Relaxing day at the spa

Relaxing day at the spa Relaxing day at the spa

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


I expected a nice, calm massage, but when he appeared I couldn't take my eyes off him. ~Talia gets naughty with one of the staff at the spa~


I expected a nice, calm massage, but when he appeared I couldn't take my eyes off him.
~Talia gets naughty with one of the staff at the spa~


Submitted: December 26, 2013

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Submitted: December 26, 2013



"Mmm, ohh dear god, yes! Harder, harder! Yes! This is so good!" I moaned, as he went deeper.

Clearly, I was having a neck massage. After realising what a awful noise I was making, i shushed myself, going red in the face. Soon after being relieved of my neck pains and a stiff neck, I thanked the man and left, only to head towards my next session. Little did I know, i would get more than i expected in that room. I knocked on the door timidly. No answer. I knocked again, only louder to find a young and fresh faced guy answer the door. He was in his middle 20s and was exceptionally good-looking to be working in a spa. He greeted me with a smile and ushered me to come in.

"Hi there, i'm Luke. So I understand you're here for a back massage?" He question staring deep into my eyes. Mezmorised by his lips I paused to answer.

"Ohh yes, sorry! I was in Talia land then!" I joked.

"Talia? Pretty name. Anyway, would you like to get ready? Behind those curtains, if you will."

Tall green curtains hung down from the ceiling providing privacy for me. I scurried behind and perched on the bench. 

Holy shit this guy is fit! And very nice by the sounds of it. I decided to play it cool and stripped down to my underwear. As i removed my bra, my breasts jiggled and danced. I was happy with my boobs, having big ones for a girl as skinny as me. My nipples perked up as the cold hit them. Then, crazy thoughts hit me. I imagined Luke's cock thumping inside me, filling me up as he cummed. I could feel myself getting wet. I suddenly snapped and headed towards the massage table. Without the towel.

"If you could just lie down here, that'd be gre---" His jaw dropped as he saw my big tits bouncing as I walked. More crazy thoughts. Jolting his head he turned away and pointed towards the table. I lay down, with my head in the hole and my black pants the only thing covering me. From the other side of the room, I could hear his breathing getting heavier and faster.

"So, Luke, worked here long?" I wanted to get to know him. 

"Erm, a year or two." His strong, soft hands ran down my back, letting out a moan from my lips. "But, I've been told I'm one of the best massagers here."

I'm not suprised! 

His hands rubbed on my back harder letting me moan and groan, gasping as he relieved me from pain. 

His walked over near to where my head was peeping through the hole. I opened my eyes for a second to see a huge boner pushing on his jeans. Without any thought, I pulled away from the table, grabbed his face and stared into his eyes. His eyes flickered from my lips and eyes, knowing the tension between us, he thrust himself onto my lips and started kissing me. His hands slowly moved down to my breasts. Playing and squeezing them made me even more wet and I wanted him to fuck me so badly. I removed his clothes faster than usual with a man and we lay there on the table tounges interlocked. I lay underneath him as his cock throbbed near my wet pussy. 

"I want to be inside you." He whispered, gasping for breath in between. 

I happily abliged and split my legs open as he slid his 8 inch cock inside me. I moaned again, Luke lifting himself up pushing his dick agaist my vagina walls. He thrusted slowly, in and out, getting faster and faster as we fucked. My heart was racing, wanting him so badly earlier, and now I had him, he was perfect. Our cries and moans echoed through the room causing me to tense my pussy, making him moan more. Slowly, he leaned towards me and breathed in my ear.

"Oh my god, Talia you are so good. AHH GOD. Mmm."

He was thumping fast in and out of me, our legs clapping together. Wet, slushy noises came from between my legs as my pussy lubed it's self up.

One last final push caused me to orgasm, making me scream down his ear. "AHH. FUCK! LUKE I NEED YOU! UHH DON'T STOP."

Seconds after, he filled me up with cum, so much that it dripped off the table, leaving my pussy wet and covered with jizz. He collaspsed ontop of me letting out a big sigh. I kissed his forehead leaving a lipstick stain. His dark hair tickled my chin causing me to play with it.

Then, he lifted his head and stared deeply into my eyes, like I had done previously."You should come here more often."


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