Vampire Fantasies Episode 3 New Blood

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

There’s a new student at Sparrow High School who has made quite an impression considering that Adam discovers he’s a werewolf. Is he a valuable ally or a dangerous threat?

The next morning Mia, Lori, and Morgan were walking down the hallway of school. Adam spotted them from his locker.

“Hey girls,” he said. “You just missed the new student.”

“A new student the last week of school?” Mia asked.

“So I’m not the only one who thinks that’s a bit odd,” said Adam.

“What did he look like?” Lori asked.

“He’s a little taller than me and Asian,” said Adam.

“Asian?” Mia asked.

“You better go turn in that school paper before you forget,” said Lori.

“Right,” Mia said.

She made her way down the hall and to the office. She sat in the office across from a slightly muscular teenage boy. He was of Oriental decent with long black hair that covered his ears. His tight white shirt barely covered the top of his blue jeans. The boy noticed Mia looking at him.

“My name’s Gabriel,” he said. “In case you were wondering.”

A man opened the door to an office.

“Ms. De’Sola,” he said.

Mia stood up and followed him inside. After she closed the door behind her she pulled a paper out of the book bag she had been carrying.

“A lot of students were wondering who my neighbor was and why he wasn’t a student here,” she said handing him a paper. “Turns out he’s older than he looks and he’s an author.”

“Another mystery solved,” he said. “There really isn’t much that goes on here in Sparrow Falls.”

Mia turned around and left the room.

“More than you know,” she thought.

Meanwhile Gabriel was walking down the hall when Nikki stopped in front of him. She looked him up and down.

“Hmm,” she said walking around him.

Gabriel looked puzzled as she continued down the hallway.

“I don’t wanna know,” he said to himself.

Later that day Adam walked in a classroom and saw Gabriel standing in front of everyone.

“Is this really necessary?” asked Gabriel. “My name is Gabriel Xiang I already have enough credits to graduate and the only reason I’m here is because my foster mother wanted me to interact with people my own age.”

“That’s a nice way of putting it,” said Adam.

“Thanks,” Gabriel replied with a fake smile then frowned and walked to his seat.

He slowly sat down. Adam sat in the desk to the right of him.

“Sucks you missed the bonfire Friday,” said Adam.

“Somehow I don’t think I missed much,” said Gabriel.

Adam nodded then looked toward the front of the class. After the bell rang Gabriel was sitting at a table by himself. Mia sat across from him.

“I didn’t get the chance to introduce myself earlier,” she said. “I’m Mia.”

“Cool,” he said. “F-Y-I I’m not normally this ill-mannered. I just think this whole thing is pointless.”

“Yeah you could stay at home and still graduate,” said Mia.

“That’s foster moms for ya,” he said. “But she means well.”

Mia nodded.

“So what is there to do in this town?” Gabriel asked.

“Not much I’m afraid,” she said. “Though I don’t think I’ll have trouble keeping myself occupied.”

“And why is that?” Gabriel asked.

“If only it were that simple,” she replied.

As Adam was approaching the table Gabriel quickly looked towards a set of double doors ahead behind Mia. The door opened and a few students walked inside.

“Now they bring out the cake,” said Gabriel.

A woman in a white apron was putting slices of chocolate cake on a metal tray. Mia and Adam looked at Gabriel.

“What?” After school Mia and Adam were walking to the car.

Gabriel was walking towards the woods.

“I just have to say it was sort of strange how he knew those students were coming in,” said Adam. “It was almost as if he could hear them. And I would love to be able to smell the cake before it hits the tray.”

Mia stopped walking.

“Come on Adam,” she said.

Adam turned around and said, “I’m only saying that if I didn’t know any better I’d say he was a.” Gabriel turned into a white wolf and ran into the woods. “Werewolf.”

Mia turned around.

“What are you looking at?” she asked.

 “I didn’t just see that,” Adam said slowly walking to the car. “I didn’t just see that.”

Mia got in the car after Adam.

“Are you ok?” she asked. Adam was still mumbling to himself. “Let’s get you home.”

Mia was driving when Adam said, “What are the chances of a werewolf being in Sparrow Falls?”

“Considering they exist,” said Mia.

