Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Love of Lucy life is her roommate Jess, who she knew for most of her college life. However she doesn't know if he loves her back as she does to him.


Love of Lucy life is her roommate Jess, who she knew for most of her college life. However she doesn't know if he loves her back as she does to him.


Submitted: March 28, 2014

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Submitted: March 28, 2014



His lips were the taste of honey with the glimpse of the side of wine. I remember that clearly, that mistake we did. I kissed this man I had been in love with since I was a freshman in college. Now I had just recently graduated, I been wondering about what he thinks of me. I met him in this ad, requesting for a roommate, the name Jess was a common unisex name, so I went with my gut feeling that it might be a girl, and ended up with a man who’s two years older than me, who’s also attending the same university as me. We didn’t mind each other, in fact we avoided each other for weeks before I came out and started talking to him.

We share an apartment, because the dorms were expensive. This apartment was cheap but comfortable, and I didn’t mind it just like him. He was 6’1 and had the smile of an angel. He had dark hair, and hazel green eyes. Whenever I see him smiling I swear there’s more than butterflies in my stomach. After learning about each other, we started hanging out more together, I play video games with him, and he told me, he’s lucky to have a girl who’s could play and win as well. We cook together, although of course he’s the better cook, and when I turn 21 he took me out to drink my first liquor.

That was the mistake, he was very drunk, and although he only had 2 cups, I made sure we got home safely by call the cab. That day when we got home I remember having him by the arm, and trying to get him through the door. He stopped me all a sudden when we pass through, push me against the wall, and looked at me passionately. He lean down and planted a kiss on my lips, and it wasn’t a peck, it was a long lasting kiss that still lingers even today.

He was graduating today, I had an early start on my career leading to greater success and because of that I graduated with an graphic designer degree. I knew he remember that kiss, I also knew he wasn’t really drunk, but quite sober. The next day I acted as though nothing happen, so did he, but days after that he got himself a girlfriend. That knowledge crush my heart, and I feel restless for days, whenever his girlfriend comes over and stay the night. He asked me one time, if it had bother me to have someone else under the roof. I told him, in a playful laugh, that it didn’t matter, but it took so much out of me to say that, that previous night I had to cry myself to sleep.

I just finish my designs early today, and decided to sent it early to my uncle, who was my boss. I close my computer after a save, and went to get a shower. I looked at the clock, Jess should be home in a couple hours, maybe with his girlfriend, who been with him for a year, celebrating. I stood in the showers for about five minutes, in hot water, and then turn the cold on blast. It burn and stained so much and I felt my hot tears dripping down my face again, but I felt it less with the cold water that flooded my body. I heard the front door open, and there was silence after it. I slowly turn off the showers and wrap my blue towel around my body. I open the door slightly to see Jess, slum against on the sofa, his face in his hand and he looked worried.

I walked out, forgetting that I have nothing but a piece of towel around my body. I stood two foot from him before asking him, “Jess? What’s the matter?” He sigh, and I knew something was bothering him. “Jess look at me, tell me what’s wrong.”

He groan and look up. His eyes widen for a moment, and he groan again. “Why, what-” he didn’t finish.

“I was taking a shower, thank you very much,” I sat down next to him, my legs crossed. “Now,” I look at him from the side, “how did the graduation party go?”

He sigh again, “It’s not that,” he said and space off towards the white wall. “I was dump by Samantha.” I was shocked, beyond shocked!

“What?! What kind of girl dumps a good man like you?!” I couldn’t contain my anger. “Jess, give me her address so I can go and beat her up for you,” I stood and he chuckled a laugh.

“Don’t,” he smiled up at me, and I felt the buzzing of angry bees in my stomach. “I been over her for months, it’s just about time she gives up on me.”

“A year relationship isn’t one you should take easily, who knows when you’ll be able to get another chance like that.” I couldn’t believe the words I was saying.

“It’s practically fine,” he said and pull me down to sit, “Lucy,” he said my name, “it’s because I been in love with someone else that I’m glad she left me.”

“Then what’s with the worry look,” I touch his hair, I realize his suit was a bit mess up, and his tie was unknotted. I pull the tie out, “What happen?”

“She only wanted a toy, not a relationship,” he said and took the tie from my hand. “I didn’t like that she was using me.” I pat him on the shoulders.

“Good for you! Realize that I’m also using you as my toy,” I said sarcastically, and he laughed, he knew what I meant.

“You only meant good Lucy, I know that very well.” Jess stood up and started staking off his suit. I follow his footsteps and didn’t realize my towel was slipping.

“Hey Jess?” he turn around at the same time my towel slip down to my breast, revealing more than it should had. I was petrified, and couldn’t scream or move. I wanted to cry and instead ended up doing the opposite, “Woops!” I laughed and cover myself. Jess’s hot stare was on me. I felt myself heating up. I felt embarrassed and uncertain about what next to say. Jess grab my arm and pull me into a surprise hug.

“During times like this,” Jess said softly, his voice, reassuring. “It’s okay to feel embarrassed and and cry.” I felt my bubble burst and a tearful waterfall came down. I press my face into his chest to muffle my horrid cries, and he cradle me in his arms. He pat my head, and rub my back and shoulders with his thumb and fingers.

“Jess,” I said his name and he lifted my chin up to meet his eyes. “I-I-”

“It’s okay Lucy,” he then lower his eyes to my lips, “I been wanting to leave her, she never love me, and I never loved her. I-” He lean down and claim my lips. I shudder against him and feel my towel slipping down to my ankles. I gasp and feel him wrap his jacket around my shoulders. He backed off.

