a fun night at the poker game

a fun night at the poker game a fun night at the poker game

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


a new couple joins the poker game group and the game gets alot more fun for the whole group


a new couple joins the poker game group and the game gets alot more fun for the whole group


Submitted: July 31, 2012

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Submitted: July 31, 2012



The Poker Game



By D L Westra



It was Friday even and like ever Fridays, it was poker night.  This night we had a new younger couple joining the group.  This now made the group 4 couples.  The first couple showed up at about 8pm it was Bob and Amy.  Both them were wearing jeans and t-shirts.  It was not long before Aaron and Christy, and the new couple Jeff and Patty had arrived.  Aaron came in jeans and dress shirt on. Christy all dressed in a very nice blouse and skirt that you can see all her curves.  Jeff was a tall husky built young man with blond hair.  Patty was very tall about 6’ 3” tall with long legs and a nice tight butt.  Her breasts were about a c-cup.  I could see her panties line under her short blue jean skirt as we all sat down at the table to start playing poker.  The more we played the more Patty loses.  It was not long before Patty was out of chips.

Nevertheless, Patty did not want to be out of the game so she offered her blouse in the place of chips.  The entire group of men jumped on the idea of her betting her blouse.  I was hoping for her to lose too.  I wanted to see her breast just as much as all men did.  To all of our delight she loses the hand and she removed her blouse.  She had on a red lace bra that you could see her dark brown nipples throw.  I could tell by the look on John, my husband’s face he liked the sight of her big round breast in that red lace bra.  I was getting moist myself from looking at them too. 

Then Aaron said, “So Patty, are you going to bet your pants this time?” 

“Yes I will and I will dance sexually out of them for the winner.” 

Christy said, “Someone deal the card fast because I want to see this sexy little thing dance out of her pants.”

Christy won that hand.  Patty got up and went to her as Christy turned her chair so she was facing Patty.  Patty started to give her a lap dance and remove her own pants at the same time.  I could see that Patty rubbing her rear-end in Christy’s lap was arousing Christy.  Patty rubbing herself on Christy was one of the hottest things I had ever seen.  All of the group’s eyes are glued on the two women as Patty danced and rubbed herself on Christy’s lap.  Patty was wearing red lace panties that matched her bra.  I could see a nicely trimmed triangle of hair in the front of her panties. 

Christy looked like she was in amusement over what has happened in front of her, and then asked, “Can I bet my clothes too?” 

Bob answer quickly, “Yes, you can honey.”  We all have knowing that Bob has had a thing for Christy for a long time. 

Amy said, “Hell, let’s just play strip poker.” 

John said, “Ok but what are the rules?” 

“The rules are one piece of clothes pure hand.” 

“But what if you have no more clothes?” 

Patty put in saying, “Then you have to bet something you will do for the winner. Ok?” 

We all answered, “Yes.” 

I had never played strip poker before but at this moment, it sounded like a lot of fun.  Besides, I was so horny that I felt I could do everyone there and still want more.  You could smell in the air of everyone that was very aroused.  As Amy dealt the next hand, all I could think about was how I wanted to be naked, having some real fun with Patty.  I just wanted to stick my head between her legs and eat her all up.  I was so deep in thought that I did not know it was my turn to bet. 

Amy yelled, “DeeDee are you going to bet or not?”

“Oh sorry, I bet I will lick the winner.” 

“But DeeDee you still have all your clothes on.”

“Oh! Ok, I bet my pants.  Is that ok?” 

“Yes, it is and thanks you for coming back to us.” 

As soon as the hand was over, I jumped up and pulled my own pants off.  I said, “Just three more times and I can lick someone.” 

Bob asked, “So DeeDee you just want to lick someone?” 

“No Bob but it is a good place to start.” 

Bob then asked, “So what do you really want to do Deedee?” 

“I want to be fucked and played with by all of you at the same time. Ok?” 

Bob then exclaimed, “I do not think you could handle me at all.” 

“Why Bob?” 

Bob answered, “Because I am 11ins long and over 3ins around.” 

“If you can bring it I can handle it big boy.” 

At this time Aaron said, “I am game too.  I am so horny with all these half naked ladies here.” 

Amy add it, “DeeDee if you want to lick someone here I am honey.”  As she spread her legs apart and pulled her lacy black panties to one side so I could see the pink of her velvety insides. 

Jeff then announced, “This is the best poker game I have ever been to.” 