“I saw Gabriel turn into a wolf,” Adam said slowly. “A white wolf.”

Mia stopped the car.

“Do I tell him?” she thought.

“Mia?” Adam asked. Mia looked at Adam, put the car in reverse, and turned around. “Where are we going?”

Mia parked in front of Damon’s house.

“Come on,” she said getting out of the car.

 Adam got out of the car. Kirika opened the door then waved to them. “Who is she?” Adam asked.

“That’s Kirika,” said Mia. “She doesn’t talk.”

They walked inside the house then Kirika closed the door behind them. Damon walked down the stairs. Mia walked up to him.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.

“Adam says that he saw the new student turn into a werewolf,” she said.

“I knew I sensed a werewolf,” he said. “But it wasn’t a normal one. Did he say what color?”

“White,” she said.

“I thought there were only brown and black,” said Damon. Adam was standing by the door with his hand on his arm. “Do you know who he is?”

“Yeah,” said Adam.

“Damon here has a thing for the supernatural,” said Mia.

“So you’re some kind of hunter?” Adam asked.

“You could say that,” Damon replied.

Meanwhile in the woods not far away.

Gabriel entered a back yard then turned back into his human form.

After he walked in the back door a voice said, “Were you seen?”

It was a heavy set Asian woman. Her black hair was long and curly. She wore a purple top with black pants and slippers.

“I don’t think so,” he said.

“We can’t afford to keep moving around,” she said.

“I’m sorry Linda,” he said. “I’ll be more careful this time.”

She hugged him.

“Word spreads fast in small towns,” she said.

Back at Damon’s house Lori and Morgan walked through the door.

“Nice to know you’re getting comfortable,” said Damon.

“Oh,” said Morgan. “Sorry.”

“Hey Adam,” said Lori.

“Hey,” he said.

“We have a werewolf in town,” said Damon.

“We’re going to hunt it aren’t we?” Morgan asked.

“Not until we know why he’s here,” said Mia.

“See if you guys can talk to him,” said Damon. “Offer to show him around.”

Mia nodded. Kirika walked into the living room. She put her hands together and began to twirl her thumbs.

“Come on,” said Lori.

Kirika smiled. The girls were walking outside.

“Isn’t he coming?” Adam asked.

“I’d be best if it was just students trying to welcome him,” said Mia.

“If you say so?” said Adam. “But how will we even find him?”

Morgan looked at Mia and said, “I think I know where to look.”

Mia smiled.

Sometime later Gabriel was standing by the monument in the park when Mia walked up to him.

“Hey,” she said.

Gabriel looked at her.

“We didn’t give you an official welcome,” said Morgan.

“Hey I remember you third period,” said Gabriel. “Morgan right?”

“Yep,” she said.

“Do you ever take that snow cap off?” Gabriel asked.

“It’s glued to her head,” said Adam.

Morgan looked back at him. Adam looked away.

“We were just going to go around town and it would be better if Adam wasn’t the only guy,” said Mia.

“That is if you want to,” Lori added.

“Sure,” said Gabriel. “There has to be something to do in this town.”

He followed them out of the park.

“Oh you haven’t met Kirika,” Mia said pointing to her.

Kirika slightly raised her hand.

They were walking down the road when Morgan asked, “So what brings you to town?”

“My foster mom wanted a quiet place that doesn’t get many visitors,” Gabriel replied.

“For a small town Sparrow Falls gets a considerable amount of visitors,” said Adam.

“Does it?” Gabriel asked.

“Yeah,” Adam replied.

Nikki was standing with her back on a light post smoking a cigarette.

“I didn’t know you smoked,” said Mia.

“We don’t hang out,” Nikki said taking a drag. “There’s a lot of shit you don’t know I do.”

After she blew the smoke out Gabriel said, “You hardly seem like the type to be out here alone.”

“It’s nice to know I don’t seem like a loner to you,” Nikki said throwing her cigarette walking up to him. “I’ll have to try harder. But let’s talk about you. You already have your own fan club. Although I don’t recommend you introduce yourself.”

“I thought every school had a queen bee,” said Gabriel.

“We had one but she was expelled earlier in the school year,” said Mia.

