Smitten by Love

Smitten by Love

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


After divorce, Charlie finds new love and direction at a summer party.


After divorce, Charlie finds new love and direction at a summer party.


Submitted: December 09, 2012

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Submitted: December 09, 2012



I felt disconnected and drifting since my divorce. I turned to drink, dabbling in drugs, looking for the next party, and my next sexual conquest. All were easily available as I attended Community College on the GI Bill. I worked summers for the county to help pay for life. Even now, at twenty-five, I was without a clear goal in life. At least one thing was in my favor, I had only myself to care for. Oh and, the child support payments for my son since my divorce. I didn't mind paying for my son's needs. But, when I saw his mother's picture on the front page of a local newspaper, I was pissed. She was now running with a Harley Davidson motorcycle group. Giving her money that I had no control over irked me. It always made me wonder, “who was buying the beer for these bikers?" Is my son getting the benefit of my child support?" I would console myself with the knowledge that at least I didn't have to live with his mother any longer. She was getting what she asked for, “treated like shit” by some asshole biker. Not that I hate bikers since I own a motorcycle myself. I hate those that are egotistical and have an ax to grind against civilization, or anyone that doesn't ride a Harley for that matter. She fit right in.

I always took pride in myself for being independent and paying my own way. My life was mine. I wasn't indebted to anyone. At the time, I lived alone in a small one-bedroom apartment, that I called my own. It wasn't the Taj Mahal but it was comfortable. My friends admired my autonomy and single lifestyle. At least, those that wore the old ball and chain or the few who still lived at home. There was always food in the house, usually some beer in the fridge and the cupboards stocked. Not that I'm a chef or anything but I kept myself fed and could whip up something for guests if the need arose. My place was a few miles out-of-town and I hated to come home and find nothing to eat. There were always friends dropping by to drag me off to a party or just get high so I needed to keep at least some 'munchies' available.

Tonight's party was at the house of an acquaintance that I had never been to before. Off the main highway and nestled behind a peach orchard, it was a perfect party house. Loud music played and people wandered about dancing, drinking, or cuddling in a corner. Although I knew many of the people here I felt alone, as though I was on the outside looking in, detached. I guess I was moody and feeling sorry for myself because I didn't have a love interest at the time. Some days you're grateful to be single and other days you need to be close to someone even if it's only for the night.

AND THEN...I saw her! She had the face of an angel. Across the darkened room UV light made star-shine of her smile. I hadn't seen her before and was seduced by her fresh beauty and that persistent smile. I'm generally not the type to go up to a woman and start a conversation but I told myself I would make an exception. She was sitting on the couch, holding a beer, and talking with another guy. I couldn't help staring at her. She had such a wholesome, girl next door look and Oh, that radiant smile. I sat across the room and feigned interest in some music album, trying to steel myself for the encounter. All the while catching glimpses of her as she spoke with a man I didn't know. I watched as her hands, fluid, and artful gestured gracefully throughout the conversation. That smile never leaving her face.

I caught Danny's arm as he walked by and asked, “Who's the beauty on the couch?”

He looked around, “Oh her? That's Judy. She came with Bill and Michele. I guess she's from LA visiting. Go for it man,” he said with an evil grin as he hurried away, drinks in his hands.

The man she was talking to got up and walked away leaving her alone. It was then our eyes met from across the room. She flashed that bright, angelic smile again as I struggled to think of the right opening line. Once again, I was at a loss for words but knew I had to act. I decided on the direct approach. I got up, holding eye contact with her and moved to sit beside her.

“Hi, I'm Charlie. Do you mind if I join you? I heard you're from LA,” I said. I couldn't get the stupid Cheshire cat grin off my face since our eyes first met.

“Yes, I am, the West Valley actually. Do you know Bill and Michelle?” I cocked my head and looked perplexed. The loud music was drowning out our conversation.

“DO YOU KNOW BILL AND MICHELLE?" Shaking her head she said, "CAN WE GO OUTSIDE FOR A MINUTE?” She raised her voice over the music.

"Of course," I nodded in reply.

