A weekend of pleasure in the woods part 1

A weekend of pleasure in the woods part 1 A weekend of pleasure in the woods part 1

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


A husband that takes his wife on a camping trip of pleasure in the woods for the weekend.in this part he tie her up and the fun is just beginning. So read this story to find out what happends to the both of them.


A husband that takes his wife on a camping trip of pleasure in the woods for the weekend.in this part he tie her up and the fun is just beginning. So read this story to find out what happends to the both of them.


Submitted: June 22, 2012

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Submitted: June 22, 2012






By d. l. Westra


Part One


It all started because I told my husband I like it when he played rough with me.  One day he told me that we were going camping the next weekend. 

He said, “I had a baby sitter for the kids.” 

When I got home, Friday after work, the kids were gone and the motor home was loaded. 

John kissed me and told me, “To get in the motor home because we were going to the mountain for the weekend.”

I jumped in the motor home and we started on our way.  I laid down and fell asleep.  When John woke me up, we were in the mountains somewhere in a camping site.I asked him, “Do you want me to make dinner?” 

He answered, “No, it is in the ice cooler.  But you can got on your knees and suck me.” 

This shocked me to have John talk to me this way because he was a nice quiet man.  Maybe even boring some times.  Him telling me to suck on him was getting me aroused. 

He looked at me and said again, “I told you to get on your knee and suck me.  I meant now you little slut!” 

I got to my knees in front of him.  I unzipped his pants and pulled his manhood out of his pants.  I could barely breathe with the thought of him ordering me around.  As I was putting him in my mouth, I could feel a tingly down between my legs.

He said, “That is a good slut.” 

I sucked of his manhood for some time before he pulled it out of my mouth.  He then told me to sit on the couch beside him. 

On the couch, he explained to me, “This weekend you will do everything I tell you to do.  Do you understand me?” 

I answer, “Yes I understand you.” 

“Ok I am going to spank you, fuck you and more.  Are you ok with this?” 

I answered “Yes honey, I am ok with that all.” 

He then asked me, “Do you want to eat before we get started?” 

I answered, “Yes master.” 

He barked at me, “I AM NOT YOUR MASTER!”  He sighs, “I am your husband or if you want to you can call me sir.  If you call me Master I will spank your nice round ass one hundred times or more if, I think you like it...” 

I got up and made sandwiches for us to eat. 

As we eat, I asked, “Are you going to tie me up?  Because you know that scares me.” 

John answered, “If I do I will make you feel safe.  This weekend is about making wet dreams come true.  I know your have dreams of being spanked and the hell fucked out of you.  My dream of tying you up, beating your ass, and then fucking you from behind while tied up.  It is up to you if I get to fulfill my dream too.” 

I said, “Yes, I understand you.”

John got up and went to the bedroom as I was cleaning up the mess in the kitchen.  When he came back out from the bedroom, I was on the couch with no clothes on.  This was going to be the first time that I am going to be tied-up and spanked at the same time.  I was scared but excited at the same time I was so aroused too.  He came over to me grabbed my hand and he sat down and put me over his knees with my butt up in the air.  With my butt up in the air, he took his hand and brought it down on me.  I heard his hand hit my butt, then again. 

I could feel his hand hitting my butt in the same place every time.  I started to moan from him hitting my butt.  The more I moaned the hard he hit me.  The more he hit me, the more my juices were flowing.  I could feel that I was getting wetter with every hit that came down on my butt.  I was breathing hard now.  When he was done spanking my butt I could feel that it was very hot.  My butt was bright red now it hurt but I felt so arousing.  I could smell this sweet smell myself.  I could feel that my husband was very aroused from just spanking and having me across his legs.

He told me, “Get up off me.”  I got up, and was standing in front of him. 

Then John told me, “to go to the bedroom and put on the schoolgirl outfit that is on the bed.” 

I went to the bedroom and put on the schoolgirl outfit he had laid out for me.  I brushed my hair and put it up in a ponytail, and went back out.  I was breathing heavy at the thought of getting my butt spanked, and being tied-up too.  I was so aroused, by what is going too happened.  Then I got back out to him, he had about ten dildos on the table and with some things he going to spank me.  I could see his belt, a Paddle and something from the kitchen. 

Then he told me, “To come here I am going to tie you up.” 

I went over to him and he grabbed one of my hand putted it up to the ties on the wall.  Put my hand there a tied it up.  Then took the other hand and did the same to it.  My butt was facing him as he put his hand on my butt.

Asked, “I am going to spank you now with?  What do you want me to spank you with?” 

I said, “The paddle then you can pick what is next, Master… oh I mean Sir.”

I have been spanked before with his hand but not with a paddle or anything, never been tied up before either.  I was so excited with anticipation of what he was going to do to my butt.  Therefore, he picked up the paddle and padded my butt with it first.  Then he hit my butt with the paddle I heard it hit me with a smack.  It hurt at first but I wanted more.  He hit me again with it I was moaning very loud this time and asking for more. 

The more he hit my butt with the paddle the more I was screaming…. “Harder!” 

He spanked me repeatedly.  My ears were ring from all the screaming that I was doing.  I could feel that I was very wet from him spanking me, spanking me hard on the butt.  I did not want him to stop…I wanted more…and harder.  I could feel my butt was on fire now I was thinking it is now red as red can get.  He gave me about one hundred spanks as he had told me if I called him “Master”.  He stopped spanking me and was rubbing my butt with his hands now.  Bending down and put his lips on my red-hot butt.  As he was kissing my butt, he put his hand down between my legs I could feel I was very wet. 

