Vampire Fantasies Episode 1 Under The Crimson Sky

Vampire Fantasies Episode 1 Under The Crimson Sky

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


High school student Mia De’Sola fantasizes about her neighbor Damon Noir. When an amulet given to her by her mother releases a vampire named Drew she learns that Damon is a vampire as well. Can they stop Drew from retrieving the amulet before sunset?


High school student Mia De’Sola fantasizes about her neighbor Damon Noir. When an amulet given to her by her mother releases a vampire named Drew she learns that Damon is a vampire as well. Can they stop Drew from retrieving the amulet before sunset?


Submitted: July 01, 2014

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Submitted: July 01, 2014



It was a cold night as a teenage girl was wrapped up in her thick orange blanket. A cold breeze entered the room and woke her up. She was playing with her long thick black hair, as she rose the blanket slid down revealing her black sports bra. Just ahead of her there was an open window and a thin white curtain blowing in the wind. Standing in front of the window was a teenage boy with brown skin. He was wearing a black leather jacket with dark black jeans and no under shirt. He slowly walked on the wooden floor to the foot of her bed. Before he sat down she felt his short black hair.

After slightly moving his jacket she slowly rubbed her hands across his collar bones. He put his hands on her lower back gently moving up her smooth tan skin to the back of bra while she moved to his nearly tight abs. They looked into each other’s dark brown eyes. She gripped his wrist, closing her eyes and taking a deep breath as he leaned in. He gently kissed her. When she laid on her back he kissed her right above her navel. With her still eyes closed she breathed heavily, putting her hands against her large cherry wood headboard.

 He worked his way up now kissing her neck. She wraps her arms underneath his jacket as he bites her neck. She quickly rose looking at the morning light creep through her closed window. She felt her neck but there was no mark.

“Mia!” a voice called from behind her bed room door. “You still have school you know.”

“Ok!” The girl said.

That dream again, I usually don’t remember my dreams but when I do it’s always the same. It’s a quiet little town here in Sparrow Falls. Mia looked at the window and saw the boy from her dream. He was standing on a porch across the street. His black jean jacket was buttoned up and his dark gray pants were almost dragging the ground.

There he is, Damon Noir. No one really knows much about him except his name, the fact that he doesn’t go to school, and that he blew into town a few weeks ago. That’s when the dreams started. My name is Mia De’Sola and I’m a senior at Sparrow High School. Later that morning Mia was parking her small blue hatchback in front of a school building. She got out of the car wearing blue jeans. Her pink bra was slightly visible threw her white shirt. She closed the car door as a teenage boy approached her.

“You’re mom let you go outside like that?” he asked.

“Hello to you too Adam,” said Mia.

Adam stood a few inches shorter than Mia. He wore dark blue jeans with a red shirt. It had the words “Go Hawks” in white letters.

“Am I the only one who thinks it’s ironic that the school is called Sparrow High yet the team is called the Hawks?” Adam asked.

“You probably aren’t,” Mia smiled.

The two of them were walking through the hallway when a short girl with black hair closed her skinny green locker door and turned around. Her outfit matched Mia’s.

“What are we in the seventh grade again?” asked Adam.

“Lori I don’t know why I let you talk me into stuff,” said Mia.

“And yet the antics continue,” said Lori. “Are you ever going to talk to the guy across the street?”

“Who?” Mia asked while pushing her hair behind her right ear. “Damon?”

“Yes,” Lori said as she rolled her light brown eyes.

“I don’t know,” Mia replied.

“Well you are doing the school paper,” said Adam. “Maybe you could interview him.”

Mia looked down and said, “I would like to know more about him.”

“It’s also a good way to get your foot in the door,” said Adam.

“Or your hand down his pants,” said Lori.

“Lori!” said Mia and Adam.

“What,” she said. “I’m not the only one thinking that way at least not when comes to him right Mia.”

“Come on we’ll be late for class,” said Mia.

Later that day Mia knocked on the door of a wooden house. Its exterior looked as if it was made of logs. Damon opened the door.

“Can I help you?” he asked her.

