The Elevator Incident

The Elevator Incident

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


No new job but Carmen gets her fantasy fulfilled.


No new job but Carmen gets her fantasy fulfilled.


Submitted: May 21, 2017

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Submitted: May 21, 2017



Carmen stood before the elevator reviewing her notes for the interview she had just taken. What had she said that may or may not get her the job? The two men and the woman that were on the panel seemed to like her. The men especially with their flirty eye contact. She had answered all the questions succinctly and without hesitation. Her resume was clean and up to date. She so wanted to work in this massive building with so many men available to fill her sexual appetite.

Ding! The bell chimed and she stepped into the empty elevator just as the two men from the interview rushed the door behind her.

“Hold the elevator please,” the tall, dark-haired man pleaded. She remembered his name was Ramon Sanchez. A great looking Latin with chiseled features and a quick smile. He wore a perfectly tailored dark blue suit and tie, his hair was of medium length, black and wavy.

“Thank you so much, Carmen isn't it?” he said, his dark eyes piercing hers.

“Yes, you're welcome,” was all she could manage as her gaze fell upon the floor.

“You were very promising in the interview, Miss,” the shorter man said. She looked up to catch that same glint in his eye that she had noticed during the meeting.

“It's Garcia and thank you for saying that, I would love to work here, for this company I mean,” her eyes became more comfortable looking at these two handsome men.

The elevator door closed with a whisper and the car started its long journey to the ground floor some thirty stories below.

They all stood silently against the side walls across from each other, the men looking her up and down as the car passed several floors. Carmen noticed nice bulges in both of the men's suit pants and it sent a tickle through her clit imagining what they would look like unfettered.

And then, there was a loud screeching sound and the car jerked to a stop. The lights went out and it was total blackness. Carmen gave an involuntary squeal that bordered on a scream as she reached for the wall. The men almost in unison exclaimed, “What the fuck was that?”

“Not again.” “I wonder how long we'll be here this time?” Tom said into the inky blackness.

Tom was the shorter man with light brown close cropped hair. He was stocky, well-defined muscles were evident beneath his suit. He reminded Carmen of a Marine she had once known. She wondered if he had tattoos like her Marine friend.

“Damn, this happened just two weeks ago. The elevator was out for a couple of hours. Four people were trap in here the whole time. We may as well get comfortable,” Ramon said. He opened his cell phone and dim blue light bathed the interior of the car. A welcome change to the sudden dark. At least they knew they had some light if they needed it. Each of them appeared ghostly in the hazy light. He contacted Maintenance and demanded that they get a move on and get them out, pronto.

“Are you going to be alright Carmen?” Tom asked.

“Yes, I think so. It just frightened me at first.”

“We'll be fine, but it might take some time to free us.” Tom replied.

The light went out as Ramon ended his call and pocketed the phone. Minutes went by without much conversation, except for some small talk about managing the company and how this was a great way to treat the CEO and the head of Personnel. Carmen heard the two whispering to each other at times but assumed it was work-related business that she wasn't to hear.

In the dark, Carmen felt someone's body heat increase against her as they moved closer. She noticed a familiar twinge of tension come from between her legs. Cologne filled the air, not overpowering, rather just a hint of fragrance mixed with the men's masculinity. Her mind was playing tricks on her. Did it seem that her skirt was somehow shorter in the dark confines of the elevator, even though she knew it was knee-length? The twinge became more pronounced causing her to squeeze her thighs together trying to assuage the warm feeling tickling within her. “Get a grip on yourself,” she chided silently.

Now the feeling was that both men had surrounded her, one on each side. “It must just be my imagination,” she thought.

“You smell wonderful in this tight place,” Ramon breathed. He was closer!

Tom followed with a deep breath through his nostrils, “Mmmm...yes. You do smell delicious.” It wasn't her imagination after all, they had definitely moved to each side of her.

She felt Ramon's warm face next to hers and his lips touched her neck causing sparks to shoot through her darkening mind. She stiffened. Closer, he planted little wet kisses along her neck to her shoulder. His hot breath teasing the delicate skin. Hands gripped her waist.

Carmen recoiled dropping her purse and the papers she had been holding and cried out, “Please, what are you doing?” She knew her attempted struggle was half-hearted at best. The men could sense it too.

“Don't be afraid. We aren't here to hurt you. On the contrary, we want to make you feel very, very good.” Tom said, his voice now low and husky. His hand found the hem of her skirt and touched the bare skin beneath. Carmen had decided this morning to not wear nylons since her legs were tanned and smooth enough, besides it was to be a warm day. Tom's hand slowly edged upward taking Carmen's breath as Ramon deftly unbuttoned several buttons at the top of her blouse. She was frozen with fear, or was it anticipation? Ramon's hand reached in and cupped a large handful of breast through the thin material of the bra.

