The Tiny Demon

The Tiny Demon

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Elana was just a demon escaping a horrid life of torture. Chased by everyone and everything wanting her demonic heritage along a line of ancestors. But things turned for the worst when a old man captured her and put her up for sale. Tied and scared she awaited her fate. Covered in past scars two unknown men decide to buy and share her. But things take a turn when both fall for the demoness's kind heart and curious mind. (Going back and rewriting the chapters just a little bit better. Thanks to those with patience)


Elana was just a demon escaping a horrid life of torture. Chased by everyone and everything wanting her demonic heritage along a line of ancestors. But things turned for the worst when a old man captured her and put her up for sale. Tied and scared she awaited her fate. Covered in past scars two unknown men decide to buy and share her. But things take a turn when both fall for the demoness's kind heart and curious mind. (Going back and rewriting the chapters just a little bit better. Thanks to those with patience)

Chapter1 (v.1) - The Sale

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Chapter Content - ver.1

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Chapter One: The Sale 


To say she was scared didnt't even sum it up. The air was cold and she was bared for everyone to see. She'd been stripped after she'd been captured from her home in the forest. Long dark hair was curled and put into a high ponytale, even if she was laying down causing some discomfort to the back of her head.  She was a special kind of demon. Magic coursing through her vains from generations of a strong bloodline. Making her most wanted by the vampire clans and witch covens. Her blood would make a vampire immune and to the witches their spells more powerful. Though the men who stole her didn't know that. They wanted to make profit off of her. 

Soon she was tied to a table spread knees bent making her arch her back uncomfortably, her long tail moving beneath her. Voices filled the home of her slave capturer. She was blindfolded so she couldn't see a thing which made her the more scared. People mostly female voices mostly talked about her. She could hear the man who was going to sell her talking about her. Things about her body. Then male hands touched her, her breasts her stomach, yanking whimpers of fear out of her.


Flashes of her mother letting men touch her. Before running away to the protection of her father. Pain. Agony. Horrible training, making her the perfect bride to be. 

Her whimper was met with a long hush in the form of a “shhhhhh…”, along with the soft caress from the hand that would retreat from her breasts, all so it can attempt to comfort the startled little /décor/, a thumb idly brushing over her trembling lips while his palm, warm, is pressed against her cheek.

“I promise… I won’t hurt you.” This voice is different from that deep chuckle from earlier on. This one… this one sounds slightly younger, delicate yet firm. Not to mention, it projects power… that renders those that hear it… a need to obey.

This man that’s touching her now is obviously someone else. The man from earlier that had so grossly fondled her as soon as he laid eyes on her, is now sounding slightly distant. “Hey! I saw her first!” From his tone, the young female can tell that he’s irritated, though he wouldn’t be for long.

“What? What are you doing? Let go!” The man shouted before a loud thump was heard. It was a body hitting the floor, followed by a series of whimpers from that same man. My… how his /tone/ has changed all of a sudden.

“I don’t give a damn if you saw her first, or last, or in between. Nor do I care if you have more money, or how many men you brought with you to your fights. My colleague here and I have our eyes set on her, it is as simple as that. So, if you cherish your arm… or… other, functioning /parts/ of your body… I suggest you get the fuck out.” A painful moan, then a yelp, as the sound of joints grinding against each other, the fat man can be heard shuffling out the door.

A chuckle from the man that has his hand on her cheek, she hears a name after.

“I take it you fancy this girl then, Nathaniel?”

“Yes, she will do just fine…” After a moment’s pause, the voice came from behind, originating from the man that had dispatched the unwanted. Older, his voice. Deeper, colder; and a tongue with a foreign accent from a place far away. He does not touch the young girl, but will instead remain behind her with his nose a few notches above hers, breathing in and out of her natural scent.

She didn't know why she was relaxing. Feeling a bit more safe. Till she heard the familiar sound of boots of two more men. One being the host, the other his body guard whom helped in the small demons capture.

