Road Work

Road Work

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


A long lonely night on a rock slide watch turns into a night of unforgettable pleasure.


A long lonely night on a rock slide watch turns into a night of unforgettable pleasure.


Submitted: November 30, 2012

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Submitted: November 30, 2012




Shivering against the cold, my breath, visible steam in the air, I leaned back in the rickety old chair the department had so graciously provided and watched the stars twinkle in the icy mountain air. This was the most boring duty I’ve had since I started work for the Highway Department, watching a rock slide so that I can stop traffic if it becomes active again. It had been three days since there was any movement from the mountain, and I was beside myself with boredom. Twelve-hour shifts are especially excruciating with nothing to do. Even the sporadic unending traffic to and from Lake Tahoe had lost my interest.


“The least they could do would be to bring up the Chain Control camper and park it somewhere near, so I could warm up, out of the cold and mist, even for a while. It’s November in the Sierras for Christ’s sake.” I flapped my arms and stomped my feet trying to warm up.


Car after car raced by oblivious to the fact that there was some poor schmuck standing watch in the chill of the night to protect their safety.


“People take too much for granted,” I thought to myself. My eyes closed against the cold as my chin rested on my chest.


Three A.M. and the traffic had slowed to just a few cars per hour when one of those flashy custom-made vans rolled to a gravel-crunching stop just fifty feet away on the wide shoulder area where I sat huddled near a mostly ineffective oil-fired heater. The same type of heater farmers used in their orchards when they faced a hard freeze. The only thing it was good for here was pumping out diesel fumes that hung heavily in the air, making everything smell like a diesel exhaust pipe.


A light flashed on inside the van and I could see two women watching me as they smiled and drank from red plastic cups. With some curiosity and concern, I got up and moved at a leisurely gait towards the van.


“Hi! There sexy” came the first words from the dark haired driver as she was rolling down the window.


She looked to be in her mid-twenties, with short dark hair that reflected the shimmering moonlight, and pearly-white teeth glowed from her captivating smile.


“Hi! Yourself. Are you having some trouble?” I asked. The driver shot a quick look at the auburn-haired woman beside her.


“Nothing I’m sure you couldn’t take care of, handsome. Would you like a drink?” she asked, holding up one of those ubiquitous red cups.


“No thanks I’d better not.... on duty you know. Where are you two going so late or is it early for you?”


“Right here for now”, she said.


“Why don’t you get in, out of the’s nice and warm in here; besides I have to get out for a minute,” the redhead’s voice was low, husky, and seductive as she opened the side door and stepped out?


I shot a quick glance around expecting to see my supervisor standing behind me, but of course, he wasn’t and I couldn’t expect him back for a couple of hours since he had just left to make his rounds. A little warmth sounded mighty good at the moment.


As the passenger got out, I walked to her side of the van only to see that she was wearing nothing but a man’s large flannel shirt. The girl pulled up the shirt to expose her creamy bottom and facing away from me, squat.


“You don’t mind, do you? I couldn’t hold it any longer,” she said as her stream began to splash against the gravel. The sound turned into a gush as she squealed, “Oh shit! It’s getting on my feet...damn, I knew I shouldn’t have waited so long.”


I was speechless, and more than a little turned on by her impetuous act.


The dark-haired girl in the van laughed and said, “See, I told you not to drink so much before we left.” She rummaged around between the seats and found a towel which she tossed to the other girl.


“Get in, you’re letting all the warm air out.”


“I’m coming... I’m coming.” She turned to me and said, “Come on, get in we won’t bite you... not very hard anyway,” as she climbed into the van through the sliding door. Her sweet looking ass appeared from beneath the flannel shirt reflecting the full moon.


I was dumbfounded at what was taking place right in front of me. This night was turning out to be a lot more than I expected.


“Oh hell, why not,” I thought? A chance like this doesn’t come along very often, and I was freezing. The sliding side door opened and I proceeded to climb in. The warmth was a welcome change from outside. It was then I noticed the driver was also wearing a flannel shirt and panties. Her long legs stretched out across the front seats, as she observed me through sparkling dark eyes over the rim of her drink.


“I’m Scott, what are your names?”


The girl with the dark hair said, “I’m Luani and this is Jennifer,” pointing to the other girl with her drink cup.


“I prefer Jenn, and she knows that,” the auburn-haired girl corrected her friend.


Inside the van, it was toasty warm and I could smell the pungent aroma of alcohol that both women were drinking. There was a built-in refrigerator along with an open cabinet with bottles of different kinds of booze and more of those ubiquitous red cups. All things considered, there was still a lot of room and the inside was plushly carpeted.


Jenny began to pour a plastic cup half full of Jack Daniels, “And what can I get for you, cutie?” I decided on the same, so she handed me the cup.


“This ought to warm my bones,” I said tilting the cup to take a big drink.


“It’s nice and warm in here, don’t you think, Scott,” Jennifer said? I could answer only with a nod as the Jack Daniels took my breath.


“Don’t you girls know it’s winter out there? You’ll catch a cold dressed like that,” I said laughing.


