Queen's Knight

Queen's Knight

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


A love conflict between a queen and a man who is entrusted to protect her. Living a life of corruption, and a life to kill for, they never thought to meet each other, or fall in love. People lurks in the darkness to blacken the queen's name, and a man to seek her the light of day.


A love conflict between a queen and a man who is entrusted to protect her. Living a life of corruption, and a life to kill for, they never thought to meet each other, or fall in love. People lurks in the darkness to blacken the queen's name, and a man to seek her the light of day.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Queen's Knight

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A love conflict between a queen and a man who is entrusted to protect her. Living a life of corruption, and a life to kill for, they never thought to meet each other, or fall in love. People lurks in the darkness to blacken the queen's name, and a man to seek her the light of day.

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 02, 2014



"Princess, a new recruit will be arriving today, what'll position will you want him in?"

Rain sat on the throne playing with water. She didn't loath this position, after all tomorrow she's going to be throne queen. She sigh, if only they didn't have to go and kill themselves. She look over at the man who had been adressing her attention. He looked timid, maybe because of the rumors of her turning him into ice? She had been curse, although she can completely control it, she would lose control if she get angry. Ice magic? only wizards are able to do that, it's because he mother was a snowwoman. Rain's only half snowwoman, though, she can't make ice appear, like her mother, and she had to be near water to do so. That's why men are afraid of her, because they think blood is the same as water...

"P-Princess Rain I-I-"

"Harold," He jump at my authority voice, "tell me about this new recruit, what is he or she like?"

"He," Harold began started to beam, "is a very good man, he knows combat, and will be good at serving you as a knight in the army."

"Eh, so he's strong," Rain smiled and Harold turn red, "is he good looking?"

"Princess!" He was stunned. She giggled and sat back. 

"I need myself a good man to protect me after all, don't you think people will be coming to murder me since I'm going to be queen? The people aren't happy, Harold, because they believe a witch is taking the throne of a great king. Even if that great king is my father."

"Princess, I don't think that," Harold said and looked at her with a straight face.

She smiled, "Thank you." 

That night Harold was found with a icicle pircing through his stomach. Rumor spread and the princess wasn't heard from until the day of her throning...


His name was Loke Emerald, he was the new recruit for the to-be-queen, and his looks were deadly, all women, from the level of cute, mature, and older loves him, and he's swam by everywhere he goes. His true alternative, kill the Ice Queen. He's an assassin, sent by the Flame Kingdom, fearing a threat among the Kingdom of Aguan, fearing that once the princess get the throne then she'll freeze all the citizen to death and lessen the water supplies that only can be sent there. 

He was getting himself ready to meet the princess, what he's expecting was this witch, perhaps in her twenties, ugly hair and with cat-like eyes. He was quick to judge a person who had been deteriorated by the rumors. She would be his strongest hunt, because unlike others who been criminals or theives, she had powers. Ice powers. 

Loke stood in the throne room, it was cold, he thought, fix for a evil person perhaps, and then the door open. He had heard that yesterday a man had died, and no coincidence that it was by an icicle. 

"Princess Rain is here to greet you, Mister Emerald," A young voice announce. He turn around to face the fear that been raging in the people pf Aguan. The girl he seek completely threw his judgement away, she was beautiful, her hair was dark brown with caramel highlights, and her eyes a icy blue but gentle, and her expression, a bit sadden and tired. 

"Good morning, I presume, Loke Emerald?" He smiled and bow at her, his only actions to decieve her, is to play by her rules for a while. 

"Princess, it's a pleasure to work for you," he said and look up at her. He tried to impress her with his smiles, but she been avoiding them. Interesting. he thought and watch her walk over to the throne. 

"Can't we just do this over here?" She wine at the younger man who had announce her arrival. 

"P-princess the kingdom have to witness it." Her attitude would be worth slapping off, Loke thought. 

"Fine," She said, "Is the dressmaker here with my dress? How about the Salon woman? Don't forget about the-" she went on asking about all these other people who was hired to fix her up.

"Uh," the young man mutter, "About them... I heard they came down with a flu."

"What?" She said astonished.

"I thought they were faking it too, but they are slowly dying from-f-from-"

"Spit it out!" 

"Frostbite ma'am!" The look on her face didn't change. Loke wonder, could it be her doing?

She close her eyes for a moment, think Rain think. She didn't want the citizens to think it was her doing again, it's always her isn't it? She bit her lower lip for a moment then open her eyes. She realize Mister Emerald had stood in the same place since her arrival, she haven't give him a job yet. She stood suddently and Jare, the man who took Harold's place flinch. 

"Princess?" He whisper quietly.

"Nevermind," she said, "I'll see you at the cathedral."

"Princess! Who's going to escort you?"

"Mister Emerald," she said and he looked surprise, "your first job, is to escort me safely to the cathedral for my throning."


"What in hell's mind am I to do?" Rain whisper as she scramble into her room, she look through every dress and every shoe. She didn't even care for that new dress by the dressmaker, and in the end they didn't do as they promise. She don't want to be queen, she don't! 

"Princess," Loke's deep voice was heard through her closed door, "we don't have that much time."

She felt sick, and feel like weeping. She sat down on her bed and put her head down between her knees. What to do? What to do, what to do?! She then realize something, if she died, if she's gone like her parent's maybe, maybe she doesn't have to go through all these discrimination? She pull out a sharp hair pin, and angle it towards her chest. She swings, but stop, and felt her hands shaking, she can't, she can't kill herself. Her tears, that she couldn't cry from the funeral, from the pain and suffering she been through, cascaded and she feel like a limp twig, ready to break any moment. She didn't even heard the door open. 

Pairs of warm arms wrap around her shoulders and heavy breathing on her nape. "Princess Rain," the voice was soothing, "it's going to be alright." She turn around and burried her head into his masculine chest. 

"I don't want to be queen!" She weeps, "if I become queen they'll hate me more, I can't become queen, I can't be as good as father. They already loaths me, I-I-" His lips touch hers and she became drown in his sweet and hot kiss. She look at him with a blurr vision. He back up a little and cover his mouth with his arm in embarrassment. She was left staring and bemused by his actions. 

"See what you had uncover?" he chuckled, "I felt hot now." He stood up and then help her up, "Become queen and teach them what you can do to help."

What was he saying? From that moment he walked in, and saw her crying like a child, he felt pity and soft all a sudden. A woman's tears are his weakness, and he can't stand watching someone cry. Her sadness, she wasn't terrible as they said, then he thought, it could just be all an act. At that point it didn't feel like an act, and she looked tired. She's also pretty, her eyes sparkled when he kiss her just then, and her lips were, sweet...

"Get dress, we don't have time." She nodded and left the room, he sigh and follow her again. She went into a different room, and lock the doors, this time he waited. She came out in fifteen minutes, with her hair tied up in a messy, but delightful bun, and her face wasn't cover by any colors but natural. She wored a beautiful white lacy dress that wrap around her curvy body. 

"I'm ready," she blushed, "Don't give me that look." Amuse he asked.

"What kind of look my princess?"

"The kind that look like you're hungry for me. I might give you a taste if you asked nicely, 'this' time," She give him a playful smile and he blush. No woman had affected him this much before, he doesn't have the heart to harm this smile, nor sadden it, he don't even remember when he forgotten about his truth alternative... (to be continue)...

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