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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Featured Review on this writing by Writing_wall44

This is awful...





I close the door and settle in -

"Bless me father; I have sinned."


A small partition slides away

through which the lattice shadowplay

reveals your jawline silhouette;

a pair of lips I shan't forget.


"How long, my child, since you've confessed?"

My heart is pounding in my chest.

"Since I betrayed my loving man."

I twist the diamond on my hand.


"My child, elaborate your deeds!"


"My husband's small, and I have needs.

I've found someone to quench my thirst

who fills my core until I burst."


A pregnant pause invades the air.

I slide my skirt and underwear

across my shins, down to the floor.

"Forgive me father; I'm a whore."


"My child, the tears of Heaven fall

on saints and sinners one and all."


"I'm wet with rain,"  I interject.

"My pussy's crying from neglect."

I press my panties to the screen.

"Just smell my crotch!  See what I mean?"


You groan a soft familiar sound.

I hear you pull your zipper down.

"Are you erect?"  I dare to ask.

I twist my bra - unclip the clasp.


"Please tell me, child, where you have failed

the laws of God in rich detail."


"Remove your robe, and I'll reveal

just how a cock should make me feel."


And as you strip, I slip inside

your hallowed chamber for a ride.

You roughly slam your throbbing dick

inside my folds so pink and slick.


You thrust...

I hump...

You moan...

I scream...


We strain each bolt and wooden beam

until your balls, tight as a drum,

explode and fill me full of cum!


I kiss you lips.  You're quite a fuck.

"My husband's waiting in the truck."


"Then run along,"  You smugly say.

"Same time next week, same place, same day."


I smile, and with a vibrant purr,

suck on your prick and ask, "You sure?"


"I'm not even Catholic."














Submitted: September 26, 2020

© Copyright 2022 DampKitten. All rights reserved.

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Your rhymes have improved greatly over the years young lady.
And, as usual, your wordplay is akin to foreplay for the mind.
Now I must away, to conclude my own desires that you have again evoked.
Yes, I am inspired to write.
Thanks DK, keep me hard at it.

Sat, September 26th, 2020 11:24pm


Thank you, Kalel - I like to evoke your desires! Keep it hard, Kalel.

Sat, September 26th, 2020 8:47pm


wow! factor here off the scale dk.
are you going to wait in the truck if hubby takes his turn at glory.

Sun, September 27th, 2020 3:11am


His turn at glory comes when I sit on his face...
Baby don't wait for shit

Thanks for checking this out, DK!
I'm open for confessions...

Sat, September 26th, 2020 8:49pm


Coughs and slams my eyes shut
Its so hot and rough

Sun, September 27th, 2020 8:28am


Just like I like you...

Sun, September 27th, 2020 11:23am


Holy... hell! Let us bend knee and bow our heads, for the great DK has yet again bestowed upon us a sensual piece of art! I think you are hands down, the queen of naughty on here hun... it's pure perfection! You know what to say and how to say it. Everything is blended so beautifully, so elegantly and so damn naughtily too. There certainly are no angels in this house of God now is there! ;p

I love how the setting is something we normally associate with goodness and a release of our wrong-doings, our baddest of sins. Oh how something so good can become so devilish and sexy! I like how open you are with him, expressing how your husband meets not your quench for sexual gratification. The way you write "Who fills my core until I burst." Woah... what a line! Conveys an absolute certainty you have about this other person and his ability to make you feel truly and wholly satisfied.

"Forgive me father; I'm a whore." I get a real sense, that there is a deep and insatiable desire that hides within you, again expressing so freely your feelings and your longing for something more. Now there's something about the next line that I cannot quite put my finger on "My child, the tears of Heaven fall on saints and sinners one and all." I feel maybe the priest is trying his best, not to give into such temptation. But I mean really, who is going to resist such delights!? As I read further on "I'm wet with rain," I find it quite symbolic. I might make a bit of a mess trying to describe this, but I think I see a connection between the 'tears of heaven' and "I'm wet with rain." Heaven is something that is associated with goodness and light and happiness and of course, we associate sex with good feelings and happiness. Having sex with another is just like heaven, it makes us feel so good and alive and free and liberated from everything we feel around us. It's almost like a liberation of the soul for a brief moment, just the way heaven liberates us from this life and from it's worries and woes. I also like how the word 'interject' helps to convey a real 'cry for help,' this appetite that keeps growing and growing and will not stop until it has been appeased. I also like how rain is the element used, it's something that is a normal part of life just as sex and our desire for sex is an everyday part of life. It sounds like it isn't the first time though, that such an encounter has happened before "You groan that soft familiar sound." Damn, that is one lucky priest right there! It's interesting that the priest is asking you to explain where you failed God's laws in 'rich detail.' He's not just asking for an overview or little details, he wants to know everything in its entirety about this lack of excitement and fulfilment that you have been experiencing.

