How I Remember It Well

How I Remember It Well How I Remember It Well

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Oh how I remember these feeling well. If only they'd have lasted forever...


Oh how I remember these feeling well. If only they'd have lasted forever...


Submitted: December 05, 2018

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Submitted: December 05, 2018



That feeling of elation I feel,

At seeing your beautiful smile,

Those warm, inviting eyes penetrating my soul,

I cannot help but stare back into them, just for a little while.


There are no caveman antics here,

No pulling you off to the boudoir,

Let us be natural in our approach my love,

Taking your hand, as you exit the car.


A smile and a kiss we share,

Heading back to your humble abode,

Admiration with every step you take,

Thankful for the beauty which, upon me has been bestowed.


Let us settle ourselves down,

Get ourselves ready to relax for the night,

Stick on a film my darling,

Let us cuddle and embrace, oh how it feels so right.


Let me rest my hand, stroking your thigh,

As yours rests upon my tummy,

Your head lying so delicately on my chest,

Gently stroking your hair, feeling oh so lucky.


My fingers glide down your leg,

Skin so sensual and delicate

Tickling your soft spots,

My lips in a meeting with yours so elegant.


The screen turns black credits rolling,

It is time for us to retreat to our sacred space,

Lights off and everything put away,

Lead the way my love, to our sacred place.


With a crack of a match,

The scented candle is alight,

A warm and delicate touch,

Let us lie together sweetheart, the atmosphere is just right.


Venturing under the sanctuary of the duvet,

Our eyes once again meet,

Gazing into each other’s soul,

Two hearts with but a single beat.


Our lips pressed firmly,

My hand laying upon your cheek,

Fully in this moment of love,

Layers begin to come off, until we are bare from our heads to our feet.


I kiss all around your neck,

Sensual and soft in my ways,

Slowly moving south kiss by kiss,

Oh how I want this moment to last for days!


I get to your beautiful pussy,

So sweet and so bare,

But I tease you just a little,

I don’t mean to be unfair.


Moving to kiss your inner thighs,

Up and down your legs,

I slowly make my way back north,

As you lay so relaxed upon this bed.


Here I am my sweet,

Starting off with gentle licks,

Stroking fast and slow,

Long strides of my tongue, with some sensual flicks.


Your pussy is divine my love,

Pushing my tongue in as far as it will go,

Moving it in every direction,

Up, down, left and right, fast and slow… Fast and slow.


You wriggle with delight I see,

Your face in ecstasy at the party down below,

I simply cannot stop this feast,

I let my tongue lead, wherever it may go.


I move back up your beautiful body,

Back towards your lips,

Kissing every step of the way,

Time to change position, someone’s hungry for some dick.


I lay on my back as you move down,

A mouth so eager to please,

Licking and sucking this awakened snake,

Engulfed in a mouth so moist, oh you little tease!


Every touch with your tongue,

Felt upon this sensitive head,

The rush coursing through my body,

Excitement for the pleasure that lies ahead.


You come back to me my darling,

As we fumble in a fiery passion,

Exchanging kiss after sensual kiss,

Making love as if it be going out of fashion.


I position myself on top of you,

Eyes lock in a deep state,

Before this pulsating beast enters warm depths ahead,

A spark ignites, the feeling is so great!


Slowly I push inside of you,

This throbbing cock so hungry,

Sliding in and out of this warm and wet place,

Oh how it fits so snugly.


Changing positions once again,

Poised like a dog on all fours,

Hands resting on your hips so sexy,

As my dick slides in, penetrating your pussy once more.


After some time doing doggy,

You return to lie on your back,

This time I want it to delve deeper,

Aligning myself ready for the main attack.


Your legs resting upon my shoulders,

Feet helplessly dangling with every thrust,

Your face a picture of euphoria,

I must keep it going my love… I must!


I feel this tingling the more I pound your pussy,

With every strike it’s getting close,

Lips meet once again my love,

Bodies locked in fierce passion, my beautiful English Rose.


I feel it now my darling,

I feel the end is nigh,

All this thrusting and pounding,

I’m on such a high!


And with a few final thrusts,

My hose empties its foam,

If only this feeling would last forever,

For I feel on top of the world, like the Emperor of Rome.


Alas we finish as we started,

Together laying in loving silence,

Goodnight to you my sweet,

Oh how this moment feels so timeless.

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