“Hey um,” Mia said nervously showing him a dark blue folder. “I’m on the school paper and believe it or not you moving in turned quite a few heads.”

“Not the expression I would’ve used but ok,” Damon replied.

“What would you have said?” Mia asked.

“Raise flags,” he said stepping to the side.

Mia walked inside the house then he closed the door behind her.

“So I guess you want to interview me,” he said.

She followed him to the living room. The long red drapes nearly touched the floor.

“It’s a lot of red,” said Mia as she sat on a red leather love seat. “A lot of red.”

Damon sat down on a red leather couch across from her.

“Your name is Maya isn’t it?” he asked. “You live across the street.”

“Mia,” she replied. “And Yes.”

“My apologies Mia,” said Damon. “Shall we begin?”

Mia opened her folder then pulled a pen out of her pocket.

“So what brings you to Sparrow Falls?” Mia asked.

“I was just passing through but it is quiet here,” he said before leaning forward and whispering. “And I like quiet.”

“So you stayed,” said Mia.

Damon sat back on the couch.

“That’s right,” he said.

“You don’t attend school,” she said.

“I’m older than I look,” he replied giving her a smirk. “And I’m willing to bet you’re wondering how I can afford all this.”

“The thought crossed my mind yes,” Mia said smiling and brushing her hair over her ear.

“Well the house is paid for and I release at least one book a year,” he said.

“An author,” Mia said as she began to write in her folder.

“I hope this was helpful,” he said standing up.

“Well you’re not so much of a mystery anymore,” Mia said standing up.

A few papers slid out of the folder and hit the floor. One of them was a picture of a teenage girl. Damon slowly picked it up. Her hair was as black as a crow’s feathers and her eyes were a deep green. She wore a black gothic style dress. In her hand was a black umbrella and on her finger was a large ring. It was dark gray with a black stone on it. The wings on the top of the ring nearly reached the tip of her ring finger.

“Friend of yours?” Damon asked.

“That’s my last project,” Mia replied. “I don’t know why I left it in there.”

“Who is she?” he asked giving her the picture.

 “She’s a legend in the gothic underworld apparently,” Mia said putting it back in her folder along with the other paper. “She’s known only as Paine. She makes appearances every five years or so and never in the same place twice. Someone manages to get a picture or video of her every time. There’s supposed to be pictures of her dating back to nineteen twenty-one. I was going to do a paper on her but the committee called it a hoax that wasn’t worth exposing.”

“Do you have an older photo of her?” Damon asked.

“Sure,” Mia said taking an old picture of Paine out of her folder. “This is from seventy-one.”

Paine was standing on a wall with the open umbrella over her shoulder.

“No ring,” he said. “When was that picture taken?”

“Two thousand eleven,” she replied. “What’s the deal with the ring?”

“It was made in two thousand nine,” he said looking at her.

“Are you saying it may not be a hoax?” Mia asked.

“Let’s just say I have a thing for the supernatural,” he said smiling.

“I really should be going,” said Mia.

She slowly walked towards the door as if there was something else she wanted to say. Damon walked pass her then opened the door.

“Thank you,” Mia said walking outside.

The next day Mia was sitting in class.

Lori was making bubbles with her gum so Adam turned to her and said, “Seriously?”

A girl walked in the room. She was no bigger than Lori. Her black snow cap covered all but her blonde bangs. She wore black top and ripped dark blue jeans. That’s Morgan the rocker girl. She normally keeps to herself and doesn’t have friends that anyone knows of. The students and even some teachers like to give her a hard time.

“You know if her breast weren’t so big I’d swear that was a dude,” whispered a boy from the back of the room.

Morgan was about to sit down when she heard a female voice behind her.

“Look what the dog dug up,” it said.

When Morgan sat down she saw a blonde girl standing in front of her desk. She wore a short sleeved pink and white striped shirt with some tight blue jean shorts. This is Nikki Jason the queen bee of Sparrow High School. Rotten to the core her Senator father sends her money for everything.

“The term is look what the cat dragged in,” Morgan replied.

“I like to be creative,” she whispered. “Call it a stroke of genius.”

