Oral work with five girls

Oral work with five girls Oral work with five girls

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


An oral sex story based on a true experience.


An oral sex story based on a true experience.


Submitted: March 13, 2014

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Submitted: March 13, 2014



I was in highschool with many friends. The thing was, all of those friends were girls. I didn't really have guy friends because I didn't really like them. I really loved to be with girls because they seemed more understanding and I could actually share my thoughts with them without being judged.

One day in history class our teacher gave us a task of making an oral presentation and describe in detail some of the wars in history. Five of my best friends were in that class and I decided to be in a team with them. One we all went to Jenny's house to work on the presentation during the weekend since we had all gotten our information and all was needed was to combine it together and make the presentation. All of these girls have great figures, large breasts: Jenny, Martha, Bianca, Rachel and Merissa.

We were in the living room sitting on the couch during a little break and I noticed how hot it was in the room. "Jesus." I said. "It's really hot in here."

"How about you take your shirt off, then?" Rachel asked.

"Oh come on, I don't want to inconvenience you girls."

"It's not an inconvenience at all! Who knows, we might enjoy it as much as you!"

I decided to take off my shirt after all and the girls looked at me with smiles and grins. "Nice abs!" Merissa joked.

"Maybe you have more muscles under the pants!" Jenny said.

"Whoa whoa I am NOT getting naked for you guys!" I said.

"Come on!" Bianca said. "We're good friends here.... and... we're very curious to see how big yours is!"

"Yeah but..."

"Please!" Martha said as she grabbed my pants and slowly started to pull them down. In a few seconds I was exposed to my underwear in front of the girls. My penis was erected and the girls noticed for sure as the big bump was trying to get out of my undies. "Someone's horny..." Martha said as she rubbed it a little.

"You're the horny ones..." I commented.

"Show us that cock!" Jenny said as she and the girls all pulled off my undies in one action. My 8.1 inch cock was shown to all of them and I felt extremely humiliated as I tried to cover it. "Damn! That's huge!"

"Don't look!"

"No! Show us!" Martha demanded.

"Show us!" Rachel said.

I was put to pressure and I finally let my hands off my penis and let the girls examine it. Martha and Jenny seemed to be the most turned on by it because they started to rub the shaft a little as well as tickle my ball sack.The other girls just say me flinch due to sensitivity and looked down at my penis. "I wonder how it tastes..." Martha asked as she put my penis into her mouth. She started to lick around the head and shaft from the inside as she mover her lips up and down my penis.

"She's not afraid!" Bianca said.

"Wow! She looks like a pro!" Merissa added.

"I want my taste too!" Rachel said as she got to her knees. She took the initiative to lick and suck my ball sack while Martha sucked my main shaft.

"Looks good!" Jenny said as she started to suck my ball sack with Rachel. I had three girls on my penis at one time and it started to get difficult to think rationally. Bianca and Merissa both sat next to me on the couch and started to rub my belly and waist. They both started to lick my cheeks while I enjoyed every last minute of the whole thing. I quickly reached the point of climax and I decided to tell them that I was very close to letting it out. But... none of them listened... they kept sucking despite that, so I decided to let them do what they wanted.

I let all of my cum out in Martha's mouth. At first she seemed surprised but... she didn't stop sucking. I heard the sounds of her gulping and I also saw some cum dripping from her lips and down to her chin. Some cum even fell down to my shaft and Jenny and Rachel were trying to lick every last drop they could. Merissa and Bianca both started to suck on my nipples which felt weird a the start but was some how erotic. Having 5 sexy girls playing with me was amazing. Martha didn't stop sucking my penis even if It was very sensitive and it had already ejaculated. She seemed to be really horny about it, little sprays of cum would come out in intervals but I started to feel weird and my penis got really sensitive.

I wanted to tell them to stop but I was enjoying it way too much, plus they seemed to like it as well. Though, after two hours of sucking my sensitive cock which had produced too much cum for Martha's mouth all of the girls stopped as I rested on the couch grasping my now flaccid and sensitive penis. It was drenched in spit and cum and it was hurting so much... Martha seemed to be exhausted from all the sucking and swallowing she had done for two hours.

"I think I overdid it..." Martha said.

"You must have really loved the taste if you kept it up for that long!" Rachel commented.

"So fucking good...."

"You've always been the horniest one Martha!" Bianca said. "Remember when you invited us to come watch a movie and when we got to your place you were rubbing your pussy on the couch completely naked... and you didn't stop even when you saw us!"

