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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Eliza Brooke took the first chance to leave home with a guy she just met and ended up in the unique town of Kinkington. Life pulls them apart, leaving Eliza in this quirky little town that caters in the light, every dark fetish we try to hide. What better home for an aspiring writer?

Table of Contents


Eliza Brooke took the first chance she got to leave home with a guy she just met. They end up in a town called Kinkington and it's a place like no other in more ways than one. Their career choices pull them apart, leaving Eliza in this quirky little town that caters in the light, every dark fetish we try to hide. What better home for an aspiring writer? Read Chapter

Here I am

A few years after returning to Kinkington, Eliza figures out how to live in the strange town without her 'partner and crime'. Read Chapter

And then it hit me

In which there is a flashback.  Before I knew it, mystery man had set me on my feet and out of harms way. By the time I regained... Read Chapter

Time to dance. (Spoiler: there's no dancing in this chapter)

In which there is a sandwich. Riveting stuff, right? "Eliza!" Elijah was a super in shape cop who never touched a donut, but the ones... Read Chapter

Sometimes a dog is an actual dog.

What happens when you take too long to write a chapter. You forget what you named the dog... Kinkington was weird without Arie. Our b... Read Chapter

Application Received

Because Gemma is a great roommate, she had coffee on the table, and my usual mix of dried fruit, seeds and nuts that I put on top of yogu... Read Chapter

The interview process begins

"What about ball stretching?" I asked, one hand around Prescott's arm, the other holding up my phone, on which I had pulled up the l... Read Chapter

Because I can

"I'm sir," Prescott told me, in answer to my question. We were in his apartment, which was everything I could have hoped for with a chara... Read Chapter

Signature Required Here

I had done all of the corrections Preston wanted and I had written two more chapters. I had gotten a lot closer to the ending, though I'm... Read Chapter

I need you part one

Eliza wants to jump in, but Prescott is making her wait. Read Chapter

I need you part two

Prescott shows Eliza what happens when she knocks on his door at midnight, in nothing, save her night gown. Read Chapter


It's Friday in Kinkington and that means something for Eliza. Read Chapter


In which this chapter was not my favorite Oh my god, Jeffrey's going to kill me, I thought. Hey! I thought of Prescott by h... Read Chapter


Would you choose pizza or sex? Oh, this chapter has nothing to do with that ultimatum. Read Chapter

Healing is painful pt. 1

Elijah isn't happy about this new relationship and Eliza meets Prescott's past subs. It all ends with an escape . . . Read Chapter

Healing is Painful Pt. 2

Preston confronts Eliza with a (not so) surprising twist, and Eliza has a confession for Prescott. Read Chapter

Thanksgiving and Christmas in September

Ben and Linda are absolutely smitten with the new couple. Or are they? Read Chapter

Physical Therapy

Eliza learns something disconcerting about Prescott, while a secret or two of herself is revealed. Read Chapter

physical therapy part 2

"Stop! Please," I hoarsely whined. "I'm sorry! Can't I? Please!" Prescott pulled his tongue back from my clit. "No." Then he went bac... Read Chapter

Red Light District and Red Limits

It's halloween and Gemma and Eliza have plans that Prescott's not too keen on. Be careful in the red light district, or red limits might get pushed. Read Chapter


Being grounded, especially at this age, freaking sucks. Prescott made me sleep in the guest bedroom, but I couldn't really sleep. I wasn'... Read Chapter

Mile High Club

"Why don't you just get the fuck out and sleep somewhere else tonight," I shouted at Arie one time. I don't mean to paint a picture ... Read Chapter

Mile High Club pt 2

"Are you learning anything?" She asked over my giggles. It was obvious that I wasn't, because she was bringing the flogger down so lightl... Read Chapter

I might have said yes

Dearest readers, please forgive the extra grammatical, spelling and formatting issues. Alas, my dog has ruined my laptop and I am typing ... Read Chapter

I might have said yes pt. 2

When no one said anything and it was just Prescott looking at his father and step-mom and them looking back at him and I looking fro... Read Chapter

and then it was June

Prescott's eyes went black and lustful the second he saw. One second, he's frozen in the doorway of the bedroom. The second, he's pressin... Read Chapter

Just burn it down

Okay, hear me out. I didn't run, because it was my uncle. I ran, because my uncle found me in Kinkington. Oh my god, this can't be happen... Read Chapter

what road to take

I tried to go to the bank before I went home. Everything to put it off, right? Our bank was some small town no name and I had called on m... Read Chapter

the end

"Get the hell up, Jeffrey," Emmaline said to Prescott, her hips cocked and her hands on those hips for emphasis and to make herself seem ... Read Chapter