Forbidden Love

Forbidden Love

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Falling in love with someone isn't something she was hoping for when her father pass away. Falling in love with that person was a taboo, but she didn't care as much when he had also love her back.


Falling in love with someone isn't something she was hoping for when her father pass away. Falling in love with that person was a taboo, but she didn't care as much when he had also love her back.


Submitted: October 31, 2013

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Submitted: October 31, 2013



I told myself, it wasn't a good idea, but I couldn't stop thinking about him. From the moment we met, to be truthful it was 15 years ago, when I was only 4, but they came to visit this one faithful day. That week we were helding my father's funeral and my cousins came to visit. That's when I met him. He stay over my house, one of this brother and sister went over to one of our uncle's house. He slept in my room, his hair long, swept back, and tied. He get mistaken for a girl sometimes but it someone looked at his face, they can clearly see that he was a boy, and although he was 20, he looked much older and more mature. I watched him while he played on his guitar, he looked tired out from his trip here. I live in California, and he came all the way from Maine. He stopped playing then plug his ears with his headphones. I sighed, because I was hoping he would talk to me. I like talking to him, it's just hard to think of something to talk about. I watch him as he scroll down his list of songs on his ipod. He looked handsome, his arm was bluff, but at the same time he was chubby.

  I heard rumors of him being a bad boy since the age of 16, that he drinked a lot. He's only cousin because his mother who have him married into my family, and he was brought along with her. At the moment, it didn't matter, he was sober, and nice, and was the sweetest guy I know. He look up for a moment and turn his head. As he did that I look down and fiddle with my fingers. I can heard him chuckle and then stand. I felt my heart pounding, and pull my jacket over. Feeling overwhelm I felt his heat as he walked over.  

  "Lulu," he said and I look up, "Listen to this." He sat down on my bed and I put one of his headphone into my ear. He started singing along with the song being played, the artist was Bruno Mars. I smiled, but remembering my father I held my tears back, as the song; "It Will Rain" ring into my ears. He stopped singing for a moment. "Lulu?"

  I look up at him, and realize my tears had blurred my vision. I wiped my eyes and he wrap his arms around my shoulders. "It's alright Micheal."

  "I'm sorry," he said and press his forehead against mine, "Lulu stop crying, seeing you cry like this... makes me sad." I sniff and nodded my head.

  He move and kiss my forehead, I felt time freeze for a moment, and I back up. He felt defeated and ran his hand through his loose hair. Before he say anything the door open and his father walked in, glare at him and told him to behave. 

  A couple days after this we became closer, and in fact, being first cousins we felt sort of guilty doing what we were doing. He pull me into a corner one time, held my cheeks and kiss my lips deeply. I felt shivers down my spinal core and kiss him back. That day ran into another where we were left home one day and he finally got to the point where we made love to each other. He had just finish his shower, then I mine, and I had forgotten my robe. I walked into my room where he was sitting, again he was listening to his music, and I had wrap my towel around my body. He stare long and took eveything in, I felt he was feasting on me instead and I blush suddently. I try to ignore him, but I couldn't, because he had my robe on his lap.

 "Looking for this?" he asked and I nodded.

  I whisper roughly, "Can I have it back?" 

"It's your's, why are you asking?" I walked over and but slip on some clothing on the ground. These had belong to him when he was changing. I heard him gasp and race over to catch me. He missed and pull me up from the ground. I whimpered and felt his hands carelessing me. "I'm sorry."

I held my breath and watch his curious eyes as they had lower. He suck in his breath and his eyes focus for a moment. "I-I," I try to cover, but he pin me back and we both fell against his suitcase full of clothings. "Micheal, we can't-" He cover my lips with his. I felt him run his warm hand against my cold wet skin. I flinch and gasp when his hand found my nipples and pitch it. I moan and struggle against him. He didn't budge and I heard his hand rustling something below. 

"I want to," he said after he left my lips, "I want you." I blush and shook my head but I was convince, I wanted him badly as well. He push my legs up and I bite onto my lips. "I'll be gentle." His first thrust broke my tears loose and I cried out, he recieve my cries with his lips. He waited for a moment, when I relax, I sent him a message by telling him I was ready. He thrust and I arch, the pain dying away and soon his thrust got harsher and harsher. He pull out and came all over my stomach, he would been in some trouble if it was inside.

  We slept that night, him in his bed, me in mine. When I woke up the next day, I was sore, I look up to see if he was still sleeping because it was 7 in the moring. He was gone, and I thought he might been already looking for food. I walked into the livingroom, the carpet helped me tiptoe, so I can surprise him. I stopped when I heard his voice, he was on his cellphone with someone, and I hear his sweet tone. 

"Yes, baby," I heard, "I miss you too. How you been...Ah I see, I can't wait to get home too." There was a pause, "Of course not, I won't cheat on you, none of the girl here are pretty cute anyways-" My heart broke for the very first time. I grip my robe and felt my tears escaping my eyes. That bastard, that manwhore! I could strangle him to death, I want to kill him, but when I peak the corner to plan out my move, I suck in a breath, he was too pretty, his smiling face caught me off guard. He faced towards the window, but I can make out his dimples at the corner of his cheeks. I fled back and collasp once I enter my room. He couldn't, he wouldn't, my soreness became a painful reminder of last night's pleasure and I started weeping again.

  Micheal had heard me cry, and I can hear his footsteps as it travel back to my door. I sniff and the door jar open. 

  "Lulu?" I look up and his sorrowful face frown down at me. "Do you miss your dad?" He came over to me, and I push him away.