As John dealt the next hand, I told them all, “I bet all my clothes I still have on.” 

Patty said, “Me too.” 

Everyone else bet one or two article of clothing that on him or her.  I lost this hand and all my clothes came off.  Along with everyone that had bet his or her clothes but Patty, she won the hand. 

Patty said, “I want to play a new game one with more hands or other body parts on my body.” 

The most of us had our clothes off but for the panties or bras that were still on.  I was getting pretty aroused myself by all these half nude bodies.  My husband was aroused for what I can see of him. 

John looked at the other men and said, “It looks like our girls want to play a new more fun kind of game.”

Aaron asked, “Will how we get this game started?”

Patty said, “Get a beer bottle and we can play spin the bottle.”  I got a beer bottle and spun it on the table.  It stopped at Jeff. 

Amy said, “Ok, Jeff you have to do something to DeeDee.” 

“So, what are you going to do to her I want to know?” 

Jeff said, “Let me think for a minute.  Ok I will lick your little nub DeeDee.  Is that ok?” 

I answered, “Yes it is and get your tongue over here now.” 

As I pulled my chair, out and turned so Jeff could get his tongue to my velvety pink insides.  I could feel that all eyes were on me as Jeff got on his knees in front of me.  You could have heard a pin drop as Jeff pulled my lower lips apart and stuck his head down between my legs.  My body was tingling as I felt his tongue softly touching my swollen nub.  I gasp at his tongue touching me.  I heard Christy tell John it is your turn to spin the bottle.  I opened my eyes as the bottle stopped at Amy.  Something inside of me wanted to see my husband going down on her. 

John was fast to say, “I will lick you Amy.” 

Christy grabbed the bottle and said, “It is my turn to spin.” 

As she spun, the bottle and it stopped at Patty.  John was licking at Amy lower lips in a vigorous way. 

Christy said, “Patty I am going to lick you like no one has ever before.” 

Bob said, “I guess I have to wait to spin all the girls are with someone right now.” 

Amy groaned to Bob, “just spin the bottle and get to licking on Aaron you little baby.” 

Christy now had her face bared in Patty.  Patty was screaming in pleasure.  I was having a hard time keeping my eyes open because Jeff was sucking my nub in and out of his mouth.  Nevertheless, I wanted to see Bob lick Aaron.  I was squirting my juices all over Jeff’s chin now.  My eyes glued to Bob as he started licking, up one side and down the other side of Aaron’s enormous manhood.  As I watched them, I wanted to suck Aaron’s manhood down my own throat. 

Then Jeff brought his head up his chin was soaking wet with my juices.  When everyone had stopped, licking it was time Amy to spin the bottle.  The bottle stopped in front of Aaron. 

Amy got a big smile on her face and said, “I am going to suck that gorgeous thing between your legs down my throat and make you want to unload your gun in my mouth.  However, I will not let you because I want to feel you inside of me tonight too.” 

Amy sucked all of Aaron’s manhood down her throat in one graceful movement.  Jeff spun the bottle next and it stopped in front of John. 

Jeff asked, “John, so big boy do you want to spice this party up or something.” 

It shocked me when John said, “I am game if you are.” 

Jeff said, “Ok then stand up and bend over your chair.” 

John did as Jeff had asked him to as Jeff got up and came over to him.  By the time, Jeff was behind John he had on a condom.  I was starring at them as Jeff got behind John with his manhood in his hand.  Jeff slowly started to press his manhood to John’s rosebud.  I could see the head of Jeff’s manhood disappearing into John.  This was making my own juices drip down my legs.  I was having an orgasm sitting there in my chair just watching Jeff pounding John in the rump.  As I came back to reality, I saw that the bottle was pointing at me.  Christy was smiling at me. 

I asked, “So what are you going to do to me sweet heart?” 

Christy then said, “If I had my toys with me.  I would bend you over, and pound you with my toy; like Jeff is pounding your old man right now.” 

I told her, “I have toys and if you want, I would bring them out.” 

Christy said, “go get them you little slut.  I am going to pound you hard.” 

I ran to my room and came back with a box full of my toys.  Christy picked the biggest one I had. 

Then she told me, “to bend over the table” as she strapped up. 

Christy came over to where I was at she put the toy to my soft pink inners.  It hurt as she shoved the toys all the way up inside of me hard.  John was moaning like a woman in heat.  The more he moaned the hotter I was getting.  Christy was pumping me from behind hard. 

