Wet Paint

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Two lovers re-enact the passion and revelation of their first meeting

Enjoying the show?" she asked.

"You’re losing your light.” I said.

"You're blocking it."

I moved enough to cast my shadow on the ancient stone ledge, instead of darkening her canvas. It wouldn’t be long before she had to pack up her paints and put her shirt back on too.




I’d spotted her hiking up the trail toward the hidden cliff dwelling I was occupying illegally. She was slender and blond with her hair up in some sort of loose knot. Her legs were long and tanned. She carried a backpack with long wooden sticks poking out of it. Her green shirt and shorts identified her as a park service employee.  She maintained a good pace despite the altitude. The straps of her backpack pulled her shoulders back and thrust out her breasts. Sweat plastered her Ranger shirt to her upper body. Her breasts looked pointy under the damp shirt.

As she approached, I realized I had no good exit. If she bothered to search, she would find me.




I’d snuck in before daybreak.

The site wasn’t on any tourist maps. That wasn’t an accident. The site was small, but very well preserved. The Park Service wanted to keep it that way by keeping people like me out.

It was tucked up under the brow of the Mesa in an ordinary looking side canyon. There had been archaeologists here at one time, of course, but I knew of no current research. It was so well hidden that I had nearly missed it the first time I hiked the canyon. By the time the late afternoon sun revealed it, it was too late to climb up there.

 I’d been waiting a while for an opportunity to explore it. Summer was ending and my raft guide job was nearly over too.  I had days off to hike during the week. The days were still warm and sunny, and this site faced southwest. It would get the sunset’s warming rays, but nights at this altitude could be very cold.

I’d hiked in without asking permission and explored at my leisure. I was careful to do no damage and leave no tell tale traces. For the night, I settled on a small square dwelling, nearly intact, in a high corner near the back of the overhanging rock. Its small window/door had a perfect view of the balcony area at the front of the site and the canyon and blue sky beyond.

It was comfortably cooler in there too, out of the afternoon sun. I’d propped up my backpack against the sill of the window and was leaning forward against it to look out the window and enjoy the view. I must have dozed off in the heat. When I came awake the sun was in my eyes. After blinking a few times, I noticed the blond Ranger coming up the trail, heading right for the site. I drew my head in so I wouldn't be noticed.

In the heat, she’d unbuttoned the top two buttons of her shirt, and I could tell she wasn't wearing a bra underneath. She didn't need one. Her breasts were pert, pointy, and while not large, they couldn't be called small either. They suited her well, and were in proportion to her slenderness.

I’d been examining her for a while in a male sort of way, and was having difficulty finding any flaw. That wasn’t a bad thing, but it was unusual. It kept my eyes searching.

What I liked about her most was her open smile. She seemed happy as she walked, enjoying the exercise. She looked like one of the seasonal rangers who had completed her summer contract, and then chosen to stay on for a while. I didn't see a radio. She might order me out, but would not have the authority of one of the law enforcement Rangers. Judging by her smile, she might even be friendly. I just needed to find a way to reveal myself to her without scarring her to death.  The best thing would have been to step out in the open now, but I was really enjoying watching her move and I didn’t want to spoil it.

She climbed the final steep steps up to the balcony area, and sat down on the low stone bench that formed the perimeter of the balcony. She took off her backpack and dug out a water bottle. She was breathing a little harder now from the steep climb. Her chest rose and fell. Sweat trickled down her neck and disappeared into her cleavage. Her shirt was drenched beneath where the backpack had been riding. She untucked her shirt, and began to unbutton it. Her face was almost classical up close, yet open and at ease. Its fine bone structure glistened with perspiration.  She pulled off her shirt and laid it on the stones to dry.

Her shoulders were broad for a woman, and her hips narrow. Her nipples were small and pink. Her breasts curved upward and pointed just so. She was tan all over, no lines. This was not the first time she’d taken her shirt off recently.

