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Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica



What happens a Sales woman at erotica convention gets flirty with customer?



What happens a Sales woman at erotica convention gets flirty with customer?


Submitted: January 11, 2019

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Submitted: January 11, 2019



Elisa stood at the booth for Naughty Playground. The up and coming sex toy company was rapidly becoming popular. Its sales last year had exceeded expectations, especially the sale of it's two most popular items.


The Bondage Box, which was a large velvet box that contained handcuffs, a blindfold, whip, his and her Thongs, gloves and a feather.


And the Vibration-2000, a smooth white streamline vibrator with six different speeds.


Elisa had been working for Naughty Playground for six months and already she was becoming one of the company's top salespeople at twenty-five years old. Of course, it didn't hurt that Elisa was also stunningly beautiful. She stood 5'6 with long wavy auburn hair, that reached to her back, violet eyes, a warm beige complexion and sensuously curvy body.


Elisa smiled at the people who were attending the Sex Expo Convention in San Francisco as she stood at the Naughty Playground booth with two other company employees, Keith Sharpe and Amanda Gates. Keith and Amanda watched as Elisa explained all the products that were on display with her beautiful smile and warm and friendly attitude.


Keith was a young college kid who worked in the warehouse department of the company. He was a decent looking young man of nineteen who stood about 5'11 with short dark brown hair, brown eyes and fair complexion that was marred by a few acne scars and an average body. He secretly lusted after Elisa, hell he practically lusted after every beautiful woman that worked at Naughty Playground.


Amanda, on the other hand was bookish twenty-one year old marketing student interning at Naughty Playground. She was shorter than Elisa, standing only 5'3 with shoulder length blonde hair that she kept in a ponytail, green eyes and rosy pale complexion. She was very conservative with her style and often turned her nose up at how Elisa flirted shamelessly with customers.


“She is totally hot” said Keith


“Pfft, she's nothing special. She wouldn't even be a top salesperson if she wasn't so damn flirtatious and always sticking her boobs in everyone's faces” said Amanda.


“Oh, Mandy! Don't be jealous and besides, the reason why she's one of the company's top salespeople is because of her personality. I mean look at her” said Keith watching Elisa as she explains the Vibration-2000 to a customer.


“I mean can you honestly stand there and explain these products to people without blushing?” Keith asked.


“Of course, I can” Amanda said in a huff.


“Prove it then!” said Keith and he handed her the Orgasm X-3000.


Amanda just looked strangely at the orange silicon penis shaped vibrator and hesitantly took it from Keith's hand and walked over to a customer.



“Ex... Excuse me, sir. But can I interest you in Naughty Playground's newest item. It's called the Orgasm X-3000” said Amanda.


The man just looked at Amanda strangely and then walked away. Keith snickered at her as Amanda resisted the urge to pout.


“Face it, Mandy. You are too much of a prude and too shy to sell a sex toy to someone. Hell, you were ready pass out when Miss Benetton asked if you wanted to model the company's line of lingerie” said Keith.


“That's only because it went against my beliefs” said Amanda.


“Pfft, if that's the case, when why are you working for a sex toy company? Especially since you keep saying that you had lots of offers from bigger companies to be an intern” Keith asked looking Amanda straight in the eyes.


Amanda got nervous, “I don't have to answer your question. I am within my rights to plead the 5th amendment” she said crossing her arms.


Keith just rolled his eyes, “Whatever Mandy! Don't bitch when Elisa gets Top Salesperson of the Year” he said as he walked over to finish setting up one of the displays.


Amanda just looked at Elisa as she smiled and flirted with the customers. However, Amanda couldn't deny that Elisa was getting sales. Finally, Amanda made it a goal that she was going to at least get one sale. Soon a woman walked up to the Naughty Playground booth, this was Amanda's chance to prove that she can be just as a good as Elisa in selling sex toys, even it did make her uncomfortable.


“Thank you, enjoy your purchases” said Elisa as a couple who bought four items from the Naughty Playground booth walked away. Elisa took a deep breath and looked around the convention floor. The Sex Expo was in full swing this year and Elisa was happy to be representing the company as one of it's top salespeople.


Elisa was quite proud of herself, who knew that being a flirt and selling sex toys could be so lucrative. Soon Elisa spotted Amanda trying to sell the Orgasm X-3000 to a woman. Elisa just shook her head as the woman looked terrified of the item.


Elisa looked around and saw the Vibration-3000 laying on the display table. Elisa picked up the light blue vibrator and walked over to where Amanda was standing.