I was screaming, “Harder…. Fuck me harder.” 

Was all I can say because I was breathing hard for Christy pounding me hard.  It was hurting but it was a good hurting.  In no time, I was squirting all over Christy and the toy she used.  When Christy pulled the toy out of me, I noticed that no one else was play.  They all were watching Christy doing me with that very big plastic toy. 

John said, “Let’s all go to the living room so we have room to play.” 

In the living room Amy ask, “How are we going to pick who gets to play with who?” 

Christy answered, “Pick names from a hat.  If we all put our name in the hat then one by one we pick a name from the hat.” 

We got a hat and put our names in it.  Christy picked first because it was her idea.  Christy got Johns name.  Amy picked and got Patty’s name.  I picked next and got Aarons name.  Bob got Jeff. 

Amy asked me “I could use one of your toys?” 

Jeff was on the couch now with Bob between his legs sucking on Jeff’s stiff erection.  Christy was on her hands and knees on the floor with John pumping her from behind.  Amy now had the strap-on on and had Patty on her back on the floor with her legs in the air and was sticking the toy inside of her.  Aaron was sitting in the chair with me on my knees in front of him sucking his enormous manhood down my throat.  I could not see anyone because they all were behind me. 

Nevertheless, I could hear them, I heard John pounding Christy hard from behind.  I could hear Bob sucking on Jeff. 

Christy was moaning and screaming, “Fuck me…. Yes, oh yes…. I am coming…” 

I could feel my juices gushing out of myself and down my legs to the floor.  Then I felt Aaron’s whole body get stiff and felt his big load go down the back of my throat.  I then felt someone lick up all my juices what was running down my legs.  It was Bob and his tongue was moving up my legs.  When his tongue got to my nub, he started licking at it very fast.  My chest was heaving in and out, as I was breathing.  Bob was licking at my nub.  I was stroking Aaron back up. 

When Aaron was hard, I said, “I want you Aaron in my front and you Bob in my back door.” 

Before I climbed on Aaron, he put a condom.  I sat on Aaron’s big erection; it slides up in past my velvety pink lower lips as I sat down.Bob slowly stuck his enormous erection in my hot rosebud from behind.  Bob stuck the head of his very hard erection inside of me. 

I screamed in pleasure, “Fuck me hard boys!” 

I had never had two men at the same time before.  I was squirting my love juices all over Aarons lap.  I could feel the wetness every time I came down on him.  Then Bob’s whole body got stiff and his manhood felt like it was growing inside of my rosebud.  I felt him shooting his big load up my rosebud.  As he pulled his enormous manhood out of my rosebud, I could feel his creamy load leaking out and over my velvety pink lower lips and on to Aarons lap.  I felt some ones tongue licking all the creamy man juices as it leaked from me.  With ever lick they brought me closer to my next orgasm.  My lungs were hurting for the lack of air I was getting I did not want to stop.  This orgasm was going to be the biggest one of the night.  The more someone licked me and Aaron the faster Aaron pumped himself inside of me.  My muscles tighten around Aaron’s big shaft so tight that it was slowing Aaron’s rhythm down.  I could feel that Aaron was about to pleasure me with his hot steamy man juices. 

As I was breathing hard I yelled, “Fuck me... Please do not stop... I want more fuck me hard I want you to cum deep inside of me baby.” 

I could feel every pulse on him shooting his yummy juices deep up inside of me.  I rolled off Aaron’s lap and laid on my back. Christy came over and started to clean my velvety pink lower lips with her tongue.  The room smelled of hot sweaty people and the sweet aroma of sex.  As Christy was cleaning me up with her tongue John, cradle over to me and stuck him stiff rod in my face.  His manhood was dripping with his and one of the other ladies juices.  It smelled of them as I licked it clean before swallowing his erection down my throat.  The taste of both of their juices was sweet and salty at the same time.  As I came out of the sexual fog, I had been in for hours I could hear all the noises coming from the other people in the room. Patty was yelling …fuck me harder .. oh baby fuck meeee.  As I sucked on john’s erection I noticed is was light out now.  We all had been playing all night and now it was the next day. The group was slowing down so of them where sleeping. It was not long and john’s manly juice was going down my throat. I swallowed it all down. John and myself feel fast to sleep. When I woke up everyone was gone but for john. I cannot wait for next week’s poker game I hope it is just as fun.

© Copyright 2018 d l westra. All rights reserved.

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