 When she finished drinking from her water bottle, she took her hands and rubbed the sweat back from her face. She used her hands to smooth the perspiration on her body evenly across her arms, her tummy, and her breasts. There was just the slightest of breezes, and the thin coat of wetness would quickly dry, cooling her as it did. Watching her slide her hands across her tanned skin and wet her upturned breasts was very intimate and unconsciously erotic. I could almost feel my hands moving to help.

She thought she was alone. I needed to find a way to say hello without spooking her.

 She sat on the low wall at the edge of the balcony with her legs dangling over. Her bronzed back was toward me, drying off. It didn't take long. When she was dry she took the wooden sticks from her backpack and assembled them into a sort of tripod. Next she carefully worked a large flat object out of the backpack. It barely fit in. She set it up on the tripod -- an easel, I realized. The square white thing was a canvas.

She produced tubes of paint, brushes, paint knives, and a pallet. There was also a thin flat object that flashed brilliantly in the sun - some sort of mirror. She secured the mirror to the easel above the canvas, and began mixing her paint colors on the pallet.

 She seemed very systematic and competent. Her hand movements were practiced and deft. Colors emerged. It was hard to tell exactly, but there were skin tones, a reddish brown, some yellow, and a brilliant blue. She sat on the balcony wall facing me and kept readjusting the easel, the canvas, and herself. Perhaps the mirror too, but I couldn't see for sure. She sat straight, and presented her profile to the canvas. She arched her breasts out and up.

She kept checking the mirror and primping herself. She let down her long hair and arranged it carefully so it framed her face and hung forward of one shoulder. Finally she picked up a piece of charcoal and began to sketch.

I was curious to see what she was drawing, but I couldn't exactly walk down and ask. She worked quickly, with practiced ease, and soon seemed to have things composed more or less the way she wanted.

 She began blocking in the background. I could tell by the colors. Blue sky. Red rock. Green scrub-trees in the canyon. Eventually she began filling in the skin tones and her golden hair. She kept consulting the mirror, and fine-tuning her position. At one point she reached down and tweaked her nipples so they stood upright. She kept doing this as she applied pink with careful strokes.

There didn't seem to be any way for me to reveal myself without startling her and spoiling her concentration. All I could do was watch and speculate on the progress of what could only be a self-portrait.

The problem was, I really needed to pee and I did not want to desecrate the cliff dwelling. I was sure she would be really impressed if I suddenly ran down and peed off the edge of the balcony the way the ancients used to. Finally I couldn't stand it any longer. This portrait was going to take a while. Sooner or later I was going to have to say something. I was tired of hiding.

 I climbed outside my window onto the ledge. I stood there for a few moments, but she was engrossed in what she was doing. Could I sneak by?

No chance. Better to announce myself from a safe distance. I cleared my throat. It came out as a chocked little sound. She didn't seem to notice. I tried again. She seemed intent on her work.

 Finally, I said, "Miss. MISS!"

 Now she turned her head and took in my presence with an annoyed glance. She seemed completely unconcerned about her bared breasts.

 "And what are YOU doing here? I suppose you missed the signs?"

 "If you could excuse me, I need to go down into the woods for a moment."

 She looked at me. Eyes as blue as the sky. Golden hair framing her face. Pink nipples erect. Classic features annoyed. It was a great way to introduce myself.

 "Please do."' she finally said, and returned to her work.

 When I came back, she was absorbed in her work. I stood behind her in such a way that I didn't show up in her mirror. The painting was take shape. It was fascinating watching her sure brush strokes. When she straightened up again to re-pose herself for the mirror, it was magic to watch her straighten her shoulders and lift her breasts.

 “Finished?” she asked

 She reached down next to her paints and held up a Handi-Wipe for me to take. I took the hint.

 "I use them to clean off the paint." she said.

 "Handy." I said, wiping my fingers carefully.

 She looked over her shoulder at me to see if I was mocking her. I managed to look serious and not drop my gaze to her pointed breasts.

"You have fine technique." I said.

 She looked at me and her eyes were very blue and that was all I could see for a moment.

 "And that's what you've been staring at?" she said.

 Gravity seemed to be taking control of my eyeballs. I fought it.

