My Bi Birthday

My Bi Birthday My Bi Birthday

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


A birthday party that he though was going to be him and his wife at a motel room for night of fun. It turns into a room full of men and his wife that give him a birthday spankings to start the party. So read this story to find out what happends to him and his wife and the room full of men. I hope you enjoy reading this story as much I enjoy writting this story.


A birthday party that he though was going to be him and his wife at a motel room for night of fun. It turns into a room full of men and his wife that give him a birthday spankings to start the party. So read this story to find out what happends to him and his wife and the room full of men. I hope you enjoy reading this story as much I enjoy writting this story.


Submitted: June 18, 2012

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Submitted: June 18, 2012



My bi birthday



By D. L. Westra




It was my 35th birthday, my wife and I was going to a motel for a night of pleasure.  Dena my wife had rented the motel about a month before my birthday.  When we got to the motel, Dena told me she had left her glasses at home on her computer desk and she asked me to go home and get them.  Therefore, I went home and got her glasses.  It took about 2 hours to get back to the motel.  When I went in the motel room, the room was full of good-looking men. I did not know why all the men where in our room.  My wife was dress in the sexiest lingerie I have ever seen her in. 

My wife Dena said, “Happy birthday, hunny.” 

With her hand spread out to her side to said all this is for you.  I sat down and started to talk to some of the guys.  I counted about ten men in all. 

Then Dena asked, “Who wants to give the birthday boy a spanking?”  

The entire room of men said, “I do.” 

My wife walks me to the middle of the room then told me to “bend over.” 

I was thinking she was joking, so I bent over.  Then Dena came over and pulled my pants down to my knees.  Then she spanked my bare butt 35 times.  Her spanking my butt turned me on.  Then someone else was spanking my butt.  My screams filled the small motel room.  The more of the men that spanked me the more I screamed.  My screams echoing off the walls, slamming back into their ears was making my ears ring from the sounds.  When he had given me all 35 spankings, he stuck he hand between my legs and ran his fingers down my jewels and my shaft.  I wanted him to do it more.  It went this way with all the rest of the men.  I was so turn on by the time they were all done.  When they all had spanked my butt, I started to pull up my pant. 

When Dena told me to “stop pulling up your pants we are not done with you.” 

Then one of the men got on his knees in front of me and pulled my pant the rest of the way off.  Then he popped my shaft in his mouth and started to suck me down his throat.  I looked around the room to see my wife.  Dena was on the bed with a man on both sides of her.  She had no clothes on, the two men that were on the bed with her.  Where playing with her breasts.  The guy that was sucking on my shaft was also playing with my rosebud.  I liked the feeling it was giving me.  My wife was now at my side, she grabbed my hand and lend me to the bed and sat me down on it. 

She asks, “Who was next?” 

They all answered, “It is my turn!!.” 

My wife had picked out two of them.  One got down on his knees and stuck my hard erection in his mouth.  He started to suck me down his throat.  The other one stuck himself in front of me.  I stuck his big shaft in my mouth begin sucking on.  Dena was now helping the men that was sucking on my hard erection and licking my jewels at the sometime.  I can feel someone started to play with my rosebud.  I did not know whom and did not care because it was making me very aroused.  They were rolling me over on my belly.  I can feel a hard shaft at my rosebud going in very slowly; the tip of the head then the rest of the shaft was in.  Then he was pounding hard and fast.  I was moaning very loudly.  It was feeling all so good.  I can feel someone touching my also hard-on and stroking it.  I was about to cum but the guy stopped pounding me and let his load of hot juices all over my back.  Then another guy was over my body now and put his hard-on in my rosebud. 

Then there was another shaft in front of me.  I grabbed hold of his hard-on, started to stroke him.  I was still sucking on the one in my mouth.  I looked over at Dena there were two men, one on either side off her.  They were both playing with her breasts.  One guy down between her legs licking her nub, and they were all playing, one was sucking on a cock another were playing and so on.  I was enjoying all the playing that was going on around me. 

The guy at my rosebud was now all the way in and was pumping in and out hard.  Then I can feel someone grabbing my hard shaft in his hand and stroking it.  By this time, I was letting my load of hot juices all over the bed.  The men had switch there was a new rod in my rosebud now.  The shaft that I was sucking on he let his load go in my mouth.  His juices tasted sweet which was surprising to me.  Now there is another hard-on in front of me.  This one is bigger than the last one.  I grabbed and put it in my mouth and started sucking on it.  The one that is in my rosebud was letting his load go inside of me.  Then they turn me over, and grabbed my hard shaft and begin sucking on it.  It was all feeling so good that I wanted to my wife now, but they would not let me.  I hear my wife making very loud noises of pleasure of what was going on.  With all the noises she was making I was thinking that someone was pounded her in the rosebud good and hard.  I was sucking on one rod after and another.  Suck on me one or two at a time.  Making me shot my hot steamy load of manly juices so many times that I have last count. 