  "I-I want to be alone," I whispered. He sat down either way and I turn my back on him. I can feel as his hand trace my spine up to my neck, then his fingers wrap around the back of my neck, carelessing it. I shiver and felt him as he wrap his arm around my shoulders.

  "I don't want to leave you alone," he mutter, "I know you don't want to be alone as well."


  "Sh!" he said softly. I whimper and shook myself free from him. "Lulu why?"

  I shook my head, "I know you have a girlfriend," I said with a shaky voice, "so it's better if we just forget about last night."

  "Forget- No!" He pin me against the floor, "I don't want to forget anything-"

  "I heard you!" I scream and he loosen his hold, "I heard you," I whimper now, "on the phone." 

  His facial expression turn pale and he rub his face with his hand, "That doesn't mean anything."

  "I'm not your type, I'm your cousin for crying out loud!" He soften his looks and kiss me. I still for a moment, but I didn't kiss him back.

  "Kiss me darling," he said and I just look away. He growl and ripe open my robe, I screech and claw him, he pull my hands back and tied them with my robe's rope. I sob and sob, as he suck on my nipples and bite onto them. He was rough and demanding. He pull the robe's rope and tied it to the foot of my bed and then let go so he can use both his hands however he wanted. 

  I shook my head, "Please don't."

  He growl again and nibble on my nipples, I cry out and twisted, but that painful pulling of his teeth hurts. He stopped and lifted my legs. I fought him to stop him from any farther advancing. He wrap my most sensational spot with his tongue, and licked. He lick then also nibble driving me crazy of this. 

  "Stop Micheal-" I carry his name, I was about to come until he stopped and turn me around. "No-" He lifted my butt, open the cheeks out and push his penis into my asshole. I scream and he grab one of his shirt and press it against my mouth, muffling me. I tremble, and tighten against him. He didn't do what he did last night though, he charge right into me, and I cry with his every hard, penetrating, thrust. I sob into his shirt, that smelled of Dove soap, and lavender. He started going in deeper and I felt myself go numb. 

  He stopped and pull out, then he push it into my pussy without any warning and I cry out again. This repetition became somewhat pleasureful then when he was pounding into my asshole. I started moaning after a moment, and hated myself for doing so. He push in deeply and then I heard a loud slap, he just slap my butt cheeks. I scream against the shirt. Damn him! Damn him straight to hell! He came, but he plung right into me. I cried out and bite into the shirt. This fool just came inside of me! He remove everything after he finish, lifted me up into his arms and then settle me onto my bed. I couldn't see him face, but I didn't want to. I wanted to forget, he raped me. I still couldn't think straight. 

  "I hate you," I said quietly and felt as he kissed against my shoulder blades. 

  "I love you though," he said.

  When he had to return home, he went without telling me, and I was left to pounder about everything. In two months I found out I was pregnate. My mom didn't find out about it until I started showing. She was angry, but more when she found out who's baby it was. I was disown by the 6 month. I remember crying so much as I left my home and move into my own apartment. I give birth to my son, Mitchell, on the 9 month, he came early and was still small and they didn't release him until a week later. I worried for that week, because the doctors had said he was very weak because he wasn't taking in the formulas. I started breast feeding and soon he became healthier and stronger. His first birthday was loney and sweet, he learn his first word by 1 year and a half. "Fufu," that was the name of his stuff bear, and his first word.

  When he turn four, I had collected enough money to travel to his father's hometown. Maine, in Augusta. I remember walking up to my cousin's house, and knocking on the door. Micheal had open that door that day, stare at me and fluster right away.

  "Lulu," he said and smiled, "it been a while, we been exspecting you-" he stopped short and stare at the young boy. "Who's this?"

  "Mitchell," I said, "my son." I glare at Micheal who somewhat can understand what I was saying without saying it out loud. I pull my bags into the living room, hugs a couple of the siblings and then spoke with my uncle about finding life in Augusta.

  "It been too long," my uncle said, "Micheal you're getting too old, your cousin already is married and had a kid."

  I smiled warmly and chuddle against my son's soft hair, "I'm not actually married," I said kissing Mitchi's head.

  Micheal stare long at me, "That's strange?" My uncle said, "who's baby is it?"

  "That's my dear uncle is someone who you know pretty well of, and not fond of," was all I said. "I'm tired from my flight, I'm going to nap for a while until I regain my strenght."

  "Micheal show her to your room." He did and when he close the door, Mitchell went straight to the bed, lay his tired head down and then fell asleep.

  "Lulu," I froze at his voice, "that day I-"

  "There's nothing much to say," I whisper,"it's never happen."

  "Lulu," I look up at him, he looked devasated. "That girl I was talking too," he said, "was our niece, she was only seven then and had a little crush on me. That day she missed me so she called, I just did what I usually do then, I lied to her to make her happy."

  I laughed, but I can heard the scarasticness in it. "Oh really?"

  He pulled his phone out, and started dialing. I stopped him and ended the call.

  "I believe she's very cute?"

  He smile, "However you're very beautiful."

  I blushed and look over at Mitchi to keep my eyes off of Micheal, but there was the similarities that made my heart pound like it did 4 years ago. "Micheal-"

  "He's mine isn't he?" Micheal wrapped his arm around my waist.

  "Micheal," I said with more urgency and almost begging. He lean down and kiss me. I moan against him forgetting everything he had done, everything I been through. I didn't even consider thinking about the years of desertion. He pull me back and smiled with sinceres. 

  "I told you," he said and brush my cheeks with his thumb, "I love you though." I push my head into the side of his neck and I weep. He comfort me and then pull me outside and into the livingroom, where everyone had gather before dinner. "Mom," he said, he grip my hand tightly not letting go, "Dad, I want to marry Lulu." 


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