 "Beauty - I mean art - can take many forms." I said.

 "I thought you were interested in technique." she said.

 "Yes," I said, "the technique and colors you use to capture the form."

 "Any form? Your eyes would be equally interested in a cube?"

 "I have some interest in curves, and the way they blend together to form a harmonious whole."

 "Hormonious, more likely.”

"You see things through the lens of your perceptions, and create art. My untrained eyes are doing the best they can under the circumstances."

She went back to her painting. The sun had dropped lower, and no doubt the light would soon be changing. I watched a single bead of sweat form on her neck and roll down her spine only to disappear into a small gap between her waistband and spine. I couldn't help but notice a fringe of peach colored lace beneath her shorts.

I could see her form in the painting now. Each time she straightened up and preened her breasts, I found myself wanting to adjust a certain body part to make it less noticeable. She seemed to be enjoying torturing me. She kept tweaking her nipples to keep them up. It was working for me too.

 "Is it cold in the picture?" I asked.

 She turned to me again, putting her breasts and nipples in profile, and gave me another one of those looks. This time she seemed to be taking my naked upper body in. I had been out on the river or hiking for most of the summer. I was missing a few tan lines myself.

 "Do you always carry a six pack, or are you holding your tummy in just for me?"

“I’m working on my posture.”

 The sun was low in the sky. Oranges and reds were just beginning to color the horizon.

She may have been losing her light, but I was enjoying the show.

I walked up to the dwelling where my pack was hidden in a cool corner. I dug around and came back down with a bottle of white wine, an opener, and a plastic wine glass. She’d begun putting away her paints and brushes. I screwed the stem onto the take-apart glass and, I thought, rather expertly freed the cork. I poured a full glass and offered it to her. She let me stand there for a while holding it, but when she had her things put away, she took it. Her fingers just grazed mine as she did.

She took a generous drink and looked back at me.

"One glass?"

"Would a six pack have been better?"

 "This will do, thank you." she said, and handed me back the glass.

 We shared the glass, looking at the sunset. I refilled the glass.

 The sky was brilliant with reds and a deepening purple. She shared a sandwich with me from her pack. It had alfalfa sprouts, avocado, water chestnuts, and a lot of other things. It was crunchy and the bread was fresh and very good. No meat though.

We finished her sandwich and most of the wine. I went up and got my pre-made chicken Caesar salad and a carrot cake cupcake. The air was finally cooling and she’d slipped her ranger shirt back on. She ate like she was still hungry too, and we finished the last of the wine. I was only feeling it slightly.

 "Cooling off." I said.

 "Like in my picture?"

 Now I found myself checking to see if her nipples were visible beneath her shirt. She caught me at it, of course.

 "Staring at them all day wasn't enough?

 "Must be the wine."  I said.

 "Must." she said, reaching up and running her hand across my abs.

I felt something surge in my pants and she smiled slightly. Her hand drifted down toward my waist.

 “I suppose," she said, " it would only be fair for me to see the rest of these." Her deft fingers started to unbutton my shorts.

 "Could be cold tonight." I said. The sky was spectacular. More colorful than her paints. She slowly unzipped my zipper.

"At least they’re not whitey-tighties." she said. I was wearing stripped black boxers.

 She pulled down the front slightly to reveal the lower edge of my abs. In so doing the heel of her hand pressed against something hard inside my boxers. It surged against her hand. She pulled my briefs down farther, exposing the engorged head. The little mouth seemed to be trying to speak to her. She stroked the shaft gently through the soft fabric.

 "Does it want say something?” she said, stroking a little harder.

 "Careful, it spits."

 "Ah ha." she said, freeing it completely and tucking my briefs beneath my balls.

 She grasped my smooth balls and rolled them in her soft hand. They were full and firm.

 "So we shave too."

 She stroked the shaft with her strong fingers and it leapt toward her.

 "Eager little beast, isn't it?"

 “It has a mind of its own.” I said.

“The one you do your thinking with?”

