I am a cupcake and you can not eat me chapter 2

I am a cupcake and you can not eat me chapter 2 I am a cupcake and you can not eat me chapter 2

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Bob takes Amy out of town to a rodeo. is this Amy's chance to make her fantasies about the cowboy to come true.


Bob takes Amy out of town to a rodeo. is this Amy's chance to make her fantasies about the cowboy to come true.

Chapter1 (v.1) - I am a cupcake and you can not eat me chapter 2

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Bob takes Amy out of town to a rodeo. is this Amy's chance to make her fantasies about the cowboy to come true.

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 25, 2012



Chapter 2

The red lace thong panties


On Friday Bob asked if, “Cupcake, would you like to go to a rodeo with me, to see me ride the bulls?” 

I said, “Yes, I would love to go with you.” 

As I was getting my thing ready to go, I was thinking that maybe I would get to see what Bob had in his pants.  By the time, my bags were packed for the weekend my panties where wet.  Bob had his bull riding things ready, in the old beat up truck.  He was waiting on me, and the bags I packed for the weekend.  Bob drove us about 40 miles to Sandpoint, Idaho.  The drive there we did not talk much.  Bob rented a small motel room with just one bed, a small bathroom, close to the rodeo. 

Bob said, “Sorry there is only one bed.  This is the only room they have left to rent because of the rodeo everyone wants the best they can get.” 

I was thinking tonight the night.  With just one bed, he wants to have me tonight.  Then Bob went to the rodeo to sign in.  As soon as Bob had left the room, I got in the shower.  The water was cooling and felt good on my skin.  When I got out of the shower, I was going to put on the same clothes as I had on before.  However, my panties were stiff in the crotch from my juices that had dried to them.  I wrapped the towel around myself and when went out to the room to get clean ones.  I was getting a pair of panties out of my bag when I heard the doorknob turn.  I ran back into the bathroom just as Bob came in the door.  When I came back out of the bathroom Bob was sitting there with a big smile on his face.  Did he see me or not? Is that why he is smiling about?  He told me that there was a cowboy dance tonight. 

He asked if, “Cupcake, would you like to go with me to the dance?”  I tilted my petty round face and said, “That it would be nice but I don’t think I should go I do not know how to dance.” 

Bob said, “We can just dance to the slow dances.”

I also told Bob that, “I have nothing to wear to a dance.” 

Bob looked at me and said, “Ok, let’s go shopping.” 

Therefore, I agreed to go shopping with him.  Bob took me to a nice clothing store.  At the clothing store, I picked out a nice western off white blouse and jean skirt and nice pair of woman cowboy boots. 

Bob picks up a sexy red laced pair of thong panties and said, “Cupcake, I bet you would look good in these.”

I just turned as red as the panties are.

Bob then asked, “So you are about a size 8, right?” 

I just nodded yes.  Bob paid for my clothes and boots.  What Bob had just bought me, it aroused me to the point my panties are wet.  No man had ever bought me any sexy panties before.  We then went to a nice little restaurant to eat.  When we got to our table, Bob held out my chair for me.  Bob ordered a T-bone steak dinner and I ordered a chef salad.

Every time the door of the restaurant was opened the breezes would hit me under the table and it was reminding me how wet my panties where.  I was so aroused by the time we got back to the motel.  I had to take a shower to cool myself down.  Then Bob came into the bathroom, so he can shave.

When I was in the shower, the thought of this gorgeous man being just on the other side of the shower curtain, was making my whole body come alive with anticipation of what I wanted to happen.  Before he left the bathroom, I could not stop myself from touch my pleasure spot.  As I started to rub myself, I let out a soft low moan.  I was hoping Bob did not hear me over the water running or seen the steamy silhouette moving sensuously behind the shower curtain as I fingered myself.  I was scared that Bob would catch me playing with myself.  However, just could not stop myself.  I am now leaning against the shower wall to hold myself up.  As I was putting fingers up inside of myself, I hear the bathroom door open and shut.  The more I fingered myself the more sexual frustrate.  I could not get myself to a climax, it just make me more frustrate then before I started.  I was wishing that Bob could come in and take me in the shower.  I stopped what I was doing and finished with the shower and got out.  Then, I put on the western outfit, came out of the bathroom to show Bob. 

Bob said, “You looked beautiful in the western style outfit.”

I said, “thank you.”

Then I asked Bob if he “would like to see me in the other outfit you bought me.”

Bob told me he “bought the panties for when you feeling like a cupcake.”

“What do you mean by feeling like a cupcake?” 

Bob just laughs and says, “You will find out soon enough.”  I was still confused but I was thinking it had something to do with sex in some way.  That it made me want him more than ever.  Bob to a quick shower, got dressed in his nice western outfit.  Then we went to the dance.  We sat at a small table in the corner next to the dance floor. 

Bob asked me, “What would I like to drink?” 

I told him, “I don’t know because I have never had a drink before or been to a bar.”

