Lovely Rita

Lovely Rita

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Neighbors submit to their baser desires. Susan doesn't know that she is enabling her husband's affair with the woman down the street.


Neighbors submit to their baser desires. Susan doesn't know that she is enabling her husband's affair with the woman down the street.


Submitted: July 06, 2017

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Submitted: July 06, 2017



Bob was out of town on one of his business trips when his wife called. Susan cupped the phone and ask if I would go over to their house because she had a leak under the sink and didn't know what to do. With a sigh, I pulled on some shoes and headed down the street with my tool bag, always the good neighbor.


Rita met me at the door and I followed her to the kitchen. With my head stuck under the sink cabinet, I turned to tell Rita what I thought the problem was only to see that she had squat down to watch and I found myself looking straight up her dress at the crotch of her panties. The thin material appeared painted on her lips and cleft. I jerked my head back and hit the side of the cabinet. Cursing quietly, I glanced back and she was still in the same position. She finally realized the view I had.


“Oops, sorry," she apologized and dropped forward to her knees, showing no outward sign of embarrassment.


I tightened the connection and finding no further leaks, I hauled my six foot four frame out from under the sink. Rita invited me to have a drink while I put away my tools.


As I sipped my whiskey my mind kept flashing on those thin pink panties and how they perfectly hugged and outlined the shape of her pussy. Her nipples were now forming perfect little protrusions in the flimsy material of her blouse.


“Looks like Bob is going to be gone a lot in the next six or eight months," I commented.


"Yes and I'm not liking the idea. He's only been gone a week now and I'm having a hard time adjusting to the empty bed." She gulped the remainder of her drink.


"Well, you know if you're lonely, we're only down the street. You're welcome anytime," I offered.


"Thanks," she said. "I may take you up on that."


My words didn't seem to do much to console her as she rose to pour another drink. I declined her offer for seconds.


"Be right back, Jack,” as she disappeared around the corner.


I felt uncomfortably restrained against my trousers, and in need of release in more ways than one. I heard the toilet flush as Rita returned and I asked if I could use her bathroom before I left.


“Oh yes, first door on the left,” as she poured another drink.


I entered and the soft pleasant smell of woman still graced the small room. A pink flash caught my eye. I bent down and picked up the panties from the open hamper. The same panties that she had been wearing? I stared at the damp spot in the crotch. Before I realized what I had done, I lifted them to my nose and breathed in the sweet pungent aroma left behind from Rita. My dick jumped in my hand making it hard to pee. Regaining composure, I dropped the soft garment and maneuvered my tumescent cock back into my pants, embarrassed and a bit excited by my actions. I returned to the kitchen, made my excuses and left before I got myself into trouble.


The next time Bob was out of town. Rita called and asked if I would take a look at her laptop. I didn't like working other on people’s computers, even though electronics is my avocation. Also, I wasn't really comfortable with another exposure to Rita after the reaction I had the first time, but my wife talked me into going again. I had to admit a certain draw to my voluptuous neighbor, especially after seeing what I had last time.


Rita was wearing what looked like lounging pajamas when she let me in. The living room was dimly lit and I could smell sweet-scented oils in the air. She apologized for dragging me out again. I declined her offer of a drink as I saw the glass of wine she was holding. She swirled the dark liquid and turned to point out the laptop.


“I can't get this thing to broadcast to the TV, she explained, It worked last time.” I checked the obvious and she didn't have it configured properly. I pushed a few buttons and the 60-inch screen lit up. I was just inches away from the screen and on it a woman was deep-throating a man! I rocked back on my heels and stared. The woman was Rita! The cock she was swallowing must have been Bob's. Suddenly, a large stream of pearly fluid oozed from the corner of her mouth, down her chin and deposited itself on her breasts as the woman continued to squeeze and pull on the appendage as though she were milking a cow.


"Oooooh Nooo!" she cried from behind me. I turned to look at her. She sounded and acted embarrassed but she didn't look it. I quickly closed the laptop and stood, turning my back on the giant screen. I could feel my cock moving uncontrollably against my pants.


"I'm sorry," she said. "I didn't know that was on there."


My dick refused to cooperate. It grew harder as I turned and started for the kitchen.


"I think maybe I'll have that drink now," I mumbled, trying to keep my bulge hidden.


Rita followed me into the kitchen. She poured the drink and handed it to me, her eyes noticeably fixed on my crotch.


"Thanks for fixing the computer. Now, I can watch the show I was looking for."


"Oh... sure. Uh, glad to help," I stumbled.


"Bob's been gone a whole week and I thought I would watch something before I went to bed." Her voice was low and husky as she stared at me through half-open lids, her eyes erotic, dark and smokey. Rita was a damn fine looking woman. Long black hair and a killer body with perfect symmetry. She kept herself in great shape. I swallowed half my drink in one gulp trying to douse my hedonistic attraction.


"Would you like to watch it with me?" The question was barely a whisper.


I looked at her dumbfounded for several seconds. Her eyes remained locked on the bulge in my pants as her tongue unconsciously made a circuit around her full red lips.


“Come on,” she cooed, as she took my hand and led me back to the living room where she pushed me onto the sofa. I found myself powerless to protest. Picking up the remote, her slender fingers flew expertly from one button to another. In a few seconds, the screen came alive again with her image, this time wearing just a bra and thong panties. Her ass looked marvelous as she pranced around, smooth round cheeks divided by the thin strip of fabric.