She looked up at me with her blue eyes. She pulled me a little closer so my rigid penis was right in front of her face. Looking up at me, she took half of me into her mouth, and used her hands on my balls and shaft. She kept looking up at me while she did. Her eyes were very blue.

 After a while she pulled away, but still grasp my cock firmly, keeping it rock hard.

 "Not sooo little. I like its shape."

“It’s posing for you.”

She slowly ran a delicate finger around the rim of its head, making it jerk again. She took the head back in her mouth again for a moment.

 "Clean too."

“Hygiene is important,” I said.

 I pulled her up to her feet, wrapped my arms around her and kissed her, carefully at first, enjoying the softness of her lips, and making our kiss last.

 The sunset was at its peak. My hands grasped the cheeks of her tight ass. I unbuttoned her shirt again and found her hard nipples and her firm, pointy breasts. I reached down to unbuttoned her shorts.

I slipped my hand s into the back of her shorts, under the band of her peach lace thong, and squeezed her cheeks hard while we kissed. She leaned into me.

 She pulled off my black briefs. I removed her thong and set it carefully aside. Her shirt was already off. I felt her hard nipples press into the muscles of my chest as we kissed. My erection pressed hard against her tummy as we clung together.

 "You took your sweet time." she said, her hands were exploring my pectoral muscles.

 "I was admiring your posture." I said, bending to take one of those perfect breasts into my mouth.

 "Is that all?"

 I sucked harder, concentrating on one nipple. I switched to the other breast and tasted it too. My hand slipped down between her legs and found things smoothly waxed beneath a triangle of silky hair. There was wetness there, and my fingers soon found it. I wet them inside her and she arched into me. I circled her clit slowly and lightly with one slippery finger. She stood up on her toes.

 "Your flawless form." I said.

It felt wonderful and free to be naked with her in the cooling evening air. I wondered if the ancient Pueblos did it this way.

 We spread her lilac pile blanket on the polished stones that formed the wide top of the balcony wall where she’d been sitting. She lay back and re-arranged her long hair with a simple toss of her head. I knelt beside her and kissed her lips. They were soft and eager.  Her kiss was urgent now, passionate. There was no restraint in it, only need.

I kissed her all over, small careful kisses, memorizing each subtle curve and valley with my lips. I moved from her toes to her forehead and back again, being sure not to miss a single spot. She lay back with her eyes closed and enjoyed having her body worshiped. Eventually, I returned to her breasts, her nipples, her tummy, her naval, and down to the silky hair below. My fingers again found her wetness, and teased the edges of her clit. She shifted, and raised one leg, and laid it up on my shoulder to give me better access. I moved so I could taste her, and use my fingers inside.

 She was oozing juices, and tight, and very slippery inside. I tickled each secret nook with the tip of one finger. She arched her body up into me, and my tongue brushed across her erect clitoris and slowly explored each magic fold. She tasted sweet, and I could smell her arousal. My arms-length artist was turning into a very responsive lover. Her grip on my swollen cock was so tight it hurt. She moaned and made small noises. Her back was arched. Her toes pointed. Her breathing iregular gasps.

I slipped two fingers inside her and began to tickle the roof of her vagina. I concentrated on being gentle and steady. Soon I was rewarded with a small gush of fluid, which wet my hand. Juices began to trickle out onto the blanket. I could sense her arousal taking control of her. She moaned and squirmed. I kept up my steady, gentle tickling of the delicate structures beneath her pubic area. She was calling out now, not words, just, "Oh, oh, oh...."

I trapped her clit between my lips and used my tongue to keep it fully aroused. Her juices were flooding my hand. Once they started flowing, she couldn’t stop. Little squirts forced their way past my fingers. I squeezed hard upward, and then pulled my hand free. A gush of sweet fluid followed me out. I pushed down on her tummy just above her swollen clit. More juices oozed out. They kept coming and coming, forming a pool between her legs and wetting the blanket and the ancient stones beneath.