“It’s a shame really,” said Nikki. “Whoever prom queen will be is anyone’s guess I won’t even bother entering.”

“We’re just gonna get going now,” said Adam.

“Yeah the moon will be out soon and I hear it’s a full one,” Nikki said walking away.

“Don’t think about it too much,” said Morgan.

“Does she know?” Gabriel thought.

“What’s wrong Gabriel?” Mia asked.

“I better get home,” said Gabriel.

“Ok,” Mia replied.

Gabriel started walking in the opposite direction.

Sometime later they were back at Damon’s house.

“Figure anything out?” Damon asked as they walked through the door. “

Too early to tell,” said Mia.

“Keep at it but don’t push too hard,” said Damon.

“I guess we can talk to him tomorrow morning,” said Adam. “I can’t help but think that I was hallucinating and you all seem so calm about this.”

“It’s a lot to take in in just a few days but,” Mia said.

“What are you taking about?” Adam asked. “Are there any more supernatural beings I should know about?”

Damon took a breath.

“Witch, siren, vampire,” he said as he pointed at Morgan, Kirika, then himself.

“So it wasn’t just some crazy guy who kidnapped me?” Adam asked.

“He was a vampire as well,” said Mia.

“You lied to me,” said Adam.

“I had to,” Mia said taking a step toward him.

Adam took a step back.

“Really?” he asked.

“Oh sure,” said Morgan. “There are three vampires in town. One of them lives across the street from me, one of them kidnapped you and the other one untied you.”

“Adam I,” Mia said.

“Save it,” Adam said holding his hand in front of him. “I’ll keep your secrets but leave me out of this.”

Adam walked out the door. Mia was about to go after him but Kirika stepped in front of her.

Meanwhile Nikki walked in a dark room and closed the door behind her. She pulled a cherry wood chest out of the top of a closet then sat it on the floor and opened it. Inside was a crossbow a, row of wooden stakes, a silver revolver, and a box of bullets.

“Never thought I’d need this again,” she thought.

As the sun began to set Gabriel ran through the woods. A black arrow passed in front of him so he stopped and turned around. Nikki was standing by a tree with the crossbow pointed at him.

“A white wolf huh?” she said. “I knew they existed but I never seen one this close.”

“What are you talking about?” asked Gabriel.

“You think Adam Blair is the only one that saw you change?” she asked.

“You were following me?” asked Gabriel.

“I watch all the new students,” said Nikki.

“Is that why you looked me up and down in the hall?” Gabriel asked her.

“That was actually because I thought you were cute,” she said slightly tilting her head to the side.

“And now you’re pointing a crossbow at me,” said Gabriel.

“Seems that way doesn’t it,” she said smiling.

“What do you want?” Gabriel asked as he finally turned toward her.

“Your coat,” she replied. “It’d make a nice gift wouldn’t you say?”

Back at Damon’s house Kirika walked out the back door. A woman in black boots walked up to her. In the forest Gabriel took a few steps back. When Nikki started walking toward him the crossbow flew from her hand. Damon sped pass her knocking her down.

“A vampire?” Gabriel thought.

“You have to turn Gabriel,” Nikki said rising to her feet. “And when you do I’ll be there.”

She smiled then ran through the woods.

“She’s getting away,” said Gabriel.

“We’ll worry about her later,” said Damon.

Mia picked up the crossbow.

“She can definitely afford the equipment,” she said.

Morgan walked out from behind a tree. Mia looked at the full moon.

“Shouldn’t you have changed by now?” she asked.

“That’s only the first time we turn,” said Gabriel. “It’s the first full moon after our fourteenth birthday.”

“I thought there were only brown and black wolves,” said Damon.

“Normally yes but sometimes a werewolf’s birthday falls on a full moon,” said Gabriel. “Like mine. As a result I’m stronger than both brown and black wolves but it takes longer to keep everything under control. But what about you?”

“What do you mean what about me?” Damon asked.

“I’ve never seen a vampire before,” he said.

“That’s because there’s only thirteen of us,” said Damon. “And only three of us are out and about so to speak.”

“I’d better get home,” said Gabriel.

“I don’t want Linda to worry.”

“Linda?” Morgan asked.

