Rumspring Girl

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

John doesn't want any part of the bigger world. He's seen it and knows the terrible things that come when you leave the simple life. Leaving his narrow, safe world to keep his sister safe, he finds a girl that might just be worth the risk.

Table of Contents

Rumspring Girl

One year, one girl, one life changed. Read Chapter

fancy seeing you here

John moves into the city with his sister and finds himself strangely attached to a girl he just met. Read Chapter

in what field is my truck?

Audrey and Claire wake up in a home that is not theirs. Will Audrey ever be able to live it down in front of John? Read Chapter


John might have tagged along to keep a watchful eye on Rebecca, but she's got a big secret she's keeping and her boyfriend has a different kind of rumspringa in mind. Read Chapter

Old & New

John meets Audrey's ex. Read Chapter

Old Mistakes

Rebecca is not so innocent. Read Chapter

Just gotta have it

Audrey falls back on old, bad habits. Read Chapter

A night out.

A night out and Audrey and Rebecca get into trouble. Can John stand seeing Audrey with someone else? Read Chapter

And onward

"Give me your keys," John said flatly, once they were on the street. "Seriously? Do you have a driver's license I don't know about?" ... Read Chapter

Yawning, Audrey peeled herself off John's lap. Blinking as she realized her surroundings, she started to understand that she had fallen a... Read Chapter

How to make him crazy

After a talk with Rebecca, Audrey is ready to cook up some trouble. Read Chapter

you have my attention

Audrey's antics are too much for John. Read Chapter

just a dream

  Before she opened her eyes, she felt a protective arm over her stomach. Audrey shifted so her head was on John's shoulder and ... Read Chapter

More than you can chew

soooooo much dialogue.  Dipping his head so that his mouth was next to her ear, in a movement that was looked more intimate... Read Chapter

Claire jumps in bed with the bad boy. Read Chapter

At each other's mercy

John and Audrey are finally at each other's mercy Read Chapter

"Don't you dare move from that spot," Ryan said as he unlocked the door and slid it open. He dropped the two bags that contained Rebecca'... Read Chapter

What are you even doing here? part 1

"Oh fuck," Claire said as soon as she woke up and remembered where she was. "You've said that every day for a week now," Ace said. "I... Read Chapter

What are you even doing part 2

"You've got five minutes to get those panties off," Ryan said as the door opened and closed and he knew Rebecca was back. "This is also t... Read Chapter

What to do about Chase?

Although Audrey was prepared for the tongue lashing, she watched as Rebecca and John argued in Pennsylvania Dutch. It seemed John wanted ... Read Chapter

come back to me

Audrey and Rebecca in the aftermath of Chase Read Chapter

Life unfolds

Rebecca had her driving permit by the end of June, but John was taking longer to learn the same skill. It would help if he didn't disappe... Read Chapter