"We strain each bolt and wooden beam." I LOVE the intensity and lust in this line, it's really powerful and evokes a lot of imagery. But I also feel that it's another symbolic thing that reflects reality. That even in the house of God, people can still feel these feelings and have such thoughts, that they can do things that others may consider a 'sin.' Sometimes not even God's house can prevent our most innate desires and fantasies from surfacing and showing themselves to the world and to others.

I find the fact that your husband is waiting in the car, whilst all of this is going on and the priest's balls 'explode and fill you with cum' quite sexy and enticing. And quite ironic seeing that religion teaches that adultery is a sin, so I love the irony of the situation.

The eagerness of the priest for your return is great! He must have really enjoyed himself in that confessional box. And a great ending too, when you reveal that "I'm not even Catholic." Oh I'm sure the priest won't mind that. ;)

I know I probably repeat myself DK, but you've done fabulously once more, as you do time and time and time again! The irony, the imagery, the lust and the desire... fabulous mix! You are definitely one of the most talented of writers on here, and certainly one of my favourites (if not my favourite!) Your writing ability is incredible, and always leaves us salivating for more and more! Amazing work oh great one! Do keep up the sexy work! ;)

Sun, September 27th, 2020 3:28pm


Whenever I get a review from you, Dark, I literally have to change my panties.
I've never before had anyone examine my thoughts so meticulously - I feel like you hypnotized me and I'm slobbering out my deepest desires, my kinkiest fantasies. I love how you quote my pieces and analyze each line. So frequently, you hit on a nerve. So often, you see things I didn't expect to show. Occasionally, you show me things I didn't even think about.

This piece is superficially inspired by Bebe Rexha's "Last Hurrah" music vid. If you look at it, you will see why.

Because you are so amazingly detailed in your analysis, I'm going to go back and address some things you mentioned. First, it was my intention to suggest an 'undue familiarity' between the speaker and the priest when I describe "lips I shan't forget" - meaning, these two have been together before. However, I can see how that might have been taken as just an incredible first impression of the guy - which is fine. Poetry needs to be vague. Still, at the end of the poem, the priest instructs the speaker to show up same time next week as if this is sort of 'routine'. I at least wanted to suggest the possibility that this whole thing is a bit of a game between these two, and the discourse is sexual fodder - a sort of verbal foreplay. The priest is actually that 'someone' who bursts her core and keeps her coming back for more. She's building his ego by describing her sins in lurid detail - he is her sin. The line that drives this home to you is his 'familiar groan', yet another attempt to imply that this is really an affair, not an incidental meeting.

I love how you key in on that line about Heaven's tears. This is an allusion to an actual verse in the Bible that says, God maketh the rain fall on both the just and unjust. In the Bible, the inference is that God allows the good and the bad to play out on Earth. Judgment is delayed. The priest is trying to subtly suggest that God empathizes with both sides and that being a whore 'probably isn't that bad'. You're right - he has an agenda. Additionally, the Bible says practically all of us are sinners - there just aren't a lot of saints down here. So, the speaker has plenty of company and needn't be alarmed about her carnal desires.

The speaker takes the priest's religious reference and runs with it. She alludes back to his comment by saying she is 'wet with rain' (reference to Heaven's tears) - but her wetness isn't Heaven sent. It's lust. And she's very explicitly direct about what she wants. The priest wants her to be explicit (rich detail).

I found it curious that you focused on the 'bolts and wooden beams' since I had no secret symbolism or metaphor in mind for that. That being said, you alerted me to new ideas - and maybe my mind was outthinking my typing. I definitely see what you mean by potential hidden meanings. The confessional is like this extended wooden box with a central chamber for the priest and two confessional chambers on either side. I looked up pictures of them and intended to include one, but I found some other pics I liked better. None the less, most pictures depicted the structure as old, ornate, and potentially fragile. I was imagining in my mind how rough sex in those surroundings could certainly rock the boat...thus the strain on the physical materials holding it together. But your point about the strain against religious constraints is totally amazing.

So, you like the line about the husband waiting outside? I couldn't wait to get to it. LOL. I mean how could he suspect his wife was doing anything at confession, right? This is so over the top. I think we would all be surprised to know just how much of this sort of thing occurs on Holy Ground. I had visions of her climbing in the truck all gooey, but I couldn't figure out how to go there....too tangential. It cranks up the taboo element, though.