“Jess-” he bite his lower lips for a moment then stopped me from say anymore, he kiss me again only this time he had me push against the wall, held me there and deepen the kiss. I was drug, I swear I feel like I could pass out any moment, and maybe it was also because I can barely breathe. “Wait-” his tongue thrust past my lips, “Stop!” I shove him back. He stopped and stare at me. I try to caught my breath, my eyes closed and I felt his presence very visually. I look up at him and he looked torned and frustrated, why? “Jess what’s the meaning for this?”

He rake one had through his hair and then look at me in the eye. “I loved you Lucy, since the first time I met you, I thought you realize it when I first kiss you after the visit to the bar, but you acted as though you didn’t remember. I only dated Samantha to see if you liked me back, that you can give out some sort of jealousy but you didn’t and now… now-” He was very angry now, and I knew this look of his. I cup his face with my hands.

“Jess, do you mean it?” I try to sound as surprise as I could. My excitement was killing me inside.

“Hell, I meant it! If I didn’t I wouldn’t have say such embarrassing-” He turn red and cover his mouth with the back of his hand. I smiled and giggled.

“Well, I loved you for the longest time now too,” I pull his hand from his mouth and kiss him back. He was taken by surprise and I got a very good reaction from him. He groan and pull me into his arms. I push on his chest, “Wait, be a good boy and strip first!” He looked astonished and then chuckled.

“It should be fair, since you’re also naked.” He started taking off the layer of clothing he had on. I felt a sudden heat down there and on my face. I ran off towards his room and heard his husky voice as he followed me. “Where are you going? I thought you invited me to have some fun?” He stopped at the door, I had sat on his gray bedsheets facing him.

“It’s only right, if we do it here, don’t you think?” He smiled and walked over to me.

“You made my day,” he said and walked over to the bed, I didn’t look down, but I was very aware of the length of it, and it’s erect form.

“What made you so sad earlier?” I asked and he kneed down on the ground, he started leaving trails of kisses on my knee.

“I tell my Bro everything, so I told him that if you don’t accept me, I don’t feel like I can stay living under the same roof as you.” I felt his hand as it rested on my inner thigh. “He told me that if you refuse my feelings then I can move in with him, but,” he push my legs apart, I gasp and he pull them up and I fell onto my back, he was in view my pussy. “I don’t have to worry about that anymore.” He started rubbing my clit with his finger and then pushed one into my entrance. I squirm against him, the sensation was overwhelming. He stopped and slide up against my body. I thought, he was going to enter me now, but instead I felt his tongue as it flicker against my nipple. I moan and grab his hair, it felt weird, the sensation was making my head blank. He nibble on the tips and then his hand fondled me. I felt his shaft as it throb against my thigh.

“Jess,” I said and feel him kissing against my chin, “I need it.”

“Ummm,” he mutter and I felt his hand rubbing against my clit again. I let out a soft scream and he smiled down at me with a satisfying grin. “What do you want?” He cooed playfully. Two of his fingers enter into my vagina and I jerked from the action.

“Be gentle please,” he stopped and then sat up.

“Is it your first?” I nodded and he looked paled, “I didn’t think,” he move from the bed and I felt cold for a moment, and I heard him looking through his drawers. He pull out a condom. I flustered for a moment and watch him fit the condom onto his penis, but he grunted against it.

“Is it uncomfortable?” I asked him. He shrug and slip the condom on, “I took some birth control this morning,” I said, “just in case something were to happen.” He looked at me and then slip off the condom.

“Are you sure?” He said leveling above me. I nodded and then he let out a relief sigh, and push my legs apart. He parted me with his hand and I felt embarrassed. He grab his penis with his other hand and then try to push it in, but I was tight and he stopped. “I’ll have to shove it in a little,” he said not managing his gentle approach. “If I did I don’t know if I can control myself.” I smiled and held his face.

“Go for it,” I said and he kiss me gently. I felt him leveling himself again and felt his penis as it pierce into me whole, his long thick penis ramage into my vagina hurts like crap, and with every cry he took them in his mouth. He was controlling himself, I can feel the tension in his hands and the shakiness of his body. We stay like that for a moment and I knew he wouldn't move, so I did instead and felt a sharp pain of uncomfortableness. He stiffen on me and then kiss my forehead.

“I think we can stop here if you want,” he said trying to control his breath.

“No!” I complain and wrap my legs around his waist. “I come this far not to stop.” I stare into his eyes and he grin.

“I love you so much,” he nuzzle against my neck, “but I’m so afraid I’ll break you.”

I didn’t fear him, I wanted him to move, and instead I move again against his hip and didn’t hurt this time around. He just stay there while I move and soon I felt myself cumming. “I feel something,” I said moving against him. He stopped my movement and then grip against my hip as he started thrusting into me. He was fast and likes it deep. I gasp and moan against his lips as he hit my womb hard with the head of his penis. “Jess, it feels… good.” I came, but he hadn’t and was still penetrating me. I arch my back and cry out as he stopped and jerked. His hot cum spilled inside of me, I was fill up and he collapsed over me.  


Weeks later. “Take that!” I beat Jess again at Super Mario, and he groan while his arms which wrap around me tighten and he nuzzled against my neck. He teeth me a little and I let out a screaming giggle. He turn me around, with his penis inside of me. “Don’t turn me all as sudden, it’s your fault, you wanted to have sex while we play some games.” He grin and I kiss that look off his face.

“As promise,” he said, “since you won you can have whatever kind of sex tonight.” I giggled and rock against him. “But,” he said thrusting all a sudden. “I’ll win next time, just you wait.”

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