Nikki sat in a desk across the room.

“Genius?” Morgan said under her breath. “You”?

Later that day Morgan was sitting in a living room. The big white chair she was sitting on had red rose designs on it.

“Morgan,” said a voice. “Where are the flashlights?”

“Attic!” Morgan called.

“Could you grab some?” said the voice.

Morgan got out of the chair then walked up a flight of stairs to a hallway. When she pulled the sting at the top of the stairs a wooden staircase came from the ceiling. Once she reached the attic she picked up a box by the stairs.

After grabbing a blue flashlight and turning it on. She saw a large dark blue book in the corner of the attic. She slowly put the box down and walked towards the corner. She set the flash light next to the book. It had some strange designs on it surrounding a gray skull with an open mouth. She was about to blow the dust from the book then she stopped and tipped the book away from her letting the dust fall.

She carried the book on top of the box of flash lights as she walked down the stairs. A curvy woman was standing at the bottom. She had long blonde hair and light blue eyes. She wore a blue blouse and light blue jeans. “What is that?” she asked. “I found it in the attic,” said Morgan stopping to look at her. The woman put her hands on her hips. Morgan walked down the stairs then the woman grabbed the book from the top of the box.

“What is it Mom?” Morgan asked.

“Nothing you should concern yourself with,” her mother replied.

“Fine,” Morgan said walking pass her.

Meanwhile Mia was lying in her back yard when Adam walked up to her. When Mia saw him she sat up.

“Going to the pre-grad bonfire tonight?” he asked her.

“If my mom will let me,” she said. “Don’t the seniors stay out til sunrise?”

“Yes we will,” said Adam fist pumping with every word.

Mia began to laugh. A middle aged woman with light brown skin walked out of the back door. She wore a black tank top and green pants. Her black shoulder length hair flowed in the wind as she walked towards Mia and Adam.

“Hey Mrs. De’Sola,” Adam said while Mia rose to her feet.

“This has been sitting in the antique shop forever and I thought you might wanna where it to the bon fire tonight,” she said handing Mia an Amulet.

It was a sapphire heart amulet with a silver strip across the top of the heart. The chain was short and silver.

“So I can go?!” Mia asked smiling.

“I went,” said Mrs. De’Sola. “You should go too.”

“Thanks Mom,” Mia said giving her a hug.

“Just don’t get too drunk,” Mrs. De’Sola whispered.

“Ok,” Mia whispered back.

After putting the amulet on Mia grabbed Adam’s arm pulling him toward the front yard. Mia walked to the driver side of her car.

“Where we going?” Adam asked her.

“See if Lori’s going to sneak out tonight,” Mia said getting in the car.

Adam shook his head and smiled before getting in the car.

 Sometime later Mia’s car pulled up in the driveway of a white house with a burgundy roof and shutters. Morgan was walking toward the car when Mia opened the door.

“Morgan?” she asked.

Morgan stopped and said, “Ya know I have no idea what shocks me more the fact that you’re talking to me right now or that you actually know my name.”

“I’ve just never seen you outside of school that’s all,” Mia said.

Morgan glared at the amulet around Mia’s neck.

“Nice trinket,” she said.

“Thanks,” Mia replied as Morgan was walking away. “Hey are you going?”

“To the bon fire?” Morgan asked quickly turning around, “Not my thing besides it’s not like my mom would let me go anyway.”

“Ok then,” Mia said.

Adam watched Morgan walk away.

“She’d be pretty cute if she actually dressed like a girl,” he said.

“Adam,” said Mia.

“What?” he asked.

Mia shook her head then walked toward the house. Adam took one more look at Morgan before he closed the car door and followed Mia. Lori opened a window on the second floor.

“Hey guys,” she whispered. Mia and Adam looked up at her. “I’ll meet you guys tonight but my father is here and he thinks you’re a bad influence. Little does he know that I’m the one that comes up with the ideas.”

 Adam chuckled.

A black hearse slowly drove pass after Mia and Adam got back in the car.

“Is that from the funeral home?” Adam asked.

“No,” said Mia. “Those are white.”

“Never mind,” said Adam.