"Ah gentlemen. I see you fancy my one of kind decor. Pretty little thing isn't she? Though she's a bit mean." She heard the rough sounding chuckle from the host. It sounded like gravel to her ears. "Would you like to purchase her today or would you like to wait till she's a bit more... Broken in?" He asked the two lords, giving a hint of her being a one time. A one time being she'd only been intimate once.

“Mean? Could’ve fooled us.” The younger one said after retrieving his hand from Elana’s face. “She was trembling the entire time…” A smirk after catching sight of the crotchless panties, though the blindfolded girl wouldn’t have caught it, along with a fleeting change of his eye color from amber back to hazel, the young man continues. “… though, looks could be deceiving. But yes, oh, gracious host… me and my /brother/ are interested in this… one of a kind gem you have here.”

While the younger of the /brothers/ converse with the host, the older, named Nathaniel, continues to sniff, though very subtly, at Elana’s… /other worldly/ scent. From the top of her head, his nose glides down along her hair to her bare shoulders, where he prods away her loose strands in order to press his nose against her skin.

“Delicious…” He murmured next to Elana’s ears before a low, rattling sound can be heard from the pit of his throat… an animalistic growl… followed by the gentle nip of the female’s ear lobe, though brief, before he pulls away.

However low his growl and his whispers might have been, the younger of the two would catch it in the midst of his conversation, still with the host. “Careful Nathan… she’s not for eating… you’re going to scare the girl off before we even take her home…” He chortled before turning away.

“All the more reason for you to pay for her, Lucas, and quick… so I can have a proper meal…” Nathaniel sounded serious… but it was all in jest as he leans back down next to Elana’s ear and snaps his teeth a couple of times, coupled by a few humorous chuckles.

“Yes… we will take her with us… however, seeing as how she’s… somewhat… damaged goods… you will agree to a bit of a discount…? You did after all, sampled the goods before any of us… that alone should more than make up for the loss of a few coins…” Lucas said with a shrewd grin towards the slaver and his guard.

The man chuckled at the remark, yellowing teeth showing. Elana had a horrible time, his breath was like bad meat. Though as the men talked and the one named Nathaniel was nipping her normal human like ears. Making small moans and yelps, along with small twitches of her body from the surprise. His smelling of her scent was already weird for her.

Her heartbeat began to pound away again as the man nipped her ear. That was the only spot that was touched by the host to get her body to betray her. The little demon was whimpering and tugging her wrists, causing more blood to leak from her binds.

"Sorry but once you feel inside her you'll see why I had to. As for the discount.. I have to agree. Though she's still at least four hundred dollars. Being the first demon I've ever sold." He rubbed his ragged greying beard on his chin. Looking at the display of Nathaniel and his decor. He shook his head. "Don't make her too excited. I don't know what she's like frustrated." He remarked. Which caused her to blush and growl.

"Anyway, I'll take three hundred for her and... Free spa memberships and blood donors for a year. How's that sound my lord?"


"That sounds... like a great deal..." Lucas' eyes beamed, not at the bargain of a deal he just scored, but to the smell of the demon's blood that's slowly permeating the air. Out of the corners of his eyes, he caught sight of Elana's bleeding wrists, causing his jaw to clench the slightest.

Three hundred may sound cheap, but in this day and age... that is quite a sizable amount for anyone. You see... economy has changed quite a bit since times of old...

Finishing up the transaction as Lucas pays the slaver his wanted price, the younger brother moves back to the bound Elana. "I believe you can spare this room for the rest of the evening...?" Even though Lucas is speaking towards the bound demoness, he was really talking to the fat bastard and his guard.

"I'm going to remove this..." Reaching, his index fingers hooks onto the elastic bands of her blindfold. "... don't panic... I will not hurt you..." His words, the /promise/, was soft spoken, tender, even. Slowly, he lifts the piece of material that's robbed Elana of her sight until the light has returned to her.

The man nodded and smiled his nasty smile. "Of course my lord. I'll leave a guard with a tranquilizer in case of emergency." He left the room closing the sliding double doors behind him. The room itself was nice but cold. It had a simple bed without sheets or blankets. The windows were part open but the curtains ensured privacy. The walls were plain white compared to the darker colors outside. It was mostly used as a punishment room. But the tools were hidden.

