By pure chance

By pure chance

Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


Two people meet pure accident fate what would you call it . All they know is they where brought together for there own reason . They wont let a single thing separate them . "the roads rocky but we can traverse it" said Tabis quietly to himself past the tears he cried .


Two people meet pure accident fate what would you call it . All they know is they where brought together for there own reason . They wont let a single thing separate them .

"the roads rocky but we can traverse it" said Tabis quietly to himself past the tears he cried .

Chapter1 (v.1) - By pure chance

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Two people meet pure accident fate what would you call it . All they know is they where brought together for there own reason . They wont let a single thing separate them . <br /> <br />

Chapter Content - ver.1

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: January 27, 2012



Chapter 1: The meeting

Tabis sat on his usual bench in the park it was a usual day for him he was always a bit of a loner to begin with , not that he didn’t like other he just no liked him really and he never knew why . His family life was shamble well no it was nonexistent , never knew his father his mother died and he couldn’t remember how , But to top it all off his brother was off somewhere in the world where he couldn’t find him to behind with . Tabis sighed loudly as he watched the day go bay leaning back as his eyes fluttered and he fell in a deep sleep despite the cold of the dead winter they where in . The snow fell lightly over his skin melting at the touch as he slept people walked passed . Some more desperate checked if he had anything to steal which he didn’t he never had much to begin with at all to be honest and he liked it this way living simply . He slept peacefully grumbling in his sleep as he laid there .

Tabis woke up much much later that evening the city was quiet except for the car that drove by nosily emitting fumes . His nose twirled at the smell of exhaust as he yawned and stretched “how long was I asleep “ he mumbled to himself . He got up as snow feel of his neon green hoodie he wore , his favorite color that went well with his dark blue jeans .He shivered violently in the cold air his breath formed thick clouds as he began walking the long trip home , the snow crunching under his feet with each step distracted him as he listened .Tabis soon found himself far away after a 10 15 minute walk he hadn’t really kept track of it at all as he had a blank look on his face , that was until he looked up . He was no longer in the city he was in sub-division neighborhood and he was lost . His empty mindedness had lost track of where he was going now it was cold he was lost and he recognized nothing . Not the houses not the streets and not a single beacon on a way back . Just keep walking and you’ll find a way home he chided to himself .

Every noise that happened on his walk startled him in this new place he was shaking, not only from cold which his hoodie did little to protect him from but out of fear . He walked farther and farther out but only found nothing and back tracked . His neko like ear flattened against his head as he heard footstep as he tried to run but slipped instead as he cussed , the hidden danger of the ice hidden beneath thin lairs of white . When suddenly he heard the voice …

“isn’t it a bit late for someone as small as you to be out” a man with a gruff and sandy voice chuckled behind him .

“no no im just lost” Tabis stiffened at the voice “ill be going now” as he got up

“oh no no let me help you” as the man gave the other a hand up

“Th-thank you” tabis stuttered as the man held a firm grip on his shoulder

“how bout we have little fun” the man turned the other around he was wearing sweats and a wife beater he had large muscles a bald head and scars everywhere , he looked of someone who just got out of jail.

“p-please I just wanna go “ he struggled but the man hold was tight and would leave bruises

“you can go after some fun” the man pushed tabis to the ground and held him there “now hold still” he said darkly as he slowly played with the pants tabis was wearing

“no! No no !” he pleaded knowing the man intentions

“shut up ive had worse before” he chuckled but lost his grip

Tabis crawled away on his back from the other holding his pant up as his eyes widened in fear “JUST LET ME GO” he screamed . But the other was quickly behind him .

“don’t run bitch!” the man screamed and hit Tabis square in the nose as a spray of blood flooded out as he whimpered and stayed still .

“p-p-please d-don’t” his stutter getting worse

“shut it bitch” as he hit the other again , but before he could do anything a spray of blood erupted form his throat .

Tabis vision was blurred from tears as he saw something shadowy and demonic with a knife slit the mans throat . I'm going to die here , his thought cried but he had no strength to run as the blood covered his face , and the man dropped in front of him . He crawled away even more when the shadow seemed to turn back to normal into a human like form offering him a hand . He was so unsure to take it but he did anyway .

