Father's Day

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

John suspects Nicole has either been playing around on the side or maybe reading or viewing erotic content because they have the sex of their lives.

Ah, Sunday morning. Time to mow the lawn and do some other things in the yard. It was already warm as I rolled out the mower. Wouldn’t you know it, no gas! I picked up the can and marched the two blocks to the station. Our car was in the shop until Monday and it was still cool enough. The first station was closed, so I walked another block to the AM/PM to fill my gas can. Everything seemed to conspire against me. The clerk was having problems with the register and I had to wait until he got that sorted out before I could pay. My cool morning was ebbing away.

I walked home, grumbling to myself about how much it would cost to get the car out of the shop.

I filled the mower with gas and after more time wasted cranking it, I finally got it started. The lawn was high since I had missed mowing it last weekend. Pushing the machine through the taller than normal grass, I vowed to not miss another week.

I was sweating buckets by the time I put everything away and walked up the entryway. Opening the door, the coolness inside felt like an oasis. Nicole met me at the door.

"Oh-oh, bad day, honey?" she asked, a look of concern clouding her face.

"Yeah," head down I nodded. Looking up, I suddenly realized my day may get a lot better. Instead of her usual shorts and a baggy T-shirt, Nicole was wearing a short, sexy red dress. Her strawberry-blonde hair cascading in waves over sun-kissed shoulders seemed tailored for this moment. The dress ended at mid-thigh exhibiting long, tanned legs as it clung to her every curve. My poor thoughts of the walk home and yard work, evaporated as my mind raced ahead to a promising afternoon.

"Are we going out for lunch?" I asked, taking in the sight of her beauty and feeling that familiar stirring.

"No, I thought we'd stay home and enjoy ourselves... I've got two steaks on the grill, and we can open that nice bottle of wine. I thought you'd like a special day with me."

"Every day with you is special, Honey" I murmured.

"Ah, you’re sweet," Nicole giggled as she hugged my sweaty body.

"Eww, you need a shower but I have lunch ready now."

Nicole’s sweet floral fragrance had me thinking of sex. She knew it would, but the smell of sizzling steaks caused my stomach to remember how hungry I was. The sweet scent of jasmine and vanilla hung in the air almost overpowering the BBQ as we parted. My wife turned and swayed seductively through the room. Shapely hips swung back and forth as she went to retrieve the steaks and finish setting the table.

Over her shoulder she said. "I wish you had time to shower now but, lunch is ready."

I wrestled with the cork and pulled it free as Nickie returned. I poured her glass, as she smoothed her dress with a sweep of hands, and sat. The table was set, and the steaks were resting.

"Your wine, milady," I smiled handing her the glass.

"Why thank you, love," Nicole replied, her dimpled smile showing perfect white teeth.

We kicked off our shoes and savored the food. A barefoot began toying with my leg as we ate. Warm toes caressed me, making it hard to concentrate on the meal. We smiled and gaze lovingly at one another as we ate.

After the meal, we finished our wine and shared each other’s day. Finally, I stood and began gathering the dishes from the table.

"No you don’t," she commanded. I’ll take care of that. I want you to take a shower now and wash the day away." Happy to oblige, I headed for the bath and a nice cool shower.

Soon, I returned in a pair of thin, silky shorts and smelling of Nicole’s favorite cologne. From the smile on her face, she delighted at my choice. Taking my hand she led me to the living room. As she reached down to turn on the music, trim luscious thighs and a glimpse of ass cheeks caused my cock to twitch. She held out her hands, "Dance?"

"By all means," I replied, eager to feel that body close to mine. Our arms embraced each other and with eyes closed, we began swaying to the music. "Could she feel my growing hardness pressing against her stomach, I could."

"My day has very much improved," I whispered to her ear. I ran my fingers through curly blonde locks. My free hand followed soft curves through the satiny fabric of her dress.

"It gets better," Nickie answered back in a hushed voice. Her small hands drifting lower, tracing the muscled curves of my ass through the thin material. Long painted nails reached my inner thigh teasing. Another twitch in my crotch as a hand brushed the rapidly growing bulge in my shorts.

"Mmm, it does." I slipped my hand beneath the satiny dress, to caress the roundness of her ass expecting to find a thong. No panties! My cock jumped again. Our bodies pressed closer, and we began exploring each other's mouths with lips and tongues. Nicole’s fingers found my growing bulge. She traced its length as it barely hid beneath the waistband of my shorts. Our breath quickened at each other’s touch, punctuated by sighs of pleasure.

"I want you so much John," my wife's voice an erotic whisper.

"I want you, too," easing my fingers between her warm thighs in search of that delicate wetness. I found a slippery nub swollen and protruding from between dewy lips. A shudder of delight coursed through our bodies. "God, how I love to touch her there."

"Tell me again how you want me... want my cock... want me inside you."

"No," said she in a quiet declaration. This time we'll do it my way and I don’t want you that way… yet."

"No?" I questioned, taken completely off guard. Impatient hands tugged at my loose shorts and they fell, gathering in a bunch about my ankles. I was exposed now as my erection bobbed lewdly between us.

"Not yet," her eyes locked on my rigid member. Was that a moment of indecision that passed over her face? It was quickly replaced by a resolute smile.