“My foster mom,” he said.

“I have a feeling that won’t be as easy as you’d like it to be,” said Damon.

“Yeah considering she’s not the only hunter that’s after me,” said Gabriel.

“There’s another one?” Mia asked.

“And he has a partner with a tail that I can’t help but follow,” said Gabriel.

“A Huldra,” said Damon.

“What?” asked Gabriel.

“It’s a type of nymph that tracks and lures supernatural beings to a hunter,” said Mia.

“If you want to we can take the fight to him,” said Morgan.

“He’s most likely already here so I’ll just wait until he finds me,” said Gabriel.

At the edge of town a young girl with long brown hair walked up to sign that said, “Welcome to Sparrow Falls.” She wore a yellow dress with pink and white flowers on it. Her long blue demon tail was whipping from side to side.

“So this is the place huh?” said a voice.

The girl nodded.

“I’m sure,” she said.

“Let’s not keep the boy waiting then,” said the voice.

Mia slowly backed into a wall in Damon’s bathroom. Damon slowly approached her as he put her hand on her shoulder. He slid his hand down to the bend of her arm. She put her hand on his belt pulling him closer. He took her shirt off then dropped it on the floor. She closed her eyes while he kneeled down kissing her stomach. She breathed heavily then slowly slid down the wall. She opened her eyes and wrapped her arms around him. He pulled her on top of him. She moved the hair out of her face as he ran his hands up her thighs. She leaned down to kiss him but he rolled them over. She removed his belt then used it to pull him in.

“You know what I like?” she whispered.

“I can take a guess,” he whispered back before biting her neck.

 She put her hand on the back of his head closing her eyes and opening her mouth.

“I think you’re hands are clean now,” said Morgan.

Mia was standing in front of the sink with the water on. She turned it off.

“Sorry,” she said.

“We need to talk about our next move,” said Morgan.

“Just a sec,” she said.

After Mia walked in the living room Gabriel said, “So I think it’s that best I run through the woods as bait.”

“With us nearby,” said Morgan.

“Kirika will know when they’re near,” said Mia.

“Yeah but the huldra will be able to sense her as well,” said Damon.

“So what’s our play?” asked Lori.

“With my strength gone and speed fading our options are limited,” said Damon.

“We could just play it by ear,” said Mia.

“I got a better idea,” Damon said looking at Kirika.

The girl in the yellow dress was walking through the woods. She suddenly stopped and looked around.

“It doesn’t matter if you blend in to your surroundings,” she said slowly pacing forward. “I can still find you.” A girl in a red cloak ran from behind a tree. “Gotcha.”

When the girl ran after her she was incased in a cage of orange energy. The girl turned around then took off her hood. It was Morgan.

“So you’re not just his huldra you’re a scout,” she said.

“I’m afraid I’m much more than that,” said the girl.

She touched a bar on the cage. Once it shattered she tripped Morgan with her tail.

“Nice work Huldra,” said a voice. A muscular man in a black outfit walked up to Morgan. He had long brown hair. “You must be new at this. Didn’t anyone tell you that most spells don’t work on nymphs?”

He picked her up and pinned her against a tree.

“Hello,” he said putting his hands around her neck. “My name is Jack.”

“Nice to meet you,” Morgan said before blasting him back with a ball of water.

She coughed and held her neck as she dropped to her knees. Kirika ran from the woods tackling Huldra. The two of them rolled on the ground. Jack sat up and saw Damon standing in front of him.

“Helping the wolf boy are we?” asked Jack.

“You could say that,” said Damon.

“Where is he?” asked Jack.

“Could be a number of places,” Damon said walking forward.

“Stop playing games,” Jack said standing up.

“Have it your way,” said Damon.

“Gabriel?” Gabriel ran toward Jack in wolf form.

When Jack turned toward him Gabriel bit his arm. Jack pulled a knife out of the back of his belt. Gabriel saw the knife and ran. Jack grabbed Gabriel’s neck flipping him over. Jack had him pinned to the ground. Gabriel turned back into his human form before suddenly vanishing.

“Damn the little fucker got away,” said Jack. “Huldra.” Jack looked up but there was no one in sight. “Huldra?”