“rapist are disgusting pigs” the man said his voice deep with a hint of a growl in it

“yes they are” he stammered as he stood up watching the other begin to walk away but he followed he was lost bleeding and alone, although the man scared him he was all tabis had at the moment . So he followed the other like a lost puppy would follow someone .

“why are you following me” the other growled

“im lost , and cold , and I have no where to go”

“fine fine you can come to my house” the man said simply slowing his pace down for the others

Everything told Tabis not to follow that bad thing would happen but he felt drawn to the stranger following him slowly with a light limp from his fall . “Th-thanks for saving me”

“it was nothing I was just in the area your lucky” he said with a dismissing tone as if he hadn’t don’t very much at all .

They walked for some time stopping at a huge purple mansion but the creepy type . Metal spiked fence hug gate and a weird aura coming off of it . The other walked ahead pressing his hand against the gate as it opened with red seals appearing . Tabis hesitated he had a feeling if he crossed this mark that things would be differ but he didn’t have much choice , even if he did he would’ve still followed the other. AS he crossed the line of the gate and walked next to the other as he opened his door in a similar fassion . He walked inside and watched the other take his shoes off by the door and he did the same as well .

“make yourself at home ill be right back” as he walked off and up a spiral staircase

Tabis immediately made his way to the living room his bare feet touched the carpet it was extremely soft and fuzzy , a light purple to match the house. Tabis loved the feel as he got on all fours and felt it with his hand and then his face his ass sticking up in the air , he was so distracted he didn’t hear the other come back as he coughed loudly , making him jump up “um … um do you have a bathroom?” he stuttered noticing a faint red twinge on the other cheeks .

“its up stairs “ he pointed as he blushed he had seen everything the boy ass in the air made him blush as he caught himself staring .

Chapter 2: realazation

Tabis climbed the stair up two flight slowly it was hard with his leg hurt the way it was as he walked down the long hall door every where as he opened each one finding the bathroom by trial and error . The door was at the very end of the hall so he had opened at least 10 door before getting here he sighed confusing house , He opened the door to the bathroom slightly as he walked inside . The bathroom was at least the size of his room at his house had a large tub fit for 4 people showers two sinks , but he gravitated towards the mirror first .He was looking through the mirror but he was disgusting he couldn’t believe that was him , his large hoodie was covered in dark brown dried blood as well as his hair was a mess much more couldn’t of gone wrong .Blood pressed and down and knotted it so he decided to take a quick shower hoping the other wouldn’t notice or mind.

Tabis stripped down until he was wearing nothing as he piled his clothes and slid them into the shower . The button in the whose confused him so he chose the one that looked like waterfall and set it for steamy , The water cascaded exactly as the button showed a gental water fall that cover his whole body as he watched the blood swirl down the drain . When he looked he almost tripped and fell there was a mirror in the shower that didn’t get foggy for some reason as he looked at himself carefully . His sally black and slightly frazzled hair cover his faced as he looked at his gray tipped half wolf half cat ears it was the best distinguishing factor he could make . His bright red eye cleaned almost sparkled and his cheek where a bit rose . He wore a collar which held onto a dog tag which said “Tabis Ukesara , not owned ,not taken ,looking for someone” . He had a slim almost effeminate body not much muscle on him and his body curved just in the right ways and his hip slightly stuck out he wasn’t pale but he wasn’t tan more of a peach color he would say . He examined himself for the first time in a while his nose was normal wasn’t to big or too small perfect or his feature his face was slender , his nail always kept clean .

Tabis grabbed some type of shampoo and conditioner that smelt like roses ,as he ran them threw his hair and let them sit ,while he washed his body with another rose smelling product . He stepped back under the water as the shampoo and various other thing where washed away leaving the strong scent they portrayed behind . Tabis turned the water of as he sat there and stepped out water dripping down his chest and splattering onto the floor quickly finding a towel . He crept out of the bathroom hoping the other wouldn’t see him naked as he walked into a random room and picked out a large black shirt and sweatpants as he began walking back down stair slowly , he reached the bottom and wandered into the living room where the other was drinking some alcoholic beverage as he sat down on the couch next to the other and smiled lightly . “thank you for saving me again”