“Well at least we don’t have to worry about you investigating anything,” Mia said backing out of the driveway and driving down the street.

The hearse was parked at the end of the street. When Mia passed by it followed her.

“Can you see who’s following us?” Mia asked.

Adam looked back and said, “Who tents there windshield?”

“Someone who doesn’t want to be seen,” said Mia.

The hearse’s right blinker turned on.

“I think they’re turning,” said Adam.

It turned right then sped up.

“That was beyond creepy,” said Mia.

Damon was sitting on a bench in a shaded part of the park. Mia stopped the car when she saw him.

“That’s him isn’t it?” Adam asked.

“Who?” Mia asked.

“Your mysterious crush,” Adam said scolding her.

“Yea,” she said.

“Are you ever going to talk to him?” Adam asked.

“I have no idea how old he is,” Mia replied.

“He can’t be that old,” said Adam.

“Please don’t make me do this,” Mia said pouting.

“Your call,” he said.

Mia began to drive again.

Later that night Morgan was sitting on a bed. The green and yellow quilt covered the two pillows at the head of the bed.

Her mother walked in the doorway and said, “You have your own room you know.”

“I know,” Morgan said taking her snowcap off.

“Can’t sleep?” her mother asked.

“Not a wink,” Morgan said.

She left the room and walked down the hall pass a sliding door. When her mother walked in her room and closed the door. Morgan turned around and slowly slid the door open. There was a large wooden book shelf full of books on the wall. Behind the long desk was a brown leather chair. Morgan picked up the large book she found in the attic from beneath the desk. She carried the book out the door then she slowly closed it back.

Morgan took the book in the kitchen and set on the table. After peeking around the corner she opened it. Strange writing filled the pages. Slowly flipping through the pages something caught her eye. It was the amulet that Mia was wearing. The strange writing faded off of the page and words faded in their place.

“Ice Heart Amulet,” she whispered.

The inscription under the picture read, “The ninth of the Heart Amulets. Used to incase the thirteen vampires this amulet must never be worn under the crimson sky for the light will release an abomination on the world once more.”

“Crimson sky?” Morgan asked. “The sky turns red just before the sun sets, or rises. Oh no.”

She closed the book, put on her snow cap, and rushed out the door. Morgan ran pass Damon’s house. He watched as she entered the woods.

“Something isn’t right,” he said. Morgan saw Mia swaying from side to side. “You have to get home before the sun comes up,” said Morgan.

With slurred words Mia said, “Who am I Cinderella?”

“No the light from the sunrise can’t hit that amulet,” Morgan whispered.

“What are we whispering about?” Mia whispered back.

“This is hopeless,” Morgan said looking behind her.

When she looked forward again Mia was gone.

“Where the hell did she just?” Morgan saw Mia stumbling deeper into the woods so she ran after her.

“Where are you going?” she asked pointing behind her. “Civilization is that way.”

Mia continued to walk. Morgan stood in front of her. As Mia moved to each side Morgan blocked her path.

“What do you want?” Mia said stomping her feet.

“Turn around and go the other way,” Morgan said.

Mia let out an angry sigh. The light from the sunrise crept up behind Morgan.

“Damn it,” She said grabbing Mia’s hand and pulling her.

Mia snatched away then turned toward the light.

“Beautiful,” she said.

The amulet glowed dark blue then slowly faded.

“I hope that book was just a prank,” said Morgan.

Damon ran through the woods and stopped when he saw the amulet. A slightly under weight teenage boy with brown slicked back hair was standing with his back on a tree. He wore a gray suit with a red under shirt. And his dress shoes were a light brown like his eyes.

“Hello Damon,” he said with a devious smile.

“Drew,” Damon scolded.

Drew looked at the rising sun.

“The sun and I are having a bit of a feud,” he said. “Lucky you.”

Drew sped towards town.

“What’s going on?” Mia asked.

“We need to get you home,” Damon said picking her up.

Mia passed out in his arms.

Later that morning Mia woke up in her bed. Mrs. De’Sola was standing beside her bed.

“Somebody over did it last night huh?” She said.