“So, the Orgasm X-3000 is powerful huh?” asked the woman who Amanda was trying to sell the item to.


“Yes, it has different speeds and it's supposed to help one achieve a fabulous orgasm” said Amanda.


“Supposed to?” the woman asked


“Well, yes. I mean I haven't tried it myself. But yeah!” said Amanda holding the vibrator in her hand.

The woman just looked at Amanda as if she was unsure if she should believe her.


“Excuse me” said Elisa.


The woman and Amanda turned their attention to Elisa. Amanda did not wanting Elisa muscling in on her sale.


“Elisa, I am with a customer” Amanda said.


“Well, I was thinking perhaps the lady would like to see something less....intimidating” said Elisa holding the Vibration-3000, which was light blue with an ergonomic curve.


“Can you tell me about that vibrator?” the woman asked Elisa and pointing to the one she was holding.


“Of course!” Elisa said cheerfully.


Amanda calmly walked away in defeat but underneath she boiling mad. How dare Elisa just walk up and interfere in her sale. She would find a way to get revenge.


“Now about the Vibration-3000, as you can see this vibrator is designed to contour to a woman's nature curve. And it's also has seven different speeds ranging from soft to climax. It's made of silicon and it's even waterproof so you can take it into the shower or bath with you” said Elisa smiling at the woman.


“It seems interesting” said the woman.


“Well, if you like I can give you a demonstration” said Elisa.


“Um, I guess that would be okay” the woman said reluctantly.


“Hold out your hand, please” said Elisa and the woman did so.


Elisa turned on the vibrator and circled the tip of it in the palm of the woman's hand.


“Ooh!” the woman exclaimed.


“How did that feel?” Elisa asked


“Interesting, I felt a tingle go down my back” said the woman.


“Well...., if you would like a more intense demonstration. I can walk to you back to our Try It booth” said Elisa.


“Try It booth?” the woman asked


“Yes, a booth were customers can try out the products in privacy. What better way to see if you like the item that you are about to purchase” said Elisa.



The woman thought about it for a while and then spoke, “It does make sense. Very well, I will try the Vibration-3000 in the Try It booth” she said.


“Wonderful!” said Elisa.


“Please follow me, I'll walk you over to it” she said


“Okay” said the woman.


As they walked over to the Try It booth. Elisa looked the woman up and down. The woman was beautiful and curvy, something that Elisa found attractive in a woman. The woman's complexion was a smooth light toffee color that perfectly matched her light brown eyes and silky shoulder length dark brown hair.


The Try It booth was medium size rectangular shaped booth that was enclosed and sound poof. Elisa and the woman stood in front of the booth and Elisa cheerfully turned to her.


“Here we are” said Elisa as she opened the door.


“Uh, I have a question” said the woman


“What is it?” Elisa asked.


“Has anyone ever had sex in there?” the woman asked


Elisa smirked, “Well, I can't say for sure if any customers have or not. However, it wouldn't surprise me if some customers got a little carried away with trying out the products” she said.


“I see” said the woman as Elisa placed her hand on doorknob to the booth and turned the sign on it to say 'Do Not Disturb'.


“Now the motion lights will stay on for forty-five minutes. Plenty of time for you to try out the Vibration 3000. If you are done before the forty-five minute time limit, you can simply exit the room and the lights will go off automatically. However, if you are still in here as the forty-five time limit nears, a timer will alert you that your time is almost up” said Elisa as she handed Katia the sex toy.


“Will the timer still go off should I leave before the time limit?” the woman asked.


“Yes, I'll just simply reset it” said Elisa


“By the way, I never got your name” Elisa said.


“It's Katia” said the woman.


“I'm Elisa” she said with a smile and Katia smiled back.


When Elisa opened the door, Katia stepped inside. The motion lights immediately came on when the door opened. In the middle of the booth was a full size bed with a dark purple fitted sheet and black pillows.

“When you are done, just turn the sign back around” said Elisa as she set the timer that stood on a wooden stool.


“Thank you, Elisa” said Katia.


“No problem” said Katia as she turned to exit the booth.


“Elisa, one more question” said Katia.


“What is it?” Elisa asked.


“Are you allowed to... um.... be in here with customers to show them how to use the products?” Katia asked.


Elisa smiled, “Not really, although if you feel more comfortable with being shown how to use the product, then I am happy to help” she said as she closed the door to the booth and locked it.