Rita dropped into a side chair, between me and her “double” with one leg draped over the arm, she stared at the TV. The image on the screen had slumped in that same chair, her long fingers rubbing the already wet and translucent crotch of her panties. Head back, her lips parted, her snake-like tongue flicked sensuously across her glossy lips.


I glanced at the real Rita and she was touching herself in unison with the image. My cock jerked and throbbed, all hope of escape felt beyond my control. I watched transfixed, as she turned in the chair toward me.


"I get so horny!" the real Rita rasped. "I've watched this twice today. It only seems to make me hotter.”


The woman on the screen slipped one hand inside the filmy panties and was caressing herself with a vengeance. Her hips flexing and pumping with the rhythm of her hand. I felt the need to touch myself as I watched the wanton scenes before me.


"Do you like the taste of pussy?" Her blunt question caught me off guard.


"Uh, y-yeah," I stammered.


"Good. So do I. I even like it second hand," she admitted.


Red-tipped fingers pulled at the loose tie of her pajama top. The fabric fell open to expose her breasts. She was not wearing a bra and I could see to the waistband of her panties. Her hand slipped under the elastic and disappeared. Her busy fingers bulging the crotch. Reappearing, they glistened with her juices. Eyes locked on mine, she brought them to her mouth and noisily licked and sucked them. The image on the screen was mirroring her salacious act.


"Mm! Delicious! She rasped. I wish I could taste it first-hand."


The woman on the screen had stripped off her panties and bra and sat with her legs draped over each arm of the overstuffed chair. With her legs spread wide, both her hands plied and rubbed her glistening vulva. A cock entered the screen near her face. She smiled turning to kiss it. Her pink tongue reached out and licked the offering. Leaning into it, she licked a drop of precum that was forming on the tip. Her thick lips stretched wide as the shaft slowly disappeared between them. I couldn't help gasping softly.


"Show me your cock," Rita commanded in that hoarse whisper?


Her top was completely open now and one hand cupped a large breast. Her thumb and index finger rolled and pulled at the dark nipple. My hand seemed to move without my direction. Zipper down and fly open, I released my swollen cock to the passion heavy atmosphere of the room. Rita whimpered softly as she watched.


Gripping the shaft, I slowly stroked it looking back at her as she pulled the last sleeve off and cast the unnecessary clothing aside. I squeezed the head of my throbbing cock at the sight of her naked body. A large crystal drop welled up and slid down the side to wet my hand.


Rita's chest heaved with her excitement, exaggerating her full breasts that were crowned gloriously with large erect nipples. A nearly flat tummy lay partially hidden beneath the silky panties that dipped between full firm thighs. My thoughts returned to that first night when I had seen her pink panties hugging her sex. I felt my own juices creeping up to again wet the head of my rigid shaft. I was beyond control. I wanted this woman now like a junkie needs his fix. My breath was coming in gasps. I had to taste this beautiful sight before me. Her fingers worked inside the crotch of the satin panties, as I ran my hand up and down my turgid shaft. She pulled the crotch to the side and I saw her wet lips, her distended, glistening clitoris protruding from between those pink folds as she teased herself.


"Look!" she nodded to the screen.


The man on the screen was now thrusting in and out of her eager mouth. The camera had zoomed in on her face and the plunging cock until they filled the 60-inch screen. His member all but disappearing into her mouth as his hairy balls bumped against her chin. I watched transfixed as she took its length down her throat. Holding himself there, the man bucked and jerked as he unloaded his orgasm. Rita was only too happy to accept the gift. When I feared that she would suffocate he finally pulled out, leaking his white fluid across her lips and chin. Her expression was that of rapture as her eyes watered, streaking mascara down her cheeks and she gasped to catch her breath.


“God, I love cum, the real Rita narrated, and I love to cum!” With that, she threw her head back, eyes tightly squeezed shut, “Ooh! Ah! I'm cumming!" she managed breathlessly.


She thrashed and bounced in the chair, her fingers now pressed deep inside her. The climaxing woman arched her back and froze. For several long seconds, she hung there trembling and then collapsed.


Now, it was my turn I couldn't hold back any longer as she watched me. My hand quickened its pace as I stroked the length of my aching dick. Her orgasm had pushed my passion over the edge. My balls throbbed and tightened as I worked my cock.


"Yessss! Do it!" she encouraged in a panting whisper.


With my own eyes now closed, I was beyond the point of return. Visions of her swallowing Bob's cock flooded my mind. I could feel my own cock swell to bursting and the fluid pressure building within.


"Cum for me! Oh yes, please cum!” she cheered.


I arched up and slammed my hand down the shaft the final few strokes as the dam ruptured and in my passionate fog of climax I could hear Rita's sultry voice.


"Yes that's it, shoot Rita some cum!"


The gusher exploded, and with a loud, prolonged groan, I gave into my bursting climax. Streams of white life spewed again and again until finally, I dropped back against the sofa and lay gasping for breath.


"Mm! You do cum good!" Rita cooed.


When I opened my eyes the dark-haired beauty was kneeling at my feet, her face and breasts covered with my milky release. She smiled at me, leaned over and took my pulsing member into her mouth, sucking and expressing the last drops out of me. Her beautiful face came up to mine, our lips touched. Her hot tongue wet my lips before pushing between them and I hesitantly tasted my own semen. I was at once aroused and amazed that I actually found the taste not unpleasant as we continued to kiss passionately.


At length, Rita pulled away, "You'd better go home before Mama comes looking for you," she suggested.


After we cleaned up and I was leaving much emptier than when I arrived, she said with a devilish wink, "Next time, maybe you would like to do more than just masturbate, I know I would." The door eased shut and I walked unsteadily home.

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