“A little,” Mia grunted.

Mrs. De’Sola smiled, kissed Mia’s forehead, and said, “I’ll make you some coffee.”

 “Thank you,” said Mia.

“Oh and before I forget Morgan wants you to meet her at Damon’s house,” said Mrs. De’Sola.

“So that really happened?” Mia thought.

Meanwhile at Damon’s house Morgan was sitting in the window looking at Mia’s house.

“Think she’s up yet?” she asked.

“I have no idea,” Damon replied.

“Wait here she comes,” said Morgan.

Before Mia could knock Morgan opened the door then pulled her inside.

“We need to talk,” she said.

Mia walked in the living room. The large blue book was sitting on a small wooden table between the couch and the love seat.

“That table doesn’t quite fit,” said Mia.

 “Ergo why it wasn’t there before,” said Damon.

“What’s that?” Mia asked looking at the book.

“Spell book,” Morgan said.

She opened it to the page with Mia’s necklace.

“That’s what released Drew,” she said.

“Drew?” Mia asked.

“A vampire,” Damon said.

“But if you two know each other,” Mia said. “Then you must be.”

“Yeah,” he said.

“Well explains a lot,” Mia said. “I’ll try not to ask any offensive questions, but I’ve seen you walk in the sun before shouldn’t you have burned to a crisp?”

“We don’t burn we wither from the inside out,” he said. “The older we are the faster we wither.”

 “How does the amulet come in?” Mia asked.

Morgan looked at Damon.

“Drew needs to wear the amulet before the next crimson sky or he goes back in his tomb,” Damon said. “He’ll do whatever it takes to get it.”

“So I have to hide it?” Mia asked.

“That won’t help he’s drawn to it and he also saw you wearing it,” he said.

“I’m not safe either,” Mia said looking down.

“Just what we need a supernatural game of keep away,” said Morgan.

“None of this makes sense to me,” Mia said shaking her head. “What exactly did I get myself into?”

Damon took a breath and said, “Centuries ago a town was made an offer by witches. Everything they’d need to become an independent people in exchange for one of their own, who would become a monster. The offer was taken by thirteen towns between sixteen o seven and seventeen thirty two. They became known as the thirteen colonies. The plan was to kill the vampires after taking the deal but what the witches didn’t mention is that if one dies another must take their place. There must always be thirteen of us?”

“But what about the amulets?” Mia asked.

“In the late nineteen forties they discovered a way to incase us instead,” said Damon. “From nineteen fifty one to nineteen fifty seven they captured all of us in tombs. The amulets being the keys forged by the same magic that created vampires in the first place they can’t be destroyed.”

“The book said he was the ninth,” said Morgan. “What does that mean?”

“Birthstones were used in the amulets each in order of the months,” he said.

“But there’s thirteen of you,” Morgan said.

“Onyx was used for the last amulet,” said Damon. “My amulet. Now we have till nightfall to keep Mia and that amulet away from Drew”.

Meanwhile Drew was walking in the bathroom of an old house which looked as if it had been abandoned for years. He stopped in front of a mirror with a pair of scissors.

Looking in the mirror he said, “Nothing wrong with blending in.”

Moments later his hair was short and spikey in the front. Drew walked out of the house wearing a white tank top, blue jeans, and dark sun glasses. Back at Damon’s house Mia’s phone began to ring. It was Adam.

“Hey Adam,” she said answering it.

“You ok?” he asked. “I didn’t see you leave last night.”

“Yea I was really out of it,” she said. “Too bad Lori couldn’t make it out.”

“I know right?” Adam replied.

“I’ll meet up with you later,” said Mia.

“Sure,” said Adam.

“I don’t think I should keep this from Adam,” Mia thought. “But I would be wrong to rope him into it.”

“I’m glad it’s a weekend,” said Morgan from behind her. “Although I wouldn’t mind skipping class for an occasion such as this.”

“It doesn’t freak you out that you’re a witch?” Mia asked.

“It kinda does,” Morgan said. “But on the other hand I always knew I was different.”

Mia nodded. Damon walked pass both of them.

“Hey Damon,” said Morgan.