“Nice,” he whispered. His finger found the strap and pulled it from her shoulder. He tweaked her nipple as his mouth descended upon it and her breath quickened.

Carmen was unable to resist the building desire as it blazed to life in her body and mind. She found herself giving in completely to these two men's advances. Strangely enough, she had been half fantasizing about each of the men during lulls in the interview and now here they were, bringing her fantasy to life!

Tom found her silken panties and slid his large hand between her legs. She was more than warm, a wet spot had developed on the silky crotch. He slid the glossy material back and forth across the growing nub of her clit protruding from between her naked lips. She let out a soft moan and relaxed against his touch. Her hands automatically reached out, finding the bulges big and hard in their trousers. Skillfully, she rubbed them both as the men poured gasoline on the fire of her arousal. Both were upright and threatening to overtop their belts. She expertly unfastened each and set free those magnificent male appendages that she so loved, wishing that she could see them, but settling for braille. She slipped to her knees and began to fellate them in turn. Carmen loved the feel of a man's cock in her mouth. She loved the fullness, the smoothness of the skin gliding over her lips and tongue, and especially power she held over the man at that moment.

Both men were moaning with delight from her manipulations and she was good at what she did. In the blackness about them she couldn't see but she felt every nuance, every vein and ridge as it slipped through her hand and into her mouth. God she was hot!

Ramon removed his pants and kneeling on the carpeted floor, pulled down her soaked panties. She was literally dripping from desire. He brought her to his mouth and tasted the sweet, copious flow escaping from her hot desire. Sucking and tonguing her clit sent electric shocks straight to her brain which was now on auto pilot and headed for the stars. She continued to devour Tom's fat cock even as Ramon manuevered himself beneath her and pulled her down on his throbbing prick. She felt him pressing his cock against her opening, stretch her open and plunge into her depths. She let out a muffled sigh from the initial penetration. Ramon held her tightly as her own sex rhythmically clutched at his. She began to rock back and forth on Ramon even as she inhaled Tom's cock to it's fullest.

At length, Tom dropped to his knees behind Carmen and smeared their combined fluids over her anus, his fingers expertly opening her and loosening the tight little hole.

“This seems so choreographed, like they have practiced this before,” Carmen thought.

Without a word Ramon pulled out as Tom pressed his steel cock to Carmen's ass. She whimpered as he stretched her beyond what she thought she could take. His cock slowly gained entry as Carmen howled with pain and delight. Tom began to slowly pump his engorged member up her ass. In a moment Ramon was back at her cunt entrance, pressing his way in.

“OH! god! I can't take it...oh fuck me...fuck me!” Carmen cried out. She was being double-teamed and she loved it. “If only I could have a cock for my mouth,” she thought.

The men pounded into her with renewed energy. Feeling each other pushing and pulling inside as the woman writhed before them. The complete darkness made the affair surreal and dreamlike, each lost in their own reverie and imagination. Erotic visions danced through their heads only to magnify their already cosmic fantasy.

Carmen came first, cascading into the throes of orgasm, her body shaking deliriously. Her mind ignited by desire and lust for the act she was participating in, she screamed a silent scream and flooded her cum over both men as they wildly drove toward their own crescendo. Tom grunted long and low as he spewed his load deep in Carmen's ass sending her once again over the edge of this insanity and into the grip of yet another level of orgasm. The feel of Tom's spent cock slipping from Carmen triggered Ramon to spill his seed as he felt Tom moving inside of her. Ramon rammed his hot spike deep within Carmen and with a loud, gutteral moan, breath escaping through his teeth, he pumped his cargo of semen, jet after jet into Carmen, adding to the deluge. She lay on Ramon's chest for several minutes, basking in the afterglow of the moment.

Shaking, Carmen rose to her feet releasing Ramon's long thick cock to fall heavily on his stomach with a wet, juicy plop. Unsure on her feet, she reached for the wall and slip into a half-laying position. Each of them took the next few minutes to catch their breath, pull themselves together, and clean themselves as best they could, using their discarded undergarments.

The lights flashed several times and then remained on, temporarily blinding the trio with the sudden brightness. By now everyone was in some semblance of order and dress. Carmen pulled her mirror from her purse and straightened her hair and makeup. The men were again dressed as Ramon ran his hands through his tousled hair and Tom adjusted his tie.

Not a word was spoken between them, none was needed. Everything had been communicated in that short period of darkness trapped in the disabled elevator for forty-five minutes.

The car came back to life and stopped at the next floor where they were ushered to working elevators amid pleas for forgiveness. They exchanged smiles and nods and went on their separate ways. Carmen didn't get the position she applied for but, she was satisfied with the position she had found herself in today. There would be other interviews in this massive building, filled with elevators.

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