A Goddesses Personal Desire Pt. 1

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Dominate, humiliation, power, sexy, desire

There is a sprinkle of goddesses donned in stylish flowing gowns, perched up on stools. I toss my head up and leisurely stroll past them,catching their glares from the corners of my eyes.

"Why has she come?" I overhear Hathor,goddess of love, marriage and fertility, ask. Her tongue,sharp with indignation,hisses and cracks as she holds the neck of a cobra in her right hand,its body wrapped around her arm. "Has she not spoiled enough fruits of our gods with her clever and cunning ways?" She squeezes the asps neck in my direction and its jaws pop open, displaying long sharp fangs, dripping with venom.

I come to take that which you tremble to have in your beds tonight, I think rolling my eyes and dismissing her foolish attempts to intimidate me. I am admired by few,envied by most, but hated by many. I am a threat. Knowingly,I smile and take a seat, so I may enjoy the view.

I see Set, god of chaos,coming towards me, his manhood swaying beneath his loincloth. He is lean and muscular with chiseled features and the goodness of the sun burned into his bronzed shiny skin. His eyes are big,brown and bright. I smile,knowing he has held my in his dreams. A vision of me on my knees with my face down, back arched and Set inserting himself slowly into the back of my pussy, straddling me,clamping the inside of his bulky thighs around my hips,than pumping deeply in and out of me while pulling me by the hair flashes through my head, and I quickly decide that I will one day frolic with him. That I shall climb atop of him.lower my womanhood down onto the length of him, than close its opening around the width of his cock,snapping it shut, like a crocodile taking a bite. When opportunity presents itself, I shall melt myself all over him,fusing my pussy onto his manhood, and we shall become one.

I shift in my seat, cross my legs and pinched off the swelling in my clit.

Set greets me with eyes dancing and with a smile and lustful gaze."Goddess",he says. He lifts my hand and kisses it. "You, beautiful Goddess of Desire have certainly caused quite a stir among many today".

I smile,"And so I should".

"And as you can see", he says, nodding in the direction of Hathor and the other goddesses", none of the goddesses have found favor in your presence here".

"Nor should they",I offer dismissing his comment with the flick of my wrist. I roll my eyes in their direction,than return my attention to the beautiful specimen that stands before me. Our eyes lock and we share a smile.

He moves in closer, inhaling me."You smell sweet as a lotus".

"And I taste even sweeter," I tease.

His hand finds its way to the small of my back,tracing light circles."Perhaps I shall taste for myself".

"Perhaps....,"I offer,pausing, my eyes traveling across the room.Set beholds my face as I look forth from my seat at Anubis. He is immersed in a game. Its ivory and ebony board sits on four legs carved like bulls' feet.I keep my eyes fixed on his hands, thick and long. Holding its pawn in an attempt to outwit the evil forces so that he may reach the Kingdom of Osiris and win. I silently cheer him on hoping for his victory, and for what lies in wait. My mind lingers on.....imagining his fingures kneading my nipples, the warmth of his hands enveloping my breast,then gliding along the curves of my body. I clamp my smooth thighs tight,shutting off the wetness that collects in the crease of my pussy.

The other gods who are present slyly find causes to gather around me. They smell my excitement,but dare not to touch. My erotic scent floats around them.

Anubis looks up,his eyes finds me.He hungers for the pleasure that only I can bring him. Locked in his gaze, and without words,I am certain, as I have always been, that it is I he desires. I hold his gaze for and endless moment,then smile.

My smile,slightly,yet seductive,is an invitation for whats to come. He knows I am aware of his erotic thoughts,just as I am of the wanderings of the gods who sit before and around me.They, too, yearn to be pleasured,their erections straining against their garments for release. Perhaps release shall come,but not today and not with me.

My attention returns to Set ".....You shall",I continue. "But,not in this hour,nor on this day".

He follows my eyes,glance over his shoulder,see Anubis,and knows from whence my passion grows.

"Then perhaps",he responses,kissing me lightly on the cheek" We shall talk under the moonlight, and share a moment,exploring each other.I look forward to such time".

"And the time shall come,"I say taking him by the hand,"Where we shall meet beneath the stars,and I shall allow you to fell the sensation of my tongue,my mouth,my lips against your flesh".

He kisses me again,softly on the cheek, and says,"Than I shall wait until such time". He excuses himself, gliding back to the other side of the room.I turn to find burning eyes of Hathor and decide to give her something extra to toss into her fire.

I get up from my seat and strut past her and the others and make my way towards Anubis and the other gods who are gathered around the broad game. I maneuver my way in between them,than lean in pressing my soft lips flash to his ear."Do not speak,"I whisper,he nods. "Dine with me tonight, and you shall act out what you have kept locked up in your dreams.Anubis keeps his eyes locked on the board game,but smiles.I blow lightly into his ear."I shall await your arrival".

He nods.

I walk off leaving him and the others admiring the flawless curve of my backside,and sultry sway of my hips,drooling.

"She is absolutely breathtaking",I overhear one of the gods say.

"Mesmerizing", another says.

I will soon be filled with what I desire for I am the Goddess of Desire!!!!!!!

Submitted: January 17, 2015

© Copyright 2023 cynnimon. All rights reserved.

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Very Erotic. Love the style and Egyptian mythology theme.

Sun, January 18th, 2015 8:28am


Thanx Glen ....xoxo

Sun, January 18th, 2015 11:34am

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