Supermarket Sex

Supermarket Sex Supermarket Sex

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


A late night shopping excursion brings some hot and erotic thoughts to mind and actions soon speak louder than words as food and sex become an enjoyable interlude within an empty store...


A late night shopping excursion brings some hot and erotic thoughts to mind and actions soon speak louder than words as food and sex become an enjoyable interlude within an empty store...


Submitted: March 12, 2013

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Submitted: March 12, 2013






Who goes shopping at midnight? 


 I flicked you a rather amused glance as the doors of the supermarket slid open revealing an empty store and one checkout operator manning an otherwise empty line of checkouts, with said operator sound asleep, head resting rather uncomfortably against the side of her register.  At least an empty shop meant that we could grab a trolley, get what we wanted quickly, and get the hell out of Dodge.


You moved up behind me, and your hand drifted almost casually underneath my short skirt and skimmed enticingly over my bare ass.


Or not...

I smiled without pausing, letting the automatic doors hiss shut behind us.  Perhaps it was your intention to make this very late night shopping expedition... more than just a trek through the mundane.  As your finger slid underneath and teased my clit briefly, causing a small flare of dampness to coat your finger, I heard your dry chuckle.


Yep.  Suddenly shopping did not seem such a mundane chore after all.


The coolness of the fruit and vegetable department was a welcome balm against the muggy heat of the late evening air and I allowed the coolness to wash some of the heat from my skin.  Still feeling the slight buzz of your brief forage into my already moist depths, I struggled to remember what we had in fact come in here to get.  Food?  Yes, indeed... but specifics were blurring just a little and I attempted to push down the sexual awareness that always seemed to be a jagged edginess when you touched me this way.


Fruit and veges.  Most definitely on the list and I nodded approvingly as you picked up a succulent bunch of green grapes, plump and juicy and no doubt bursting with sugary sweetness.  Raised my eyebrows slightly as you pulled off a small handful from the bunch and moved toward me with purpose.  I watched as your glance shot to the large security mirror above the large vegetable display, but it was a cursory glance only.  This department was most assuredly unsupervised at present and by the time you had dragged your eyes back from the mirror, you were standing in front of me, loose grapes held in your hand.


"One for this opening..."  Your amused voice was quiet amongst the greenery of the fresh produce and you popped one of the succulent grapes into my waiting mouth and I smiled, biting down to send an explosion of fresh juice throughout my mouth.


I had barely had time to finish my mouthful when you simply lifted me and perched me atop one of the vegetable stands.


"And one for ... this opening..."  You eased my thighs apart and pushed a second grape into my pantiless pussy, the moistness that already begun to pool there an easy tunnel for the eager grape.  It was cold and I started a little, then giggled at the unusual sensation.


"Mmmm....seems to be as though you want your grape... flavoured...or is that, sauteed?"  I winked at you, knowing your intention and you moved in between my legs, pushing my knees wider and that clever tongue had found it's way into my pussy and was easily hooking out the grape and transferring it into your waiting mouth.


Grinning at me now, I saw you glance around again, this time your gaze coming to rest on a nearby bunch of bananas.


"Actually, babe.  I like my grape as part of a fruit salad.  So I'll think I'll add a little banana into the mix.  Sort of a tropical sex salad.  Hmmm?"


I chuckled as you made short work of peeling the banana and moaned a little as you slid it easily into my pussy, about halfway so that the rest stood out between my legs in stark relief, begging for consumption.

"Five plus a day, honey... good to see you getting a head start on the day's allowance..."  I leant back a little on my elbows, feeling something soft and round poking into the small of my pack and gave a brief thought to some of the bruising that the poor vegetables that I was resting upon, would have to endure.


The sight of your mouth wrapped around that waiting banana shot a bolt of sexual excitement through me, and I saw your own eyes darken in response.  You made short work  of that banana, using your tongue to swirl around my clit before taking bites and finally sucking the last of it out of my pussy and into your mouth.  I was hot, wet and oh so very ready to have you fuck me right now and right here.. but knew that this little foray into the forbidden foods was only just beginning.


My stomach rumbled a little in response to the smell of the banana and I slid from my perch amongst the various vegetables, and carefully selecting a banana of my own gave you a hard shove, sending you backwards, sprawling a little, onto a table of ripe peaches.  The tower wobbled alarmingly, held for a moment, then began that slow scatter over the floor, sending a pungent smell of sweet tropical fruit.