"You also made us rub your pussy for you." Merissa said.

"And rub and suck your boobs!" Jenny added.

"And you just sucked Francis's dick for a LONG time without stopping!" Rachel said.

"You're making me feel like a slut!" Martha said, looking insulted.

"Well, you have to admit you kind of are!"

"Well... maybe a little..."

"All of you are horny." I interrupted. "You all basically stripped me naked to suck me off."

"You hang out with girls all the time." Bianca pointed out. "You're fucking attractive, it was bound to happen."

"Plus your penis is REALLY big." Martha said. "I'd never expect it to be THAT big... And it holds a lot in it..."

"Well I mean, you kept sucking after the initial one." I informed her. "It gets really sensitive and it becomes really easy to get more out, and you kept sucking my dick and balls anyways."

"Well... you have a very big dick and It would be a shame to only allow us to use it..."

I knew that my school had a lot of slutty and horny girls I thought Martha was going a bit too far with that. "You want... more girls to suck on me?"

"They would love it a lot, like I have..."

"I wasn't expecting this sort of thing at all when I first came here, and though it was nice and enjoyable... I wouldn't want to have every girl I know see me naked and play with my penis, no matter how big..."

"Why not?" Rachel asked. "I thought every boy's dream was having sexy attractive girls basically strip him and play with him all day."

"Well, yeah, but like... don't overkill."

"It's not overkill... overkill would be like, stripping you naked in school and making the girls play with you."

"Speaking of which..." Bianca interrupted. "How about you stay naked for the rest of the weekend? I bet you'd enjoy it."

"You want me to stay naked for the whole time that I'm here...? Really?" I asked.

"Yeah. You might as well get used to being naked with us, Francis. We'll be doing this a lot." Jenny said.

"Why a lot?"

"Because we want your dick!" Merissa admitted. "It's huge and we want to fucking suck it and play with and drink from it! We're horny teen girls what do you expect?!"

"It's really fun, too." Martha said. "Like, seriously, we're all friends here. Why can't we do this for the enjoyment of us all?"

I sat up after being a bit less exhausted and letting go of my flaccid penis for them to see. "Well... It's just embarrassing for me: To have many girls use me like a toy..."

"You're not just a toy... you're a friend that we want to pleasure. In fact..." Martha stood up. She was wearing tight jeans and a summer dress. She started to loosen the strings that were making her dress stuck to her and she took it off, leaving her in her black bra. I also noticed that she had a belly button ring, which I didn't think she had.

She then started to move her body seductively and I knew that she was stripping for me. A new erection started to form and a upon looking at it she smiled. She very slowly took off her jeans as I saw her in her dark thong. It was slightly see through so I could see her pussy a little bit. I knew that I would see if fully soon. She faced her back to me as she got closer and put my penis in between her butt cheeks. She started to move it in a circular motion before moving it up and down. I felt like cumming again.

"You like it?" She asked jokingly. She backed off, faced towards me and undid her bra and her perfectly shaped and big breasts were exposed to me. I wanted to jump on her and rub them, suck them, do ANYTHING to them but I tried to restrain myself. She then got closer to me and started to press them into my face. I really wanted to suck on them badly but I wanted her to finish the strip show first. After a few minutes of her shoving her breasts into my face she started to shaker her hips a little and finally ended up with dropping her thong. I saw her shaved pussy and I wanted it so badly.

"See." She said. "We weren't going to just let us see your body... we're doing the same for you... After these girls strip naked... we're going back at your cock. You got that?"

"Yes... please go back at it..." Martha got down on her knees as she started to suck on my cock once more. My cock was still sensitive and I could feel sperm coming up but I tried to keep it in me. Each of the girls took their turn to strip naked slowly and seductively. Very soon, all of them were naked and practically begging to get on my penis. I was asked to stand up and my cock was horizontally straight. All of the girls got on their knees and all managed to find a place to lick or suck my shaft, Martha being the one to suck the main head.

5 sexy and naked girls were sucking on my cock at ONCE! Best feeling I had ever gotten. The girls switch from time to time of who sucked the main shaft so that they could all taste my cum. They had even gotten a bowl to spit the excess of cum in if they didn't want it. So much cum was dripping on my dick and out of their mouths it was insane.

During the whole weekend the girls just sucked on my cock over and over. We basically just did that and our original intention of practicing for the oral presentation completely failed and we didn't work on it once. It was very fun and it still is...

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