The Interview

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Sweet Alexa Avery has a home interview with one of the top executives of a prestigious company! How exciting for a young adult ready to take on the corporate game. But since it is done at home, she only has to wear a shirt, right? Right?

Table of Contents

The Night Gone Awry

Sweet Alexa Avery has a home interview with one of the top executives of a prestigious company! How exciting for a young adult ready to take on the corporate game. But since it is done at home, she only has to wear a shirt, right? Right? Read Chapter

The Night Gone Awry Part 2

This was a game for sixteen year olds and college virgins. Alexa was on her fourth outfit. She denied the vibrant red dress for being all... Read Chapter

The Interview

"Shit, oh shit," Alexa exclaimed, jumping to her feet.  Everyone else was sharply pulled from their sleep, but only Mary was the... Read Chapter

He heard laughing in the next office and through the cracked door, he could see Mrs. Crowley accosting his intern. "And if he gets a litt... Read Chapter

The Training

Training, Part 1 "Can I get a hurricane?" a feminine voice cut into her study. Alexa looked up from her notes and saw the blonde from... Read Chapter

She was tired, that much was obvious.  "It's not as if the girl wanted a two week vacation in Cabo," Mrs. Crowley said out of th... Read Chapter

Head over heels

Head Over Heels "Hey, what does a guy have to do to get service around here," Cole asked. "It's almost as if the bartender is asleep ... Read Chapter

Sleepover A buzzing went off in the apartment. Instead of coming down the stairs to see who it was, Lina stuck her head out the windo... Read Chapter

"Can I ask you who this couple is to you, Alexa?" Kaden asked. He was sitting at her desk in her room. Alexa hadn't left her bed- not for... Read Chapter

Cole's head rested on her chest and Alexa stroked his hair with her fingers. He loved the way it felt to have her soft hands run through ... Read Chapter

Seoul is pretty at night

Seoul is pretty at night. Alexa couldn't help, but to be giddy as she arrived at the airport.  "Excited, Ms. Avery?" Kaden a... Read Chapter

How Alexa gets fired

How Alexa gets fired Alexa had never had a creative talent like her sister who could dance, she was never into science like Cole and ... Read Chapter

Just Kidding. Alexa doesn't get fired, silly.

Just kidding. Alexa doesn't get fired, silly.   Kaden took off his jacket. It had been a long day, tiring because it had ke... Read Chapter

Good Morning!

Good Morning! "Good Morning," an all too chipper voice called out. What the hell was that? Kaden snapped awake to find Alexa fres... Read Chapter

Fuck this Job

Fuck this job. As Shibata pulled her onto the elevator, she managed to smack the doors open button.  "Stop being shy an... Read Chapter


Blowback. "Where are you going?" Alexa asked before she could stop herself.  Kaden had only gone a couple steps away. T... Read Chapter

Next Morning

Next Morning "Wake up call- oh!" Alexa moved just in time to allow Kaden's head to fall all the way to the floor.  He woke u... Read Chapter

He looks good in a suit

He looks good in a suit.  "I see what Alexa means! You make a suit look good," Brianna appraised.  Kaden smirked in tha... Read Chapter

Into the Lion's Den Come over. We have work to do for the next week.  Is that so, Mr. Scott? Alexa looked at her phone. She ... Read Chapter

Gamer Mode

Gamer Mode Kaden had never thought that such a warm personality would turn so cold, but Alexa regarded him with cool detachment. She ... Read Chapter

Can I like you?

Can I like you? For the most part, he enjoyed lunch with Alexa. She tried to talk about work things, but he told her it wasn't time f... Read Chapter

95 Down a Dead End Road

95 Down a Dead End Road Kaden stripped Alexa's shirt from her body as she fell backwards onto his mattress. Even though Kaden was fal... Read Chapter

I can't handle it when people don't like pancakes

I can't handle it when people tell me they don't like pancakes. "Don't move." Alexa stopped, perched perfectly on her tiptoes, ha... Read Chapter

Just a Snapshot

Just a Snapshot Prepare yourself. It's a long one.  "Pervert," Alexa asserted.  "Excuse me?" Kaden returned.  ... Read Chapter

Feel that blues

Feel that blues "Good morning, Mr. Scott," Alexa said as Kaden strolled into his office. He didn't look well, she noted with satisfac... Read Chapter

So you wanna date my sister

So you wanna date my sister? So this was the infamous, oh so sexy, Dawson the ballet dancer that Brianna was into this days. Brianna ... Read Chapter

Jordan Elliot is a dick

Jordan Elliot is a dick Christmas Eve and Christmas had been good. That was, after Alexa murdered Brianna and buried her in the backy... Read Chapter

Just a ride

Just a ride "Let me drive you home," Kaden more commanded than asked.  "No," Alexa answered. "Then let me get you a taxi... Read Chapter

The Boss Knows

The Boss Knows  So I'm just going to go ahead and dedicate this chapter to cobaltchaos. I hope those certain parts you wished fo... Read Chapter

Nobody likes a vegan

Nobody likes a vegan Alexa felt as if she was channeling Brianna. All you ladies know what I'm talking about, when one day you are in... Read Chapter

The Other Elliot

The Other Elliot "Oh wow. I'm so busy. There is so much to do and this is completely and utterly necessary," Alexa drawled from her d... Read Chapter

Surfing in December

Surfing in December December 28th was a terrible day. Why did it exist? Alexa felt gross and did not want to do anything. Why di... Read Chapter

Fireworks Part One

Fireworks Part One Fireworks. That's what she wanted. Though she had been in love with Cole, Alexa never felt fireworks when they&nbs... Read Chapter

Fireworks Part Two

 Fireworks Part Two There was no one or anything on his door step. A good sign was his unlocked door. "Alexa," he called as he t... Read Chapter

The End

Settle down some place comfortable. It's a long one.  Remembering the layout of her apartment, he guided her through the crowd o... Read Chapter

Every Story Needs an Epilogue

hahaha and you guys thought it was the end.  Just kidding. It is the end, but . . .  every story needs an epilogue ... Read Chapter