The Magic of Masturbation

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Throughout history, people were told that masturbation was bad; that it was, as St. Thomas Aquinas once coined it, 'the sin of self-abuse.' People were told masturbation made you go blind, that it was evil and that such acts should be punished. I'm sure there are still many who believe, that masturbation is wrong and evil and bad. But the truth is... It's not. Masturbation is a totally normal part of our life, and there is absolutely no shame in doing it. Masturbation helps us to discover more about ourselves and what we like and don't like sexually; it helps to make us feel good and release those all-important endorphins. It helps to release pent-up tension and frustration from the day. People shouldn't be shamed for doing something that should be seen as a normal part of who we are as human beings... Sexual beings.

A perfectly natural moment of self-intimacy,

Branded strange and inhuman through-out the ages,

Written in ancient texts as the sin of self-abuse,

Freedom slammed by God, lashed and locked away in cold iron cages. 


Punished for something even our animal brethren perform,

An act not of sin but of rapturous pleasure,

A safe expression for both our frustrations and our love towards another,

An act to which no other can quite measure. 


But what be immoral about a man or a woman,

Casting their energies to indulge in an urge so strong,

Elevating their being to a level not known with words,

How can such a necessary and spiritual feeling be so wrong?


Masturbation is magic I say,

A feeling so rarely felt as this,

Gazing upwards to the heavens with such elation,

For a brief moment, cast away to a world of pure bliss. 


In those precious seconds that fly by oh so quickly,

Nothing else matters,

Not a single fear or worry can penetrate the soul,

On this plain of ecstasy, void of noise and clatter. 


The intense and liberating rush courses through the veins,

Euphoric waves of pleasure conquering every inch of skin,

Muscles spasm in a state of exquisite delight and confusion,

Losing control... Let the ascent begin. 


The chains once enslaving you now broken,

Souls free and soaring high in the sky,

Like Icarus towards the sun,

A feeling like no other… Mankind’s natural high. 


Oh how magical masturbation is,

‘Tis not a crime nor is it a sin,

But a natural act to know the self,

There’s no shame in seeking pleasure from deep within.

Submitted: July 08, 2019

© Copyright 2022 DarkHorse93. All rights reserved.

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Amy F. Turner

So true and so enjoyable. Thanks for sharing.

Mon, July 8th, 2019 5:47pm


A pleasure Amy, thanks so much as always for stopping by. ????????

Mon, July 8th, 2019 3:19pm


True true true.... I can never say it better than how you put it.... that was perfect.

Mon, July 8th, 2019 9:27pm


Glad you thought so chap! Many thanks for taking the time to comment.

Mon, July 8th, 2019 3:20pm

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