Sometime later Huldra was tied to a chair with a bag on her head. Gabriel removed the bag.

“Where am I?” Huldra asked.

“If we wanted you to know that we wouldn’t have put a bag over your head,” said Morgan.

Mia was standing in the back of a room.

“Why does Jack want me dead?” Gabriel asked.

“I wouldn’t tell you if I knew,” Huldra replied. “We’re not friends we’re partners and even so our communication is limited.” Kirika shook her head. “So you don’t believe me?”

Kirika shook her head again.

“You have to know at least that much,” said Gabriel.

“Why does it matter anyway?” Huldra asked.

“I wanna know if it’s just some twisted game or if he wants my silver wolf coat,” said Gabriel.

“He has plenty I doubt he wants to add to the collection,” said Huldra. “However you are rare.”

“I just want peace,” said Gabriel.

“With humans,” she laughed. “Once they find out what you are it’ll be like Frankenstein all over again. They don’t except what they don’t understand and without some kind of scientific reasoning you’ll know what it really means to be hunted. You can only hide in plain sight for so long.”

“I’ll take my chances,” said Gabriel. “Oh and Morgan?”

“Yeah?” she asked.

“No more teleportation spells,” said Gabriel leaving the room.

Morgan shrugged.

“What do we do with her?” Mia asked.

Gabriel’s phone began to ring.

“Hey Linda,” he said after answering it.

“Did you get lost?” she asked.

“No I’m just hanging with some new friends,” he said.

“What happened?” Linda asked.

“Jack and Huldra found me,” he said.

“Already?” Linda asked.

“We captured Huldra but we can’t get anything out of her,” said Gabriel.

“Where’s Jack?” Linda asked.

“We left him in the woods,” said Gabriel.

“Tell me where you are I’ll come to you,” said Linda.

“He’ll recognize you,” said Gabriel.

 Damon walked out of the room.

“Take Morgan with you,” he said.

“Kirika, Mia, and I will make sure she doesn’t go anywhere.” Gabriel nodded.

“I’m coming back,” he said.

“Be careful,” Linda said.

“I will,” Gabriel said before hanging up.

Moments later Gabriel and Morgan were standing outside the factory.

Gabriel turned into his wolf form then Morgan climbed on his back. The two of them sped off into the woods. Damon walked back in the room.

“He’s going to find me,” said Huldra.

Mia leaned close to her and asked, “If given the choice will he choose to save you or kill Gabriel.”

Huldra hung her head.

“There’s a difference between a partner and a tool,” said Damon. “Which one are you really?”

Meanwhile Gabriel stopped in his back yard. Morgan jumped from his back. Gabriel took his human form as he walked toward the back door.

“Linda?” he asked.

Linda grabbed him and pulled him inside. Linda saw Morgan standing at the door.

“Come on,” she whispered.

Morgan ran inside then Linda closed the door.

“That thing that’s helping him is called a huldra,” said Gabriel.

“It can track supernatural beings,” Morgan added.

“That’s how he finds us?” Linda asked.

“Yes,” said Gabriel.

“Hi I’m Linda,” Linda said shaking Morgan’s hand.

“This is Morgan,” said Gabriel. “She’s a witch.”

“I’m here to help,” said Morgan.

“Where is this Huldra now?” Linda asked.

“We have her tied up,” said Morgan.

“We have to get you some place save,” said Gabriel.

“Moving again will do no good,” Linda said putting her hand on her forehead.

“I don’t wanna run anyway,” said Gabriel. “Not when we don’t have to.”

Gabriel opened the back door. An arrow flew in to the door. Gabriel noticed that the tip of the arrow was silver. Linda pulled Gabriel back. Morgan closed her eyes.

“What are you doing?” Linda asked.

“Shhh,” said Morgan. “Locator spell.”

She leaned out the doorway and threw a ball of water into a tree. Jack laughed.

“You almost got me,” he said.

Jack shot another arrow from his crossbow. It flew in the house hitting the kitchen counter. Gabriel ran outside changing into his wolf form. Jack shot an arrow at him. Another arrow hit its side knocking to the ground. Gabriel looked at the arrow then vanished into the woods.

