My Best Friend's Dad

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

If only Billy knew, of the secrets his dad and I kept...

I’d known Billy’s dad for some time now,

For Billy and I had known each other for years,

We’d been like brothers from the very start,

Together through the laughter, smiles and even the tears.


His dad was smart and stocky,

A man who looked tough but had a heart of gold,

Big broad shoulders and a muscular frame,

“An 80’s dad you are,” he’d always get told. 


He always knew how to dress smart,

Those retro glasses sat perfect upon the bridge of his nose,

He’s someone I always looked up to,

Someone I aspired to emulate in both behaviour and clothes.


He’d often ask how I was when visiting the house,

The poor man had recently lost his wife,

A man so strong, crumbling behind fake smiles,

Claudia was his everything… His whole life. 


His only connection with her now was Billy,

Ron’s source of comfort and peace,

They’d often watch movies and play baseball,

I’d sometimes see them under the car covered in grease.


I remember when I’d take off my shoes for movie nights at his,

His eyes would secretly scan me from head to toe,

He’d watch the way I moved, the way my soles would show so prominently,

Smiling when my eyes met with his, before handing me my hot cocoa.


He’d sometimes watch films with us,

But it wasn’t the film he was fixated on,

I felt his stare, I was the star of his show,

His eye-candy… His Babylon.


One night I’d called round for Billy,

But Ron answered the door instead,

“I’m sorry Sam but he’s not home,” he uttered softly,

His voice was the stuff of dreams… Enough to send me off to bed. 


He had ordered pizza moments before,

Asked me if I wanted to join,

“Sure… Okay,” I replied with that smile I know he loved,

Overly admiring this man so soigne.


We sat down on the couch and turned on the TV,

His towering frame sitting beside me,

Was I supposed to feel afraid? I felt so safe,

His huge hand resting casually upon my knee.


I felt him slowly glide down my leg,

Reaching his limbs of desire… My feet.

I moaned quietly as he rubbed them firmly,

The more I groaned the more he moved in, like a dog in search for a bitch on heat.


Why did I begin to feel so hard?

Why was his dad arousing me?

I could see the excitement in his gaze,

Like a slobbering dog for a bone, from saintly to beastly.


He wanted me and I knew it,

He wanted my sweet, youthful flesh,

To show me the frustrations he’d locked away for so long,

Yearning for my youth still fresh.


His muscles tensed, lifting me high to his chest,

Off to his secret lair we crept,

A place to enact all his fantasies,

With his son’s best friend, oh the secrets kept.


Gently and with ease he lay me on the bed, 

His eyes stared deeply into my soul,

Mine stared back with both confusion and admiration,

He had me right where he wanted me… The hunter’s caught the mole.


He pressed his lips against mine,

His soft yet rugged face,

I want him what the hell!? 

I uttered all coy “So, you gonna put me in my place?” 


His sweet smile turned to a menacing grin,

This once saintly man now a raging beast,

Hands reaching for his bulging piece,

An insane hunger, and I am the feast. 


He pulls out his nine-inch weapon,

Like something from a John Holmes shoot,

His meaty rod veined and throbbing,

Who’d have thought, such a kind soul could turn into a brute.


He beckoned me to his dick,

Pushing me down to my knees,

A man with such authority towering over me,

“Well, what are you waiting for!? Don’t be such a tease!”


Staring at his one-eyed snake,

Waiting for me to devour his monster sausage,

Thing is, I’d never sucked cock before,

Thought I’d better start now, so he wouldn’t take me hostage.


Slowly I began to lick up and down his dick,

Smelling its meaty scent,

As it lay heavy upon my face so pale,

Was this madness? To the black abyss… A downward descent? 


But I actually liked it,

Being told what to do by my best friend’s dad,

His servant of sexual gratification,

Was it wrong what we were doing? Was it bad? 


I’d sucked his sausage relentlessly,

But he wanted so much more,

He wanted total and utter control,

No questions and no answering back, just me... His naughty little whore. 


His big, strong hands gently but firmly wrapped around my neck,

His meaty spear poised as if ready to be thrown,

A warhead ready for launch,

The dog finally found it’s bone.


He spins me around, his fingers like snakes upon my torso,

Excalibur unsheathed poking at my back,

His warm and hairy skin close to mine,

Balls so firm, so juicy…Plenty in the sack. 