“How do you drink blood”?

“I don’t,” he said.

Mia looked puzzled.

“Huh?” said Morgan.

“Blood to a vampire is like alcohol to a human,” he said. “It’s addicting. Find another addiction to replace the blood and we don’t have to drink it. The side effects of course are losing my abilities one by one.”

“So you’re becoming human,” said Mia.

“Not exactly,” Damon replied. “If I drink so much as a drop of blood it can reverse the process at any time, even after I’ve lost them all.”

“And you drink what now?” Morgan asked.

Damon smiled and said, “Coffee.”

“So do I stay here?” Mia asked.

“I’d say,” Damon replied.

“Are you sure that’s a good idea?” Morgan asked.

“Well he has until sundown,” said Damon. “It won’t be easy staying out of the light.”

Later that day Adam knocked on Mia’s front door. Mrs. De’Sola answered the door.

“Hey Mrs. De’Sola,” said Adam. “Is Mia here?”

“No,” said Mrs. De’Sola. “Come to think of it I haven’t heard from her since she left this morning.”

“Could you let her know I came by?” he asked.

“Of course,” she said.

Adam walked off the porch. As he continued down the street he saw the black hearse slowly coming towards him. Once the head lights began to flash Adam ran the other way. The hearse sped up. Adam climbed over a short brick wall into a garden. “Hey,” said an elderly woman as he ran down her driveway. The hearse stopped in front of him. Adam stood petrified. Drew walked in the shade behind Adam. The hearse’s horn honked. Adam turned around and ran right into Drew.

“We should talk,” said Drew.

Mia’s phone began to ring.

“Hello?” she asked.

“I need something you have and I think a trade is in order,” said Drew.

“Who is this?” Mia asked.

Damon grabbed the phone.

“Drew,” he said.

“Seems like it was just yesterday that you and I last spoke,” said Drew. “I mean hell, for me it was yesterday.”

“He has Adam,” said Mia.

“If the girl wants to see her friend again she’ll give me the amulet without causing a scene,” said Drew. “Meet me at town square in one hour.”

Mia grabbed the phone.

“Just don’t hurt him,” she said.

Drew hung up the phone.

“How does he know how to work a cell phone?” asked Morgan.

“He was caught in the late fifties and besides it never took him long to figure out something new,” said Damon.

“We have to get Adam back,” said Mia.

“I know,” said Damon.

“Town square is really public he can’t hurt us there,” said Mia. “That means a rescue may be out of the question.”

“I mean how do you explain a tied up high school student in the middle of town?” Morgan asked.

“He’ll keep him somewhere nearby,” said Damon.

“What’s the plan?” Mia asked.

“He has to see you and I there,” said Damon.

“But not Morgan,” Mia said smiling at her.

“I picked a bad day to be Morgan,” Morgan said rolling her eyes.

An hour later in town square Mia and Damon stepped under the shade of a tree. Drew was standing in the shade of the marble pillar behind him.

“I’d like to assume you brought it,” said Drew.

“Where’s Adam?” Mia asked.

“Not too far,” he replied. “Give me the amulet and I’ll tell you where he is.”

“I need to know he’s alive,” said Mia.

“Looks like this won’t be a smooth transaction then will it?” asked Drew.

Morgan was sitting with her back on a tree with the spell book open in her lap.

“A locator spell is supposed to be simple,” she said before closing her eyes.

She saw images of Adam tied to a metal chair in a room with a wooden floor. There were no windows that she could see, only barrels by the wall beside him. When Morgan opened her eyes she saw a rundown bar ahead of her. She closed the book then ran across the street.

“Do you have it or not because I literally don’t have all day?” Drew asked. Mia took the amulet from her pocket showing it to him. “Now we’re getting somewhere.”

When Morgan got to the bar the door was already cracked open. She slowly opened it only to be startled by Adam.

“Did you see her?” he asked.

“See who?” Morgan asked.

“A girl untied me but I didn’t get a good look at her,” he replied.

“Let’s get you out of here,” said Morgan.

The two of them walked out of the bar.

“I have what you want so show me where he is,” said Mia.

