A Goddesses Final Desire

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Threesome,m/m, lust, oral, desire

The sun is beating down on me, brutal and relentless,just like the creatures that are slowly closing in on me,determined to have their way with me. To do whatever they will. The vision frightens and confuses me. I take a deep breath and wonder if the gods are trying to revel my fate to me.

The sound of a man's voice saves me from finding out what becomes me. A flim of sweat lines my forehead.

"Is it I who fills your thoughts,he asks grinning.I stare up into his face. For the first time I notice his straight,neatly spaced teeth.I don't know when he got here,or how long he had been standing here,but........

"Set",I say,feining surprise to see him standing in my doorway. The throbbing heat between his legs has led him to me. His dreams have become to much for him to bear.And now he stands before me,eager to fulfill all that has consumed him.Though I know what will fall from his lips I still ask,"Why have you come unannounced?"

"I could no longer wait to be summoned by you,"he says,his tone filled with lust that matches his gaze as he steps into my space."You seem to have time for everyone else ,except me. You leave me loins neglected. You deny me my your touch.Tease me with the promise you do not plan to keep.Tonight,I am here to take what I've been longing for".

"But I have not invited you",I say backing up,"nor have I offered you any reason to make claims upon me". He is making his way closer to me, and I keep moving away until my back is up against the wall, and I have no more room to go anywhere else.

I toy with him,giving the illusion that he is in control,that he is taking what he wants.I allow him to think he is orchestrating this journey.He raises his arm on either side of me,than press his palms flat against the wall,blocking any chance for escape. The element of danger,ignites a flame inside of me which causes my juices to slowly simmer.

He leans in,presses his body against mine, and whispers,"Let my slip myself into your wet valley and lose all that I am in you pleasures.Allow me to melt against the scent of your womanhood".

I let out a soft moan when his fingers find the slick softness of my pussy.My hips move against my will,grind against his hand."You have not earned the right to such pleasures",I say catching the air that gathers in the back of my throat.

He presses his fingers against my clit and whisper ferociously into my ear,"And neither have the other whom you have taken to your bed,so tonight shall be no different". He takes my hand and presses it against his hardness."Feel the thickness and length of my desire for you.Squeeze it and feel its pulse". I squeeze." See. It beats for your warmth.And tonight I shall have it. You will saturate me with you juices,and I will fill you with mine".

I pull away."I am not prepared for you".

"No,my sweet,you are more than ready",scooping me up in his arms than walking towards the back of the house to the stairs that led to the roof. I do not protest.I allow him to carry me to the roof where he shall unleash his fantasies, and where I shall indulge them.

Once on the roof, he puts me down so that I can retrieve the rolled up mat and coverings.He unrolls the mat and covers it with the course linen sheet.Silence guides us as we both hastily remove our garments.We stand naked,my erect nipples matching the sturdy erection of his cock. I take in his tanned muscular body,the broad chest and narrow waist with massive thighs and heart shaped calves.Strong,smooth and assured,Set closes the space between us,pulling me into him.

"Don't ever deny me",he murmurs,planting kisses along her neck.

"Then don't give me reason",I responed,stroking his manhood,"and you shall not be denied".

He rubs the edge of my sweetness,wet his fingers in my juices. My clit is hard,sticking out,exposed and vulnerable. My pussy hot and ready,contracts as he moves his body, so I move mine.He strokes his cock, and I manipulate my clit.Our eyes lock together.

"I want you to get on your knees",he says "spread your legs wide,then I want you to arch your back and stick your backside out.I want to taste and eat the forbidden hole".

My clit twitches as my juices run down my legs.I am excited, and more than willing to submit myself to him in anyway he wants.I get on the mat and follow his instructions.He licks the seam of my backside,than flaps his warm, wet tongue against the opening.He buries his tongue in,then his finger.I moan, feeling my breath catch in my throat.

"I will make love to this tender jewel",he says in between moans. He pushes two fingers in,gets them in down to the knuckles, and pulls them out. Then sticks them back in.He is teasing me. I wind my hips.The tight ring of flesh,hugging his fingers,puckers and twitches with the flick of his tongue.He slips a finger inside I moan,spreading my legs wider, and gyrate my hips as his finger burrows deeper inside of me.He removes his finger,replacing it with his tongue as he pulls open my cheeks,tracing along the outer edges of my hole.His mouth caresses me, his tongue makes love to me.I hump my ass against his warm mouth,twisting and rearing and moaning.

