Finding Ellen

Finding Ellen

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Billy finds love by cutting classes with other students and going to a party.


Billy finds love by cutting classes with other students and going to a party.


Submitted: December 04, 2012

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Submitted: December 04, 2012




It was mid May, the weather had been unseasonably warm. Billy decided to join a throng of other students and cut classes at the Community College to have a day of fun in the sun. They caravaned to a small county park set in the foothills twenty miles from the small town they called home. The area was beautiful, tall evergreens, oak trees, and a cool mountain stream to swim in, yet few people ever went there during the week. They planned on having a good time swimming, eating, drinking, doing whatever they wanted, with graduation being two weeks away for most of them.


Billy was uncomfortable, he hadn't planned going, because his ex-girlfriend was going to be there; but his friends told him to come anyway and as they put it, “don't be a wimp”. She had broken up with him a month earlier because, as she put, “she couldn't handle the relationship.” Billy always thought it was because she had this prudish hang-up about only having sex in the missionary position, whereas he, liked to be more experimental and try new things. He was sad for a time but consoled himself with the idea that there were “more fish in the sea” and he should be playing the field anyway. Although they remained friendly, they were not as close as they once were. All morning, Barbara, his ex-girlfriend, and another girl, Ellen who was new to the school this year, had been together, watching him. Whenever he looked in their direction, they quickly looked away, “I can just imagine what Barbara must be telling her.” Billy thought to himself.


Ellen was a pretty girl. Long, dark hair that cascaded in waves beyond her shoulders. She wore little make-up, her skin a flawless, natural warm bronze from her mixed heritage. She was appeared to be mostly a loner he never really saw her hanging out with anyone at school or maybe he just hadn't paid attention before. Ellen was younger and not in with any particular crowd. She was quiet, and shy except for her new friendship with Barbara. He heard that some mean girls had picked on her earlier this year because she was new at the school and “too pretty”. More than that he didn't know. He thought it was a little strange that she was at the party. Barbara was probably just doing her a favor by bringing her along, allowing her to get to know more people and feel comfortable with her classmates. Besides, the more the merrier. Thinking about it now, he had seen her with Barbara quiet a bit since their breakup.


After a couple hours, of beers and games, most people had relaxed and were sitting around talking and laughing. He noticed that Ellen was not in the crowd. Billy couldn't see her or Barbara anywhere. That's when he felt a hand on his shoulder. It was Barbara.

“Can you do me a favor, Billy?” she asked.

“Maybe. What is it?”

“I was telling Ellen about the falls up the old trail.”


“She went up there and didn't want me to come along. It's a good hike, and she might get lost.”

“So, you want me to catch up to her and make sure she doesn't?” he said.

“No! I was thinking more about you just following her, and if she gets into any trouble, then you can help her.”

“OK, I guess so, but you're going to owe me a favor for this.”


“Boy, am I a push over.” Billy thought. He didn't like the idea of leaving a good party, just to follow some girl he hardly knew up a mountain, but he picked up his backpack, threw a couple of beers in it, and started up the trail. He was well-liked, kind and always ready to help out a friend, this was no different. He had been to the falls before, and knew it was about a twenty minute hike. It would be only an hour or so out of his day.


Billy was only a few minutes behind Ellen, and soon caught sight of her up ahead. He stayed far enough behind, and off to the side of the trail, so that if she looked back, she wouldn't see him as he followed as quietly as possible.


The warm noonday sun cut through the trees, and he was forced to stripped off his sweat soaked T-shirt, baring his muscular, well-developed body. He came by that body by working summers for his dad's construction company and playing sports during the school year. Shoving the shirt in the pack he saw that he had his swimsuit and beach towel in with the beers. “They might come in handy later,” he thought.


Ellen finally reached the pool at the bottom of the falls. Billy stayed down the trail hidden by brush, watching and drinking a beer while she walked around the pool and picked up rocks. “I could kill Barbara for sending me up here.” he grumbled to himself. He was hot, dust from the trail sticking to him and he couldn't even jump in the water to cool off.


For a few moments, Ellen studied a rock, then threw it into the clear water. This was a wonderful area of the park, and not too many people knew about it or cared to make the hike. As he watched, Ellen sat on a boulder and took off her shoes. She looked into the clear mountain water, and dipped her foot. The water must have been cold since it was still early in the year and the river was high with snow melt. But, a second later, she jumped in, with all her clothes on. After many long seconds passed, and she didn't come up, Billy panicked and was about to leave his hiding spot and dive in after her, when suddenly she broke the surface, and took in a big breath of air. Relieved, he settled back down and waited.