Therefore, Bob ordered me a drink called an “Oreo.”  When I got the drink, it was like an Oreo cookie milk shake.  It tasted so good that I drank it down fast.  By the time the music started, I had downed about three of the drinks. 

The first slow dance Bob grabbed me by the hand and led me out to the dance floor.  We were the only ones on the dance floor.  Bob put his arms around me and started to dance.  With his arm around me, my whole body was tingling from head to my toes.  My mouth watered in anticipation of what I know was going to happen tonight.  As we, danced Bob moved his hands from my back to my butt and was squeezing.  We danced every slow dance there was. 

By this time I was getting very aroused and my nipple where getting hard from us dancing so close.  My panties where wet with anticipation of what I was hoping was going to happened tonight at the motel.  By the time, the dance was over.  I was so drunk that Bob had to help me into the old beat up pickup.  When we got back to the motel Bob helped me out of the pickup and into the room.  Bob put me on the bed and pulled my boots off. 

I looked up at Bob and asked, “So am I a cupcake now?” 

Then I passed out and do not remember the rest of the night. 

The next morning when I woke up, I was under the covers with nothing but my bra and panties on.  When I looked over the room, I seen Bob was laying on the floor with a cover over him.  Bob was sleeping like a baby on the floor.  I laid there trying to remember what happened last night.  However, could not remember anything after Bob took my shoes off.  I was kind of getting bummed out at the thought of not remembering the first time I had sex with the sexy cowboy. 

I started fanaticizing about what may have happened that night.  That Bob kissed me on the lips pushing his tongue into my mouth for a taste.  That I kissed him from head to toes.  That he kissed me down my neck to my belly then to my pleasure place.  As he kissed my pleasure place, he was pushing his tongue in me to get a taste of my sweet nectar.  I would get to suck on that wonderful bulge that is in his jeans.  As I was daydreaming about the cowboy, I was touching myself.  My hands were under the covers rubbing myself going in and out as fast as I can.  I can feel myself getting to the top but was not working it was making it worst.  I wish Bob could teach me how to make myself have an orgasm.  Bob moved I thought he was waking up so I stop what I was doing to myself.

When Bob woke up, I asked him, “Did we have sex?” 

Bob told me, “No, that you had passed out from all the drinks you had.”  That he, “got you undressed and put you to bed.  Then I went to bed on the floor.”  I know all I would have to say was Bob come take me now.  However, I was too shy to say a word.

That afternoon we went to the rodeo.  It was my first time at a rodeo; Bob found me a good spot to sit.  Then Bob kissed me on the cheek and told me he had to go behind the shoots.  To get ready for his ride on the bull, I wished him luck and kissed him back on the cheek. 

When Bob came out of the shoot on his bull I was both scared and excited for him.  When the bull bucked him off I felt my stomach rise to my throat, as the bull spun around and picked Bob up with it head and throw him, as if he was a rag doll.  I was so happy when Bob got up to his feet and with the help of the clowns and walked out of the arena.  I did not know if Bob was ok or not?  I was worried I was about to go look for him.  In about 15 minutes, Bob came to me holding his side and told me that he needed to go back to the motel.

At the motel, when Bob took his shirt off I could see his side was black and blue. 

I asked him, “Are you ok?” 

Bob said, “I am fine… just a little sore I will be ok.” Then with a smile on his face.  He jokingly said, “I guess I’m not sleeping on the floor tonight.”

I asked, “Bob are you going to riding again tomorrow night too?” 

Bob told me that, “I am out and that we are going home tomorrow.”  That night we both slept in the bed.  Lying in bed next to him, I see a scare on Bobs lower back it looked like a stab wound.  I was afraid to touch Bob because his side was so badly bruised and sore looking. 

The next day when we got to the trailer my husband is outside and drunk.  I could, tell just by looking at my husband’s eyes, he was going to be trouble.

When Bob got out of the truck, my husband started yelling, “Do you like my little slut there?”  He yelled from across the trailer park at Bob.  “You whore, that is what you are.”  Now he was yelling at me, “You need to came home and take care of me for ones.” 

I told my husband, “Go home or I will call the cops.” 

He yelled back at me, “Go right ahead wife they will make you go home to me.  You whore.”  Then he turned and went back home.

I helped Bob into the trailer.  For the next few days all Bob did was lay in his bed.  I would take Bob his meal to him.  Help him to the bathroom.  I did his housework for him, clean, and wash clothes.  I like taking care of Bob it was hard doing the housework with him here at the house all day.  I would daydream about him taking me every time I took him his meals.  When Bob started feeling a little better, he was sitting on the front porch.  Then my husband came up to the driveway and started yelling at Bob. 

Asking Bob, “how you liked fucking my wife?” 

All Bob can say was, “you don’t know what you are talking about.”

Then my husband told Bob, “you can have her, she is nothing but a little slut.” 

Bob then calmly got up, “thank you” to my husband, and went inside.










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