"Mmm...thats right,Set eat me....tongue me deep, and wet,"I say panting

Set is taking my places I never knew were possible. He is a master at eating my ass, and I feel myself slipping into a frenzied, mind blowing orgasm as he slips one,than two fingers into my hole and reaches between my legs with the other hand and rub my clit, than slides two fingers into my pussy.I lose myself in excitement and pleasure as he slowly inches his cock into my tight,burning hole.I clinch the mat.


"Relax....it will stop hurting,"he says,leaning over and kissing my back."Let me dig open your walls, and travel to where no man has been".

He inches more of himself inside of me.


Set reaches around and fondles my breast as he pushes himself further stretching the tight ring or flesh that now aches and burns and twitches to accommodate the length and width of him,the veined staff of his hardness pulsing, pushing against resistance against need,want and desire,piercing me ,causing the intense sweetness of pain and warmth and pleasure to swirl in my lower back, than explode through my body.

"Oh yes,"I sigh,puming my hips to meet hiis slow,thoughtful thrust."I'm so wet......mmmp......mmmp....."

"That's it,Goddess.....take it all",he whispers into my ear,the heat from his loins escaping through his mouth, causing my skin to tingle."You are so tight', he moans."You feel so good......."

"Uh......",I moan, craning my neck to see him. His eyes closed and his bottom lip is pulled in.He plants his hands on my hips and moans as he rolls his hips in different directions,hitting the center,the sides and the bottom of my rectum."Uh...uh.....it feels so good".

We are both caught up in the moment that we are unaware of the eyes that are taking in our every move,savoring the raise and fall of air of our bodies. Basking in the aroma of arousal,inhaling our scents.

Set moans.

I moan.

Then we are both startled by a noise.It is of someone clearing his throat.We both stare with surprised looks on our faces. It is Anubis. His eyes are full and wide with lust from watching us.I am starting to feel uncomfortable knowing Anubis is here, but Set does not seem to care.

"Let him join us",Set whispers into my ear as his thrust become harder.

"Noo,"I moan."Ooh....yes...uh....no".

"Let him join us",he says again,pushing harder,pulling my cheeks open wider as he digs deeper into my ass.


I close my eyes and concentrate on the wave of pleasure building around my my clit.

"Do it harder,"Anubis eggs on,pinching my nipples.My pussy gets wetter and hotter with him tweaking them between his fingers."Make her beg for mercy from the gods above".I glance in his direction,eyes slick with pleasure,and see he is stroking himself in time with Set's thrust."She likes it fast and hard", he says licking his lips,encouraging Set to deepen his stride.

I am on fire,blazing like the sun,my hips slamming up against Sets, each thrust deeper than the one before.It is feeling so good.

"Harder",I demand,stifling a moan that gets caught in my throat. He slams himself into me.

"Stop teasing me,Set....feed me.... lose yourself in me".

He is panting. His hips are thrusting.I am forcing him to deliver pain and ecstasy in each deep, fast stroke.He is determined to give me all I am asking with force and urgency.

"Uh....,he groans.

I open my eyes to Anubis pumping his dick in and out of his hand.The head of his manhood is sliding in and out pecking at me, tauting me.His heavy testicles hang loosely, swinging back and forth like a pendulum as he strokes himself. I reach up and touch them,feel the weight of them,then open my mouth to receive them as he lowers them down into my mouth.I lick them as he strokes himself with one hand and strokes mt clit with the other. I lap at them as Set strokes the inside of me. I swallow and gulp them as I pinch my right nipple with my hand.

I am coming. The world spins around me.Again and again, wave after wave my jucies squirt against Set's thighs.I will not scream.I want more.I need more.

"Harder",I urge.

"Harder!",I shout.

"Harder!",I demand.