With a deep breath, she took my cock in her hand, squeezing and pulling on the turgid member. My personal lubricant wet her palm; her hand slipped sensuously over the sensitive head.

"I want to feel you in my mouth," dropping to her knees, her warmth enveloped me. Wet lips encircled me as her tongue swirled deliciously. Delicate fingers pulled at its length; another sweet release of intimate fluid.

"Mmm, I want to taste you. I want to empty your cock of its sweet juices," Nicole’s speech grew more provocative to my horny delight.

"I love it when you talk dirty to me," I whispered, shocked and excited by her boldness and sullied manner. I always wanted her to be more lustful and passionate, taking on a more lead role in our lovemaking. Had she been reading those romance novels again? Watching women’s afternoon porn? Whatever the cause, I loved it.

I was so near orgasm that my knees buckled and together, we slowly collapsed to the floor. As we lay in a 69 position, she continued to fuck me with her mouth. My eager finger found and slid into her syrupy wetness. With a low moan, her legs spread as my digit probed that slick, warm orifice. Gently I explored, finding the little mound of flesh inside that always drove her crazy.

Nicole’s mouth continued to devour me as my tongue and fingers licked and caressed her... relentlessly, insistently... whimpers of pleasure grew more intense. As she stroked my cock, a dollop of clear sweet nectar wet her lips revealing my growing passion. The crystal liquid foretold of what was to come. 

Without warning, I moaned in orgasm, unable to hold back. My pulsing, bloated cock released great spurts. Surprised by the unexpected flood, Nicole pulled away. White surge dripped from her chin. She licked her lips and swallowed, again plunging down my length. I had never seen my wife quite as sex-crazed. I was loving her enthusiasm and debauchery. I came long and hard as she continued to milk my throbbing shaft as my climax subsided.

Once recovered, I busied myself with her pleasure. I turned around and rolled my lover onto her back, positioning my head between her open legs. She was excited now and, presented full access to her glistening womanhood.

Nickie’s sighs and groans became louder, climbing in pitch as my tongue probed her depths. I licked and teased, sucking hard on her pink puffy lips and erect clitoris. I savored the act with delight as she had me. From between quivering legs, I found her watching wide-eyed. She always said it made her hot to watch, my face now wet with our juices.

Sky-blue eyes, now dark and dilated like I had not seen for some time. She watched, open-mouthed, panting. I doubled my efforts, two fingers inside now as I sucked hard on her swollen clit. Her flesh throbbed in my mouth. My lips pulled the soft folds in and my tongue vibrated against her swollen button. Nicole grabbed my head, pulling me against her heat as she bucked wildly, crashing into a long, noisy orgasm. After an eternity, I climbed her writhing body, slowly kissing my way through the valley of her breasts to succulent lips.

"I will fuck your wet, needful pussy now, I breathed into her ear. Do you hear me?"

"Yes! she cried. Yes! Oh, honey... fill me with your cock! I want you to cum again! Fill me... fuck me hard... fast! I need... oh... God..!"

Nicole drew her knees up spreading her legs wide. My erection renewed, sought the opening, and plunged deep into her honeyed warmth. She recoiled from the assault but quickly pulled me to her breast. My thrusting increased in tempo, the pressure building to a ‘second coming’ was imminent. My lover’s back arched, her head tossed from side to side, as another orgasmic tremor shook her body. She tensed and moaned under me as each wave of pleasure consumed her. Eyes squeezed shut, she was overcome by the intensity of the pleasure.

Tearful eyelids fluttered as she clenched her teeth in a mind-bending orgasm.

The sight of her climax was too much as I grunted out my pleasure. My thrusting cock convulsed once, twice, repeatedly, filling my wife with a second burst of sweet cum. Intense sensations took over, triggering squeals of pleasure from us both. Our loud cries echoed from the walls. Nickie’s body again bucked and writhed beneath mine as she reveled in my release.

With closed eyes, I collapsed like a rag doll next to my lover. We fell into a dreamy twilight. At length, our breathing slowly returned to normal and my spent shaft slipped her loosening grip.

"Oh, John, that was so wonderful," she cried softly, her voice languid, tranquil.

"So how's your day now, still having a bad day,"?

"I'm having a wonderful day," I said, eyes closed, my breathless voice barely audible.

"Oh?" I smiled to myself. I had completely forgotten, it’s Father’s Day.

Submitted: June 24, 2020

© Copyright 2021 CRWestminster. All rights reserved.

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That's a sweet and erotic story, CR! Really nice. Makes you want to cut your grass more often, huh? I noticed no kids in the house running about and interrupting their parents. I guess Nickie just calls her husband daddy? (or maybe this is empty nest)

Regardless, I enjoyed your holiday romp! May I recommend you proof your piece when you can. You are bouncing between first and second person narrative. It might be easier to keep it in first person, though your reader might enjoy second.

It's a lovely Father's Day experience...

Fri, June 26th, 2020 7:38pm

Amy F. Turner

So romantic and loving. Every part of the giving and taking was bliss to read and flow with their decadent efforts to please the other. Just wonderful.

Sun, June 28th, 2020 10:04pm

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