Ellen splashed about for a while, and decided that it was time to get out of the water. She pulled herself out, found a sunny area on a great slab if granite protruding from the water. Shivering from the cold, she sat up and pulled her soaked T-shirt over her head and laid it out on the surface to dry. Billy saw that she wasn't wearing a bra, but could see little else, her back to him. The dark-haired girl leaned back on her hands for a moment, her head thrown back, letting the sun shine down on her, dark nippled mounds, now just visible. His excitement flared. He was becoming aroused covertly watching her like this.


Making one more survey of the trail behind her and satisfied that she was alone, Ellen stood, unbuttoned her shorts, and let them drop around her ankles, revealing a pair of wet, white, cotton panties. She spread her arms to the sun taking in its life-giving warmth. With her back still turned to Billy, she bent over to remove the saturated clothing, giving Billy the best view he had so far. He watched her panties glide down her shapely legs, revealing a petite, white, round ass, and the dark brown hair between her legs. Her tan lines accentuated her bottom. She danced nymph-like in the bright sun, turning pirouettes on the rock, her hands gracefully playing in the sky.


Billy ducked out of sight behind a thicket of Manzanita as she turned toward him looking back down the trail to make sure she was still alone. “She's been hiding a nice little body under those clothes.” he thought staring at the dark patch of hair covering her small delta. She lay naked on the rock for a few minutes, then got up and started walking into the woods. Suddenly, her little swim and nude sunbathing turned into a nudist fantasy. He finished the beer and followed, keeping his distance, after all, she might run into trouble. Right?


Billy shadowed her as she walked naked, sunlight flashing through the trees on her slender body, and highlighting her tan lines. A hawk screeched overhead and Billy looked around to see it pass through the trees. When he turned back, she was gone. “Shit! How did I lose her.” he worried. Ahead lay a small clearing as he hurried along, he still couldn't see where she might have gone. Standing at the far edge of the clearing, filling with anxiety, he suddenly got the feeling “he” was now being watched. He spun around to see Ellen staring at him from the other side of the clearing, obscured by a thick bush which hid her naked body.


“I see you decided to follow me like Barbara wanted. That was my idea but I didn't think you would really do it. I didn't see you and thought I was alone. Would you get my clothes, please?”


“What if I say no, you have to get them yourself?”


“That's just what I'll do then.” she snapped, a touch of anger in her voice.


“No, that's alright I'll get them for you, but I kind of like you this way.”


He turned and started back to the pool for her clothes. Ellen following him darting in and out of the bushes as she went. She was pleased by the fact that he thought she was worth looking at, and her mood softened toward him. She too liked looking at Billy and her ploy to get him interested in her was working. She found him gorgeous with large, lean muscles that flexed noticeably when he moved. His light brown hair cut in a short tousled fashion, his eyes were one of his best features, a green hazel color flecked with gold that sparkled when the sun caught them, mesmerizing when he stared at you. He had a mature air about him that all the girls swooned over. He was so yummy, Ellen couldn't understand why Barbara let him go.


Billy tossed Ellen her clothes as she hid behind a manzanita bush not realizing that Billy had already seen her naked body. She dressed, leaving off her still wet panties which she stuffed into a pocket as Billy tossed small stones into the clear mountain pool. As she walked up behind him, he turned to face her. Ellen was actually very attractive now that he got a close look at her. She had great high cheek bones, plump lips, perfectly arched eyebrows and skin that was smooth and blemish free. Her eyes too were a soft dark hazel that seemed to beg “take me to bed”. Standing in her damp clothes, dark nipples showing erect against the thin fabric of her top, Billy was having a hard time keeping his eyes on her face.


“How's the water, cold I bet?” Billy asked.


“Tolerable if you're not a wimp.”


“Well I'm going in. I'm hot and dirty from keeping tabs on you.” With that he pick up his pack and retrieved his suit and towel. The beer he handed to Ellen and said, “Here drink some of this.” He turned his back to her and dropped his pants showing her his firm butt as he pulled on his suit. She watched as he ran and dived into the cold water.


“This water is freezing. How could you stand it?” he said making for shore.


“Oh so you are a wimp, huh?” Ellen laughed handing over the towel.


“Maybe I am when it comes to water this cold. “So, what do we do now?” Billy said.


“Anything you want I guess. Haven't you been up here before?”


“Sure, plenty of times but not with a naked girl.”


“I'm not naked.” Ellen countered.


“You were. I liked looking at you. You have a really nice body and I'd like to get closer to it.”


Ellen smiled and blushed at his comment. She had grown up with two brothers and had seen them naked and had been seen by them, so this wasn't such a big deal except that Billy wasn't her brother and she was already suppressing her erotic feelings for him. She was aware of that familiar stirring between her legs and she yearned to relieve herself as she was accustomed to doing when she was alone.