“That’s why we stay in here where it’s warm,” Luani purred.


The dark-haired Luani was unbuttoned enough that I could see most of her perky breasts jiggle as she moved, her nipples erect from the cold and pressing against the fabric. I couldn’t believe my fortune. Nothing ever happens to me, not like this anyway. Two women looking like centerfolds, beautiful faces, beautiful bodies, my heart pounded with anticipation.


“Would you like another drink?” Jenn said. “You look like you could use it after being outside in this weather?”


“No thank you, my boss will be back in a while and I don’t want him to smell it on me, beside you girls are warming my insides, or is that the Jack? This has never happened to me before and I’ve spent many a winter night working this road,” I said, my tongue loosening from the drink. “Where are you going this late on a week night?”


Jenn explained, “We work at Harrah’s in Tahoe as dancers, and we’re going to the San Francisco for a couple of days. The next two days are our days off and, ‘girls just want to have fun’, you know?”


Luani moved from the front seat to the back where Jenn, and I was seated, bending over to make a place to sit, her beautiful bare ass was close to my face. I couldn’t help myself. I gave it a kiss. She quickly spun around, her pussy nearly touching my face.


I was staring at it when she said, “If you want to kiss something...kiss this.” as she parted her shirt tails completely revealing a well-groomed, short dark bush. Nestled below the small dark patch I could see her pink inner lips and clit poking out, obviously in the beginnings of stimulation.


“Do you like what you see,” Luani said almost whispering.


“Yes, I do, but now I’m the one a little over dressed, don’t you think?”


Without a word, Luani unzipped my jacket and began unbuttoning my shirt as Jenny joined in working on my pants. In a less than a minute, I was as naked as they were, my cock lay excitedly tumescent against my thigh.


“You’ve got a nice one, don’t you think so Luani?” Jenn said as she moved closer to have a better look.


“I’ll say, plenty enough to give a girl pleasure that’s for sure.”


“You guys are embarrassing me now,” I said coyly.


Luani leaned forward, taking my cock in her hands; she began to softly caress me. Looking up, her eyes were infinite black pools and hypnotic, her lips full, pouting and a deep red that begged attention. Slowly our faces came together and we kissed. All the while her hand continued to manipulate me. Those wonderful lips set fire to mine as I began probing her luscious mouth with my tongue.


Her attention refocused on my growing member, “Well, look what we have here.”


“Hey, what about me.” Jenn protested as she cuddled alongside me resting her head on my shoulder? I ran my hand along her smooth, warm thigh, hesitating over her love mound, feeling the moist warmth radiating from her. She moved in closer. I could feel her breasts press against me, nipples hard, brushing against my chest hair, driving me wild.


Something warm enveloped my cock as I looked down to see it disappearing into Luani’s gorgeous mouth. She took the full length of it in, her nose buried in my pubic hair. I could feel her throat muscles contract and loosen around me.


Jenn pushed me down to the lush carpet and swung her leg over my head, her hot pussy at my mouth. I flicked her clit back and forth as Luani continued to do wonderful things to my now solid cock. Jenn moaned and smashed her warm, wet slit against my hungry mouth, rocking back and forth as I sucked on her clit. I squeezed her tits and tweaked her nipples between my fingers, bringing louder moans of pleasure. We were all moving slowly in unison until suddenly Jenn began to move her hips faster, pressing against my face with her slippery pussy.


“Oh yes...yes... My God....OH. That’s it...yeah...suck my clit...Mmm...OH FUCK...OH FUCK.... I... I... I’m CUMMING... I’m CUMMING...” With a violent shudder and a long warbling moan, Jenn stiffened, her juices leaking from around my mouth. I kept tonguing and sucking her at a slower even pressure that made her shake with pleasure. Finally, she slumped and rolled to the side. I could see Luani working my cock with a distant stare, her dark liquid eyes filled with passion. Her hand and mouth working in unison. Slowly, Luani returned to her senses and smile up at me, “My turn, only I want this.” She waved my hard cock back and forth like a pendulum in front of her smiling face.


“I couldn’t agree more, babe.” With that, I took Luani and positioned her next to Jenny on her knees with her head resting on a mound of over-sized pillows in the back. For a moment I looked at the twin asses jutting out at me and whistled under my breath. I wanted my cock in both of them at once! This was an amazingly sensuous sight and proving to be an even more amazing night to remember.


Without further thought, I moved between Luani’s legs and ran my dick head up and down through her wetness. She arched her back to allow easier access, legs spread offering no resistance to my probing shaft. Feeling her soft wetness, the intoxicating smell of her pheromones and my own minds imagery combined to make me delirious and unsteady on my knees. I could hear the blood pounding in my ears and my breathing was labored from my excitement. I straightened, rocking back on my knees as Jenn’s hand grasped my cock, guiding it into Luani’s hot, waiting slit. Her pussy was tight even though she was dripping wet. “Must be from all the dancing,” I thought. Or maybe from all the ’other’ exercise she must surely get. Slowly, I began to thrust in and out of that marvelous warmth. Feeling every inch of her slide deliciously around my hardness. Luani had a dancer’s toned body. Her pelvic muscles squeezed and kneaded my shaft as I silently praised this woman's clenching grip.