Damon saw Adam and Morgan waving their hands. Damon grabbed the amulet from Mia.

“No deal,” he said.

Drew turned around and saw Adam getting into Mia’s car.

“This isn’t over Damon,” he sneered.

He looked in front of him but Mia and Damon were gone. When they got back to Damon’s house Adam was freaking out.

“Would someone tell me what’s going on here?!” he exclaimed.

“Why isn’t anyone saying anything?” Mia took a deep breath and said. “He wants my amulet.”

“Your amulet?” Adam asked.

“Yea apparently it’s worth something,” she said.

“Right,” Adam said.

“Now tell me more about this girl,” said Morgan.

“Like I said I didn’t get a good look at her but she had this long dark hair,” said Adam.

“Sound familiar?” Mia asked Damon.

“Not right off hand,” he replied. “But it’s only a matter of time before he finds this place.”

“Think we can make it to my house?” Morgan asked.

“Maybe,” said Damon.

Meanwhile at Morgan house Morgan’s mother was franticly looking around her study.

“Where did it go?” she whispered to herself as she moved the chair from the desk.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door. She walked to the front door moving her hair out of her face before she opened it.

“Hey Mom,” Morgan said with the book in her hands.

“Why do you have that?” she scolded.

“Mia needed my help,” she said.

“With what?” Morgan’s mother asked.

Morgan gave her a nervous chuckle.

“Hey Ms. Snow,” said Mia.

Ms. Snow stepped to the side and let them in. Morgan gave Damon the signal to come so he walked inside after her. Once they were all gathered around the kitchen table Morgan turned to Adam.

“Could you grab some sodas from the fridge?” she asked.

“Sure,” Adam said slowly.

When he left the room Morgan opened the book to page with Mia’s amulet.

“The Ice Heart Amulet,” said Ms. Snow. “And why did you send Adam in the kitchen?”

“Can I explain later?” Morgan asked.

“The owner of that amulet is loose and he’s bad news,” said Mia.

“Aren’t they all?” Ms. Snow asked.

Mia was about to respond when Damon said, “Well they are vampires.”

Adam returned with the sodas.

“Sorry it took so long,” he said. “I was going to grab one kind but then I figured it’d be best to mix it up a bit. Hope you don’t mind.”

“Not at all,” said Morgan. “As they were explaining some crazy guy kidnapped Adam and was trying to bargain for the amulet,” said Damon.

“I see,” Ms. Snow said.

“I’m fine a girl helped me I don’t know who she was though,” said Adam.

“Anything else I should know?” Ms. Snow asked.

“Well before I was grabbed that black hearse was following me again,” said Adam.

“Who could be driving it?” Mia asked.

“Why shouldn’t we call the cops again?” Adam asked.

“Because you don’t know even know what the guy looks like,” said Morgan.

“Right,” said Adam.

Morgan took Adam upstairs.

“There’s still a few hours until sundown think we can we hold out until then?” Mia asked.

“There isn’t much he can do in the sunlight without withering,” said Ms. Snow.

“So you’re a witch as well?” Mia asked.

Ms. Snow sighed and said, “I was younger than Morgan when I thought I left that life behind.”

Mia’s phone began to ring. Lori’s face popped up on the screen.

“Hey Lori,” Mia said after answering it.

“Were you that wasted that you couldn’t call me?” Lori asked.

“I’m sorry Lori but there’s just a lot going on,” said Mia.

“Nope you are so making this up to me,” said Lori. “Details.”

“I don’t remember much,” she said.

“Yep I guess you were,” said Lori.

“Don’t be mad?” she asked.

“I’m not but you have to party with me next weekend cause if you miss my birthday,” said Lori.

“I won’t I promise,” she said.

“Gotta go see ya,” Lori said before hanging up.

“Look I know your trying to do a good thing by keeping Adam in the dark about this,” said Ms. Snow.

“I didn’t know what else to do,” said Mia.

“You are going to have to distance yourself from him until this is resolved you know that right?” said Ms. Snow.

“I just hope that will keep him safe,” Mia said. “You guys are gonna wanna see this,” said Morgan from the stairs.

