The Phone Call

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

When a phone call is more than just talk!

My wife and I were watching TV when the phone rang. Being closer, I picked up and answered.




"Hello to you!" a sultry woman's voice replied. "Bet you don't

know what I'm doing."


"No, what?"


"Fingering my wet pussy and thinking about your big delicious cock shooting hot, cum on my tits and face!" she responded with that deep breathy voice.


I almost laughed aloud, thinking that I should probably hang up. But it was a woman and her brash language piqued my interest.


"Uh. Oh, I see," I stumbled, deciding to play along to see where this was going.


"Someone is in the room with you, your wife maybe," she asked?


"Yes, that's right." Trying to sound normal.


"I'll bet she likes to suck on that big hard cock of yours until it pumps her mouth full of your sweet cum."


"Uh, well I wouldn't say that necessarily," I replied.


"Mama doesn't suck Daddy's dick?"


"No, not lately." My cock was beginning to twitch and I could

feel the fever rising in my face.


"Does she let you lick her pussy?" Her voice was

getting throatier and I could hear something in the

background softly squeaking with a measured movement.


"Sometimes”, I said, my voice lowering as not to alert my wife. I was trying to think of an excuse for staying on the line because I knew she would certainly ask.


"That's nice. At least you'll know how when you kiss mine and lick up my juices," she purred. "Oooooo! And my pussy is so juicy right now!"


"Who is that?" Cheryl, my wife, turned and asked, right on time.


I covered the mouthpiece and said, "One of the guys

from the office. He's got a problem with an account. I'm mostly just listening to his ideas."


"Can't he wait until you're back in the office?" Peeved, she folded her arms and

turned back to the TV not expecting an answer.


"Shame on you, Daddy, lying to Mama like that. I'll bet if she looked at your pants right now she would see the bulge that 'guy from the office' wouldn't have put there," the voice chided with a soft chuckle.


"You're probably right," I said. I found myself enjoying

the covert conversation in a perverse, yet exciting sort of way.


"I know I'm right!" she giggled. Her voice went back to

soft and sexual. "If I was there, I'd take your hard cock in my mouth, get it nice and wet so I could take it down my throat. Would you like that?”


I inhaled sharply with the vision she created. My wife jerked her

head around to look at me through narrowed eyes. I faked a cough and she returned

to the screen.


“Well, would you like that?” she pressed me.


“Oh yes, that sounds great. I think you know just what I want.” I said, trying to sound matter of fact.


"Ooooh, Daddy, my pussy feels sooooo good right now!" she



"You don't mind me calling you `Daddy' do you?"


"No. Not at all."


"You actually like it, don't you?"


"Uh, yes I do.” I replied.


“I like to pretend that you're my Daddy teaching me things. Many times I've rubbed myself thinking about sucking my 'Daddy's' cock and then feeling him push it into me, his big throbbing dick stretching my tight pussy, and going deep where my fingers can't reach. Oooooooo, Daddy!" She purred.


"Yes, I can understand that. It sounds really good to me." My cock now hard and jerking uncontrollably under my shorts. I was having a hard time keeping it concealed from my wife.


I could hear the caller's voice quicken with passion as I listened to her monologue. Until...


"Mmmmm! Oh, Daddy! Daddy! You, you make meeeee Cuuuummmmmmm!" Her voice was so loud in my ear, I was afraid my wife would overhear her orgasm. Thankfully, she didn't. I listened intently as the mystery girl panted and wheezed through her long climax.


"Mmmmmmm! That was soooo good!" she gasped. Then came slurping, smacking noises. "And this is delicious, too. I've got the best tasting pussy in the world, don't I?"


Click! The phone went dead but my cock and my mind did not. Later, almost dragging her to bed, I fucked Cheryl like a sex-starved man. After a thorough session of 69 to make sure she was hot and wet, I entered her and with every stroke fantasized about that mystery woman's hot, wet cunt and her lips around my cock. Afterward, Cheryl confessed, “That was the best orgasm I've had in years. What's gotten into you? Whatever it is I like it!”


God, I hope that woman calls again!


Submitted: June 08, 2017

© Copyright 2021 CRWestminster. All rights reserved.

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