Gypsy Lost

Gypsy Lost

Status: Finished

Genre: Science Fiction


Status: Finished

Genre: Science Fiction


Cadence should have known better than to go poking around the professor's artifacts, but she did and now she's in a past that might not lead back to her own future. In this strange new world, she becomes a hot commodity among a group of soldiers, but she catches the eye of one in particular. She doesn't doubt that she'll make it back to her own time, but what kind of mess is she going to leave behind and what kind of mess is she going to bring back with her?


Cadence should have known better than to go poking around the professor's artifacts, but she did and now she's in a past that might not lead back to her own future. In this strange new world, she becomes a hot commodity among a group of soldiers, but she catches the eye of one in particular. She doesn't doubt that she'll make it back to her own time, but what kind of mess is she going to leave behind and what kind of mess is she going to bring back with her?

Chapter1 (v.1) - Time Thief

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Cadence should have known better than to go poking around the professor's artifacts, but she did and now she's in a past that might not lead back to her own future. In this strange new world, she becomes a hot commodity among a group of soldiers, but she catches the eye of one in particular. She doesn't doubt that she'll make it back to her own time, but what kind of mess is she going to leave behind and what kind of mess is she going to bring back with her?

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: September 12, 2014



He had seen her from a top the cliff, but from where she came, he did not know. He was watching the sea gently roll onto the sand, the only bit of peace he would get in between raids. 

When did a proper soldier become delegated to raids? He was supposed to be his peoples' hero, their champion, and here he was, pillaging on his way to noble battles. 

In a blink of an eye, the beach had been empty and then suddenly she was just there. She didn’t come from the sea, or the sky, or the earth. She was just there. Nothingness had opened up and spat her out onto the sand.

And such strange clothes she wore. Never had he seen anything of the like.  Dark blue things that stretched around to show the shape of both her legs and a shirt that hung over her shoulders in two thin straps, cutting off at her waist as if her tunic were divided in half. How unseemly and inappropriate for a woman, but stranger cultures had stranger customs. 

From his perch, he could see her, but she did not notice him. Her eyes scanned the beach left and right, searching the horizon for something familiar, and then a bearing of where she was. Slowly, her jaw dropped and her mouth formed the typical oops-what-have-I-done that he had seen on children and slaves. 

Through no reasonable thought that he could understand, she wheeled her body quickly to the right and started running, hearing men in the distance and having the wisdom to want to stay hidden. The silly little thing ran, but it wouldn't matter how fast or far she went. The group of men she was running from was a small hunting party, but she heading towards a large camp of soldiers. Surely, she would be caught and they would fight like dogs for a girl as beautiful her. 

Something rose in his chest and he refused to let them have her. This was one embodiment of innocence and beauty they wouldn't strip from this world. Normally, he wouldn't really care, but she'd come from nothing. Clearly, she'd been sent by some divine force and he had seen her come from nothing, so clearly, a god had intended her for him. Maybe she had a gift of foresight or some magical gift to help him in some divine quest. She obviously wasn't just a slave and no one else would know that because they hadn't seen her come from the elements the way Aphrodite had come from the sea. For all he knew, she was a gift to him from some god that was finally answering his prayers and he wanted her. He wanted her more than anything else he'd ever wanted. 

Getting to his feet, Theodorus ran too. 

Holy shit, was her thought, or some romany dialectic version of holy shit. This was the wrong genre for her. Gypsy girl sent back in time? No, thank you very much, whatever author was writing this could just write her back into her own time. Jesus. First, she has to spend her lifetime making it up to her uncle that her mother had decided to go and marry some non-romany man and now she'd have to explain that she only upped and disappeared because she was messing with a mysterious artifact that she was told not to touch and was sent back in time or to another deminsion. And that was after she explained it to the professors and suffered their punishment. She was going to mess up all of history and Cassell would never forgive her. 

Seriously, the shit she managed to get herself into. They told her to not touch anything and Cade just couldn't listen. When she got back, the professor was going to be so angry and she shivered just thinking about his assistant. Alright, she had to stop thinking of Dr. Cassell as the assistant, but she had met the professor first, so it weird to think of Cassell as a professor as well, despite them both being academics. God, they were such goody-two shoes, walk the line of the law kind of people, but no, it was okay to have their very own thief in a time of need, she defensively thought, already preparing her case. 

She silenced those thoughts, because they weren't helping her run any faster and she knew that she owed Professor Hammond and his assistant Dr. Neal Cassell a great deal. Also, dealing with their wrath would be better than never going home at all. Getting home was the first priority and she had to get out of sight quickly. She didn't know what was coming, but she could almost feel the ground tremor and her heart was beating as fast as the sound of many horses galloping across sand. 