I stood and offered her my hand, I would go anywhere she wanted me to. She met my eyes, surprised with that 'nobody has ever done that for me before' look on her face. Her hand was warm and soft, as I knew it would be. What I hadn't expected was that she was taller than expected, about five-five I guessed. I allowed her lead the way since this was her idea. It offered me the opportunity to take in her other charms as I followed her. Tight jeans complimented her shapely ass and long legs. I watched as she gracefully navigated a path between people and furniture and into the summer night.

The evening was warm, with a slight breeze, stars blazed in the heavens as we talked our way down the long gravel drive. To my astonishment, I learned that we had met once before in Santa Monica when I was visiting friends. I couldn't remember her from that meeting. As I looked at her now I wondered why. But, she remembered me! I thought back to the night in Southern California. Five of us wedged ourselves into my Volkswagen and we headed for the Topanga Canyon Mall. Maybe, it was because I was with another woman at the time or because I had been meeting so many people that day. I couldn't believe that I didn't take notice that day, two years ago.

Her hair, a sun-streaked brown, flowed in waves well past her shoulders. I would guess she was 19 or 20 years old. She filled out her tank top and wore no bra. Her breasts were firm and full beneath the thin material of her top. I watched as her nipples became erect in the night air.

I asked if she would like to take a ride on my motorcycle. Delighted with the idea, Judy went back to the house to let her friends know where she was going.

We took to the road for a short cruise through town. There's a certain RPM that sets up vibration through the seat that women seem to love. I called it the “Good Vibrations” spot. Often, I would try to induce the effect by holding that speed a little longer between gears. It must have worked because I could feel her squirm on the seat and her arms would tighten around me. I just smiled to myself.

Stopping at a Dairy Queen, we talked for over an hour about our lives, likes, and dislikes. We were very much alike, her and I. Soft hazel eyes, green with flecks of gold that sparkled as the light caught them. They were bright and alive in the summer night. We enjoyed the same music, foods, the outdoors, everything we talked about. Losing track of the time we returned to the party only to find most of the party had left. The friends came with had gone home, so I told her that I would be happy to take her home.

On the way, we stopped at my place, smoked a joint, and snuggled. I think we both realized this was 'lust at first sight'.

As we kissed, I felt her breasts press against my chest and my cock came alive against her thigh. I brushed one of her breasts as I pushed an errant strand of hair from her face. She gave a small shudder. My kisses became more probing now, moving from her cheek to her earlobe and down her neck. We fell against the back of the sofa, lost in the swelling tide of passion. I wanted her to be as fascinated with me as I was with her. Even if it didn't lead to sex that night, I enjoyed being with her, kissing her, and taking my time. Knowing that we would certainly see each other again the next day.

After many sweet caresses and hot kisses, I nuzzled my face between those lovely, soft mounds. She pushed me away. I was afraid I had angered her, but to my surprise, she peeled her top over her head and threw it to the floor. WOW!

Like an idiot, I said, “I’ll open a window if you're getting too warm?”

Judy looked at me and we both laughed as I realized my stupidity.

“No silly, I want you to kiss me here.” She pressed her breasts together offering them to me. Captivated, I was stunned at the sight of her, unfettered.

“Oh my god! You look absolutely edible,” as I took a strawberry nipple into my mouth. She giggled, running her fingers through my hair and pulling my head to her breast.

I planted kisses and tender love bites all over her exposed breast. "Ooh, I love that," she murmured. Her breathing hard now, her hand found the bulge in my pants. I lost the resolve to take my time. This was happening all too fast from what I had planned. But, if this is what she wanted, I was more than happy to oblige. Who was I do deny her?

I scooped her into my arms and carried her to the bedroom, locked in a deep kiss. I laid her on the bed and began to ease off her remaining clothes. Inching her panties down, I exposed the soft light-brown hair of her pussy. Her lips glistened in the soft light as I slowly slid the thin fabric from her raised legs. Once again, I vowed to myself to take my time and give us both a night to remember. After all, it was our first time together.

