Gypsy Found

Gypsy Found

Status: In Progress

Genre: Science Fiction


Status: In Progress

Genre: Science Fiction


Cade the gypsy is back to make Cassel's life a mess. Is this Sci-fi, romance, fantasy? Or what?


Cade the gypsy is back to make Cassel's life a mess. Is this Sci-fi, romance, fantasy? Or what?

Chapter1 (v.1) - Tension

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Submitted: November 12, 2016

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: November 12, 2016



"You're going out like that," Cassel asked Cade as she walked by in a tight, black skirt, paired with an equally tight and skimpy blue tube top. It was a strapless ensemble, with which she wore heels that made her noticeably taller. Cassel could almost look her in the eye. 

"Unless there is a reason I shouldn't," Cade replied, tossing her hair over her shoulder. 

Theodorus rolled his eyes from the couch. For a while now, the two of them had been at this dance. After all Cade had been through, one would think she would be more of a carpe diem girl, but they were both holding back and Theodorus didn't understand why.

Cassel shrugged and then scowled at his coffee cup. "If that's the impression you want to make on your dates."

"That I'm sexy?" Cade grinned. "Yeah. That's the impression I want to make. Well, I'm off. I'm going to meet Bert, or Brennan." She paused. "Blake?"

"Wasn't he a Greg this morning?" Cassel asked. 

Cade shrugged. "Maybe. All I know is he had the dreamiest eyes."

"Be responsible," Cassel called after her as Cade opened the door and strode on out of the house. 

With a big sigh, Theodorus put down the book he was learning to read and strode toward the door, letting it fall behind him. 

"It was a Greg this morning," he said, mostly in his proto-Greek, because it was easier for him in English, and he didn't want the off-chance of Cassel over hearing, if he followed Theodorus outside. 

Exhaling audibly, Cade turned around. Without using her power, she would never outrun Theodorus, and she wasn't going to exhaust her power over something so silly, like a childish need to stop Theodorus from scolding her. 

Petulantly, she crossed her arms. "And?" 

"What are you are doing is disrespectful to the man who has done so much for you. He has been generous, and you are being vindictive," Theodorus said. "It's not like you."

"It's exactly like me," Cade replied. "If I wanted a prudish patriarch, I'd go back to my Uncle Milosh."

Still, she couldn't meet Theodorus' disappointed eyes. Not while he was right, anyway. "I thought he-," Cade couldn't bring herself to say it. 

"Do you, Cade? Do you love him?" Theodorus prompted. "Then tell him. Be the brave one first."

Stubbornly, she tilted her chin upwards in a way Theodorus recognized, and it made him inwardly groan. "But I don't."

Leaving it at that, she turned on her heel and started off. She got half a stride, before she was walking on air. "Hey!" Cade's legs kicked the air before Theodorus unceremoniously dropped her on her shoulder, causing an involuntairy sound of protest to fall from her lips. "Oof."

As Theodorus marched back into the apartment, Cade announced. "You're a jerk. This is tyranny. I won't be censored and oppressed in this fashion."

From the table, Cassel watched as the giant strolled past with the object of so much trouble over his shoulder. His jaw would have dropped, if only this scene hadn't been so common over the last couple of months.

"There is no discipline in this era," Theodorus muttered, setting Cade on her feet in her bedroom. When Theodorus first followed the gypsy through time to this era, Cassel had a one bedroom apartment, of which, he allowed Cade to crash on his couch. Once they decided Theodorus was to stay, Cassel realized he would need a bigger place. Now they were living in a four bedroom, for any other rifraff Cade managed to bring home. He nodded to her closet. "Change."

Glaring at him, Cade knew from experience that the fight not to was useless. "Are you going to give me privacy?"

Theodorus shook his head and leaned against her door. His hands slid into the pocket of his jeans, and knowing that he was a giant champion for a proto-Greek king, the jeans seemed odd on him. They looked good to any other girl, but Cade knew him with his wild, unkept hair, from an a place in time that was more like fantasy than reality. "You shouldn't have misbehaved, and I'm not going to keep dragging you back. You know it bothers him, and me, when you go out dressed like that. Now dress respectfully."

She almost stamped her foot, but thought better of it. Somehow, it wasn't very divine to do so, and it made the magical powress she was capable of feel less authentic and cheap. Without abash, she tugged her sleeveless dress over her head, leaving her in just her heels and panties. 

Not that she was endowed enough to need a bra, but Theodorus raised his eyebrows, but remained quiet about the fact. His prude virgin was becoming less bashful as the days went by, desperate for any attention from Cassel, even negative attention. "No," he said as her hand reached for a see-through tunic. And again when she pulled out a short number with cutouts that would have been strategically placed a women who was a little more curvy, and not built for crawling through air vents and breaking into buildings. 

"I will spank you," he threatened, when she pulled out a shirt that was short in the front, with a longer, see-through mesh on the back. 

"Obviously, with a pair of shorts," she protested. 

He took a step forward, rolling up his sleeve. 

Ugh. Troglodyte. A sudden idea crossed her mind. Ditching the shirt, she pulled out an innocent enough white sheath dress, and then searched through her dresser until she found the bra she wanted. It was black with neon colors on it, that would stand out through the dress in the blacklight of the club she was going to. Before the modesty police guarding her exit could protest that he could see her bra through her dress, she buttoned up a jean jacket over the ensemble. 

"Happy?" she demanded, turning to face him. 

"I'd be happier if the two of you were honest," Theodorus said. 

She dropped her gaze. "He doesn't want me, Theo. I'm too much trouble." Her voice was soft, dropping it's rebellious edge. 

He tilted his head to the side. "He does."

"Then why doesn't he say so?" Cade asked. Shaking her head, she said, "He's just helping me, because he's a good person. He doesn't want me. Am I supposed to be hurt over it?"

Getting through to either Cade or Cassel, was giving the giant warrior a headache. And Cade was hurting, everything she did was an obvious reaction to the fact that Cassel had shut her out, and she didn't know why. 

He moved to the side of her door and nodded his head that his approval was given. She hurried out before he changed his mind. 

When Cassel saw her outfit this time, he stared at the air in front of him, until the front door shut. Then he groaned, dropping his head on the table. He knew what Cade was wearing underneath her outfit. 

"What is wrong," Theodorus said in careful English. It was safe to say, that Cassel had replaced Alceaus, Theodorus' king, in this era. Leaving what Cade called his 'culture' was difficult. He used to a simpler world. He obeyed his king, he performed his job, and men and women each had their jobs, their roles to play, and they played them. Cassel gave Theodorus a home, a job, outside of protecting Cade that is, and taught him many things about this new world he was living in. Theodorus was duty bound to the academic.

"Do you know what a blacklight is?" Cassel replied. 

Theodorus curled his fists. Not yet, but Cade was in for it when she came home. 

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