The Birthday

The Birthday The Birthday

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


It's a short story about a birthday. I think we all know where this is headed . . .


It's a short story about a birthday. I think we all know where this is headed . . .


Submitted: January 07, 2015

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Submitted: January 07, 2015



Well, it's long, but hey, I finally wrote a short story- and didn't turn it into a fifty chapter novel! 

As soon as she woke up, her entire body was quaking excitedly, but she willed herself to stay still. He was still sleeping, so Marie rested her head on his naked flesh and snuggled against his warm body. Usually, his touch would calm her down, but she was too energetic about the day. In order to not wake him up, she decided it was better to just get out of bed. Just as she was peeling herself carefully away, trying not to make any movements that would wake him up, his arm wrapped around her shoulders and pulled her too him. Without opening his eyes, Aiden landed a swat squarely on her ass and growled possessively, "Beatrice Marie. Who said you could get out of bed?"

A rush of excitement swept through her and she wiggled herself closer, until she was snug against him. You know it is bad when they say your first and middle name. She blushed against his flesh and he could almost feel her skin becoming warm against his chest. 

How long were they together and she still reacted this way to him? How long had they been together and he was still inspirited by her every electrifying move? It was all old and new at the same time and he didn't understand it, but he loved it. 

She didn't answer his question. Sometimes, she just knew when she was and wasn't supposed to answer. 

"Baby, it is way too hot to be wearing all that," he told her, taking a hold of her tank top and stripping it off her. He did the same with her white cotton, bikini style panties with little roses on them. 

She grinned, because she knew why he'd done that. 

He does remember. And really, that is all a woman asks for with a man. 

Then he started to ramble on and on about all the work that had to be done that day. Things in the barn had to be fixed. And those gosh darned farm animals had broken down some fence boards again. He was planning on adding an extra board to the fence anyway, because that concupiscent stallion just couldn't help himself from jumping in with the mares. They'd tried to be nice about catching that fox, but this was the last time Mr. Fox was getting into his hen house and he was going to be hunting down that fox with their dog the next time their trap didn't work. And therefore, he hoped she knew how to cook up some fox stew. Maybe they could get his fur treated and make something useful like gloves out of them. 

Bitterly, Marie sighed, "It doesn't get cold enough for that 'round here."

"You getting a tone with me?" Aiden asked her. "We could always give them to my cousin in Tennessee."

"If that's what you think you have to do," she said in a way that let him know she would be disappointed in him if he did, but wasn't going to get in his way, or tell him not to. 

God, he hated when she did that. It was worse when she piled on the guilt by calmly explaining the other side of an argument. How could one person have so much compassion for everything?

"Come on, baby. Do you really care that much about something that keeps destroying our chickens?" he replied. "We get a pretty penny off selling those eggs and chickens at the farmer's market."

Leaning up on her arms, she practically spat back, "Why don't you just build a better chicken hutch?" He gave her a look, that look where his eyes were slightly amused with a dominating smirk. 

Was he trying to bait her into some kind of punishment, because today was not a day in which he had to do that in order to smack her ass . . .well, he never really needed a reason. She'd acquiesce just because he wanted to do it and because it would probably make her entire being pretty excited, if one can read between the lines on that. 

Still, she cringed against him, meekly pressing herself against his flesh. "I'm sorry."

"Mhm," he drawled out a dubious sound and rubbed her firm, round ass with his palm. It was nearly torture how much he was itching to give her another firm spank, but she hadn't earned it quite yet. `

She tried to keep herself relaxed and submissive while she waited with an anxiously held breathe for his punishment. 

"We should also pay your nana a visit," he said and she groaned, not because she didn't want to see nana, she'd be more than thrilled to pay her a visit. It's just, did he have to bring up her grandmother while he was massaging her ass in a way that made her lift her ass a little higher into his hand? Even as she knew in the back of her mind that he was just trying to get her relaxed enough that he could give her a surprise smack, as if he hadn't played that trick before and she wasn't suspecting it. 

"I should fry her some chicken or okra or make a peach pie," she murmured into his chest. 

Seriously? Was she not going to go off on him about what day it was? Sometimes, she was too much of a good girl. He knew there was a firecracker down in there and he was determined to draw her out, no matter how much southern politeness he had to burn past. 

Yeah, he knew he was being evil. 

"And don't think we're not having a conversation about what happened between you and Didier Lowman later today," he ominously promised. Well, now that he said it, he'd have to follow through and he delighted in the possibility of punishing her twice today. 

Soon as he threatened it, she started to sit up again. "But-," she opened her mouth to give him a piece of her mind on the subject and just how justified she was with her words and actions towards the respectable Mr. Lowman. Then she saw the victorious gleam in his eye and she immediately retracted her attitude. No. He wasn't going to win that easily. Lowering herself against his chest again, she murmured, "I'm sorry. I promise to do better."

Hm. She was making this hard. Running his fingertips across her bare flesh, he said, "And a certain officer had words with me about your driving, young lady and I'm not entirely pleased with what I heard." 