“oh that was no problem” he said placing his drink aside “my name is kensu by the way”

“nice to meet you kensu and im tabis”

“well the same tabis “ kensu said coolly

“why did you safe me im not that special” he shifted in his seat uncomfortably

“I had to I don’t know why I just did”

“o-okay you have a very nice house”

“it my brothers” he scowled a light growl to his voice again

“well still” he huddled next to the other

“your wearing his clothes too but I don’t mind just be careful” he said calmly

“oh im sorry” he looked down at the large shirt that draped over him with a frown , as he yawned sleepily and started to nods of but refused to sleep . Kensu noticed this and immediately stood up .

“would you like some coffee?” he offered

“yes please I wanna stay up and talk”

Kensu got up and wandered to the kitchen , while Tabis laid against the arm rest . He went up to the coffee machine and began getting to large cup he poured in coffee sugar and creamer adding some whip cream a cheery and chocolate . He brought the cup out carefully to the other “here you go” he smiled holding a cup out to the other , forgetting to warn it was hot as the other took his cup. Tabis smiled taking a drink and hissed holding his tongue out as he drank to fast and burned it. “dam you coffee you betrayed me” he pouted Which only caused kensu to chuckle lightly to himself . “yeah coffee get hot at times” as he sipped his own carefully and set it down looking at the other . “i wanna show you something but I don’t want you to run after you see it ….”

“i wont run”

“swear you wont run then promise , ill be crushed if you do”

“i promise and swear kensu that I wont run or hide no matter what”

“alright remember you said that” as he got of the couch and stood as a light purple aura so rounded him slowly . He got on all fours as his bone cracked with a sickening pop as he grew dark black fur slowly . Tabis flinched at the crack but stayed as he promised , as the other was looking more wolfish by the second until he was a black wolf as bone spike slowly appeared on his spine and his tail was club like . Acid dripped form his mouth sizzling the ground beneath them as his paws did the same his rib cage was viable no skin or fur even there and there was a strange glowing light above him , which to the trained eye was his parent holding a lantern but tabis couldn’t see it . Tabis clenched and stayed still “i told you I wouldn’t run”

Well im surprised he communicated using telepathy

“don’t be I said id stay and im here “ as he hesitantly ran a hand over the other fur and sat on the floor with him . His skin was hot as a burning flame but he didn’t move it as he sat there “i meant it I wont run out because your different but this is shocking”

well that's partially because im half human half demon

“i didn’t think d-demons where real”

did you think people randomly changing into wolf where now?

Well I remember story my mom told me” as his eye began to flutter again as he rested his head against the other fur “it was long story but I was told to always believe” he said sleepily .as his eyes finally shut as he drifted off into slumber. Kensu laid down wrapping his tail around the other changing so he look just like a normal wolf only bigger as he kept the other warm feeling him snuggle into his own fur . HE stayed awake most the night only falling asleep at 5am a few hours before the other would wake up . Tabis sleep peacefully snuggled against the other warmth arms around the wolf tightly and he nuzzled into it .

Chapter three:pheromones?

Tabis woke up 3 hour after kensu had fallen asleep as he curled tightly into the warmth that what he assumed was a blanket . Until he noticed his supposed blanket moving up and down as he opened his eyes to find himself snuggled into a large wolf . He sat up carefully not to wake the other his hair was frazzled and messy as he untangled himself . He found a brush laying on the table in the living room and ran it through his hair quickly as he watched the other sleep peacefully . Once he had his hair looking back to normal he wandered into the kitchen and opened the large fridge it was amazing , there where so many type of food and spices . Some of which he knew where very rare anywhere to get as he began getting down pan and skillets from the cupboards . He was gonna make the best breakfast ever for kensu as a thank you gift for being so nice and letting him stay . He pulled out various food as he flipped the gas burner on at least 8 of at a time and he began working.

He was making everything and when he said everything he men it , he made salty bacon , sausage , ham , egg in various way you could think sunny side up over easy scrambled omelet . He made sweet creeps with chocolate inside or some time of fruit sauce he made mountain of pancakes all dazzled with chopped fruit butter and a variety of syrups . This process continued as he nimbly swirled around the kitchen almost like a ballerina , how he would twirl on one foot to avoid danger and continue going on .

