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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

In order to get his inheritance, he has to marry by the time he's thirty and it all seems too perfect for this misanthrope when he accidentally stumbles upon a girl who has one year to live.

Table of Contents


In order to get his inheritance, he has to marry by the time he's thirty and it all seems to perfect for this misanthrope when he accidentally stumbles upon a girl who has one year to live. Read Chapter

First Date

We were outside a pub, sitting under the cool shade of the porch. Though it was the middle of september, it was actually quite warm ... Read Chapter

The ring and dress

Few things had ever felt as natural as walking arm and arm down some panoramic street in old town as it did with Scarlett. She leaned int... Read Chapter


"Here, you should take this." Scarlett and I had walked into a scenic downtown park. We were near the fountain when she said that and sta... Read Chapter

Marriage License

It took a long time getting to that court house, because once we started kissing, we didn't stop. We took a break a couple blocks from th... Read Chapter

The first day of courting

I had way over thought it when I panicked earlier. A girl like Scarlett just wants to have fun. She had already agreed to marry me over a... Read Chapter


She had a real thing for cider, because that's what she wanted for dessert. We went to a coffee shop next to the restaurant and ... Read Chapter

When the phone rings

Her body fit perfectly against mine. She woke up before me and examined my bare chest under the morning light that made it through the cl... Read Chapter

Snow White

"So, my adoptive father is a detective. We can say we'll have lunch at the park, but he's going to show up here anyway. He'll probably do... Read Chapter

On View

I did not realize how empty my bed had become until Scarlett crawled out of it the next morning. We had been there since we got back. We ... Read Chapter


Cranford made some joke about how he was just kidding and I was too serious. We went off in separate ways to view Scarlett's work. On one... Read Chapter

The bachelors

Last night hadn't been too eventful. I made Scarlett a shrimp scampini and she shouted. "Oh my God! This is better than sex." Well, I had... Read Chapter

The Wedding begins

Scarlett and I were doing some serious making out. Theo was driving my trunk, and originally, Scarlett had been in the middle seat, but n... Read Chapter

The White Wedding

My heart fluttered like never before when I saw Scarlett at the other end of the hallway. Her hair was curlier and her and her dress look... Read Chapter

The Wedding Night

When I turned around, she was in a cheeky pair of silver and blush panties that I swear, only covered half her ass cheek and a matching b... Read Chapter

bucket list

"Alright," I said as Scarlett buried into the covers with a slice of wedding cake. At first, a certain little vixen was just too exhauste... Read Chapter

Young and Fearless

I looked at Scarlett. We were only a few hours from our final destination. We were leaving a worse for wear Canada behind us, but I think... Read Chapter

Let's go to the light.

"The locals told me about a hot spring," Scarlett said. She had been less interested in buying groceries when she saw a lack of poptarts ... Read Chapter

Good Doctor

We took a different way home. Stopping in Seattle, we got some coffee and pie, as we heard they were famous for them. As my Georgia peach... Read Chapter

Give me an S, E, X, Y. What does that spell? Sexy! We're Sexy!

Do other countries have cheerleaders? Or is that just an US thing? When I opened the door to the apartment, Scarlett called out, "Bab... Read Chapter

the plan

"Garison has always been angry with me, ever since I ranaway from that foster home. He felt he had to look after all the other kids, but ... Read Chapter

The acrobat

We found her in the courtyard, just in time to see Scarlett do a back flip and end in the splits. "See," she told a kid wit... Read Chapter

Chemo isn't sexy

I can't indent paragraphs on this site and it bothers me greatly. Anyway . . .  I just finished the beginning of Arabian Ni... Read Chapter

Breakfast of Champions

When Scarlett woke up, she saw that I moved her back to the bed. I saw that she was awake as I brought her a toasty strawberry poptart an... Read Chapter

The real stink around here

"I know what you did, you lying, cheating son a bitch," Gavin marched towards me, face red, hands clenched. I was on my feet, the hammock... Read Chapter

Long lost sister

The usual prefatory rant: Too much in the way of British influences for me! The number of times I've wanted to say arshole, wan... Read Chapter

Sleeping Beauty

"I'm not going to say it's common, but it's not uncommon," Garison said, while my cousin hovered in the bedroom doorway. I tucked Scarlet... Read Chapter


Scarlett giggled as the last flowers of the season, freshly picked I was told, fell around her as she laid on the table on the back porch... Read Chapter

Witches part 2

After the vegan witches left, women dark clothes showed up. Grace took me aside and told me that we had to have an amazing Halloween, bec... Read Chapter

Doctor, doctor, give me a clue

Thanksgiving was a big deal for Scarlett. Not long after halloween, did she shave her hair and she didn't like the idea of wearing a wig.... Read Chapter

A sidekick's tale part 1

  So this chapter just spun out of control.  I love Julian and Scarlett, but thank God they were gone. It left Grace an... Read Chapter

sidekick pt 2

This chapter took forever.  She sighed and kicked her legs off the edge of the exam room when Garrison arrived. "Grace," he ... Read Chapter

The View

"So," Scarlett said as we got off the ski lift at the top of the mountain, on the black diamond trail. "Now that we're up here, I have so... Read Chapter


It's so hard to write about some place cold when it's this hot and humid;) As I woke up from my peaceful, after sex slumber, somethin... Read Chapter

Japan part 1

Taking Scarlett to Japan was probably the best idea I ever had. Neither of us spoke any japanese, but we weren't helpless to get around. ... Read Chapter

Japan part two

The rest of our stay in Japan was jammed back with Kabuki theater, tasting every flavor of kit kats, oogling geishas and eating as much s... Read Chapter

The lumber jack

Scarlett's past just might be coming back to haunt Julian. Read Chapter


The day after the lumberjack, I mean, Emmerett, showed up, he told Scarlett that she could still rely on him for anything, even if s... Read Chapter


"Guess it had to happen sometime," I said, looking at the grave.  The gravestone was surprisingly plain, considering who was bur... Read Chapter

The End

I fell over a dump truck, a train set and nearly collapsed on top of a tea party. I swear, it might have been five years, but I was still... Read Chapter