He Never Knew...

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: True Confessions  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

He never knew, that I was fucking his girl during the week...

I'd known Sammy for many a years, 

Stretched all the way back to our school days,

Something was there I could feel it,

I knew she liked me, even though now we've sadly parted ways. 


Everyday we'd meet at the big oak tree,

Oh how I remember all those little smiles and all those winks,

We flirted like hell didn't we,

Thoughts ran wild when you told me some of your kinks!


That day in art class when Jade sat at our table, 

Her huge round tits that ledged upon the desk,

I sense you were jealous when she ran her hand down my leg,

Outside after class was done, I saw you and the tears you shed. 


I didn't mean to make you cry Sammy,

I never knew it would hurt you so,

I got carried away with attention from more than one girl,

I simply went with the flow.


But we were still alright,

Thankfully nothing had changed between us,

You still liked me as I did you too,

When people teased about us being in love you'd blush. 


Years went by and we still kept in touch,

Even after school we'd often text,

I knew you had a boyfriend,

But things weren't exactly the best.


I loved taking you out for evening walks, 

Ciders by the river as we watched the boats float by,

We'd be out till late but I didn't care,

Oh how time did fly by! 


We'd head out for dinner together,

Just you and I, it was heaven,

I remember us sitting in my car,

Those feelings were intense, I didn't get you back till gone eleven. 


I clasped your hand in mine,

Kissed up and down your silky soft arm,

God I wanted you so badly,

I refused to listen to that silent alarm.


You text me a few days later,

Asking if I was free to hang,

We could watch a movie and play video games,

I was so excited, ecstatic when the phone rang. 


Your mum was out at her boyfriend's,

We had the whole house to ourselves,

We talked and chilled for a while,

Before going upstairs to your bedroom, still not listening to those alarm bells.


On your bed we lay,

Put in your favourite movie and sat side by side,

I felt your hand reach over to mine,

Your phone went and you replied... a little white lie. 


The cuddling went to kissing, 

Even now I still remember the taste of your lips,

Your hand that began reaching down to my crotch,

As mine caressed your big, beautiful hips.


I knew it was wrong for me to do,

Be with a woman already taken,

But in the moment I didn't care about him

I cared about us, but years on I realise I was hugely mistaken.


Off came the clothes, 

As our touching became more intense,

Tongues slithering in throats, 

No giving you up for Lent!


You lay there naked,

Before my eyes legs spread wide,

A little part of me knew this was wrong,

But I ignored the bind that you both tied. 


Hovering above you I smiled, 

Gently inserting this stiff piece inside,

We fucked in the bed you and he slept in at the weekend,

Good thing he didn't come home early as a surprise! 


We fucked for over an hour, 

Seeing your face spasm in euphoric glory was the best,

The heat we shared as we rubbed and thrust,

The feeling of my meat pushing inside your slippery walls... oh what a fest! 


I remember like it was yesterday,

That feeling of unloading my creamy warmth inside your hole,

I made quite a mess inside of you I'm sorry,

You wiped away the evidence from that messy bowl. 


And this carried on for quite some time, 

Whenever he was away we'd always fuck,

I felt no guilt that his girl was now mine,

She even woke me in the middle of the night for a big ol' suck.


But time passed by,

So did the years,

We simply drifted apart,

Our secret a forgotten chapter, even all those tears.


And still you're with him after all this time,

I'm happy for you and your boo,

I'll never forget all those special moments, 

The secret he never knew...

Submitted: December 21, 2020

© Copyright 2022 DarkHorse93. All rights reserved.

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Amy F. Turner

Nostalgic and naughty the path you take us along in this journey of an unlikely past lover who happened to be a friend. The ending was quite the twist. Have to wonder if she cheated so long with one guy but drifted, have to wonder if she didn't drift closer to someone else. Erotic narrative poem that has a nice flow. Thanks for sharing.

Wed, December 23rd, 2020 4:58pm


Oh what a time that was without a doubt, a lot of emotions experienced and even now years after, I still think about what happened and about her too sometimes. You know it's quite ironic you should say that Amy. A while after our fling, I had been told by a friend that she'd told him how she began having feelings towards her boyfriend's best friend! Funny how things turn out isn't it. Thank you so much for your comment and for reading, it's always very much appreciated. And it's nice getting them from someone who writes so well too! Hope you have a lovely Christmas too by the way! ;)

Wed, December 23rd, 2020 10:00am


Great piece. It flows well and shows what the ‘other one’ might think. Sounds like our girl wants the best of both worlds, why stay with the one that makes you unhappy. I hope you were able to move on and find someone who appreciates you for you. Still it sucks to miss someone and wonder what if, what if she had chosen you?

Wed, December 23rd, 2020 11:01pm


Hey Trixie, thanks so much for taking the time to read my poem. Glad to hear you enjoyed reading it. I think you're right, that she wanted the best of both worlds. She didn't want to leave him, but still wanted a bit of something else on the side to help keep some excitement in her life. You're absolutely right though, what is the point in being with someone that makes you feel unhappy and unfulfilled? It took quite a while to move on after that. I was very lovestruck and I think I was very blinded by what I thought was 'love.' Fortunately I do have someone who tells me often and it's certainly nice to feel. It does suck that's for sure. Even now there are still the odd moments, where I look back and wonder what would have and could have happened, even more so back then. But I guess that's life isn't it, full of lessons for us to learn from. :)

Thanks again Trixie, really appreciate it!

Wed, December 23rd, 2020 3:16pm

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