“You have the most fantastic muscle tone. How do you do that?” I purred.


“I’ve always been able to,” she panted softly.


Luani gyrated her hips as she seized and pulled at my cock until I thought I would pass out from pleasure. I drew her close and stopped our motion to quell the rising tide within me. This feeling was something I didn’t want to hurry.


Returning to a slower tempo, I felt her relax allowing me to probe deep within her. Luani matched my rhythm stroke for stroke. Her muscles still quite evident as they continued to squeeze me in time to our erotic dance.


Meanwhile, Jenn had been taking this all in and decided it was time for her to join in. She reached between my legs to massage my balls as her tits rubbed on my ass and back. Her delicate fingers played along my shaft caressing us both. Luani groaned as Jenn’s fingers touched her clit, making her muscles tighten on me once more. It was evident that these girls recognized the touch of one another, and had done this before.


When Jenn’s fingers were dripping with the juices of our lovemaking, she carefully inserted one in my ass, finding the meaty bulge of my prostate. Softly pressing and stroking it, she gave me a rush of enjoyment that I had never felt before. Her expert touch was about to send me over the edge when Luani began to push against my thrusting as her own climax neared. Our motion became more urgent until Luani let out a moan from deep within her throat, her hands tightly squeezing the cloth seat. She had begun her orgasm. She bucked and pitched, humping my cock with abandon.


“Oh feel so good, I love it deep... mm... fuck me...oh...gawd! Oh, gawd...that’s it...yes...”


“You like that cock fucking your sweet pussy...can you feel it deep inside and hard, I teased?”


“OH YES...OOOHHH...YES... fill me up. Give it to me; I want you to cum...”


With Jenn, urging us on, she slid her finger out of me and I drove harder to satisfy Luani’s pleas.


I was really close now. Again, I felt the walls of her vagina repeatedly squeeze my burgeoning cock. Holding her lovely ass I shoved my cock in as far as I could and watched as our juices squeezed out around me. I drank in the lustful sight before me, reveling in our carnality and indulgence. My cock sliding powerfully out of sight in that swollen flower, pulling her lips taut with each stroke, hot pink against her dark bush, engorged with the blood of her passion.


Suddenly, I pitched over the event horizon and shot past the point of no return.


“I’m going to come...OH GAWD I’m CUMMING...OH BABY... YOU FEEL... SO GOOD!”


Turning to look at me, Luani’s face took on that far away look, her large eyes dark, and glassy, trying to sympathetically feel my climax. Abruptly, her eyes rolled upward as she too pitched into another orgasm. Her muscles repeatedly convulsed around me, forcing me to fill her with my white-hot torrent.


My cock unleashed its payload in great spurts. I could feel fluid pumping through me from deep inside. My balls ached with the strength of the spasms and my cock felt like it would burst. Gradually my climax subsided and I collapsed on top of Luani, kissing her neck and back.


“You’re so wonderful. I haven’t come like that for such a long time.” I whispered breathlessly. “I want to take you home and make you my Sex Queen.” We parted and lay catching our breath for a few minutes holding each other quietly.


It was then I noticed Jenny watching from across the van, fingering herself. She stopped when we were done, donned her flannel shirt and a pair of sweat pants and said, “I think we had better go Luani as much as I hate to. We still have a long drive ahead of us if we want to get to the ’City’ by morning.”


“Yes, I suppose you're right, Jenn. Just give us a minute will you.”


Jenn opened the side door and got out walking a few steps away and lit a cigarette as Luani and I dressed.


“I’ll watch for you on the road in a couple of days,” I said. “Maybe I can catch sight of you.”


“Why don’t you come with us to San Francisco? We could have such a good time. Jenn and I know a lot of great people there and places to stay,” Luani asked.


“I can’t, Luani. I can’t just leave my job... as much as I’d like to.”


Luani looked at me with those big doe eyes, “I’ll look for you on the road too, whenever I see those orange signs and cones I’ll think of you,” as she squeezed my now flaccid member.


“Will you come to Tahoe and stay with us sometime soon,” Luani pleaded?


“You bet I will. In fact, I have some vacation time planned in a few weeks. How about then?”


“Perfect!” “I suppose we’d better get moving. Come on Jenn.”


We exchanged phone numbers and with one last kiss I closed the door and watched with a sense of contentment and longing, as the van pulled away. “Funny, I don’t feel the cold anymore,” I thought.


With a start, my eyes blinked open against the coming light as the eastern sky turned a beautiful salmon pink. A moment later, I heard tires crunching through gravel and my joyous, satisfied smile waned as I saw it was my supervisor come to check on me. I shook my head to clear it as I stood from the old rickety chair.


“How’s it going, anything happening?” He asked from inside his nice warm pickup.


“No, I said, just another long cold, boring night. The mountain never got its rocks off.”


(But boy did I!)


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