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Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


After many years of watching her crush from a distance, she end up being pair with him on an event for her science class. What comes after a day at his house turn to being a heartfelt relationship between two new born lovers.


After many years of watching her crush from a distance, she end up being pair with him on an event for her science class. What comes after a day at his house turn to being a heartfelt relationship between two new born lovers.


Submitted: October 16, 2013

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Submitted: October 16, 2013



Now where could this address be? Jenna thought as she crosses a small bridge over a small stream. The leaves were starting to fall and the wind blew her hair into her face. She groan and fought against it that's until the wind was block by someone big. 

  "Jenna," She look up and blush immediately. 

  "Gabe," she say quietly and her voice shake every letter of his name. 

  He smiled, and she couldn't help but take a breath of air. It was like honey, and sour candy. She love his man for who knows how long. And for him being a basketball player, he doesn't give much notice to her. 

  "I-I was looking for your house," she said and look down at the piece of paper that he wrote for her the night before. His name and address was enscribe on it with his curvise like hand writing. 

  He chuckled, and she feel heat building up, she grip her heavy sweater and push her shirt down. "I figure," he said and grab her elbow. He started pulling her with him, "that you were going to get lost."

  Five minutes later, she found herself standing in his home. He went to get her something to drink, even when she told him she didn't need anything. She look from right to left, a very nice home, she thought, and the reason she couldn't find it was because he lived in an apartment. He came back with a glass of water. 

  "Thank you," she said and took it from him. A contact from his hand sparks more axiousness within her. "Are we going to start studying?" she asked suddenly.

  He scratch his stubble beard, "Sure."

  The reason behind this study was because they were pair as partners by the teacher to brainstorms idea for the upcoming science fair. Gabe is pretty smart, but between him and Jenna, she would be the nerd. 

  She sat down on a sofa by the table and watched as he got paper out and started writing down some ideas. His fingers glided gracefully over the papers, his blue eyes were focus. His lips were partically open. 

  "What are you thinking?" He asked and she was caught off guard. She blush again.

  "I don't know," she said and took off her glasses. She was farsighted but still wears her glasss due to habit. She can see him clearly still. He stared at her for a moment, then glace downward. 

  "You look different with your glasses off," he mumble but she heard. He pull against his collar. "It's getting hot in here," he said and look back at her. "Jenna aren't you hot in that sweater?"

  She cradle her arms, "Maybe a little," she said and he stood. 

  "Give it here," he said, "I'll hang it on the hanger for you." She pull her sweater up, and over her head, but she didn't realize that a string had hook onto her shirt, and as she pulled up, her shirt also came off pushing her bra upward. She didn't realize until she heard his gasp, and she pull down quickly. Her shirt off, only her arms were still cover by the sleves, she blushed heavely at what had occurred. "I-uh," he mutter and rake his hand through his brown hair.

  She started tearing up, "Y-you didn't... tell me you didn't see-" she suck in a breath and felt tears brimming by the corners of her eyes, she sniffed. 

  "Don't worry!" He say quickly, "I'm not going to tell-"

  "I can't believe," she said not listening and rub her eyes, "for this happen in front of you."


  "No!" She cried and he grabbed her bare shoulders, she jumped, because his hands were cold from being outside. 

  "I'm sorry," he said, and then lean over he held her face and rub the tears from her eyes, "it'll be alright."

  She sniffed again, "Really?"

  He smiled and she turn red again, he found her eyes most adorable as it look up at him like a puppy's, "You're so cute."

  She smiled and turn away, "You're just trying to make me feel better."

  "No," he said and and then lean in closer, his mouth mounted against hers, "I meant it."

  She was shocked and her arms suddently went limp. He push her back onto the sofa and pull her top completely off. She gasp but his mouth weaken her to do anything farther. He cup her right breast and his thumb rub against her, her inside was burning. He finally release her lips and sat up. He then pull his shirt above his head and tossed it aside. She knew he had muscle, but what her eyes had glace at just now made her pussy wet and hotter. 

  "Jenna," he said softly.

  "Gabe, I'm so confuse," she said and reach up to touch his masculine chest, he lower his lashes at her and smiled.

  "What are you thinking about?" He whisper huskily at her. She blushed and then wrap her arms around his neck.

