Guitar Boyfriend

Guitar Boyfriend

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Loving and sex, just stating the obvious


Loving and sex, just stating the obvious


Submitted: November 13, 2013

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Submitted: November 13, 2013



I woke up to the sound of guitars being strung. I open one eye first and saw John as he tune his guitar back to it’s original tone. I just lay there on the bed watching him until he notice I was awake. He never turn to look at me, but he knew.

“Want me to play you a song Darling?” he asked. I sigh and he turn around, he was half naked with only his pants on.

“Play me a song,” I said and push myself up, I stop halfway and feel his callous fingers as he touched my shoulders. His fingers massage my skin and he push me back down.

“Rest,” he said, “you must be tried from last night’s adventure.” He chuckled and I blush reminiscing last night’s event. He been gentle and very rough at the same time, and being my first time he had restrain himself.

“John,” I said sweetly, “I feel very sore,” I lay my head against the pillow. He nodded and started playing his chords. I watch his fingers eagerly remembering where they once touch my body. I shudder and buried my head into the pillow. After a few minute he stopped playing and I felt the bed as it dip down where he sat.

“Where,” he said as his hand rub against my butt, “does it hurt?” my head started throbbing, and I look up at him.

“P-places,” I said and he chuckled.

“Um? What places?” He teased.

“M-my vagina,” I blush shamley at my own words. He smiled softly but didn’t laugh.

“I have a drug for that,” he said and I felt him flip me around to my back, he got on top and kiss me. My mind went blink and for that moment I really couldn’t feel it anymore. He pull back and grin.

“I-is there more?” I asked and wrap my arms around his neck keeping his warmth close. He grab my butt, I gasped. “John.”

“I sure want to fuck you again,” he said and nuzzle against my neck. I felt chills and goosebumps. He flicked his tongue against my skin and I shudder.

“Lets do it again,” I said and he sigh with almost joy.

“You’re sore though,” he said and roll over to my side. I sat up and saw his erection. He wanted sex, but he don’t want to force me. I smiled and he cover his eyes with his arm. I got a glimpse of a crazy idea, so I went for it. I flung my legs over his body. I shocked him and he move his arm, he steady himself on his elbow as he stare at me.

He try to say something, but I press my finger on his lips. Those perfectly smooth kisser lips, and when it curve against my finger, I got goosebumps. He was sexy as hell. I move down and unzipped his pants. His erection flung out free of it’s bondence. I stare at it, then move down to lick it. I suck on the head and made my way down his length. I can felt his hand as it gripped my hair, and his harsh breaths, trying to cope with the pleasure and not force me to swallow the length. I wasn’t good, but I made him crazy mad, almost hysterical.

He pull me back by the hair and sat up and grasp my hips. I lick my lips and tremble a little as I got into position above his penis. I place my hand between my legs and parted the already wet flap that hid my entrance. I try to sit on his shaft, but find it extremely hard to do. He was huge, and I knew it, but it seem to had got bigger now that I was the one leading. I arched back and close my eyes as I push myself onto him. I felt it entering, follow by my own gasp and moans. I stopped, trembling against him.

“Is it, is it all the way in?” I said forgetting the size of his penis, I open one eye to look at him. He looked breathless and full of deep emotions.

“No,” he said and his hands rub my buttcheeks, “it’s only halfway in.” I was astonished.

“You’re lying,” I look and felt as his hand push down, and I felt the rest of him dig deep into me. I moan out grab his head and held his head against my chest. I felt his hot breath against my breast, then follow by his tongue as it circle my nibbles. “John!” I gasp when his lips close over my tips and his teeth grind my nipple. A small cry was heard from within my throat and I shudder against him. Still he didn’t move his penis, only his mouth and hands.

When he moved, it came unexpectedly. His first thrust caught me offguard and I groan. He cover my lips with his and caught my every cry. He was rougher this time around, because I wasn’t a virgin, and I don’t felt pain, but the soreness had hurt when he first thrust inside.

“Faster!” I almost scream, “do whatever you like.”

He move up on his knee and I collapse onto my back. He pulled my legs up and widen me, my butt face his manhood as he tower over me. He started thrusting from that position. I felt awkward, but it was an amazing feeling. I moan louder and louder, he cover my mouth as he bent over and kissed me. He then grab my hip and lean down, he started penetrating into my body and his groan and moans were as loud as mine. He shuddered and quickly withdrawn. He squirt out the sweet honey of his cum all over my chest.

He dropped my legs as it went back down to his sides, and he lay against my breast listening to my heart beats.

I got up first and went to the showers. He follow in behind, and while washing we found ourselves doing it a third time. He came from behind me and had thrust his already hard penis into my vagina. I gasp at the contact and arch against his hands as they held my body. He had his hand roaming up and down my ribcage and then grasping my boobs gently squeezing them. He sat down on the shower floor and had me move against him. I started moving up and down, slowly and gently at first then I prop my hand against him and move as fast as I can get myself to. He started grinding up against me, and I almost lost myself to this pleasure. I rock myself from side to side and then pushing his penis as it rub hard against the walls of my vagina.

“Please John, I can’t-” He started thrusting fast and I fell against him. He plunged into me like a wild animal. He came again and pulled out.

“That was amazing,” he said to me and kiss my lips softly, “I love you Lulu.” As we settle back to our normal self, I can feel his callous finger as it rub against my clit, and then my nub sending a painful sensation up my body and making me cum a fourth and final time.

I smirk at him and he chuckled and touch my forehead this time.

“I don’t think I can ever let you slip me by.” I blushed and smiled at his words.


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