She headed up the beach, so she could get the advantage of higher land and the trees that were in the distance, but she wasn't fast enough. 

A blonde man on a horse spotted her and nudged his commander, who grinned and spurred his horse after the girl. Such strange dress, he thought when he saw her, but they were in stranger lands. 

She thought the slightly rockier terrain would have made it harder for the horses to get to her, but she guessed the slope wasn't steep enough to inhibit them. 

You know, if she'd just been a good a little thief for her uncle, she wouldn't be in this position. No, she let Cassell put all these dreams and other possibilities beyond being just a modern day gypsy. She could have married the good romany boy her uncle wanted her to and he probably only had a fifty percent chance of being distantly related to her, but no. She followed that golden path Cassell tried to put her on to a better life, one where she didn't have to steal and now look where she was- running down a beach from five men before they stole her freedom and argued over who got to rape her first. That's where Cassell's version of good and normal got her. 

One of the five made a grasp for her, but she wiggled free. She tried zig-zagging, but there were five of them. Pretty soon, they had her circled, but Cade wasn't giving up without a fight.

She outwitted the Yakuza for crying out loud, she could outwit cavemen on horseback. She squirmed out of their grasp and dove between the horses. Really, these four-legged creatures were a lot more docile in her time dimension. 

She tried to run up the hill, but man came sprung from behind a bush and before she could change directions, she was ensared in his possession. Sigh. The Yakuza had sprung out of the woodwork like ninjas as well. Yes, she could have avoided their and her uncle's anger if she'd stolen from the professors instead of making friends with them, but that's not what happened and the whole experience taught her that she'd never be fast enough to flee or have the necessary ninja-like reflexes to fight. No, being gypsy meant that her talents were in scamming people to their face. She'd never be able to fight for freedom, but she could find a way that would force their hand into letting her go. 

Still, she fought when Theodorus grabbed onto her. That was just human nature, she guessed. 

Squirming wildly, the tried to pry herself from his grasp, but Theodorus had too much experience pillaging to allow a woman to wiggle from his grasp. "She's a pretty catch, no?" Theodorus grinned up at his fellow soldiers. 

"Hand her over, I saw her first," the blonde Philon complained from atop the horse. 

Theodorus pinned her closer to his chest. Cade had been trying to trip him by slipping her foot behind his, but he had easily placed himself so that this wasn't something Cade was able to accomplish. When she realized that he was trying to keep her away from the other men, she calmed a little. After all, it was easier to run from one man than five. Theodorus kept her against his chest, but he half turned his body, as if keeping her from their view. 

"I caught her," Theodorus replied. "You want her, you'll have to earn her."

From the professors, Cade knew a little bit of their language. Dr. Cassell had caught her poking around the artifacts that she wasn't allowed to touch and caught her listening in on student lectures. After a stern lecture on how listening without paying for the classes like everyone was stealing, he started instructing her free of charge. That kind of undermined his whole lecture, but she wasn't going to be the one to tell him, because that would start a whole new series of lectures. 

Cade pretended that he just wanted another reason to yell at her when she didn't do something right, but she knew that he was doing it because he liked her. He didn't want to like her, because she was a street rat and a thief. They'd met because she had tried to steal from the professor in the first place. Despite all that, he was finding that she was a difficult person to dislike. 

The blonde man looked angry at whatever the man holding her had said, but Cade figured it was just territorial caveman stuff. Ugh. Thousands of years would change nothing. Dr. Cassell would get the same way with her whenever she had a date, but he wouldn't admit it to himself. 

So she went on dates and had fun anyway. 

Maybe this was punishment for her willful behavior. 

Theodorus didn't know what made her calm down, but he was grateful for it. She was quite slippery. 

"Yeah?" Philon grinned. "Do you want to wrestle or race?"

"Are you going to race on your feet or on your horse's feet?" Theodorus asked. 

Did he just call the man a horse's feet? Well, there was no need to fight over her. Really, she would be fine if they just let her go . . . getting involved with them sounded like the kind of thing the professor said she shouldn't do if she were ever jettesoned back in time. In fact, she specifically remembered the professor telling her that if she were ever sent back in time, don't make contact with anyone and touch the least amount of things possible. 

Yeah, right. If she could figure out how she'd gotten back here and how she was going to get home, then she was also going to look for the most valuable things and sell them on the modern market. That would get her a pretty penny and then she wouldn't have to deal with either Cassell's sulking face, or her Uncle's, because she would be rich and live on her own island. 