“What’s wrong?” asked Damon as he followed her up the stairs.

Mia and Ms. Snow stopped at the bottom.

“And why can’t I know?” asked Adam.

“Haven’t you had enough excitement for one day?” Morgan asked.

“Just relax,” Damon said putting his hand on his shoulder. “We’ll take it from here.”

“You’re right it’s a lot to take in and maybe I should just try not to think about it instead of diving into it,” said Adam.

He went down the stairs.

“We can put him back in the tomb early if we take the amulet to the tomb,” said Morgan.

“Are you sure you wanna chance it?” Damon asked.

“It has to be better than hiding and letting him wreak havoc,” Mia said from the doorway.

“It has to be somewhere in the woods,” said Damon.

“We better move before he finds out what the plan is,” Mia said. 

Mia, Damon, and Morgan walked down the stairs.

“Adam I think you should stay here if that’s alright with mom,” said Morgan.

“Only if you leave the book,” said Ms. Snow gently taking the book from her hands.

Morgan shook her head and smiled. Mia opened the door then Morgan and Damon walked out. Mia went after them closing the door behind her.

Sometime later the three of them were walking around the woods.

“Look for a body sized hole or an entrance to a cavern,” said Damon.

“How cool is it that your mom is helping us?” Mia asked.

“Yeah maybe we can fill yours in too,” said Morgan.

Mia looked at her with a puzzled expression.

“This isn’t my cup of tea,” Morgan continued. “My mom and I aren’t that close and besides hunting vampires wasn’t exactly on my bucket list.”

 Mia watched Morgan walk away.

“Do you really think it’s out here?” Mia asked.

“He got here way too fast for it not to be,” Damon replied.

Mia and Damon heard Morgan scream. Damon sped towards her but stopped when he saw Drew gripping Morgan’s arm.

“If you’re looking for my comfy little box I moved it,” said Drew.

“Let her go Drew,” said Damon.

“I’d rather not,” Drew said. “These times aren’t what you’re used to.”

Damon said inching towards him.

“You know what I want so hand it over before I get hungry,” Drew said pulling Morgan in front of him.

“Only if you leave town and never return,” said Mia.

“Whoa hold on,” said Morgan.

“But I like it here,” said Drew. “It’s quiet and here I thought I was the negotiator.”

When Morgan closed her eyes Drew’s hands started to smoke.

She broke free and ran behind Mia. Damon grabbed Drew’s shirt and pinned him to a tree.

“I bet you felt the same way about your amulet Damon,” he said.

“No,” Damon replied. “It was given to me.”

Drew chuckled and said, “You stopped drinking blood.”

Damon flew backwards landing by Mia’s feet.

“Mia run,” Damon said getting up.

“You’re still as fast but you lost your strength,” Drew said walking towards him.

Mia and Morgan ran through the trees. Drew ran after them pinning Mia to the ground. By the time Damon got there he was gone.

“Are you ok?” he asked.

“It’s gone Damon,” she said. “He got the amulet.”

Later that night Adam was sitting at the kitchen table when he saw headlights shine in through the living room window. He slowly went to the window in time to see the lights turn off. It was the hearse again. Adam looked shocked as he watched the door open. He pulled his phone out of his pocket. Mia was walking up to her front door when her phone rang.

“Hello,” she said sadly.

“The hearse is in the driveway,” said Adam. “Mia I saw someone get out”.

Mia hung up and rushed for her car.

“Something wrong?” asked Damon who was standing next to the car.

“It’s Adam,” she said.

Damon got in the car.

“So what happens if you drink blood again?” Mia asked.

“It’ll reverse the process but if I try to revert again it’ll kill me,” he said.

“And someone else will be turned to take your place,” said Mia.

“That’s right,” said Damon.

Mia and Damon arrived just as a teenage girl with long black hair was knocking on the door. She wore sleek black leather boots, dark jeans, and a black jacket. Mia stepped out of the car.

“Who are you?” she asked.

The girl turned to look at her. It was the girl from the picture that Mia had the day before.

“Paine,” Damon said.

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