No Rest For This Sexual Beast

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: True Confessions  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Sex is without a doubt, a powerful force within our world. These urges can be so strong and so demanding, that everything becomes fixated on sexual pleasure, of appeasing this demon within. Even though it may slither back into the depths of the darkness for a while, it'll always be back for more... Are you ready?

A quiet and reserved chap,

Simply going about his day,

Trying so hard to stave off the attack,

But this demon so badly wants to play.


No matter how hard he tries,

Nothing ever seems to work,

Resistance is futile little human,

For in the shadows of your mind, I will forever lurk.


His urges fire up like an engine,

Revving and roaring within,

I must appease he cries,

The feeling is too great… I give in!


A few taps and a click,

Pornhub saves the day,

Tits and ass galore hurrah!

For many a years now, it’s always been this way.


Boobs, ass and the feet don’t forget,

Oh how delightful they be,

Clean, dirty who cares he says,

For I must set myself free!


He sits staring at his screen smiling,

Like a kid in a candy shop,

Big oiled ass and BBW’s amongst his favourites,

Interracial, threesomes oh don’t stop!


The pounding and the drilling of those pussies,

There is no greater delight,

Dicks sliding sensually in and out,

High-pitched moaning and groaning from the speakers… Yikes!


His manhood rises with each and every moan,

With each and every thrust,

Pumping to his heart’s content,

However wrong it may be… I must!


The screen fills with more and more tabs,

Anal, amateur a devil’s delight,

So much flesh and so much noise,

With all this pleasure, euphoria is in sight!


But he has not yet finished,

For he has more pumping to do,

More pussies to see and tits to behold,

With all this porn, has his mind finally become skewed?


He cares not for his pleasure is a must,

Cowgirl riding a huge, stone cock,

Grabbing her cheeks as they wobble to and fro,

The look upon her face at this exploding rock.


Just a few more he cries,

Searching for big, curvy girls,

So delicious and so sexy as he bites his lip,

Too busy with his demon, shutting out the real world.


Sucking and licking,

Caressing these monstrous dicks,

Surely they know of what awaits them,

When the snake ventures through those lips.


With a few more strokes,

His cum is pumped forth,

Eyes in spasm at the excitement of the moment,

A rush of peace through his veins… No more no more!


And at last his demon has been satisfied,

Retreating back into the depths of his mind,

But he shall return there’s no doubt about that,

And when he does, once again will he become blind.

Submitted: December 01, 2018

© Copyright 2022 DarkHorse93. All rights reserved.

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Amy F. Turner

So easy it is for so much stimulation to stream into your home or your phone wherever you are! Whenever the urges strikes just type up what you want and fall down the internet hole that will swallow you in despairing delights and twisted dreams. I can see how easily it could be to be addicted to this stuff and no realize it. The urge a need that must be appeased. Well told!

Sat, December 1st, 2018 7:21pm


Hi Amy, hope you're keeping well! Exactly! Such content is easily accessible from the comfort of our own home and anywhere on our mobile phones too. It's quite scary thinking about it, how easy it is, to be sucked into the many videos found on these sites and the internet as a whole. I always see it as a drug in a way, although it's not something that's taken, it's watched over and over again, and eventually it gets people hooked and then that's it. I dread to think, of the amount of people that are hooked and find it a necessity to watch each and every day! Oh to not appease this urge would drive an individual insane I'm sure of it! Thanks so much for stopping by Amy, hope you have an amazing day ahead! :)

Sun, December 2nd, 2018 6:18am


Well described, caught in act... All too frequent, that’s a fact!
You have put your fingers on; Pulse of many a person’s song ~
Strains the ties that bind a love: No more together, “Turttledove”?
How the marriage goes along? Why, no passion? Just plain wrong!

Wed, January 9th, 2019 5:54pm


A comment so elegantly written Spyguy! I thank you kind sir, for taking the time to read.

Thu, January 10th, 2019 4:46am

Tiffany Moon

Wow! Im speechless, and that's hard to do to me. I really enjoyed this. Nice!!!

Sat, March 30th, 2019 2:38pm


Wow really!? Well I sure am honoured by your words Tiffany! :D Thank you so, so much! So glad you enjoyed reading this. It's always so nice, when people enjoy what I write. Have an amazing day ahead! :D

Sun, March 31st, 2019 5:15am

The Psychic Cherry

Few things first.
I really love your this piece too! It gives a visualization of the scenes, which I know you're trying to make the readers see with your words.

Second is that I think people who are more addicted to porn videos are less socially active and maybe a bit hesitant if it comes to real life sex. It's just my opinion hahaha.

And lastly, I also agree with the thought of pleasuring yourself at home alone than taking the risk of getting and STD or something hahaha
(Alright I'm weird)

Wed, January 22nd, 2020 9:15am


Yet another wondrous comment from thee PC... You're fab! You're absolutely right! I wanted the piece to be one that conveys lots of imagery, and enables the reader to visualise what's happening in their own way and with their own interpretation.

Hehe well I think that could be very true for a lot of people indeed. I imagine that lots of exposure to porn, can make people feel isolated and not as likely to reach out to social circles. Maybe they are more hesitant too, when it comes to actual situations involving real-life sex as you say. The fantasies and things they experience through watching porn, will be very different to sex that is experienced in reality. I feel that many people become brain-washed by porn, into thinking everything that happens on-screen is what having sex is all about. I mean yeah there's nothing wrong with having kinks and fetishes and different positions and so on that one may have seen on porn. But it's important that people are able to distinguish that porn is fake and is made for no, other reason other than money. Sex and love-making is so, much more than what is seen on-screen.

Oh absolutely! Especially if you're someone who has a very, high sex-drive (guilty as charged hehe), it makes more sense and is healthier to pleasuring oneself at home (unless you have an endless supply of condoms in your back-pocket). ;p Nah you're not weird at all, absolutely nothing wrong with that... Wise words! ;)

Thank you so much again, for taking the time to stop by.

Wed, January 22nd, 2020 7:48am

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