldn't stop myself from crying out. He only squeezed harder.

"Even better.." He grabbed me round the waist and pulled me up and bent me forwards across the picnic table and pushed my head down. He smacked my ass and pulled my cheeks apart. He then licked my pussy and stuck his tongue inside for a few seconds. "Just to make sure you're nice and wet..." He chuckled to himself.

Then came the pain.

He thrust his large, stiff dick into my pussy and I screamed in pain. He moaned in pleasure and smacked my ass so hard there was going to be a bruise. He moved in and out of me at a growing pace, which made our skin hit together each time. I moaned loudly, I couldn't help it, the pain was evened out by pleasure. "Oh yeah baby i knew you would love it!" He went faster.

"Uhhh oh my god FUCK ahh" I shouted out and moaned louder, half pain, half pleasure.

"Yeah baby! You want it faster?" He picked up the pace a little more so that I'm sure he couldn't go any faster. "Oh! OH! I'm gonna cum! Oh baby I'm gonna come right inside your tight little pussy.....FUCK ME!!!" Suddenly he slowed down and removed his dick from inside of me. "Wow that was amazing....but I notice you didn't cum baby! I'll fix that..." He flipped my round roughly and spread my sore legs apart.

He put his face between my legs and sucked and licked my pussy. He flickered his tongue against my clit and I moaned and scratched the bench. He held my hips down as my cum dripped out of me. He licked my pussy clean once more.

"Goodbye slut, hope I see you around for round two..." He winked at me, slapped my ass, grabbed his clothes and ran off into the woods.

I lay there in shock. Then I cried. I sobbed for I don't know how long. I hurt all over. My pussy ached. I was cold. And scared.

What a horrible way to lose it.

Submitted: October 20, 2014

© Copyright 2023 DarlingDreamDarkly. All rights reserved.

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So sad, but so sexy.

Tue, October 21st, 2014 3:21pm


Well laid, but you should get down to details.

Fri, November 7th, 2014 4:00am

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