Kensu had been stirring in his sleep as he changed back only wearing sweatpants and a wife beater tossed and turned now that he had lost the warmth he was holding onto . He opened his eye to look at the clock that flashed 9 am at him making him groan , he didn’t want to get up. But then the smells from the kitchen caught up with him as he shot up licking his lips , he stretched slowly and yawned . Kensu rose to a stand as his knee cracked loudly as he cracked various other parts of his body , he walked slowly to the kitchen leaning against the support of the kitchen and watching the other , Amazed at how the other dogged and moved back and forth in between things as to not burn or break anything he was almost trapped looking at him . Until he realized Fuck mating season starts today how could you be so careless , so stupid , I have to tell him to leave but I don’t wanna be rude his thought screamed at him.

Meanwhile tabis had filled up a long dining room style table to the brim with plates as he whistle to himself flipping the burners off . As he moved all the pans to the sink and turned on the cold water the familiar hiss and steam rose away as the two object met and he grabbed a sponge and began cleaning. “A clean kitchen is a happy kitchen” he hummed as he washed away . Tabis was gonna move to get something else when a grunt from kensu had reached his attention and he stood stock still . “h-how long have you been there” he blushed brightly

“he he long enough” he smirked as he walked inside of the kitchen “Well since you made food ill get the good plates” as he wandered to a pantry pulling out two nice china plates both of which had wolfs on them , he handed the other carefully to the boy .

“okay you go first” he said with a smile he really wanted to see what kensu preferences would be . If any he wanted to see if he had favorite maybe something he could remake for a future date or something along those line . But he watched as kensu picked thing here and there equally not showing preference to any one dish as he sat down with some orange juice . Well tabis was a complete opposite and showed plenty of preference as he only picked the sweeter thing crepes filled with chocolate pancake with blueberry syrup , fruit and juice . He had always had this monster sweet tooth and he couldn’t resist when these sweet where placed so close to him . Tabis took a seat next the other with a smile as they both began eating and he noticed a headache pounding in his tremble that seemed to get worse . “mm how did you sleep” he said past a mouth full of food

“oh well I guess I slept well only got three hours” he said neutrally

“oh im sorry if I woke you up I didn’t mean to” as he took more bite 5 minute in his headache was absolutely killing him at this point , little did he know it was actually the mating pheromones that kensu was letting of that was doing this .

“no no im fine” he smiled and looked at the other who was eating so fast “be careful and are you okay”

“it nothing” he said he wanted to get through this one meal with the other without anything going wrong so he bared through the pain as he began to shakily drip syrup onto himself and the other , He looked down as he removed his shirt so it was out of the way as more syrup dripped on him . His finger moved toward it dipping in as he ran his tongue over the sweat stuff , before doing it again only looking dead at kensu as he sucked on his finger sensually .

Meanwhile kensu was losing his mind one more sweet thing spilled on him one more sticky incident and he would lose control . He was holding back the best he could so he wouldn’t rape this boy , he wouldn’t be like his brother he refused . As he watched the other lick the syrup away with that look and couldn’t take it anymore as he , stood quickly and rushed upstairs off into his room .

As soon as the other was far away his headache seemed to ease up and he regained sense looking down at himself as he realized he was a mess and the other was gone with his headache . He wandered up stair wondering where the other had gone when he realized only one of all the door he had opened the previous night was closed he must be in there. He walked to the door and knocked on it but as soon as he did his headache came back 10 fold . “ahhh kensu are you okay?” he asked through gritted teeth of the pain .

“go away I cant be near you” he told him from the other side a light growl in his voice

“what are you talking about come o....” as he let out a cry of pain his hand shot up to his head and he collapsed his hand collapsing against the door . With a loud thud as he hit and cried out in pain . Kensu stayed on the bed away from the bed as he heard the thump and the other cries as he inched toward the door slowly and opened it to find a writhing tabis clawing at his head . Kensu frowned as he picked the other up bridal style and let him down on the bed softly .