I got up and sat down in a chair to watch what was going on.  I saw one guy pounding hard in ones rosebud, and another ones sucking rod and licking rosebud.  A small, skin man was sucking on a big black shaft.  Then I saw my wife who was enjoying herself with three of the men.  One man in her pleasure place, another man in her rosebud, and the last man one in her mouth.  The one in her rosebud was pounding her hard and the shaft she was sucking so hard.  That I can see he was about to let his load go.  He pulled his rod out of her mouth and his juices all over her face.  The one in her rosebud and the other in her pleasure place are unloading themselves in her now.  Dena was squirting her juices all over the one in her pleasure place. 

I was seeing this all and it was turning me on.  I wanted to done my wife now.  I got up and walked over to my wife.  I stuck my head down between her legs and starting to lick her all out.  I licked her until all the juices were out of her swollen lower lips.  Pulled Dena legs up and stuck my hard tip of my shaft in her swollen lips.  I did not put it in all the way; I held my shaft with one hand, shuck it up and down in her.  She was wiggle and squirting all over my hand, shaft and down the front of my legs. 

Then I stuck my hard shaft all the way in and pounded her hard.  I felt someone behind me was playing with my rosebud.  The next thing I felt was he was putting his shaft in my rosebud.  He was going slowly in my rosebud until it was all the way in.  He grabbed my hair and was pounding me hard, while I was in my wife’s pleasure place, (Oh what a feeling that was).  I looked at my wife I was pounding and she was enjoying what was going on.  I can feel my erection hitting the back of her canal.  My whole body was quivering; I was shooting my hot steamy manly load of juices in her hard, very hard.  So was the guy that was pounding me was to the same to me, in my rosebud.  He pulled out.  Dena was squirting all over my shaft as I was pulling myself out of her.  Then I lay down next to my wife, was playing with her breast.

Then there was a hard-on in front of my face.  As I looked at his shaft it was the big black one I seen earlier.  I grabbed it; put the big black shaft in my mouth.  Begin sucking on it, down my throat.  My head is bobbing on the shaft in and out of my mouth.  I felt someone grab my rod and suck it in his mouth, was sucking on it.  Then the man with the big black one grabbed and flipped me over.  Put his big black hard shaft in my rosebud.  He went in slowly at first.  Then he was pounding me hard in the rosebud.  My shaft was getting hard, very hard now.  My wife had grabbed my hard shaft and was stroking it.  So I looked at my wife, there was hands moving on her body.  One guy was playing with her breasts and sucking on her other nipple.  There were two men playing with her swollen lower lips.  One guy was licking her swollen nub; the other was putting his fingers in and out of her.  She was moaning very loudly in pleasure.  I was enjoying that she was having fun.  I was enjoying the big black one in my rosebud.  He was going in and out, pounding harder with every stroke he made.  My wife was still stroking my hard shaft until I unloaded my hot steamy manly juices all over her hand.  He was pounding in the rosebud while she still had a hold of my shaft.  He pulled his big black shaft out of my rosebud.  He shot his hot load of manly juices on my wife’s face.  She let go of my shaft, when the big black shaft was unloading it juices on her.  She was licking up his juices that were on her face. 

Then the men that was between her legs where now pounding her in the front and one in her rosebud.  She was screaming with pleasure with every stroke the men were doing.  Just before the one in her canal shoot his load, he pulled it out and unloaded his manly juices on her breasts.  I had bent my head over her and licked all the juices off her breasts.  The man in her rosebud pulled his shaft out, shoots his manly juices on her breasts, face.  I was helping Dena clean her breasts and face off.  Dena was cleaning up the load of juices the men shot on her, from her own face.  I looked around the room to see that most of the men have lift. 

I rolled my wife over on her belly, was putting my hard shaft in her rosebud.  As I was pounding her rosebud, I felt the biggest shaft I have every felt going in my rosebud.  He was going in very fast and deep.  He was pounding me fast and hard, while I was pounding my wife.  My wife juices flowed instantly; she squirted and came so hard that the bed was getting wet under us.  Then I was shooting my hot load of manly juices in my wife’s rosebud so hard.  As the biggest shaft that was in my rosebud before shooting his hot load of juices, he pulled it out and rolled me off my wife.  Shot his hot load of manly juices all over me and my wife.  The last of the men were leaving. 

My wife and I fall fast to sleep because we were so tired from all that playing we did.  The next morning we got up showered and went home.  What a birthday that, I have ever had in my life.  I cannot wait to see what she will do next year on my birthday.


The end

© Copyright 2018 d l westra. All rights reserved.

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