This young woman was no stranger to masturbation, having discovered that pleasure with herself early in her life. She would frequently tease herself to orgasm visualizing one of her brother's cocks and fantasizing it was her make believe boyfriend's. She often wondered what it would feel like. It was not until she and Barbara had become friends and neighbors that she ever talked about it with anyone. She found that the two girls were comfortable talking about their private feelings and budding sex lives together. They even went so far as to experiment with lesbian sex by kissing and touching each other on sleep overs. Roll playing and practicing for the time that she knew would come. Though they never had oral sex they talked about it and how it was something that guys wanted and how it was part of the natural progression in sex. Many nights they would cuddle and touch each other pretending to be the opposite sex, using their fingers to imitate a boy's penis. They both would become crazy hot and usually finish rubbing themselves to climax. It was during a sleep over that Ellen found out about Billy and Barbara's short relationship. They spent all night discussing it and how Barbara wasn't ready for a full-blown sexual relationship at the time. Barbara told her how Billy would touch her and how they first had intercourse but she was just not ready. Billy wanted her to go down on him and do other things she was not yet comfortable with, so they broke up.


Their talks made Ellen so hot she would rub herself to climax while Barbara told her what Billy would do with her and what he said he wanted to do. Now she was face to face with him and knew he was experienced. She decided she would let him have her if he wanted to. She was ready! She wasn't afraid of new things! She had read a lot of steamy romance novels that held nothing back and imagined all sorts of sexual acts, places and boys she liked during her nights by herself. It made her excited and richly lubricated when she fantasized about them.


“Barbara said you could help me,” she said.


“With what, you're not in trouble. I was only suppose to help you if you got into some kind of trouble, are you?” he asked.


“Well, I've got these fantasies that trouble me a lot, and I've never had real sex with a man before.”



“No,” she said timidly.

“Barbara and I played make believe with each other before, and we touched each other, but that's not the same, is it?”


This was a revelation to him. Barbara never came across as a lesbian or bi-sexual type. It's not that Billy didn't like bi-girls, in fact his first experience was with his sister, and her girlfriend. He just didn't think Barbara was into anything that kinky. “She must have changed since we were together, maybe it was because of this girl,” he thought.


“No, it's not. It's not the same as having me... I mean a man, inside you. Hmm, maybe I can help you, if you're willing.”


“I think I would like to try it, with you. At least I hope I'll like it.” she said.


“I would love to show you what it's like.” Billy said smiling broadly.


“I think you're a bit over-dressed, aren't you?” she said with a smile as she moved closer to him.


He knew exactly what she was talking about and pulled the beach towel from around his neck and grabbing hers off the rock, laid them together on a grassy area in the shade. She was close now, and reached a hand out and touched his tanned chest. He clasped his hand over hers pulling her closer, kissing her for the first time. It was wonderful. Her mouth open just enough that there was no stiffness in her lips. On the contrary, her lips were soft and warm and inviting. How had she learned to kiss so well? Is this something else she and Barbara taught each other?


He moved his hand to one of her breasts. It was soft, and the nipple was hard under the still wet Tee. He looked deeply into her large hazel eyes for the first time, as her free hand slowly wandered down to touch the growing bulge in his shorts. She quickly warmed with desire from the touch and her own lustful imaginings.

Her fingers traced the outline of his cockhead as though it was an old friend. He kissed her deeply again as their hands explored. A little voice in his head said, “I could get used to this.”


Her nervous fingers fumbled with the tie on his swimsuit, finally getting the top free. He pushed her hand under his suit, and her fingers touched the cool shaft that was beginning to harden. Her face disclosed her inexperience. She looked surprised and unsure of what she was doing. Removing her hand Ellen backed away, smiling coyly. Then lay down on the bed he had made. Billy let his suit fall to the ground and kicked it to the side. He stood over her, his eager erection yearning.


“I think it's your turn to take something off.” he said.


Ellen said “OK,” as she pulled the T-shirt over her head and laid it to the side. She laughed as Billy sat down and half covered his developing hard on.


“Hey! What's the big deal”?


“It looks like maybe you are.” she giggled.


With that Billy grabbed her arms and swung his leg over the top of her pinning her to the ground. She strained against his hold to no avail. She stopped resisting and he kissed her again; a long and passionate kiss. Then, as she squealed with fake modesty, he removed her shorts and for the first time Billy got a close up view of her dark-haired pussy. He was burning inside wanting to plunge his rock hard cock into her. He quelled his lust and instead took her in his arms. Time seemed to stop and the world disappeared as they found themselves locked in this romantic embrace, kissing and touching each other, drunk with the eagerness of their youth.


“Oh, I'm so horny,” she breathed the words, dizzy from the elation. Her hand fell to her own slit and began to run her fingers along the lips, dipping between them to spread her steamy wetness.


“Let me help you with that.”