"Turn. Around.  Now."  I growled my demand, and you only raised your eyebrows briefly before complying, and I had no problems whatsoever in giving you yet another shove so that you upper part of your body was bent over the now disturbed peach stand.  I slipped my hands around to your front, flicking lightly over the telltale bulge in your jeans, skimming my fingernails across the hardness before popping the button and pulling down the zipper.  I slid your jeans down so that they puddled around your ankles and you stood, bent over that peach stand, underpants now exposed to whoever could walk in that automatic door.


At midnight?  Fortunately, not likely.


I pulled your jocks down just a little and ran a fingernail along the crack of your ass, teasing just a little.  I watched as you took a deep breath, knowing what was to come and the banana skin was flicked impatiently onto the floor and I began the process of carefully inserted the peeled banana into your ass, watching as your butt cheeks tightened in anticipation.  Reaching underneath, I fondled your balls a little, then bent to begin my own sampling of that tropical sex salad you had decreed would be on the menu that night.  I nibbled through the banana slowly, hands kneading the cheeks of your ass before slipping around to the front to lightly stroke your hard, hot cock.  I sucked the last bit of the banana into my mouth before running my tongue around the outside of your ass, causing you to shiver a little, then picking up one of the already bruising peaches, I ripped it open with my hands and smeared peach juice around over your waiting cock and your backside, leaning against your back briefly to give you a hug.


"MY fruitsalad, honey....banana and peaches... turn around baby, so that I can lick all that peach juice off your cock.  Lick it all up, savour that sweet juice..."

You straightened and turned, your hands fisting into my hair to push me down impatiently to the floor, so that I could use my tongue to lick up all that peach juice that had begun to run down your thighs.  My tongue swirled around, taking all that juice, then moved up to your waiting cock, patiently lapping at any stray pool of juice, then at last took your cock into my mouth, held there firmly by your hands still fisted in my hair.

I tasted the sticky sweetness of the peaches, succently flavoured and oh so divine after the banana which I could still taste in my mouth.  Juice had dripped down to your balls and I carefully lifted each one and suckled lightly, until at last you no longer had any traces of juice left on your skin.  One hard last suck of your cock had you gasping and I grinned around my mouthful before coming to my feet and pulling up your jeans as I did.


Managing to place some items into our trolley, we left the fruit and vegetable department with a last glance over our shoulders, taking in the small path of destruction that we left behind us...scattered banana skins and bruised peaches rolling desultorily over the floor.  And taking with us a tingling awareness of further adventures to be had.


Several aisles of giggling and stupidity as we pushed the trolley at full speed along the deserted rows, grabbing occasionally for items that were needed, enjoying the solitude of a shop where no one shopped and the constant touching along the way, foreplay for what would culminate in one massive fuck session.  Here or there.  Wherever.  Our bodies were alive with anticipation and awareness and needed the small touches to keep hot coals simmering to a furnace temperature that caused flushed faces and quickened breathing.


The deli department beckoned and you leaned me over the end of the trolley, again running those hands over my bare ass before slapping me hard.


"Want some sausage, baby?"


I moaned slightly, my ass stinging a little.  "Yours?"  I managed to whisper, oh so very wanting your cock inside me.


"Not yet, something a little spicier for you... " 

I felt the smooth insertion of something cool and hard and gasped, before the pungent aroma of something spicy filled the air.  You eased that salami into my pussy, then out again, keeping a smooth liquid motion that had my breath hitching impatiently and my legs widening so that you could insert it further.


"Ohhhh... that feels so fucking good... god..."  I groaned out the words, the coolness of that salami so achingly right amongst all the heat I was generating and just as I felt that telltale sign of impending orgasm, you chuckled, withdrawing it and saying, "Uh uh...not yet baby... still time for that..."


Turning I slapped you, a mixture of anger of sheer frustration making me reach into the deli fridge and grab handfuls on thickly sliced salami round and I manhandled you backward until I had you stripped once again and took great pleasure in piercing holes into the thick slices and layering them like giant beads onto your hard cock, making you gasp a little with each new addition. I then dipped my fingers into the sundried tomato oil and let them drip lingeringly over the necklace of salami that I had created and watched as your eyes glazed a little, knowing I would use my mouth to indulge in this particular salami sandwich.