I stood to shed my own clothes, teasing her by taking my time without appearing too dramatic. I tried to look all manly and seductive. Which just seemed foolish to me seemed to work. Her fingers found her own wetness and began to caress herself as she watched my 'striptease'. When naked, I moved to the foot of the bed and kissed her toes. Working my kisses along her quivering thighs, I pushed them apart with little resistance. She tried to direct my head away in a half-hearted attempt as I closed in on the prize. Embarrassed to admit she had never been kissed there before.

“Don’t worry you’ll like it. If not, just say so and I’ll stop,” I whispered.

I moved her hands and kissed softly all around her mound, working my way to her slit without further protest. My tongue danced in long strokes up and down those downy lips. She moaned with delight as I found her fleshy nub. I slid a finger into her warmth, searching for that elusive 'G' spot. She stiffened against my probing as my finger found a sensitive spot. Whether it was “the spot” or not, it brought moans of pleasure and a catch in her breath.

My own sex was throbbing hard and aching for fulfillment. I could feel the wetness on the bed beneath me and I knew it was time. I had to have her.

I pulled myself up to face her, "Would you like me on top," she said in a whisper?

"OK." I lay back as she mounted me. With a broad smile, she straddled my legs and worked the head along her silken slit. One final push and her lips parted, accepting the head. She winced and stopped, allowing herself to adjust to the sudden violation. It was a snug fit as she slowly engulfed me. I could feel her body caress every inch as she settled onto me.

Propped on her elbows, she started a slow hip rocking motion. “My God, this girl is divine,” I thought to myself.

I feared that I might come to orgasm soon as I let her guide our motion. I found that I had to stop her now and then to quell my fast-rising climax. It wouldn't do to have me cum first.

Her breasts pressed against my chest, as her pussy clamped around me like a velvet vise. I felt her tension fade as she began to relax. We rocked to a shared rhythm. When I felt her arms quiver I decided it was my turn on top. In one flowing move, I turned her over onto her back without breaking our embrace, I kissed her with passion.

I resumed my slow thrusting as her hips continued to churn beneath me. I felt myself touch her cervix so I backed off in fear of hurting her but Judy pulled me closer, delirious in her pleasure. Our pace quickened.

My orgasm now threatened, but, damn it, she was going to come before I did. Her hands pulled at my ass cheeks with every stroke, coaxing me on as though she was riding a racehorse to victory. I could tell she was nearing climax now. Her breath came fast and shallow, little moans with each stroke. Suddenly, her breath caught in her throat, nails dug into my backside as her body stiffened. Rapid contractions pulled at my cock in a gripping massage. I held our tempo as a series of muffled squeals sounded from her.

“Am I coming..? Oh god...I'm coming,” her eyes squeezed shut and her mouth opened in an "O"...

Her words became lost, as I too broke over the edge. My orgasm drowning out all other sensations. Each convulsion sent an electric shock through me and a hot jet into her. My head felt as though it would explode from the pulse pounding in my ears. We held each other close as our simultaneous climax rolled like thunder before subsiding. The afterglow stretched on for an eternity. When we were able to breathe again, we softly praised and kissed one another for many minutes.

“I have never had an orgasm like that before. I didn’t know what to expect, it was wonderful,” she admitted.

“Really? Was that a first for you?”

“I think so. In more ways than one. It certainly won’t be my last. No one ever made me feel that before.”

"Believe me it was all my pleasure, or at least half," I laughed.

Snuggling against each other, we drifted into a light sleep until I awoke with a start.

“I shouldn't keep you out all night. Bill and Michele will be worried.” Judy agreed so we hurriedly dressed and I drove her the few miles to our friend's house in my car. Reluctantly, we parted vowing to see each other the next day. I felt like a teenager in love again. I didn't want to say goodbye even for a few hours but fatigue and sanity prevailed. I walked her to the door and held her until she was ready to go inside. With a final kiss, I closed the door behind her.

As I parked in front of my apartment the stars were fading from the sky. The horizon was turning a pastel salmon and azure blue. I couldn't wait for the sun to chase the shadows away and I could again see my “new love”.



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