The Inheritance

The Inheritance

Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy


Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy


When the man who taught him everything about magic dies, Graham inherits everything, and that includes his teacher's 'pet'. Though he knows she's unique, Graham never understood what was so special about her, and so he grew up envious of how their master favored her. He's about to find that the pet he thought was helpless and pathetic has a few dark secrets of her own.


When the man who taught him everything about magic dies, Graham inherits everything, and that includes his teacher's 'pet'. Though he knows she's unique, Graham never understood what was so special about her, and so he grew up envious of how their master favored her. He's about to find that the pet he thought was helpless and pathetic has a few dark secrets of her own.

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Submitted: June 02, 2014



So not happy with my first attempt, so I'm just going to try, try, try again until I get it right, or I am mildly pleased. 

Because I mean, damn. How did I turn Graham into such a dick?


There was something amiss in the forest and Lia chased it as if she was still a wolf pup. She'd run or walk a few steps and then pounce onto some brush or crunchy leaves, but she could never quite catch up with the east wind that was toying with her. 
Soon as she heard the twig snap, a pair of hands threw her against a tree. Before she could react, his lips captured hers commandingly, as if he was a pirate commandeering the treasure that he believed was his entitlement through right of conquest. After all, finders were keepers. 

His hand moved to entangle in her long dark hair and his other arm snaked behind her back to pull her closer to him. Her hands clutched onto his shirt and one of her legs rose as if it were to curl around his waist. He dropped his hands to grasp her thighs and then heaved her up so that her legs straddled him and her back arched to avoid scratching against the rough bark of the tree.

That was unavoidable, however, just as it was unavoidable that arching her back threw her breasts in his face. 
Not that he minded. Through her soft, white dress, he kissed her left breast. His right hand cupped her right breast and she threw her head back as the feeling of agonizing pleasure began to spread through her. As he began to kiss in between her breasts, down to her stomach, she wished he would just tear her dress off like the pirate he was to get to the begging flesh beneath it.
Was he not an explorer after all? Her virgin flesh was not exactly previously conquered lands and he so did love unconquered lands. 

While is kisses were great, from what she remembered, they were better when given flesh to flesh. Why tantalize her like this and not take it as far as he could?

Soft, small hands cupped his face and went as far beneath his shirt collar as they could, running over his warm chest to his firm back. She grasped onto muscular shoulders so that she could bend foreword enough to kiss his lips.  His hands held her, just beneath her breasts and his lips parted so that she could be the conqueror of his mouth. 

"Kieron," she whispered when the kiss broke. 

"I missed you, Blue Eyes," he murmured, tilting up his chin so that he could lace kisses across her bare chest. 

She bowed her head so that she could press her forehead to Kieron's, panting slightly as the heat between them was always enough to make her sweat and lose her breathe. She liked his nickname for her, because it was better than the other's she'd heard, all of which referred to the monstrous power she held. 

It amused her that her nickname had a nickname, because it stood for Blue Eyed Bandit. Once she asked, What have I stolen? She assumed that it was because she could always somehow procure what Kieron needed for his wizard spells, but instead, Kieron said nothing. His only answer was grabbing her hand and rested it on his chest, above his heart. 

Now her head rested against his and she said, "I missed you too." Stealing another kiss from his lips, she kissed him sweetly and let his hands roam all over her body. What are you doing here? She wanted to ask, but she longed for his affection more than his answer, and the answer was always the same anyone. Anything he did was in the name of adventure.  Instead, she asked, "Where is your dragon?"

Just as abruptly as it had started, his touch stopped. She almost whined, like a puppy told that it can't go outside. Loud, warm laughter rolled over the forest floor and up the evergreen trees, adding a touch of warm to the chilly day. "You've always been one of those girls," he teased with a click of his tongue. "Was your only interest in me my dragon?"

"Just the one you let me ride," she batted her eyelashes as if she didn't know the secret meaning behind her words, 
but they surprised him enough that it almost sucked the breath from Kieron's lungs and made him take a step back. 
What an odd moment that brought a strange satisfaction to Lia, since she rarely found the chance to surprise Kieron. Did his little, sheltered maiden really just say that, knowing the joke behind it? His lips curled. No matter how far Lia ran from it, the wolf girl inside couldn't stay buried. 

"Well, the dragon that flies is visiting family," Kieron murmured, "I'd let you ride the other one, but something tells me that you didn't wear this dress for me."

To her disappointment, he let her down from her pinned position against the tree. Secretly, she'd hoped his attack would have ended with her being impaled on his wan.  Impassively, Kieron looked her over and said, "That's a nice dress, but it's not really his style, is it?"

She looked down at the soft, white fabric. It was strapless, having a sweetheart neckline with an empire waist. For a werewolf, she was short, so the short nature of the dress on her slim body made her look taller. It only ended halfway above her thighs and made her legs look longer than they were. 

Suddenly, a dark rose red color spread all over the white, changing the color of the dress. The waist dropped so that the bodice clung to her abdomen, before it dropped just below her hips so that the fabric still swayed teasingly around the tops of her thighs. The hemline shortened an once or two and the sweetheart neckline tore so that it spilt four or five inches down the divide between her breasts, held loosely together by taught strings. 

"That is how he likes you, dressed in red,"Kieron sardonically went on, "Isn't that what he calls you? Red? As if it's some clever joke?"

Looking ever so much like the little wolf pup he'd stolen away from this estate when she was near done being a teenager and on the verge of womanhood, Lia said softly, "I'm not sure red is the best color on me."

"You look good in anything," he replied. 

"That's not what I meant," Lia answered. 'There are many kinds of love in the world, Kieron."

"Not between a man and a woman," Kieron's impassivity was fading a little. 

Clearly, not happy with that answer, Lia pressed, "It's not like you ever staked a claim."

"No, because we're equal. You aren't something to own," Kieron answered. 

"I know," she answered. 

Gentle fingers picked up the sapphire that hung on a blue silk string around her neck. It was supposed to make it impossible for her to transform. In truth, it was really just another type of collar. Warily, he said, "No. You don't, but when you do, you and I are going to have the adventure of a life time."

He gave her a smile that was full of all kinds happiness and sadness and certain meanings that being a wolf allowed Lia to pick up on, whether or not Kieron's impassive nature wanted to reveal those emotions. 

"Then why did you come here?" Lia asked, though the real question was why had she ever returned, and the answer they both knew was a cord hanging around her neck. He'd tried to show her freedom and he carried the weight of that failure, because the magic of one of the most powerful wizards couldn't break Lia's only chain. 

His wicked grin returned as he replied, "Same reason as always. Adventure. There's always so much of it around you."

That made her laugh. "Around me? In my little world?"

After breathing in deeply, his exhale seemed to take forever. A true adrenaline junkie, Kieron gave him the satisfied smile of an addict as he proclaimed, "Can't you sense it? Isn't that why Wolf Girl came to play all the way out here? Don't you smell it in the air that something sinister is on the horizon? Don't you feel that electricity in the air, warning you about the calm before the storm? Why else are you pounding on the edge of your cage, Blue Eyes? You feel adventure and freedom on the other side."

He was close to her again and his hot breathe spread across her skin. Just as she wobbled forward, meaning to take command of his mouth, they both sensed a presence in the distance. 

At the same time, they both sensed it, his approach and Kieron said, "Looks like someone is at the door, Blue Eyes."


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