And indulge I did.  Slowly, seductively, nibbling small pieces of salami so that my teeth grazed the skin of your cock oh so very very slightly in an erotic rasp of pleasure.  Your knees bent a little and I straightened then, knowing that you were at the same point I had been.


And watched as your eyes flickered open in awareness.


"Bitch...."  you ground out.


Laughing I pushed the trolley through the store with you in fast pursuit, stopping briefly in the baking aisle where I simply could not resist.  A bear shaped container of liquid honey with a small pouring spout and a bag of chocolate chips.  A naughty thought in my mind and an even naughtier action as I slapped you hard on the backside, causing you to reach over and kiss me hard.


"Do that again, babe.. and you'll feel more than my hand on your backside..."


I simply smiled, brandishing the two packages in my hand.


"Drop those jeans, sweetheart.. and the rest.  I want to make a little experiment.  What temperature does chocolate begin to melt at?  Hmmm?"  Impatient now, I pushed you so that you turned, holding onto the trolley.  With your trousers once again at your feet you heaved a deep sigh, content to let me play my little games and I gave the trolley a small push, murmuring, "Plant those feet wide... "


You did as I asked, ass now bared in the air, much as mine had been, and leaning over the now forward trolley, I was able to insert the small pouring spout into your ass and give a sharp squeeze, giggling as you started to wriggle, causing liquid honey to pour in a golden river down your thighs.  I gripped your hips to hold you still, then inserted a handful of chocolate chips straight after the honey and watched as you clenched your ass muscles to hold them in.


"Ahhh ... fuck baby... that is... intense..."  your voice was a groan and I bent to lick the honey that trickled out and gave a little laugh as I saw that the chocolate had indeed begun to melt and blend in with the honey.  The sweet erotic taste inspired me to lick harder and soon I was sticky with the taste and you were a mess of sensation that had the trolley almost moving out from under you...


"Damn it.. enough... I need to fuck you.. now!"


It was my turn to skip away and shake my head.


"Catch me first..."


You needed no further encouragement, trolley abandoned we ran like children through the rest of the store, hair and faces sticky with our erotic pleasures until we leant gasping and laughing against the edge of one of the big long freezers, your arms stealing around me to hold me close, your mouth a sticky trail of kisses across my face and down my neck.


I felt your body still momentarily, and felt you reach down for something, and when you pulled your head back your eyes were alight with mischief.  You picked me up so that I could wrap my legs around your waist and carried me down the last of the aisles to the bakery department and lay me down on a table full of freshly baked bread.  Comfortable and fragrant, and my legs fell open at your gaze.


"Fuck me... now... please..."


"With pleasure,babe.. with pleasure..."  You held out your hand, and in it was a trumpet, and as you peeled the paper from it I knew what you intended to do.  I felt the icy coldness as you inserted the ice cream tip into my pussy, the harsh cold so very stimulating, making me writhe in pleasure.  And continued to wriggle with pleasure as you ate slowly through the cone, letting the ice cream melt a little as it gave my so needy pussy more stimulation than it could handle.


"Oh.. god..."


I couldn't stand any more, and neither could you.  Your jeans gone again and you were inside me... soft bread now squashed flat as you threw all of your energy into getting every drop of pleasure out of this union as you could, for both of us.  Pushing us both beyond simple pleasure to something close to pain.  I simply let you take control, along for this very fast and furious ride, I let you move me as you needed, legs clinging to pull you deeper and then the smell of bread was gone...a brief wafting of honey and maybe chocolate, and then heat, only heat... as we both came with an intense thrust of final passion.


We came crashing back to earth with the speed of a hurtling rocket.  Spent, drained and still full of something that sparked and crackled.  Attempting to clean one another up, there was only one exit, past the sleepy check out operator where we would have to account for a trolley full of purchases that would have us giggling at as we put them away in the appropriate cupboards later on.


A check out operator who only afforded us a casual glance, and took our money... cash, as we had no desire to have either of our credit cards lodged with this particular store, especially after the damage we had left in the wake of our sexual hurricane.


And giggled as the hiss of the automatic doors closed behind us, each holding two sacks of groceries.


"Hang on, babe..."


You halted me, reaching into my hair and pulling something out.


In the palm of your hand lay a large sprig of rather sadly squashed basil leaf and I did not even try to contain my smile. A souviner of our late night sexual shopping frolic, the sole survivor of our food pilgrimage that had elected to steal it's way out of it's otherwise ruined existence.


Our laughter followed us all the way back to the car.


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