"Well, I think your little brother conspires to get me in trouble with you," she returned, "And I don't quite think it's appropriate that an officer has words about a crime to which he has no current proof, but his word, with a person who is not the accused. Especially when a court of law has yet to decide if the accused is guilty."

"Maybe you have a point there, baby, but why would he conspire so when he does not have the privilege of watching or carrying out your punishment?" he pointed out. 

There wasn't really an answer she could give and she knew she evilly played on his little brother's desire to not give his older brother's wife a ticket. 

The drive to work was just so long, but what was Marie supposed to do? Quit and be a housewife? She did not just finish up her PhD so that she could do the cooking and the washing up alone. 

Well, she did most of the cooking anyway, but when he strolled in sweaty and covered in dirt and straw from twelve hours work on the farm, could she really complain about being too tired after driving home from her air conditioned office?

"Maybe I could drive a little slower," she murmured. 

"Maybe I think that's right," Aiden replied, then joked. "Unless you see that fox. Did you just roll your eyes at me, honey bee?"

She wanted to roll her eyes again at the nickname. Having Beatrice as a first name left one open to all kinds of nicknames and Aiden was a fan of all of them, but particularly this one.

She could say no, but he'd know it was a lie. "That was a lucky guess," she returned without apology. "You didn't know that."

"My, someone has some sass today," he responded. "I should build a woodshed so that I can put you in it."

"Just add it to our list of chores today," she retorted. "I don't know how you want to do all of that in one day."

"Well, is there anything else we need to do?" She stared into his eyes. 

He was serious! 

"Anything at all that might be just a little bit more important?"

No, he was teasing her. Jerk. 

"Because I can't think of anything more important," he told her. 

He was serious!

Fine then. 

"No," she told him. Two could play.  

He raised his brows. 

"Nothing at all you want to add to our little list?" he asked. 

She didn't need him to celebrate. She could do it herself and be just happy enough. "Nope."

"Alright then," he said, but in a matter of seconds she was rearranged over his lap. He sent two quick slaps to each cheek just to warm her up. 

She squealed, "You're actually going to punish me for Lowman today?"

"Is there a reason I shouldn't?" he wanted to know, giving her four more on the center of her ass that made her wiggle and groan- mostly with pleasure, but don't tell him that. Though that was probably his intent, the facade must be kept in place. "Even though I've decided that I'll punish you for that tomorrow, despite not knowing for what reason I would delay punishment, other than I think you need more time to think about it and become more contrite for the punishment to do you any discipline."

"Ow. Then what did I do?" she pouted. Despite her protests, she still pushed her butt out to meet his hand, presenting herself rather than hiding. 

"You've been awfully sassy this morning," he replied, giving her four more swats to her tender under butt. "But that's not really what this is about."

"Then what?" she sucked in a sharp breathe of air as his hand finally came down with any noticeable force over the exact same tender spots he'd just punished with the same number of swats. 

Really, he didn't need a reason. She just enjoyed pretending that she didn't want it, even though she did.

"How old are you, honey?" he asked. 

"I fail to see why that matters," she returned almost sourly, though there was really only one reason to ask such a question during a spanking, especially for a day like today. 

"Your opinion wasn't what I asked for," he offered four swats on one side of her ass and they stung something terrible. He'd delivered them on a different spot as to fill in the places that weren't the desired bright pink he wanted and so that he wasn't numbing the sting. The swats must have been stinging now, because her toes were curling open and closed. Before he said anything else, he gave the other side of her ass the same treatment. "How old are you, honey bee?"

"27, sir," She answered, receiving three sharp smacks on the center of her butt. Funny what a tiny little spanking could do to her attitude. 

He paused. "Are you now?" he drawled with amusement. 

"I am," she lifted her head to stare at the clock. "For fifteen more minutes."

She collapsed against the bed again, knowing better than to try to get off his lap and he rubbed her butt. "You aren't going to be one of those women who lie about their age, are you, honey bee?" 

"No, though I will warn you, I refuse to turn thirty until you put a baby in me. I don't how long I have to be 29."

He laughed at that. "I thought you wanted to wait until you were established in your career."

"This is a time sensitive issue. The more quickly I have kids, the more quickly I'll be able to pester them about grandkids."

"Maybe I can help you out in this endeavor today. So how old will you be in fifteen minutes, beautiful?"


He gave her the two more swats, the hardest of the bunch and in the same damn sensitive place too! Double jerk. "Good. Twenty-eight and one to grow on. That's how many you'll get later for your birthday spanking."

"What?" she cried out, palms digging into the mattress, pushing her upper body up enough that she could look back at him and demand, "What was this?"

"Punishment for thinking I might have forgot," he replied easily. "And for sass. And because I wanted to. And because you wanted it too."

Wasn't that just a longlist of bullsit? "I did not," she asserted, peeling herself off his lap. "On all accounts." 

"I don't think I like the amount of tiny white lies that have come out of your mouth this morning. I think you need to come back over my lap," Aiden teased, fingers running up her back. 

That actually felt good and Marie felt her body betray her as it pressed back into his fingers. 

She almost purred with the pleasure of his touch, but then she regained herself. "I didn't think you forgot until you tricked me. And that's not fair." I'm gonna be so mean when it's his birthday and it's time for his spanking. He saw the mean spirited thought go behind her eyes, but she should have known better. Wasn't she always the whipping girl for his birthday spankings too? 