“I don’t think I’ll ever be able to do that again,” Nikki said reloading her crossbow.

“From one hunter to another,” said Jack. “Lay off. He was my target before you even knew they existed.”

“I’ve been doing this a little longer than you think,” she said from behind a tree. “And really? You’re gonna play the I saw him first card?”

“You’re just a guppy,” said Jack. “Put the big boy toys down and go play dress up.” Nikki shot an arrow at Jack. It passed him and hit the tree in front of him. “Rookie.”

Gabriel bit Jack’s leg then dragged him out in the open. Morgan knocked the crossbow from his hand with a ball of water. Nikki walked from behind the tree with her crossbow pointed at Jack. Jack pulled a handgun from his side and shot at Nikki. Gabriel pushed her out of the way. The gun heated up burning Jack’s hand. When he dropped the gun Huldra picked it up.

“There you are,” he said. “Shoot him!”

Huldra removed the clip from the gun.

“No Jack,” she said taking the bullet out of the chamber.

Jack slowly rose to his feet.

“This isn’t over,” he said dropping something on the ground. “After all the night is still young.”

A cloud of smoke surrounded him. When the smoke cleared he was gone.

“Smoke capsules,” said Huldra.

“He’s injured,” said Linda.

“It won’t stop him,” said Huldra. “He’ll just patch himself up and come after you again.”

“There has to be a way to stop him without killing him,” said Gabriel.

“I admire your admiration but don’t forget he wants you dead,” said Nikki. “And that reminds me saving my life changes nothing. As soon as we get Jack out of the way you’ll have me to deal with.”

Damon, Mia, and Kirika were watching from the woods.

“Think she’ll turn on us?” Mia asked.

“Hard to tell actually,” said Damon. “Doesn’t mean I trust her though.”

“We should find him before he draws too much attention to us,” said Mia.

Kirika nodded.

“As much as I wanna wrap this up the fact that he won’t quit makes it difficult,” said Damon.

“Hey guys,” Gabriel said as he ran toward them in human form.

“I have an idea but it could go horribly wrong,” said Mia.

“I’m all ears,” said Gabriel.

Jack was sitting on a bed in a log cabin bandaging his leg up when he heard a knock on the door. He looked at the door then stood up.

“Who’s there?” he asked. There was no answer. Jack grabbed his crossbow off the bed and pointed it at the door. “I said who’s there!”

“Open the door Jack,” said a voice.

Jack opened the door. Huldra was standing in the doorway.

“You have a lot of nerve coming here after betraying me,” said Jack.

“I knew you wouldn’t come for me,” Huldra said.

“So you simply did what you had to?” asked Jack.

“Yes,” she said.

“Give me one reason not to shoot you,” Jack said holding the crossbow to her head.

“Because without me you’ll never know where he’s hiding,” she said.

Jack slowly lowered his crossbow.

“Where?” he asked.

Mia was standing in the woods starring at Damon. Her phone began to ring. Mia looked at her phone then answered it.

“Lori why are you still up?” she said.

“I can’t sleep and it’s not even midnight,” said Lori. “Are you still out?”

“Yeah,” said Mia. “I am.”

“All these late nights are going to catch up to you,” said Lori. “Get some sleep.”

“You’re one to talk,” said Mia. Lori laughed. “Goodnight.”

Mia hung up the phone.

“Has anyone seen Huldra?” Morgan asked.

“Kirika’s gone too,” said Gabriel.

“So much for my plan,” said Mia.

“It can still work,” said Damon.

Kirika saw Huldra and Jack in the woods.

“The siren is here,” said Huldra.

“Looks like I have to get rid of a pest problem first,” Jack said loading his crossbow.

Huldra paced toward a tree. Huldra suddenly ran. Jack struggled to keep up with her.

“Slow down,” he said. Huldra continued to run. “Dammit.” Jack shot an arrow. It flew pass Huldra and hit a tree. She stopped then looked back at him. “Where are you you little.” Jack loaded another. “Come here!”

He shot another arrow.

“She’s on the move again,” Huldra said. She began to run towards the dirt road. Huldra came to a sudden stop. “She’s leading us in the wrong direction.”

Jack scolded.