He spread her legs and knelt between her feet. Moving her hands, he tentatively lowered his face into her wetness running his tongue up and down her opening. He rejoiced, loving the taste of her. She was sweet and tangy. Her juices silky and slippery on his lips. This is what he wanted to try with Barbara but she was too timid to allow him. The experience was more exhilarating than he thought it would be. He was not sure that he would like it but he did. He savored her smooth lips on his and explored her with his tongue. Ellen moaned with delight as he time and again touched her clitoris with his searching tongue. Billy flicked and sucked at her clit until she was rocking and moaning on their makeshift bed in the grass. Finally, Ellen pushed his face away, her private parts becoming over-sensitive to his touch.


“It's my turn now, I want to try this on you.”she said eagerly.


Ellen rose to her knees as Billy lay back on the towels. She reached out her hand and wrapped her fingers around his stiff cock as Billy looked on. For a moment, she just touched it lightly, running her fingers up and down the long, thick shaft, feeling the curves and veins. He felt warm and heavy in her hand. She studied it intently, looking at it with hungry eyes and imagined what it would be like inside her. His cock now rock hard, standing up away from his body like a fleshy tower, she noticed a tiny clear dew drop on the tip she moved closer and lightly flicked it with her tongue. She liked it. It was sweet and smooth on her lips. As she squeezed and pulled on him, more of the clear honey came out. She smeared his ambrosia on her lips and then licked it off. She too was surprised that she like it. Opening her mouth she allowed the head to slid between her lubricated lips and ran her tongue around it. She forced more of him into her mouth and began sucking the rubbery dick. She liked the feel of him. His smoothness, the softness, the way it filled her mouth flooded her senses.


“For a beginner, Billy thought, she was good, very good. She couldn't have learned this from Barbara, because Barbara wouldn't even think of going down on me.”


Ellen used her hand and mouth like it was the most natural thing to do. A couple of times he thought he would come, and had to force her head away, but she was even more excited and stroked him harder until he made her release him. She fell back onto the grass smiling, wiping her wet mouth with the towel.


“Mmm, that feels so good. I love it,” he whispered. He pulled her legs apart, and pushed them up to her shoulders, aiming his cock at her tight, virgin slit, but something at the edge of the meadow caught his attention. It was Barbara sitting on a large rock with her shorts around her ankles fingering herself madly. There was another surprise. She was a voyeur. That wasn't going to stop Billy now he was too close to coming to stop. If she wants to watch what he's doing then let her watch. He turned his attention back to the girl beneath him.


“Fuck me, Billy. I want to feel you inside of me,” she said. Her pupils were black, smoky and pleading with desire.


Billy slid his cock up and down her opening wetting himself and separating her lips. With a gentle push he slipped his cock head in. She was tight at first, but her opening gave way under the pressure of his hard rod and the slippery fluids that flowed from them both. She squealed, almost a screamed. Pain and pleasure racked her body. It felt like a hot poker burning her until he slowed his entry and let her virgin tissues adjust to the stinging expansion. Soon she was able to accommodate his thrusting penis. Her pain was overcome by her need to have him. She threw herself into the action. It felt good and terrible at the same time. Ellen had never had anything this big in her before. She used to masturbate with smaller items but Billy was larger than anything she had ever used. Through the receding pain came ecstasy and soon she was moving with him in a rhythm that was more comfortable and she found she could take his entire length inside her.


Billy didn't know who was pumping harder, but it felt as though her pussy was trying to pull him inside her. Just as he was reaching climax, he slowed the rhythm and pushed deep into her, then nearly pulling out in long, slow, deep strokes. He heard sound from the edge of the meadow, and knew Barbara must being coming. Ellen paid no attention to the sounds because she was in the throes of orgasm. The sight of both girls coming put him over the edge and he groaned loudly as he flooded inside Ellen. Wave after wave of pleasure flowed over him and his body jerked with each one until finally he could hold himself up no longer and rolled to the side, taking Ellen with him, catching his breath in great gulps. They lay together, his still-pulsing shaft held in place by Ellen's squeezing muscles as they breathed heavily, catching their senses. Her frenzied lovemaking became a whole new and wonderful experience for Billy. Most girls he had sex with just laid there and didn't seem to enjoy the experience. Ellen was different, she loved it. She participated.


Looking up Billy saw that Barbara was gone. He embraced Ellen and kissed her softly all over her face. “That was so wonderful and you are wonderful,” he whispered in her ear. His hot breath reigniting her passion. She hugged him tight and whimpered with delight.


“I never imagined it could be this good.”she said panting. “ I don't think I have ever come so hard”.


When their bodies and senses calmed they took a swim and played in the water for a long time before descending the trail to the park.


Billy and Ellen became an item for the next year or so learning the art of love from each other until Billy had to go into the military. Soon after, they ended the relationship, going their separate ways as so many young lovers do.





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