He purred in my ear, “mmmmmm, very nice do you want more my slut?” 

“Yes I want more, sir.” 

He said, “I will spank you more but I am going to kiss and lick at your pink velvety nub.”

Then on his knee and put, his head between my legs and was kissing and licking his way in my pink velvety nub.  He had his fingers up inside of me playing at my g-spot.  I was moving my hips back and forth on his face.  I was feeling like I was going to explode, as my orgasm was getting stranger than ever before.  I could no longer hold my juices from flow.  I was squirting my juices all over Johns face and down the front of him. 

With his face covered with my juices he got up in front of me grabbed my hair and put my head back.  With my head back he bend his head down on my in a deep kiss with his tongue dancing a cross my mouth.  I opened lips to let his tongue dance in my mouth.  I could taste myself on his lips as he was kissing me.  I could smell the sweet aroma of my juices on his face.  I could not catch my breath I could hear he was breathing hard as he kept kissing me. 

He stops kissing me on the lips his kissing was trailing down my neck to my back.  As he was going around to my back, he was kissing me on the back.  It was sending shivers down my spine.  I can feel his hands caressing me all over the backside.  The next thing I felt was a wooden spoon hitting me across my butt.  The feeling was incredible as he was hitting me with the wooden spoon, I would wiggle my butt.  Every time I wiggle my butt, he would hit it hard. 

I can hardly breathe now my chest was heaving in and out.  I could feel I was so wet that my juices were flowing out and down my legs to the floor.  Then John stop spanking me with wooden spoon one of his hand is rubbing my butt now.  My butt was red to a purple color now it felt very hot burning.  As he rubbed my butt, he bent forward, was kissing first one cheek then the other cheek.  His kisses on my butt cheek felt cool on very hot burning butt.  His hand was down between my legs finding his way inside of me. His fingers were plunging, in and out of me in a very fast way.  As I turn my head around to see, what he was doing to me.  He had is pants off and his erection stand to attention.  I was moaning loudly at what he was doing to me. 

I was screaming…“I want more… I want you to fuck me now!”  He was now putting himself inside of my velvety pink inside.  I wiggle my butt as he was going inside I wanted him all inside of me now.  He pushed himself hard in me now. 

I screamed, “Fuck me hard and fast!” 

He was pounding me harder and harder with each stroke he made.  My butt was on fire now with every pounded he did against my butt I can feel the fire on my butt.  As my butt was on fire, my juices are flowing out of me like explosion.  My juices were flowing down my legs in a stream to the floor.  Then he grabbed my hair, was pulling it back to him.

As he was pulling my hair as he pounding me harder, I was screaming now very loudly…  “Fuckkk mmeeeee…. harrdddeerr… harrdddeerrrrrr…”  That is all I could say at that time I was out of breath. 

His skin was cool feeling on my red-hot butt.  I could feel that my velvety canal was getting very tight around his manhood now.  I could feel him growing bigger inside of my velvety canal.  I know he was going to unload his hot steamy load of manly juices inside me soon.  I pushed my butt back hard to make his shaft go deeper into me as he unloaded his big load deep up inside of me.  He pulled himself out of me and started to untie my arms.  His juices were now running down the inside of my legs. 

He untied me the one hand slow as I was pulling my hand down from where it was up.  I had put my hand on his shoulder as he untied the other hand from where it was.  I was now facing him and he was kissing me very passionately on the lips.  His tongue was finding it way in my mouth.  It was now dancing with my tongue as we kissed.  As we were kiss, he was walking us back to the bedroom to the bed.  His hands were roaming over my body as we are standing in front of the bed. 

He first sat down on the bed then pulled me down on to the bed with him.  His hand stopped at my butt to feel the hotness of my cheeks.  His hands felt cool on my red-hot butt.  I was so hot from the beaten that he has given me. 

I want more of him, so I told him, “fuck me some more.” 

He looked at me with the very clear blue eyes of his, “you want more of me or did you want me to spank you some more?” 

I blushed and said, “I want both to be done.” 

Then he rolled me over to where my butt was up in the air for him to see.  With his hand, he started to spank my butt once again.  It felt as if he hit me with the belt instead of his hand.  He spanked me three times on each cheek with his hand.  Put his hand down between my legs to feel that I was wet soaked wet.  He started to kiss me on my lower back going up to my neck as he was turning me back onto my back.  I was facing him again; he was kissing my neck to my lips to my ear.  He was sending shivers up and down my spine as he was kissing me, with his hand down between my legs, as his fingers, finding their way inside of me.  My hand was trailing down his chest to his stomach down to his shaft.  He was hard as a rod can get, he got hard just from spanking my butt. 

As I was stroking his hard erection in my hand, I told him, “I want you now!” 

He climbed on top of me; put his erection inside of me.  Before he could get himself inside of me, my juice was flowing out of me fast.  He started to pound me hard and fast.  The faster and harder he pounded me the more my juices flowed.  He pounded me for some time before he shot his hot steamy load into me.  He clasped on top of me, and slid off to the side of me.  We laid there for some time in each other arms before we both fall fast to sleep.

© Copyright 2018 d l westra. All rights reserved.

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