Elena on her part, hearing the words of promise to not be harmed relaxed her struggles. Her rapid breathing slowed to a deep slow pace. Though she was still tense and ready to fight back as much as her half drugged body could do. She nodded her head and bit her full dark blue painted lips. Getting the lipstick on her teeth.

She was in turmoil with feelings, she didn't know if she could fully trust the man talking to her. What person would buy another being. She knew it wasn't uncommon in the world today but she wanted to go home. To her springs.

"Just please... Take it off... The dark scares me..." She couldn't help her honesty. The words slipped before she could bite her tongue.

"Is that so..." At that, Lucas hesitates, and stops in the middle of removing said blindfold. "I guess I'll keep it on you a while longer then... until you promise me your obedience..." Of course, he was only jesting as he finishes removing the blinds, folding it into his hands as he takes a step back. Even though she's loosened her resistance against her bounds, the blood is still there... causing Lucas' eyes to wonder around.

"I have to say... I am curious... as to how a mortal like him was able to capture one of the demon folk..." The vampire moves forward to sit next to Elana, hands carefully taking one of her wrists into his, as if he's inspecting her bounds. "What a shame..." He whispers to himself before unbuckling the leather that's bit much into her flesh.

Nathaniel has been on the side watching ever since Lucas finished the transaction with the fat bastard. His eyes glowed from time to time, unnaturally so, and differed much from his brother's. That gaze, locks dead on the bound demoness like... like a wolf... stalking its prey. From time to time, his nose would flare and his lips twitch back the slightest, showing the /itch/ that seems to be bothering his tightly enclosed teeth.

"Nathan... don't be a stranger and keep the girl waiting... come and help me loosen her binds..." Once he's freed the wrist in his hold, Lucas would run his index over the raw, bloody spots while watching Elana with his hazel eyes. Gathering some of blood with a finger, he brings the index to his lips and suckles lightly on it.

"Hmm... Nathaniel was right... you do taste... /delicious/..." A... /compliment/... the vampire gives Elana a toothy grin. 

As soon as the blinds were off her face. Blinking a bit as the lights were a little bit blinding. Opening her eyes the one closer to her could see the light gray with a darker outer ring. Along with a light sprinkle of freckles on the bridge of her nose. She felt only a bit disoriented, looking around with her fuzzy vision.

Though the words of how shameful it was for a demon to be caught stung. She was never the strongest of her kind and it was against her will to harm. In a way, she was more submissive then any other she knew. Looking at the one who was unbinding her, looking at her raw bloody wrist. Watching him with shock as he tastes her blood. With the grin on his face showing his fangs, she let out a high pitch squeal.

"No no.. Please!" She pulled away, a look of pure fear on her face. Now she knew why she didn't fully trust him. She'd had bad experience with his kind.

Elana, after her failed attempt to pry herself away from Lucas, is going to find the vampire's hand comfortably gripping her throat from behind. "Careful, demoness... there are worst things than death..." It was a warning, whispered through breath after breaths of hot air as the younger brother kissed her ear from behind. "Behave... and I promise you... no harm would come to you... only... /pleasure/..." His statement has remained true so far... neither men has done anything but to release her binds. And, just because Lucas' had licked off a few drops of her blood, doesn't mean he's out to drain her dry.

If anything... he wants to keep her alive and well cared for; her blood IS that /delicious/.

Easing the grip on her throat after, Elana would not be given much time to absorb the vampire's words as Nathaniel advances on her; he now sits in front of the demoness, fingers idly slipping the binds off of her remaining wrist while the faint, flickering lights from the candles in the room casts off of him a shadow of a stalking /beast/. Would she see it? And if she did... would Elana know what Nathaniel's other /identity/ is?

Lucas smirks from behind while Nathaniel does his thing. The vampire himself, would start to kiss along Elana's neck, very gently, even putting in a lick or two here and there.

"Relax..." He whispers hypnotically...

Elana was so deeply terrified...

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