"I don't have to play fair," he cupped her face and gave her a kiss. 

"I know that you're the big kahuna around here, but we have so many perfectly fine fences to put those animals behind- if you do any work besides the necessary watering of plants and feeding of animals, we're gonna have a problem," she told him, offering him a sweet kiss, which he returned with a promise.

"I wouldn't dare," he promised. Who were they fooling? He might be the one that meted out the spankings, but that was entirely when she let him. Who did they think they were kidding? She was the one who had him wrapped completely around her little finger. He didn't doubt that she was going to put that speeding ticket his brother didn't give her and that conversation she had with Didier Lowman far from his mind by the end of the day. 

She gave him one last kiss and peeled away from his body again. "Well, I guess it's time to go see nana then." 

Walking to the closet, she pulled out a simple, modest, pale cream dress that nana just thought was bunches of cuteness. "It might get hot wearing two outfits, so you don't mind if I only wear this dress over my birthday suit, do you?" As she asked, she put a finger to her lips and gently sucked the tip. 

His eyes popped open. That woman teased too well. But did they seriously have to go see her grandma? As a southern gentleman, he had no problems going to visit the old woman on a Sunday after church or a Saturday morning, since who wanted to do chores on a Saturday? This was how she was going to torture him and get him back for all that teasing her had done and for sneaking in a pre-spanking spanking on her birthday. She always got her tits for every tat. 

"Really, babe?"

Grinning wickedly, she slip the dress over her head and then swayed innocently, sashaying back to the edge of the bed. "Well, babe. I wouldn't want to be naughty and selfish, especially since I'm already getting, apparently another spanking, on my birthday. Don't you want me to be a good girl? Or were you complaining about me going commando?"

No, he didn't have a problem with that and he didn't want her to be a good girl right now. Where would she get a ridiculous idea like that? With that spanking he just gave her? Don't be silly.

Well, all men have to pay their penance and any God fearing man should know that you don't mess with a good woman, because she'll best you each and every time. 

"If I said I wanted you to be naughty, would you come back to bed?" he wanted to know. As selfish as it was, he wasn't refraining from his chores to see her nana! He wanted his wife, naked, in their bed, promising eternal love to each other again and again and again. 

Her laughter rang out like Sunday church bells. You know, beautiful, but dreadful in that they signify that an incredibly boring hour or two of your life is about to pass. "You still make me laugh, babe, each and every passing day." She leaned on the bed, her hands pressing into the mattress and her arms framing her boobs, smashing them together and creating an illusion that they were bigger than they were. And he thought at some point that neckline was modest. "Why don't you lie in and then take a nice, long shower and I'll cook us something to eat while I make nana a nice sized pie."

Like hell he was taking a shower today without her. For once, he wasn't going to be a dirty, sweaty mess before he got in, which meant that he could think of other things besides getting clean. "Why don't you shower with me and we'll pick nana something up from the General Store?"

Again with that beautiful laughter of perdition. He knew the body that was underneath that dress and he was in severe wanting of her! Yeah, yeah, he'd confess his sins later. Wait, she was his wife, so it was hardly a sin. And unlike when he saw her in her work clothes, or in her pajamas, or in her Sunday best, there was no other pressing matter to stop him from stripping her naked and having his way with her today, except that this was her punishment for him teasing her.

"Oh, baby, I can't do that to nana," she answered. 

Frustrated that she kept winning this game, he sat up a little straighter. In a serious tone, he said, "Well, honey bee, I think that dress has you in violation of some serious rules. On your birthday, you can only wear your birthday suit and nana would just have a heart attack if I let you parade around town in that kind of outfit."

"Hm. That is quite the conundrum. Well, I wouldn't want to be selfish and how much time do I really have left with nana? I'll just have to suffer the consequences later. Come to think about it, I shouldn't let my birthday go to my head. You finish those chores, hun. It will give me time to plan a nice dinner for the two of us," she answered. 

Now he was just making things up, but he pressed on anyhow. "Unfortunately, one is not allowed to cook their own birthday dinner."

Amusement lit up her eyes. They both knew he wasn't cooking anything that wasn't cereal. She wasn't going to risk her house burning down.

"Well, that is a conundrum, because pizza don't deliver this far out," she said. "I guess I'll just have to break that rule too and hope the world doesn't explode." Crossing her fingers, she turned and sashayed out the bedroom door. His eyes narrowed, sprung out of the bed and charged after her.  

You know what? She won, okay? She won the game, the whole repertoire, and the battle. But he was going to win the war and her fifteen minutes were up. It was time for the official birthday spanking and these twenty-eight swats were going to be harder than the last. 

She shrieked and giggled, trying none too hard to escape. In his arms, he carried his bride back to the bed and tossed her onto the soft mattress. He dove onto the bed after her, planting strong, wild kisses across her flesh. 

She arched her back as each fiery kiss seared her skin and was all too eager to lose the dress she had just put on. Desperately, she captured his lips with hers for a deep, passionate kiss. This was going to be a good birthday.

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