The last line about not being Catholic is tongue in cheek. I threw that in there for shits and giggles because both the priest and the speaker know what this is all about. It has nothing to do with Catholicism, and it totally flies in the face of religious law and practice. What's crazy is to think that the husband is somehow totally oblivious to his wife's spiritual convictions - if she has any. When you marry somebody, you're essentially forced to acknowledge their religious beliefs - (most people wed in the bride's church). So you're left scratching your head as to how the wife convinced her husband that she needs to go to confession when she's never been Catholic.

As always, have totally made my day with this. Your reviews are what a site like this is supposed to be about - interacting with authors about their pieces. It's a book club where the author actually shows up. I can't get over the depth of your assessment, the breadth of your consideration. I just want to lick your face off...

Sun, September 27th, 2020 12:46pm


Blasphemously sexy!!!!

Sun, September 27th, 2020 4:28pm


Isn't it just the worst?!!!

Sun, September 27th, 2020 11:22am


I am a hethin, your kitten I'll be pleasin.
The toes on your feet, will curl from the heat.
When my cock goes inside, after spreading your lips wide.
On your hands and knees, my cock will please.
For I am not small, when my cock stands tall.
If you would be so kind, to let me do it from behind.
If you were here peeking, you would see it's already leaking.
You're a cheating slut, BUT.
You're just what I need, to satisfy my need

Mon, September 28th, 2020 3:03am


Are you taking confession, or giving one?
You know I love your poetic responses, Ron...
and I love taking care of your needs!

Sun, September 27th, 2020 10:00pm


What a great piece! The pictures do not do your work justice, the mental image is way more appealing.
I wonder if our priest has more than one of these weekly confessions at the same time we know how great the risk is for him so what motivates him to do this weekly, he could be in big trouble. I’m not catholic so I have to wonder how much trouble could he get in, the greater the risk the higher the turn on.
And then we find out she’s not catholic either! Does our priest know? Does he care? He does care about the details, he wants the sin in detail, he wants the wants and desires in detail. We like the detail. The mental imagery is outstanding, I swear I can smell the wood around me along with other musky smells. Great job.

Mon, September 28th, 2020 5:20pm


You are so awesome, Trix! I love that review! Yea, he likes the kind of detail she can provide. I was reading up on confessionals (which is the name of the big box that you confess inside). The grid was set up with a walled partition to eliminate sexual advances. Apparently, all the priests like details and they have trouble controlling themselves when they hear them. I think they originally had a curtain.

Thanks for reading this, girl!

Mon, September 28th, 2020 6:58pm


WOW!!!!! What a dirty whore! Reminds me of American Horror Story! I've been binge watching that, lately.....I feel sorry for her husband! But, at least I'm not him.

Mon, October 5th, 2020 7:41pm


Yea, you'd think he would have suspected something. I haven't seen American Horror Story, but I've heard it's good.

Thanks for reading, DL!

Mon, October 5th, 2020 3:21pm


For Pete´s sake, I will turn religious if religious people have such fun...

Wed, November 11th, 2020 11:22pm


I know, right?!!
I was reading about the 'confessional box' before posting this. It turns out that the box with the partition and screen was designed because a lot of this sort of thing was happening. Apparently, confessions kindle even more things to confess...

Thanks for reading, Lizzie!

Wed, November 11th, 2020 8:13pm

Loretta Martin

Great poem!
I was raised Cathoholic (drunken Catholic) you're dead on my Kitten!
The last line?

Thu, January 13th, 2022 7:35am


Thank you, Loretta! Thanks for reading!

Thu, January 13th, 2022 6:15pm


There's a lot here to digest. Obviously they have "met" before, perhaps there in the church or somewhere else, so we wonder - is he really a priest? In fact, are they really in a church setting? There could be serious role play here.

But considering the latter comment about the husband being outside, the latter is dispelled right away.

The irreverent essence of sex right there in the church and with the priest is enough to make (some) Catholics gasp.
Her admission of her husband's inadequacy is purely an excuse for her behavior. And teasing the priest with her we're talking pure white trash, LOL

Delicious and devilish poem; loved it top to bottom.

Mon, July 25th, 2022 8:38pm


This is one of the most awful things I've ever written, hands down.
I actually go back and read some of my poems occasionally, but this one I avoid.
I'm glad you liked it, though!

Mon, July 25th, 2022 7:11pm

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