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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Sci-Fi and Fantasy Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Katy is sick and tired of her husband being away all the time. She feels as though her sexual needs are being unfulfilled, and has a sexy fantasy she's always wanted to act out. It's been driving her crazy, until she cannot suppress it anymore. Torn between what's right and wrong, yearning for a love that isn't there and finding it elsewhere instead. Is she right to do such a thing? Should she feel guilty? Should she confess? Should she tell the truth?

Katy had been talking to them for some time now,

Dying to live out this deeply desired fantasy,

One she had been nervous to act upon until now,

Waiting for their arrival, to tame this raging malady. 


Daniel was away on a business trip,

One of many that seemed to consume his whole life,

Katy missed his presence in the home,

All alone with this sexual frustration oh so rife.


She was sick of waiting for his love and affection,

So she searched the depths of the world wide web,

Pages upon pages of fun and good times,

A plethora of sex, at the command of her fingertips… One, two step.


The doorbell rang and the calvary had arrived,

Opening the door to two hunky, well-built men,

Katy’s eyes lit up like a Christmas tree,

Fixated upon the physiques of John and Big Ben. 


Stepping inside to the living room,

Making themselves comfortable on the couch,

Katy flanked by muscles and testosterone galore,

Unable to take her eyes off their bulging pouch.


The wine flowed like water down river,

Lightening the mood and easing tension,

The moment was here, it had finally come,

That yearning for long-awaited sexual attention. 


Warm hands began gliding gently up and down Katy’s legs,

As she began stroking their bulges so big,

Biting her lip as the stroking became more intense,

Hands now crawling up towards her soft, bouncy tits.


Ripping her t-shirt in two and removing her bra,

They began to grope and suck those melons,

Gentle strokes of their tongues upon those bullets so pert,

With every suck she feels them swelling.


She gets down on her knees,

Eager to unlock these slithering serpents from their cages,

Soft and delicate hands stroking and pumping away,

Delight reigns upon their stubbled faces. 


Feeling their pieces harden like stone,

She takes a few sucks of Big Ben and then of John,

Alternating and slurping as if in a trance,

Mouth full of pulsating meat just ready to fuck… Come on! 


She stands as they begin taking down her skirt,

Each taking a leg and making their way to the prize,

Planting kisses up her legs and in-between her thighs,

Quivering as their kisses get closer and closer, fluttering of the eyes.


Each take a turn in licking her wet pussy,

Starting at the lips and moving further in,

Tongues slithering upwards to lick under the hood,

As Katy’s hands rest upon their shaven heads… Let the euphoria begin! 


Groan after groan emanates from her being, 

Swept away into a dream-world now a reality,

Her body shakes with every suck and stroke of her clit,

Oh the horniness of these rampant three!


Big Ben stands beside Katy’s curvaceous figure,

Lifting her leg upon his shoulder,

As she grabs for John’s rock-hard cock of delight,

Ready to inflict immense pleasure… Owning her. 


With every suck and slurp of John’s thick phallus,

Big Ben pounds her pussy so deep,

Her body shakes and boobs jiggle as he thrusts,

Cries of pleasure fill the room, with every push she weeps.


Then John takes the reigns,

Doing her doggy as she sucks off Big Ben,

Three bodies connected in immense sexual pleasure,

Euphoric eruptions with every kiss, every suck and every thrust… Again and again. 


Katy stands only for a brief moment, 

Before being impaled on Big Ben’s mighty sword,

John positions his spear for her pussy too,

As she feels her slit fill with these purple-headed warriors, her long-awaited reward. 


The duo’s cocks move in and out of her drenched cunt,

Like the pistons of a car’s roaring engine,

Stretching her tight hole far and wide,

Explosive lust fills the room, a fierce fucking session. 


The serpents quickly slither from the depths of katy’s wet pussy,

As the duo get her on her knees,

Pumping their thick phalluses until the very end,

“Now… Say cheese!”


As their big hands pull back and forth,

Creamy white spurts out glazing Katy’s face,

Covering her like a freshly made doughnut,

As the last of their moans fade into this sex-filled space. 


The beast has been tamed for now at least,

Until it rears its head once again,

Descent into a world of lies and deceit,

Should she repent? Should we condemn?

Submitted: June 30, 2019

© Copyright 2023 DarkHorse93. All rights reserved.

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Why would she confess? And why would we condemn?
She wanted what she got and got what she wanted....
Good for her.

Tue, July 2nd, 2019 9:58pm


While she did get what she wanted, my aim was to look at it from a moral perspective as well. I can't imagine many people agreeing with their supposed 'wife' or 'partner' sharing intimate moments with another/others (of course, that is if they are actually AWARE of what is going on behind their back). And whether it's something that many of us would even 'deem wrong/immoral' or if most would simply call it 'a little bit of fun.'

Tue, July 2nd, 2019 5:07pm

Amy F. Turner

It would depend if there is an open relationship here or not. You are right that a majority of the people like monogamy but not all. Some view sex as just that, sex, without any further relationship. This piece was hot a naughty because she was doing this behind the back of her spouse and justified her actions in saying that she had been neglected affection due to her husband being away. Nope never condemn though but would say she should have a conversation with the hubby so that her appetites might be appeased in a safe environment.

Great images and pace in this, Dark. The descriptions of the action in this easy conjured in my mind. :)

Thu, July 4th, 2019 8:05am


I really enjoyed reading your response Amy, and you're right that it would depend on whether it has been established that the relationship is in-fact an 'open' one. If so, then there isn't a problem, but if not then it's something that needs to be clearly defined and outlined between said individuals. I wanted the piece to be a really naughty one, and I guess I projected the fear I have of being cheated on within the piece itself. There's always those 'what are they doing, who are they with' questions that sometimes swim around in our minds and it's pretty scary too if we give them enough thought. But again, it depends on the kind of person one is and whether they are comfortable with such an arrangement or not. I was contemplating leaving out the last little stanza, but I wanted to bring a kind of morality back to the piece; that Katy had fun with these guys and that's what made the main bulk of the piece. And then there's the little bit at the end, kind of like a little voice almost that makes us question her actions and whether what she did was moral, whether it was wrong or whether it was perfectly acceptable of her. I couldn't have said it better myself! It is much better, if people actually 'talk' to their other half about how their feeling, whether they feel neglected, being shown very little affection whatever it may be. Maybe they can work something out, maybe they can come to some sort of agreement. And if not, then it's best the two go their own, separate ways. Going behind people's back may satisfy our own urge, but only hurts people and damages relationships in the long run.

Thanks so much for the wondrous comment hun, it most definitely made me smile! :D So glad you enjoyed. ;)

Thu, July 4th, 2019 1:56pm

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