Strength shot down his outstretched arm,

The way water rushes down a river,

Fingers now tighter around my throat, 

Legs that once stood firm, slowly began to quiver.


With one hand pushing me down into the pillow,

The other he used to spread my cheeks,

“Spread ‘em as far as you can!!” 

The man I respected, now a sex-hungry creep.


The king then thrust his mighty sword,

My back arched in momentary spasm,

Gripping the sheets around me harder and harder,

Forcing his silver into my deep, dark chasm.


The more I cried out the more he thrust,

Curling my toes as his meat drilled deeper,

My eyes fluttering in euphoric ecstasy,

How desires can turn us from righteous men to crazed creatures.


Tears streamed down my rosy-red cheeks,

But they were not tears of pain,

I was actually enjoying this with him,

This moment where he and I were one of the same.


With a few more thrusts,

His python was ready to spew it’s venom, 

I got to my knees as he pumped the throbbing snake,

An angel overcome by a devil.


He pumped and cum shot forth,

My face his canvas upon which to paint,

His white salty cream had conquered my innocent flesh,

I was all his now… No complaint.


A week later and Billy and I were leaving to see a show,

Ron came to say goodbye before we left,

“See ya boys, enjoy yourselves!” He said with that perfect smile,

Billy knew nothing of his dad the pirate and me… His secret little treasure chest.

Submitted: January 21, 2020

© Copyright 2022 DarkHorse93. All rights reserved.

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The Psychic Cherry

I just found my treasure chest though. This poem is just amazing! I really loved the hot romance and the "calm before the storm".. you know when things went from 0 to 100 hahaha

Wed, January 22nd, 2020 8:55am


Hey PC, so glad that you could stop by and take a read. I'm really glad you enjoyed reading this piece. Its my very, first gay piece and I wasn't sure how it would pan out. But I really enjoyed writing it, and really happy you enjoyed the steamy romance and the pace from playful to raunchy! ;p Thank you so much once again for stopping by, and I'll be sure to take a look at your pieces as soon as I can. Hope you have a good one! ;)

Wed, January 22nd, 2020 5:30am


Okay, DH, you just blew me out of my chair! I was not expecting THIS at all! Whoa! And what a long poem! It’s like, ‘The night before Christmas, and all through Billy’s house, not a creature was stirring except for a Python’

This is such a winding little epic adventure that totally took me by surprise. I mean, I got to the pizza and foot massage and it was like - “Wait a minute! Is this really happening?” Oh yea, it was happening alright! And up to bed we go...and put me in my place, daddy! OMG! And put that Python in his place too!

What a vision of self discovery this is! I’ve always wondered how guys sort of communicate an interest in each other while still saving face if they make a miscalculation. It must be pizza.

Loved this!

Wed, January 22nd, 2020 9:36pm


Teehee oh wow! You have no idea how much I'm smiling right now! Having a comment from the one and only Sensual poetry queen that be... DK!!! I know it's quite a different route from my usual, but I wanted to try and push the boat out a little bit. I'd had a block for what seemed like AGES, trying to think of something to write. And for some reason, thinking about dads and the authority and power they can wield made me think of writing this... And it was born! I did think to myself about the length of the piece and whether it was too much. But I wanted to be able to tell a kind of story and convey the process, the workup from the normal to the devilish. ;p Oh DK you genius you! "Careful of that python now Billy!" ;)

I'm glad you could see the tale unfolding and unwinding, that's what I was aiming for. I wanted it to be told like a story almost, as opposed to just getting straight into the sexy and naughty stuff. Hehe who'd have thought ehh, that pizza would end up with a foot massage and then an experience with daddy's wandering snake!?

That's a very good point actually DK. I went in on this blind and just tried to imagine as best as I could, what it would be like to experience this first-hand. Must have been the pizza definitely! Whatever was in it, must have done the trick! ;D

So glad you enjoyed it DK, and thank you for stopping by! You... Are... AMAZING!!

Thu, January 23rd, 2020 6:26am

Amy F. Turner

For a first this was well penned. It is quite the senuous take.

Thu, January 23rd, 2020 1:26am


Why thank you Amy, I'm humbled you think so! :) Glad the sensual vibes were there. ;)

Thu, January 23rd, 2020 6:27am

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