  "D-do you perhaps," she blush and he lean down and nip at her nipple. She moan and her hand grip his hair tightly. "Wait," she cried out helplessly.

  "I love you," he said and stare into her eyes, "since the first time I met you, I was so thrill when the teacher assign us together."

  She felt embarrass, yet at the same time, happy to had heard that. "I love you too," she said and he kiss her again. 

He pull at her pants, and when they came off, he went for the white cotton panties. 

  She moan and stopped him, "I'm not sure," she said and he hushed her.

  "It's alright," he said and kneel below her knees, he lift her legs up, and then brought her panties up to her toes. He stopped and widen her legs. She cover her pussy as he parted her legs up. "Don't hide it sweetheart." 

  "It's embarrassing," she confessed shaking her head. Her hair spill all around her. 

  He lean down and kiss her hands covering up her crotch, "Then I have no choice," his smile was wicked and sexy.

  She push against his lips and sat up and surprise him, "T-take off your pants first!"

  He cover her mouth, "Don't forget I'm not the only one living in his building," his smile was mischeivious this time. 

  She nodded and he got up to do as she asked him too. Down his pants went. She can almost see what his underwear was hiding on the other side, his penis was already erect, and trying to push itself out of the pocket.

  He moan, "Don't stare," she look up and giggled and he saw that as an opportunity. He charge down and lift up her legs as his mouth suddently attach to her pussy. She gasped and push at him. 

  "G-Gabe!" He didn't listen, and as her suprise cries turn to moans, he knew she was enjoying his tongue as he play it up and down her slit. "Please," she said her breath coming out harshly, "I need- I need your penis."

  His mouth left her pussy, and she felt cold for a moment. He shifted his underwear off and she look down and saw his penis, it was huge, and for a second she didn't think it would fit. 

  He rub his finger against her enterance, then his finger probe her to open more for him. He push two finger in, then repeat it as he stroke his shaft. "Fuck me already!" She hiss. He laughed and kissed her navel. 

  "Be patient my little dove, I'll get there," he pull his finger out, "it will be your first time right?"

  She nodded, then shrug, "I'm a virgin, because you'll be the first man I sleep with, but," she blushed, "it probably won't hurt," her confined truth made him laughed even more.

  "You masterbate?" she turn completely red, "I don't mind," he said and without delay he push himself inside her. She gasp and he thrust in deeply. "Does it hurt?"

  "N-no," she said, "it feel's good." Her body arch to him and she relax opening up to him even more, "Do as you like," she said with lusty eyes, "I want you so badly."

  He answer with mulitiple thrusts. She claw at him and he charge in at a slow pace.

  "F-faster, please Gabe." He stopped completely, "G-Gabe?"

  He flip her over, so that she sat on top of him, with his penis still inside of her. She moan and blush, "Fuck then," he said playfully, "instead you move as much as you like."

 "Meanie!" She cringe, "I can't possiblely move with his hot, slick-" she didn't finish. He chuckled and started thrust up. He grab her hip and push it down against his penis with every one of his thrust. Her moans got louder, this sensation was amazing, and she couldn't sit up, she must... rest. "I'm getting weak Gabe."

  He lifted her from him and settle her against the sofa as he got around, "Alright, face down for me," she did as he asked and felt him get behind her. She gasp as he lifted her butt then his penis thrust into her vagina, doggy-style. She moan and her hands clung against the fabric of the sofa. He started pumping into her and soon his thrust became faster and faster. 

  "Gabe," her voice was sing-songing. She called his name out louder and felt his hand against her mouth as it try to quiet her from the neighboors. 

  "Sweetheart, you're getting louder," he whisper and nibble against her ear. She moan against his hand and felt his body tauting, "I'm coming." He said and lean over, he grab both her thighs and then charge deeply into her. She muffle her screams and moans against the futon and when he cum, he plung into her inside and release his seed into her. "I- I sorry," He said quickly withdrawing, she was speechless. "I shouldn't have-"


  "Jena, I'll take responsiblity, I promise-"

  "It's a safe day," she said and blushed, and he sigh. 

  His hand touch her face, "Doesn't matter," he said, "I still want to be the daddy to your babies someday."

  Her eyes widen in awe and she smiled, "W-want to do round two?"


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