“Ahhh make it stop!” he cried fresh tear running down his cheek in pain, as it felt like someone was slamming a hammer down on his head again and again ,or as if knife where carving him out like a pumpkin . His body twisted in the bed as he screamed half coherent and half no as memory of his child hood passed his eyes , memory’s he had tried to lock up so he never remember again as he let out another blood curdling scream .

Kensu looked at the other and began backing away from the bed and slowly toward the door but then tabis eyes shot open . “don’t you dare leave me” he quickly stood a mistake as he wobbled from one foot to another towards kensu .

“i have to go if I leave the pain will go away”

“i said don’t leave!” he cried as he fell on the floor and got back up moving a few steps toward the other then falling without the strength to get up .

Kensu backed away even more “i have to so your pain goes away”

“don’t leave me” he bawled tears falling down his cheek unable to move anymore from pain and feeling paralyzed at the moment . “if you leave I wont move , I wont eat , I wont do anything but stay in this spot” he screamed at the other not sure why he didn’t want him to leave so badly but his head overruled it with the next wave of pain he shot on .

“just try and control yourself and ill stay” as he picked the other up again and placed him firmly on the bed grabbing a cool towel and placing it on his forehead .

“PLEASE make the pain go away” he screamed repeatedly at the other as more tear fell

Chapter four: Mating

Kensu could only bite his lip he knew only one way to make the pain go away but that would involve mating with tabis and permanently marking him . “i can make it go away but it had a cost”

“anything I don’t care just do it “ he begged the other

“fine I warned you” and to be honest the mating pheromone were getting to kensu too he wouldn’t be able to stay in the same room and hold back even longer . His claw and fangs where both longer from the pheromone pulling out his more animalistic nature as he swiped down the boy body carefully as his clothes fell away in shreds .Hearing the other gasp at the sudden coldness of the air against his skin as kensu growled territorial and lean down near the other neck licking a spot gently at the other shivered wildly , As he decided to make it quick .

Kensu drove his fang into tabis soft neck as they sank in easily like a hot knife through butter his sharp wolf like fang secreted a heavy liquid that moved through the other body . It would move through his vein heating them up and greatly increasing his libido for a few hours but this mark would bind them together permanently forever more . And sadly there would be new rule tabis would have to follow as he lapped at the other blood and pull his fangs away. A dark black mark slowly formed on tabis neck it was a yin-yang all black made of pure flames that seemed to move of a will of there own representing there life force .

Tabis Screamed unknown to kensu while he was caught up feeling the fang bury into his neck but to weak to push the other away he was trapt as he felt something heavy pushed inside of his neck. Slowly adjusting as suddenly his vain caught fire as he let out another how struggling wildly at the fire that ate at him inside as he slowly relaxed for the pain recede quickly , along with his headache which was no longer there . “i-is that it” he asked innocently expecting that to be all in his need.

Kensu only smiled gently at the other “no that not it we have to seal it off or it will come back and hurt you almost kill you or it will kill you”! As he striped his clothing with his claws as they fell away like everything else had revealing his fully naked body , His large hard cock . But he wasn’t boasting when he mentioned large being part demon had influenced certain part of his body as he had a whole 9 inches below his waist .

Tabis eyes widened as he saw the other strip “s-seal what do you mean” as his body quivered.

“we have to have sex baby we have to seal it off the seal make you mine forever you cant leave now it to late” he frowned as he leaned forward and kissed the other cheek “im sorry this is the only way” he whispered into the other ear .HE kissed down the other neck slowly “we need to do this do you understand?” he whispered

Tabis stopped shaking as the other kissed hims so tenderly and softly like he was some sort of prize . “we have to have sex and I have to stay with you it was the only ay” he repeated quietly

“yes” he said with a nod

Tabis took a deep breath “i understand what I have to do but … P-please be gental ive never been touched before and I know it’ll hurt” he whimpered softly against the other touch .

