Steamy Sauna Sex

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

After an exhilarating session at the gym, what could be better than a steamy surprise waiting for you in the saunas below.

Got off the night shift at work,

Freedom I shout unbuttoning my shirt,

Loosen that tie and head for the car,

Off to the gym, it’s not too far.


Time to run a few miles,

Then it’s onto some rowing for a while,

Building up a sweat,

Workout goal… Met!


Smiling as I jog down the stairs,

Happy and without a single care,

Swapping the gym shorts for swimming trunks,

Robes on like a Middle Ages Monk.


Stopping off at my favourite place,

I notice through the blackened glass a pretty face,

Grabbing the handle I make myself known,

Taking a seat, as silent as stone.


This girl so beautiful and so shy,

Eventually she turns to me and asks why,

Why I keep gazing at her,

Shit does she think I’m some kind of perv?


But instead she smiles,

I reciprocate admiring for a short while,

Before sitting next to her,

Planting myself next to those gorgeous curves.


Her hand glides elegantly down to my crotch,

Intense and fiery feelings oh don’t stop,

My hand rests so gently upon her face,

A passionate love behind this boiling haze.


Lips pressed tightly shut,

What if someone sees us fuck,

But such worries are the least of our concern,

For her body I doth yearn.


She slides down my trunks,

Gagging to fiddle with my junk,

So hard this meat’s ready for her,

Waiting to impale this beautiful girl.


Her bikini untied and nipples on show,

My tongue licking whilst fingers down below,

Softly burrowing their way inside,

This boy’s meat is now ready… Open wide.


She sucks and she licks,

Taking it deep loving this prick

Pushing her on it more and more,

Until at the balls, still no-one at the door.


So I get down on my knees,

Kissing upwards from her gorgeous feet,

Leaving no area of flesh untouched,

Eager to make her volcano erupt.


With my tongue I stroke soft and strong,

Little by little fingers rolling down her thong,

She doesn’t need this anymore,

Slinging it in a pile on the warm, wet floor.


Vulnerable and now totally in the buff,

Time to indulge in some really naughty stuff,

Pushing her gently against the wood,

Prepping my cock, pulling down the hood.


With one leg resting upon my shoulder,

I slowly squeeze my piece inside her furry holder,

Her face an image of euphoria,

This feeling be oh so glorious.


I fondle so sensually her pert tits,

Tweaking those nipples, hot bodies in pure bliss,

Kissing her luscious lips so red,

Hands gliding up and down her legs.


Around my waist her legs do wrap,

A hand upon her peachy ass does slap,

The drilling gets faster and faster,

She is my subject and I am the master.


I lay this gorgeous girl on her back,

Legs akimbo and ready for this cock so fat,

Her legs rest upon my shoulders broad,

Pushing deeply as far as I can, this pussy I delightfully maraud.


Her tits bounce with such beauty,

Gentle jiggling from her ass so juicy,

I push deep and her eyes flutter in ecstasy,

This wave of emotions oh so heavenly!


The walking of bare feet outside,

Nowhere to run and nowhere to hide,

Fuck it we keep on moving,

Feelings building up, this hose ready for shooting.


And before my creamy load is ejected,

I aim for your mouth target detected,

Pump after pump the good stuff shoots,

The beast has finally been let loose.


My gooey goodness upon your lips,

Juices flowing from your sweet little slit,

But not much time to remember,

From the door knob a small tremor.


A silhouette steps through the thick haze,

Not a single thing out of place,

Oh if only he knew of the excitement before stepping in,

The girl and I simply look at each other, with a naughty wink and a grin.

Submitted: December 16, 2018

© Copyright 2023 DarkHorse93. All rights reserved.

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Amy F. Turner

This was exciting and well done. Hot and sexy. Love the hint of being caught in so public a place. :)

Sat, December 22nd, 2018 3:19am


Hey Amy, so glad you enjoyed the piece! And who can resist the danger of being caught? ;p

Thanks for stopping by hun. ;)

Sat, December 22nd, 2018 3:28am

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