Taste of Taboo

Taste of Taboo

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


We knew it was wrong. ...but the taste of her flesh felt right.


We knew it was wrong.

...but the taste of her flesh felt right.


Submitted: August 01, 2018

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Submitted: August 01, 2018



I was sixteen. She was my nineteen. We were cousins. She had hips that swayed when she walked. Breasts that rested on the top of her stomach when she sat. I used to love to watch her eat. The way her lips would completely drape over food because they were so full. I practically drooled at the sight of those lips.

I used to dream countless times of having sex with her. And at this particular time in my life I had only had sex a couple times with the girlfriend I lost my virginity to. I was at my peak. I was ready to go 24/7. The wind could make me hard.

Her boyfriend at the time was your typical blonde hair blue eyes handsome model type. Built like a Greek god. I once heard them in her room. They desperately tried to be quiet cause her parents were in the backyard, but her moaning was too loud to miss. 

I jacked off at the thought of her perfect ass bouncing up and down when she's on top.

This mother fucker was lucky. I could never land a girl like that. I was 6 foot 2 inches and dressed like an 80's sitcom nerd. 

I could never get a woman like her...

It was Thanksgiving...

Everything was normal. It was a family gathering. Drinking and playing board games. Aunts and uncles revisiting terrible family memories. All of that going on, and I still couldn't help but stare at her.

She wore this prefect purple colored silk dress that hugged her hips just right. Every time she sat down, her breasts wedged together like two perfect melons. 

She had been sneaking little sips of wine off others glasses all night. Needless to say as the night went on, she was a bit giggly. Rubbing up on her boyfriend the entire time. 

I could hardly watch. All I had thought about her since I was a kid was how perfect she was. The only one who would play with me and who talked to me without talking down to me. This lucky fuck was gonna have his way with her and I could only watch from the bleachers.

Later that night...

As everyone started to go home, I had left the party awhile ago. 

I lied there, holding up an old porn magazine with one hand and my cock in the other. I was a deprived teenager that even jacked off thinking about his English teacher who was 65 years old. 

I was jacking faster and faster picturing my cousin. I had in my mind a particular memory I went to when I wanted to masterbate. The image of a time when she stayed with us for a summer and she was taking a swim and her underwear rode up the crack of her ass. I came so hard all over my fucking hand. Every jerk shot all over my comforter.

I took the dirty sheets downstairs to get some new ones. As I was walking through the dining room, the den door opened and there she was. A little groggy and disheveled. Lipstick slightly smeared, and an arm strap hanging off her shoulder. She was wiping her eyes. I quickly tried to hide the obvious stains on my sheets as smooth as possible. 

"Hey--what are you doing?" she asked.

"Oh my sheets smell weird so I'm getting a new comforter" I replied, trying to hide the stains.

She looked confused as she inspected the sheets. She wasn't too concerned as she started the same direction I was.

I tossed the comforter in the laundry room as she went to the kitchen to grab something to drink.

I tried to sneak past her as I grabbed a new comforter but she caught me. 

"Hey is it okay if I sleep in your room?" she asked, sipping the orange juice.

"Um I don't think that's a good idea--" I nervously replied, sweating slightly.

She insisted as she began to tell me the bed in the den was really uncomfortable and was hurting her back.

"Yeah right. The thing killing your back were those big magical tits you walk around with" I thought to myself.

I told her she could have my room and I would sleep in the den. She was a bit confused but I told her I move a lot during the night and it was best she just took my room. She thanked me and we went our separate ways.

I woke up in the middle of the night to go the bathroom. I heard a television through the walls. It was louder then how I left it. 

She must have fallen asleep with the tv on. I'll go check, is what I had thought to myself.

I walked upstairs to my room and could see the light from the tv through the crack of the door. 

I pushed the door open carelessly then I should. My cousin was fingering herself to porn. Oh my God I never jumped so quickly to leave but she caught me. She screamed and threw the comforter over herself so fast. I apologized multiple times as I scattered back to the den. 

My breathing was so intense I thought I was gonna die. I knew this wasn't going away quickly. I knew she was gonna kill me.