Until now, she thought all her employers were crazy and she knew crazy. Her crazy gypsy family believed in this magical stuff, the mafias to which her family had contracted out her skills believed in this crazy stuff. Then she found two professors who's work involved this weird mystery, intertwined with ancient history. Well, she didn't find them so much as was hired to steal some of their artifacts.

Man, these people took Stargate too seriously. Maybe she should have too, or else she'd know what to do right now, other than wait for these men to decide what going to happen.

"Horse," Philon replied decidedly, "How else do we become half wind?"

"You're too romantic, my friend," Theodorus returned and she could hear the genuine smile in his voice. If he was friends with these people, why was he trying to protect her? Was he protecting her? He clearly wanted her for himself and Cade preferred to deal with one captor over five. "You can find a woman anywhere, with words like that. All I have is my sword."

Cade froze and blanched. Maybe that translated other than how she thought it might. 

Philon laughed and showed teeth in his smile. "So I should let you have her?"

"Enough boys, she is the kings spoils," the older man said gruffly. His voice sounded as if it was scratching on cacti and Cade winced when she heard it. 

"So was the girl Philon found two towns ago. He falls in and out of love with women all the time," Theodorus jokingly complained. "I want this one, Seleucus."

"Why do you two lover boys always get the girls?" a man with a curly orange beard, Simonides, gruffed. "Let some of us others play."

"You played over and over again in Pylos," Philon teased and the men laughed. 

A slimmer, quieter man leaned forward on his horse to get a good look at Cade, which she didn't particularly like, but she also didn't figure him to be an alpha, and she thought him slightly reserved. She swore that he looked like a literature student she dated once. "She is gorgeous," Melanthios said, extending his hand. 

The red-headed man with curly hair snarked, "Too skinny. Couldn't bear children with those hips."

The older man leaned down to inspect Cade, and she found that she'd wished she'd taken Cassell's advice this morning and changed into jeans that were a little less tight and shirt that covered her a little more. She could have, at the least, put on a tank top or something. Guessing from her predicament, she figured ethics probably wouldn't be invented for awhile, though she wasn't sure people in her own age followed ethics. She sure didn't. 

Regardless, Cade didn't entirely mind the way Melanthios looked at her, because he had an introspective spark in his eyes, but this man just screamed pervert. Melanthios looked at her the way a poet looks at inspiration, the way every girl wants to be looked at, and why she didn't appreciate it, it didn't make her uncomfortable. Seleucus made her feel as if she was about to be auctioned. To get away from the weird old man, Cade pressed herself against Theodorus, causing him to smirk. The man noticed too and grinned. Foolish girl must have thought of him as her own protector.

"Have some fun with her, if you want," the creepy old man commanded,  "but then drag her before him."

Before who? She heard the word king, was that who? She wasn't a scholar, but from what she'd studied working with the professors, she was pretty sure that she was either about to be eaten or sacrificed. Maybe raped and enslaved? 

She almost scoffed. Seriously? As if her mama had never taught her how to defend herself in case a gypsy from another lineage thought he could steal her away. As if her family had never taught her how to disappear if she was working for someone and things went sideways or the cops showed up when she was working on a job. They could try, but she would be gone before they could learn to say Romani. 

Theodorus returned Seleucus's grin, but whistled for his horse. He let go of her for half a minute, in order to climb onto his horse and she took the opportunity to flee. At least she had tenacity, Theodorus thought as he kicked his horse after her. The horses were surrounding her in a moment, she stumbled backwards, but before she could fall, Theodorus caught her and tossed her on the horse in front of him. 

She grasped onto the mane of the horse as he kicked it forward towards the camp. 

Okay, she could fix this. It had been her plan to play along with what he wanted, but at the last second, nerves got the best of her, or maybe it was that impulsive nature that Cassell was always lecturing about. She couldn't help it, okay? At one moment all of her nerves and synapses could jump in one single electric pulse that screamed something at her. Take that, touch this, steal that, leap from here, run, fight, breathe do. It happened when she realized Theodorus's guard was down. There was no conscious thought, just an involuntary follow through as all these fibers within her screamed run. 

She just had to stay alive until nightfall and she would escape and history would be none the wiser. She wondered, would she get back to her own time period at the moment she left? If it did and her impulsiveness didn't betray her again, maybe she could play this without the professors ever finding out.

Writer's note

I told myself I was going to finish The Heart Contract and Ineffaceable before I started a new story, because I wanted to work on my habit of leaving projects half done. I lied. I'm not a finisher. I'm a starter. It's not a terrible thing. Henry Schliemann never would have discovered Troy if Frank Calvert hadn't already started digging there. And I'm tired of romance and its showing in those stories. However, I don't have a good track record with anything not about romance, so tell me what you think.

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