I turn my attention back to Anubis,taking hold of his cock,then slowly slipping his engorged head into my mouth.I suck.I kiss and fondle his testicles,my fingers tracing a slow,sensuous path over and behind each one. He lets out a soft moan that seems to turn Set on. The sight and sounds of me making love to Anubis with me mouth excites him.There's a twinkling in Set's eyes as he locks his stare on to my mouth nursing Anubis's dick.He licks his lips,moistens them, as if he wants to pleasure the length of Anubis ,too.

I may be in the throes of passion,but I am acutely aware of the attraction, or fascination that stirs in Set's eyes for Anubis.It fuels my already burning fire,ignites sensations that shoot through me,and expels into a explosion of throaty grunts and groans.

"That's right,sweet Goddess",Set says urging me on,"Suck Anubis like you have suck no other.Take him down into your throat so that he may empty himself in your belly".

I moan and gag and gulp and swallow until I finally have Anubis deep down in my throat.

Set moans

I moan.

We are all moving to the same beat. Anubis's hand rubbing my clit, my mouth and lips on his cock,in sync with the thrashing hips of Set who is trying so desperately to find a way to push himself out through my mouth.

Anubis left leg starts to shake. His head is thrown back,eyes closed,mouth wide open, face contorted with pleasure. It is a sign that he too,is ready to release.I suck him harder as he grabs the back of my neck and thrust deeper into my mouth.I am suffocating to bring him to ecstasy.Set reaches up under me, and slides one finger into my wet pussy,fingering me and pumping me at the same time.I am floating.

Anubis's right leg now start to shake.

"Oh,yes....oh,yes....",he groans,jolting his body forward as he releases himself down my throat,keeping my lips wrapped snugly around its tip and suck forth the remaining droplets of his cum.

He pulls his dick out of my mouth and violently strokes himself,bringing forth another spasmodic orgasm that spills out onto the side of my face and neck. He rubs his cock on my face, causing a delicious current of heat and sporadic contractions to sweep through my pussy,pulling Set further into the tightness and deepness of my forbidden valley.

Anubis reaches down,scoops a bit of his thick, sticky milk onto his finger, then feeds it to me.I moan and swallow. Set watches me lick the cream off Anubis finger. Then he leans in and kisses me, passionately,reaching for a taste of Anubis.I smile knowing what else he longs for.He looks into my eyes, and knows I will keep the secret of his desire to the after life.

It is now Set's turn to release the pleasure building in his loins.I continue to pump my hips up into his thrusts.

"Feed me your goodness....Oh,Set",I moan".....You are stretching me beyond wonders of any pleasure known to mankind.Make the gods proud tonight,ram yourself deep into my valley".

He thrust himself harder, deeper.

"Uh...mmm...don't stop.Yes,yes,yes...."


"Feel her with your seeds",Anubis says in a seductive plea."Make her beg for your release".

Set grips mt hips,then plunges ferociously in and out of me.


When he finally cums,it was with a short,sharp cry and final thrust that propels me into further ecstasy.

I stand,leaving them both with flaccid dicks and emptied sacs,drained and exhausted,knowing I am the only woman that has pleasured them in the way they desire.

I am passion,I am loning,I am carnal pleasure.I am not to be tamed.Not to be confinded. Behold......I am the Goddess of Desire.

Submitted: January 17, 2015

© Copyright 2023 cynnimon. All rights reserved.

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Wow Powerful stuff. I've really enjoyed this series of short stories that are so interlinked. Great theme and interesting style, reads almost like some ancient erotic text.

Sun, January 18th, 2015 11:34am


I am sooooo glad you liked it!

Sun, January 18th, 2015 11:37am


Delicious. I love how you described their "feasting". You know how the Dr likes it

Tue, January 20th, 2015 1:03am


lol... you are tooooo sillly :)

Wed, January 21st, 2015 3:59pm


You give her desire a life of its own. The flow is very nice and engaging. great job.

Sun, May 24th, 2015 11:50pm


Thank u @ Dawnlor I try....this started out as a short story but I had to countiue?

Wed, May 27th, 2015 3:55am


Fantastic piece of writing, so hot and steamy I found myself reading faster in time with their excitement. Loved it :)

Tue, August 11th, 2015 9:41pm


Thank hun???? I myself was a little excited when I wrote this....lol

Wed, August 12th, 2015 4:53am

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