Stroke of Cum

Stroke of Cum

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


..I knew I couldn't hold on any longer, ..her hands were soft like silk to the touch.


..I knew I couldn't hold on any longer,

..her hands were soft like silk to the touch.


Submitted: August 06, 2018

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Submitted: August 06, 2018



A few years back when we lived in a one bedroom apartment, she would often let her brother and sister spend the night on the weekends. 

They were between about the age of 11 and 13.

Usually her little brother, who was very close to her which we believed was  because he had a minor case of autism, would spend his time in our bedroom to watch television with us.

I thought nothing of it most times, but it often would make it rather difficult to mess around and have our own fun.

One night, we were watching television, I can't remember what was on, but I remember what happened.

I'll remember this until the day I die. 

She was wearing a ninja turtle tee and sweats. That had been her usual attire to bed. She felt it the most comfortable. I myself, had a tee and basketball shorts.

Her sister had crashed 'bout an hour before. Her brother was wide awake and was sitting almost nose to screen with the television. He was quite distracted.

I became a little flirtatious and began to kiss her neck. 

This was as good a time as any as there was no one to see.

I'll remember the look she gave me. I could almost hear her say, "Don't you fucking dare start".

I expressed a cocky look. I knew it pissed her off. She looked away again. 

This time I slid farther down so my eyes were level with her chin. I turned and leaned in, this time to give a better suction on her neck. She dug her nails into me and grunted.

"No!" she firmly stated under her breath, eyes bulged.

She had these nice handful perky tits. It made it difficult because her nipples were hard almost every second. I pictured licking the tips.

I slid my hand across her stomach, cupping her tits, in which she quickly grabbed my hand and shot me that look again. 

It didn't stop me. I did it again, this time kissing her neck again.

That was it. I knew how to get to her. She was hooked this time.

She hacked a wad of spit the size of a reese's cup into her hand and shoved it into my pants.

She aggressively started to jerk my cock. The look she gave me turned me on even more. My cock was throbbing with every hand motion she made. 

There was so much spit, it felt like I was fucking her little pussy. 

"Pull your pants down" she demanded very aggressively.

The look she had was almost mad. I wasted no time pulling my pants down, exposing my swollen cock and balls.

She started squeezing my balls. 

I couldn't help but look over, feeling like her brother could be watching. He was still glued to the television thankfully. 

I wanted to finger her, but at this time I was seconds myself from bursting.

I kissed her gently as I started to twitch.

I looked at her and she could see I was right there. 

She threw herself between my legs, sliding my shaft down her throat.

The immediate sensation and warmth of her throat was it.

I exploded!

I felt the first stream hit the back of her throat, causing her to immediately choke and lift her head off my cock.

I couldn't stop.

I felt like I was having an out of body experience. I kept cumming. It was layering all over her face. She just smiled and took it like a good girl. 

I laid back as she crawled up beside me, gently jerking my cock making sure every last drop came out. 

There's something to be said when you see your love with your cum all over her face and she takes the time to lick it off instead of wiping it.


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