She burst into the den. She was pissed but embarrassed. I tried to explain that I should have knocked and thought she had passed out. She was mad for a minute but she understood and just was embarrassed by what she was doing in my bed. I told her it was okay, it was natural but that didn't matter she was worried I had thought the worst of her. 

We talked for the next hour about everything. She had told me that her and her boyfriend were having so much sex but that she wanted to try other ideas and he wasn't open and it was driving her nuts. 

Imagine my feelings hearing some abercrombie douche bag that was fucking her every night but wouldn't do other things for her pleasure. I was annoyed but kept my composure until she brought up her fantasy about incest. She had wanted to role play her boyfriend was her cousin and then she would seduce him and fuck his brains out. 

I lost it. I confessed like we were at church that I have had a crush on her for a while now. It threw her off completely. She reminded me that we were cousins and my mother was her aunt. 

I didn't care. I told her that. I needed to get it out. She blushed. She assured me it was okay, and that feelings towards the opposite sex was a natural thing to feel. 

I was confused. I had seen porns with that storyline but knew that was all fake.

But here I was. Sitting on the edge of a bed with my cousin, telling her that I dreamt of fucking her. And instead of running for the hills like I thought, she was flattered and liked it.

She had asked me about one of my fantasies. I hesitated. I even looked at her and said I wasn't comfortable with that. She proceeded to scoot closer to me to sway me to talk. I said it's sort of nasty. She leered at me, biting her bottom lip, rubbing her tits. I could not fucking believe what I was seeing. She was playing with herself in front of me. I thought she was messing with me. I attempted to leave but she pushed me down and got on top of me.

She began grinding on top of me, still rubbing her tits.

"Tell me how you wanted to fuck me" she asked seductively, pushing her tits together repeatedly.

I got so hard. I squirmed as best I could, scared she'd feel it.

She looked down at me and her eyes bulged.

"Oooh I can see someone's awake" she said.

I started to panic until she started to grind harder on top of me.

She liked it.

Fuck my cock was right between her legs. I could feel the warmth of her pussy radiate on top of my cock. She told me to tell her what I would do if I was her boyfriend.

I told her how I would plaster her face against the wall, while fucking her ass from behind, slapping her tits. 

She got wetter. I could feel it. I begged her to get off me. I told her my balls were swelling and I needed to cum. 

She stopped grinding. She slouched over me, tits smothering my face. She whispered.

"Then cum. Cum for me" 

I felt like bursting right there.

She slid off me, and kneeled in-front of where I was laying on the bed.

"Cum on my tits" she demanded, now with a serious expression.

I sat up and asked her if she meant that. She licked her lips, still rubbing her tits, and nodded.

I got to my feet slowly. Reached into my pants, I could feel the texture of my pre cum on the tip. I pulled my cock out and flopped it in front of her. She looked surprised. She then looked up at me and smiled gently.

My cousin pulled her dress down, tits popping out. They were just as beautiful as I imagined. Perky, big and full. I started to jerk looking at her. She spat all over the head and told me to squeeze my balls. I groaned jerking but I didn't want to seem too eager so I started to slow down.

She looked at me disappointed. I explained that I was gonna cum and I didn't want to get it on her. She looked at me angry. She grabbed my cock and shoved in in her mouth squeezing my balls. I felt some pain at first, but with how deep the suction was, my eyes rolled in the back of my eyes. 

She was sucking my cock so good.

I wouldn't last long.

I grabbed a head of her hair and pushed her head further down, making her choke and drool all over it. I knew I was gonna cum but I could barely find the strength to open my mouth. 

Oh fuck here it comes! 

I'm gonna fuckin cum!

I yanked my cock outta her mouth. My cum shot in a thick stream, hitting her in the eye. I was cumming all over.

Holy fuck I could feel my balls swell as the cum plastered her face and tits. 

I fell to the bed. It felt like I ran a marathon. I looked over at her and she was still on her knees smiling with pride. My juice dripped down between her tits. 

She crawled between my legs and began stroking my cock. I looked at her.

She said,

"I'm ready for more" licking the cum from her lips.


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