Katia sat her purse down on the floor as she took a seat on the bed and Elisa sat down next to her. Elisa took the vibrator in her hand and looked Katia in the eyes. Elisa thought Katia's eyes were beautiful and her lips, full and lush. Elisa was getting turned on just from looking at Katia.


Elisa instructed Katia to relax as she gently opened her legs and pulled up Katia's skirt. Elisa then took the vibrator, turned it on and placed it Katia's vagina while she was still wearing her panties. Katia moaned as Elisa moved the tip of the vibrator up and down and in a circular motion. Elisa was getting very turned from hearing Katia moan and crossed her legs as she felt herself getting wet.


Noticing that Katia's eyes were closed, Elisa took a chance and moved Katia's panties to the side and gently touched her clit with the tip of the vibrator. This made Katia moan louder as she laid back and opened her legs wider. Elisa didn't know how much more she could take. She thought about just simply leaving and letting Katia to continue testing the vibrator herself.


But she was so turned on and she found Katia very attractive. So attractive that she wanted to just fuck her with that vibrator and make her climax and then possibly ask her to do the same with her. As Elisa continued to use the vibrator on Katia, she saw that Katia had her hand underneath her shirt, caressing her breasts.


Elisa decided to take a chance and leaned down and begin to lick Katia' clit with her tongue while still using the vibrator on her. Katia moaned louder as she placed her hand on Elisa's head, holding it there. Elisa suddenly shut off the vibrator and put it aside as she continued licking Katia's clit.


“Oh yes! That feels so good!” said Katia.


Elisa lifted up her head a bit and smiled at Katia.


“I can make you feel very good, if you will allow me” said Elisa with a seductive smile.


“Please do” said Katia breathing heavily.



With that, Elisa pulled off Katia's panties and then pulled off her panties. She resumed licking Katia's clit as she inserted a finger inside her vagina hole, sliding it in and out. Katia was on the edge as she tightly grasped the sheet. Never in her life had she felt such pleasure and from a woman at that.


Katia finally climaxed as her wetness went into Elisa's mouth and on her finger.


Elisa sat up and smiled her and then gently kissed her.


Katia pulled up Elisa's dress and started to rub her clit, which was soaking wet.


“My, you're very wet” said Katia with a smile.


“I blame you, you sexy vixen. You turned me on and now you have to help me relieve all the sexual pressure from my pussy” said Elisa said seductively.


“With pleasure” said Katia as she rubbed Elisa's wet pussy more and then inserting a finger into her vagina hole, sliding it in and out. Elisa screamed as she climaxed hard and all of her wetness came pouring out, soaking Katia's fingers.


“Feel better?” Katia asked.


“Not by a long shot baby. I'm gonna fuck you until you come so hard that you will be wet for days” said Elisa as she put Katia on her side and opened her legs. Getting into the scissor position, Elisa and Katia rubbed their clits against one another. The movement soon got faster as Elisa held on tightly to Katia's leg.


“FUCK!” Katia screamed


“Oh yes, baby! I'm gonna make you come very hard” said Elisa as she picked up speed and Katia matched her speed.


They soon screamed in unison as they both climaxed at the same time and then fell back on the bed.


“Wow! That was wonderful” said Katia as she sat up.


Elisa smiled as she also sat up, “I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'm always happy to help a customer” she said with a mischievous grin.


Katia soon got up and put her panties back on and smiled at Elisa.


“Well, after this. I will purchase the Vibration 3000” said Katia.


Elisa smiled, “Great! I knew that once you tried it you would love it and buy it” she said as she got off the bed and put her panties back on.


Once both women were presentable they exited out of the Try It Booth and walked back over to the Naughty Playground booth. Keith just smiled at Elisa, for he figured out what had happened just by the way she and Katia were behaving.


Amanda on the other hand had no clue, but was happy that she managed to sell a lot of the products while Elisa was gone.


After buying the Vibration 3000, Katia smiled at Elisa and leaned in close.


“Thanks for the demonstration. It was quite helpful and enjoyable” she said in a low voice.


Elisa smiled, “I'm glad that I could help. Enjoy your purchase” she said and Katia walked away.


Soon Keith walked over and grinned at Elisa.


“What exactly went on in the Try It Booth?” Keith asked


Elisa smirked as she stood sexily against the table, “There are some things that a woman never tells. However, there's a reason why I like my job. And it's because I enjoy making the customer happy” she said.


“Satisfaction Guarantee?” said Keith


“Oh yes! Most definitely!” said Elisa.



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