I went back to work with my lips and fingers. Again, I brought her to the brink. This time she had a full oral orgasm and shook all over. Her legs clamped my head. With each spasm she spurted clear fluid on my face. When her contractions stopped, she kissed my face lovingly until it was clean and we shared another long slow kiss.

I began to stimulate her a third time and her breathing came in rigid gasps. The sun hung huge and red just above the horizon. She gushed less violently this time and then oozed for a while. Her breathing slowed. She seemed to relax. I wet my hand again and spread her juices over her breasts, her tummy, and down the inside of her legs. When she was covered with gleaming wetness,  I licking it all back off again. When I finished licking her breasts she pulled me back up to her lips and kissed me, savoring her taste on my lips.

 "I want you inside," she said, "but first I want to know what that was? What did you do to me? Where did it all come from?"

 "It came from you." I said.

 "But how?"

 "A matter of stimulation," I said, "and arousal."

 "It wasn't pee."

 "I know."

 "It felt incredible."

 "Tasted good too"

 "You've done this before?"

“I can’t remember anyone before you.” I said.

“No wonder your eyes are so brown.”

I had her bend forward and place her hands on the balcony wall. Her ass was taut and flared out from her narrow waist. He legs were long and finely shaped. Her back curved up to broad shoulders. Her neck was graceful and her hair cascaded downward in golden flows.

 I grasp her by the hips and she guided me into her. Inside she was wet and tight and slippery and wonderful. I pulled her to me. We thrust together while the sun sank. I slammed hard against her firm ass. She pushed into me. We found our tempo, and moved together with shared urgency. I could feel a tingling sensation building from below my balls. The shaft of my cock began to hum. My cock's little mouth began to stretch open, wider and wider. I slammed into her hard and pulled her close. For a long time I hovered on the brink, super-stimulated but unable to cum for some reason. Finally I came in spurts, and then a gusher. I groaned and pressed closer, extending as deeply into her as I could. Another spurt, a dry heave, and then dribble.

 I felt her contract, her muscles clamping tight around my cock, then relaxing, then clamping down again. It went on for a while. Finally I slid out, spent. She turned, and knelt and kissed me clean, as I had her.

 I put my arm around her and we watched the final rays of the sunset fade away. She put her head on my shoulder. We kissed. It couldn’t have lasted long, but the moment had a touch of forever in it. When our sweat began to cool we gathered her things and climbed arm and arm up to my little dwelling. We spread our pads and sleeping bags and made a cozy nest. The air had nearly dried her blanket, but I saw her feel its damp surface and bring her fingers to her lips. I wet a finger, slid it across the damp spot, and brought it my lips. She leaned close and shared the wet finger with me, sucking on it while looking in my eyes.

 "More precious than gold." I said.

 "More where that came from?" she asked.

 'A wellspring within you, just waiting to be tapped."

 "A secret fountain." she said

“Ours to share and explore.”

She laughed, playful now, and kissed me with building passion. Her simple smile said more than any words could. My reluctant painter was more sensuous and full of passion than I could’ve guessed.  New pleasures seemed to have melted away her restraints. Her beauty and sweetness were boundless. My need for her seemed boundless too.

By the time I woke up, the chill was almost gone from the air. She had been glued to me all night, trying to stay warm, her silken hairs pressed against my leg. Both sleeping bags were spread over us, and a thin pile blanket she carried was spread beneath us on our inflatable pads.

I had awakened more rigid usual.  I could feel something warm and wet enclosing me. A tongue was part of it. I felt it trace the seam on the underside of my penis almost to the tip, and then slowly back down, between my balls, to the base of the seam. I was diamond hard. Her hands were on it, stroking. She came back to my balls with her mouth, and kept working my shaft with one hand.

She reached down between her legs with her fingers and wet them. As she sucked, her fingers slid up and down.  When I was about to cum I felt her slippery finger slid inside me. It found a certain spot and pressed on it. My cock surged. She pushed harder, and made small circles around the pleasure spot. My cock was so rigid it seemed like it might shatter. It spewed out cum in a great heave, and kept heaving until only clear fluid leaked out.

