Michelle's Mum

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mature Sex  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

I had only gone round to check up on Michelle's mum, but she had other ideas for me...

An absolute beauty she was,

As my eyes met with hers,

Across that crowded room she shone so bright,

Within my heart, so many emotions had stirred.


With every meet, every touch and every kiss,

Our feelings grew and grew,

If arguments ensued we'd always make up,

Those awkward silences seemed very few. 


I was nervous at first meeting Michelle's mum,

For Mandy seemed the type to take no shit,

Would she approve of me dating her baby,

Drinking from her darling daughter's cup, innocence taken with every sip.


Every time we'd go and visit Michelle’s mum,

I'd feel her eyes scan me from head to toe,

Those extended hugs as we bid her farewell,

Was I the target and she the arrow? 


She had given me her number in case of an emergency,

Every message ended with kiss after kiss,

Maybe she was lonely all by herself,

Maybe that's why she drowned her sorrows in drink and often got pissed.


One night whilst Michelle was at work,

Mandy called me in floods of tears,

She was so alone and wondered if I was free to visit,

Give her an outlet and down a few beers.


So I headed over to hers as soon as I could,

Tapping the heavy knocker that guarded the door,

Mandy answered in her silky red gown,

My eyes darted up, down, left and right, nowhere to look but at the floor. 


She beckoned me in with those smokey eyes and her gentle hand,

Damn she looked so fine tonight,

The smell of lavender incense wafted through the hallway,

Candles lit as the TV echoed with sounds of Tuesday’s big fight.


Into the living room she guided me,

Pouring a glass of prosecco as I took a seat,

A big smile emerged on her face,

I couldn't help but notice perfection, from the tip of her head down to her beautifully bare feet. 


It seemed she made a real effort to impress, 

Handing me a bubbling glass of the good stuff,

Her hand slowly gliding up my leg,

As she bit her lip, I could sense within her a fiery lust


As the hours went by,

We laughed and we cried some,

She seemed much happier than when I first arrived,

But I know the reason she wanted me to come.


I mean she was a beautiful woman,

A mature milf with curves all over,

How the hell had she been single all this time,

And why did I suddenly not want this night to be over? 


Her hand moved further up my chest, 

Laying softly upon my cheek,

Our eyes locked in a passionate gaze,

I could have said no, but I was too weak.


My lips pressed firmly against hers,

So soft and inviting they were,

My desire for Mandy was growing as the minutes ticked by,

It was time to harvest this gorgeous fleur. 


My hand slithered around her waist,

As the other began to take off her robe, 

Her slender skin sparkled under the chandelier’s light,

The good times were beginning to flow.


She stood up to de-robe fully,

Bending over so seductively showing off her delicious butt crack,

Her juicy ass ready to be groped and slapped,

This milf was super stacked! 


She didn’t care that the curtains were not drawn,

This was her stage for all to see,

She got down on her knees and began to pump my throbbing dick,

Gobbling my glowing head as I filled with immense glee.


I stroked her head so delicately as she sucked,

Taking it as far as she possibly could,

I felt her tongue wrap around the tip and down the shaft,

As this piece of meat continued to flow with blood.


I carried her over to the leather sofa,

Laid her on her back as I spread those thick legs,

Kissing the inside of her thighs as she quivered quietly,

I couldn’t believe, that we were actually having sex! 


The fire grew more and more fierce,

Licking, sucking and fingering her sweet slit,

Her hole soon became drenched,

That sweet honey oozing from her pussy, ready for my dick.


I tapped my cock on her bulging clit,

The way a drummer bangs on his drums,

The moment was pure and sexy and full of sin,

The time had arrived, to fill Michelle’s mum with my creamy cum.


I squeezed myself inside little by little, 

Euphoria spread across Mandy’s face like a wildfire,

I was in all the way and began to thrust her mature cunt,

Her moans got louder and louder, screams getting higher and higher.


Her body shook with every thrust,

Gazing into her beautiful, blue eyes,

I wanted her and had done for so long,

Why did I let it happen… Why?


A few more thrusts and she was up,

She wanted pounding from behind,

Like a genie in a bottle her wish I granted,

Bending her over, sliding my sausage deep inside.


The phone rang again… It was Michelle,

I picked up whilst still fucking her mum,

“Why didn’t you pick up, I’ve been trying to call?”

“Sorry darling was finishing off some jobs, only just got done.” 


If only she really knew what I was doing,

That I was pounding the hell out of her mum,

I felt a rush coursing through my entire body,

Trying so hard not to moan while I began to cum.


White cream shot out of my dick,

With every squirt pumping her hole full of spunk,

I had done it, the ultimate betrayal of the one I ‘loved,’

Enticed by the pull of Mandy’s sweet junk.


We lay in a loving embrace,

Gently kissing and caressing each other,

The fire had all but extinguished,

But from that point on, my appetite was ever present... For Michelle’s Mother.

Submitted: May 25, 2020

© Copyright 2021 DarkHorse93. All rights reserved.

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Amy F. Turner

What naughty hotness this! It's been a while but love it when you return with a nice hard bang! Thanks for sharing such a hot read, D. :)

Tue, May 26th, 2020 4:48am


Mmmm why thank you Amy, so glad I could come back with a saucy piece to tantalise thee! Thank you as always for reading. ;)

Wed, May 27th, 2020 1:31am

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