Meanwhile Gabriel was kneeling on the ground.

“Is everything in place?” asked Mia.

“Seems like it,” Gabriel said wiping his hands on his pants.

“Ok now for phase two,” said Mia.

“I’m on it,” Damon said speeding away.

“I hope this works,” said Morgan.

“Me too,” Mia said looking at her. “Me too.”

“They’re coming this way,” said Gabriel.

Nikki hid behind a tree across from Morgan. She threw a small knife that stuck in the ground next to Jack’s foot.

“That’s far enough,” she said. “I knew you could get him here Huldra.”

“What is she talking about?” Jack asked.

“She’s lying,” said Huldra.

“Is she?” said Jack. “You turned on me to save your own skin. Makes me wonder what else you’d do.” Huldra glared at him. “After I get that wolf I’ll have to see where your loyalties are.”

“Either he cares about you or huldras are just hard to come by,” said Nikki.

“Don’t get me started on you,” said Jack. “I never thought I’d see a hunter protecting the supernatural.”

“Don’t think of it as protecting,” said Nikki. “I just can’t get his coat if I let you kill him.”

 “I have plenty of those,” Jack replied.

“As a hunter you should know,” Nikki said throwing another knife. It flew pass Huldra cutting off a piece of her hair. “Nothing easy is ever worth it.”

Jack pulled out a handgun. Nikki ran forward. Jack fired a few shots missing each time. Huldra ran after her. Gabriel grabbed her tail and threw her into Jack. The two them hit the ground while he took his wolf form. Huldra attacked Gabriel with her tail so he head butted her into a tree knocking her unconscious.

“Give it up Jack,” said Damon from behind him.

“No!” said Jack as he turned around and shot at him.

He dodged the bullet then said, “You’re out numbered and out matched.”

“That doesn’t matter,” said Jack.

Damon began to walk backwards. Jack walked towards him. Damon sped to his left while Gabriel pushed Jack forward. A rope snagged his leg and lifted him up.

“Gotta love the classics,” said Nikki.

“Yep,” said Damon.

Mia was standing in front of Jack with a shovel in her hands. She smiled before knocking him out with it. Nikki walked up to Gabriel.

“Remember when I said you saving my life didn’t change anything?” she asked. “I lied. Turns out you’re not so bad. But you get out of line I will come after you that’s a promise.”

Huldra slowly opened her eyes.

“Ouch,” she said.

Nikki was standing over her.

“So how does this hunter huldra thing work exactly?” she asked.

“I’m bound to assist my partner and can only contradict this if I feel my life is in danger,” said Huldra.

Nikki pointed her crossbow at her.

“I’m gonna hunting full time pretty soon,” she said. “I could use a huldra. Wanna be my new partner?”

Huldra looked at Jack hanging from his foot. She looked back at Nikki and nodded. Nikki put the crossbow away then helped her up. Morgan climbed on Gabriel’s back.

“Giddy up,” she said.

Gabriel growled. Once they got to Gabriel’s house Linda walked outside.

“You don’t have to run anymore,” said Mia.

“Everything’s taken care of,” said Gabriel.

“Oh thank you,” said Linda. “You don’t know what a relief this is. See I adopted Gabriel when he was only eight years old. It didn’t take long for him to grow on me. I couldn’t imagine losing him. But what did you do with Jack?”

“Don’t worry,” said Damon. “Someone will get him.”

Later that night Jack slowly opened his eyes. Drew was standing in front of him.

“Oh look a snack,” he said.

“Get away from me you blood thirsty mongrel,” Jack said reaching up to untie the rope.

“Relax I was only kidding,” Drew said cutting him down with a pocket knife.

He helped Jack to his feet and brushed him off before biting his neck. Jack screamed as he tried to push Drew off. There was a crunching sound then Jack stopped moving. Drew let him drop the ground then wiped some of the blood from his mouth. 

Submitted: July 15, 2014

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Touched By A Vampire

Ha good one Damon knew that Drew would get him eventually. Very nice. I'm looking forward to.where your taking this. Kmu plz.

Tue, July 15th, 2014 4:47pm


Vampire Fantasies has been canceled!

Sat, August 2nd, 2014 10:57am

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