 She sucked the head vigorously, and stroked the shaft.  She didn’t waste a drop, and kept sucking. She pushed hard again and another burst filled her mouth. She kept pushing, and milking, and drained me dry. I wouldn't be able to come for a week. I lay back totally spent, breathing hard, my dick still hard, but doing the dry heaves.

 “Good morning,” she said, “Happy summer’s end.”

She came out from under the covers smiling, playful, licking her lips, and ready for her turn.  She quickly straddled me and slipped my still heaving cock inside of her. It was so stimulated it hurt. She rode it like a fresh pony. Her body was alive with desire. Her face focused inwardly, seeking her own pleasure.

Her need was palpable, and contagious. Slowly I began to respond again. She rode me hard. There couldn't be much left in there, but she wouldn't be denied. Her ass slammed down on me with each stroke. She pinched her nipples mercilessly. One hand dropped to her clit, and her fingers worked that too. Her eyes were closed, her mind focused, her pussy tight and wet. Finally, I started to get that buzz down there again, and she sensed it, and fucked me even harder. It took a lot of hard fucking, but she didn’t seem to mind.

I got my second wind, and when she slowed a bit, I rolled her over and she tucked her ankles almost behind her head and spread herself open for me. Now I was hard again, and plunged into her in one smooth motion. I fucked her hard, slamming into her, squashing her clit with each thrust, grinding against it, plunging harder and deeper.

She came twice before I managed to. My heaves and groans matched her contractions and moans. At last a small spurt erupted from my overwrought cock. I could feel her tighten her muscles around me and squeeze. We stayed locked in each other’s arms, not wanting to let go, hoping our pleasure and intimacy would never end.

 The sun was beginning to heat up the inside of our little hideaway. We lay on top of the sleeping bags exhausted and sweating. I licked salty sweat from between her breasts, and she kissed me as long and as hard as she could. Tomorrow she would return to graduate school and soon enough I would trade guiding rafts for teaching rich women to ski. None of them would make me forget my summer with Suzanne or the re-enactment of our first meeting that she had coaxed me into playing out.

Submitted: October 11, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Dark Eyed Stranger. All rights reserved.

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That was something very stimulating to read. Your sescription of them having sex was detailed in a most erotic way. I think I was as hard as he was. By the time I finishwd reading it the little lips on the end of my cock were coated with a slippery wetness that had starting oozing out. Squeezing my swollen shaft more came out as my fingers rose up to the ridge at the bottom of my cock's swollen head.
Stroking it slowly at first and then speeding up an eruption of cum soon followed. I warched it slowly run down wetting the dark smooth skin and then down onto the smoothness of my shaft and my balls.
One of the best stories I have ever read her.
XoxoX Ron/Stwriterx

Sun, October 11th, 2020 10:50am


This is a perfect example of women liking the bad guys lol!!
I Bet if you had legal entry into that section of the park she may not have been so forthcoming with her sexual attitude.
The stranger danger thing really got her motivated I would say.
Nicely written and descriptive too.

Fri, October 23rd, 2020 3:55am


Nice to hear from you. Glad you liked it. Thanks for the read. I don't pretend to have many insights into what women like. Much that I read here surprises me.

Thu, October 22nd, 2020 9:24pm


Gorgeous, Dark Eyes. I'm assuming you took the photo of said location. What a truly breath taking experience, and so well enunciated. You're quite masterful with your fingers (I mean your typing on the computer).

I like how you play the reader here, suggesting this was a chance encounter as opposed to an arranged rendezvous. Still, the role play is exceptional in so much as to suggest this is all new. Whatever the familiarity, it's camouflaged by passion, and you do suggest that the first meeting was similar (so that must have been quite something indeed). Your dialogue is superb - flirtatious and comical. Your delivery is smooth. Your descriptions are gorgeous. You're a very talented writer...among your other talents

Sun, November 29th, 2020 5:13am


Sorry. The pictures I use are generic. I may still have a picture of the woman though. Would you like to go for a little hike?

Sun, November 29th, 2020 6:06pm

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