“ill take it nice and slow for you I promise ill make sure it doesn’t hurt as much as I can for as long as I can” AS he kissed down the other body “ill make you feel good” he promised as leaned further down kissing down his chest each nipple then his belly , as he moved lower placing a kiss on his thigh hand arms and even on the tip of his cock . He moved up and stole the boy lip in one passionate kiss quickly holding to the other , as he kissed back he licked the other lip asking for invitation . HE felt them part slightly as he slid his tongue along the other tasting him slowly as there wasn’t a fight for dominance they both knew he was top . He pulled away panting heavily “ill kiss every part of you from head to toe ill take the pain away your my mate now and nothing shall hurt you again”

Tabis smiled lightly as he panted his face red as his cock had hardened during the encounter they had been making . “thank you , I cant think of a better mate” he purred lightly as he looked up at the other and watched him lower once more as kensu took tabis right nipple in his mouth . He arched his back with a gasp feeling the other tongue play along the sensitive part of flesh as it hardened as his teeth grinded onto it . Tabis let out a light and tiny moan when kensu moved onto his left and repeated the process onece more “mmm kensu” he mewled a hand in the other hair as he pulled at it with each movement the other made .

Kensu only smirked as he looked up at the other taking his mouth away licking down the other jaw line and placing small love bite that would leave mark in various sizes and places. A low growl escaped between his teeth “MINE!” he claimed the other nipping at the other neck.

“yours” tabis agreed as he wiggled a little under the nipping

Kensu growled loudly as he pushing three finger into the other mouth thrusting them along his tongue “suck them!” he commanded harshly his mating pheromones taking over him as tabis only sucked eagerly . He ran his tongue in circle over the other digit slowly as he mewled against them feeling kensu still grinding his hard member against the others. Kensu pulled his finger away and pushed one into the other roughly thrusting it . Tabis gasped loudly which only made him smirk “mmm don’t worry it will be good in a while” adding a second one suddenly .making tabis yelp in pain

“oww it hurts kensu” he hissed tightening around the finger , but kensu only added a third adding to his pain with a silent cry tears forming in his eyes.

“Stop crying” he growled his voice deeper and his eyes deep violent red as they faded slightly “cant stop baby bear with it , it’ll feel good” but then he lost control again as he thrust his finger deep into the other again and again losing patience as he took them away prodding the other entrance with his throbbing member as he began pushing inside the other.

Tabis yelped again biting his lip trying to be strong a single tear falling from his eyes in pain as he yelped and cried a bit at the sudden stretching . He felt the other sheathing himself more and more when suddenly he slammed in! Only to get a scream erupting from tabis mouth as kensu rested there letting him adjust moaning at his tightness . “o-owe” he whimpered under the other lip trembling .

“mmm tell me when I can move” kensu said quietly in between a moan as his claws raked down the other side watching as blood welled up and dripped down his side as he leaned down and lapped at it.

Tabis took a moment feeling pain still but it lessened “you can move” he said in a hushed tone obviously hiding the pain he was in .

This was enough for kensu as he pulled out and slammed back into the other every inch of him inside the other tight virgin ass as he moaned again “ahhh Fucking tight!” he said approvingly as he pulled out once more and pushed in slowly this time , He kept moving slowly teasing the other then suddenly he would start slamming into the other without warning as he heard the other cries of pain turn into moans as he began to feel pleasure .

Tabis body had been engulfed by pain as he felt like he was being torn apart but there was a fire burning inside of him . One that was slowly blazing to life as he felt the first wave of pleasure hit him small moans at first but graduating to full on loud moan as the other plunged in and out of him the rough treatment. Something about it made him feel even more as he cried out when kensu plunged in hitting a spot deep inside him that made him yurn for more something so powerful it made his body feel weak and his arms and leg feel like jelly .

“oh you like that huh” he purred slamming into the same spot once more kensu didn’t tell the other but he was the first one he had mated with hell been with and it felt great , But being his first time he knew he couldn’t last hell he wouldn’t of lasted this long if it wasn’t for mating . “Mm mm gonna fill you up” he moaned loudly as he continued.

“f-fill” he moaned the other was going to cum and inside of him filling him to the brim as he shook with excitement . His body controlling him as his hips gyrated on the the other cock slowly and then faster wanting him to cum and plant his seed deep inside .

Kensu grunted as he thrusted one last time all the way inside of the other and released his hot sticky cum shooting into the other tight hole spurt after spurt as it escaped between his cock and the other ass onto the bed collapsing on the other panting .

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