Fantasies Fulfilled

Fantasies Fulfilled

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Paul and Jennifer finally fulfill a shared fantasy.


Paul and Jennifer finally fulfill a shared fantasy.


Submitted: December 31, 2012

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Submitted: December 31, 2012




It's amazing how fantasies can come true given just the right circumstances and a little nudge.


One Friday evening after a particularly stressful day at work Paul called his wife and asked her to meet him at a local watering hole for a drink and to unwind before going home. He had been horny for her all day, ever since they got up too late to scratch the itch they both shared that morning. All Paul wanted was to race home after work to have sex with Jennifer, maybe all weekend, but the day had worn him pretty thin and he was in need of a drink and some distraction from work first.


Paul entered the lounge and settled in at the bar to wait for Jenn. There were quite a few people there this early in the evening but he figured it was the Friday crowd doing the same thing he was. Sure enough, as he waited and finished his Margarita on the rocks, the crowd started to thin, leaving only two couples and a few single guys. One man in a business suit was sitting alone at the bar near Paul so to break the monotony Paul said, “How you doing tonight my name's Paul?”


“The man eyed Paul for a moment as though he were sizing him up, smiled, extending his hand and said, “I'm doing just fine, my name's Don.” His keen brown eyes searching Paul's face and body language for any signs of aggression or psychosis. Finding none, Don asked, “What are you drinking, would like another?”


“Yes, I believe I would. Paul said. My wife is on her way but you know how they are about getting ready.”


Don laughed and said, “Oh yeah, I can relate, I was married once. It didn't work out and I haven't taken the plunge again.”


“So what's keeping you from it, Don?”


The man looked at Paul over the rim of his glass and said, “Just haven't met the right one yet, besides, I'm having too much fun living the single life. If you know what I mean?”


“Yeah, I do. Hasn't been that long ago for me either but I have a great wife now. I couldn't be happier. We're a perfect match. She's smart, adventurous, loving and sexy as hell. We let each other be ourselves and encourage one another in whatever mischief we might engage in.” Laughing, Paul set his second drink glass down and motioned for another round even before he was empty.


The alcohol didn't waste any time hitting home and Paul began running off at the mouth about this and that. He couldn't help telling Don how his wife starred in a homemade movie they had just recently made and how he was rather pleased with the way it turned out even if it was only the two of them. The more relaxed he became, the more Paul painted a sensuous picture of his wife and the sometimes erotic lives they led. Don clearly showed an interest. Paul could see by the growing bulge in his pants, Don was becoming aroused by his sexual banter. It was having the same effect on Paul as he talked. He found himself telling Don, how uninhibited his wife was and how they would tell each other their fantasies even playing out some of them together. How she would masturbate for him as he watched and other sex games they liked to engage in.


It was then Jennifer came through the door, scanning the room for her husband. She was beautiful. Dressed in a brown, flowing, ankle-length, pleated skirt that turned translucent from the back lighting through the open door. Her shapely body plainly visible through the thin material. The snug, fitted top, as green as her eyes, accentuated her ample bosom, dark auburn hair flowed in loose curls, at times both hiding or framing her breasts. Paul raised his hand and stood as she spotted him at the bar. Her face lit up with her broad Hollywood smile that could capture any room. She tracked straight toward Paul her skirt, hugging her curves.


Don started to say something but all that came out was “Whoa!”


Paul lightly kissed Jenn on the lips and turned to Don. “Don, this is my wife, Jennifer, ain't she something?” he gloated. Don stood speechless, Jennifer filled the void by offering her hand, “Hello Don, please call me Jenn. Jennifer just seems too formal.”


Paul offered Jenn the seat between Don and himself and ordered her a drink. Together they decided it would be more comfortable in a booth so they found one away from the noise at the bar and settled in. Don sat across from the couple replaying Paul's earlier conversation about their home movie in his mind as he tried not to stare at Jenn and those hypnotic green eyes.


They talked and drank for another hour until it was suggested they move from the now crowded bar to Paul and Jenn's home, for a nightcap. Don followed in his rental car. Don was only in town for one last night. The business meetings he had attended being over, he was to catch a flight early the next morning.


On the ride home Paul started thinking about how quickly Don had become aroused from him telling the story of Jenn and the home video. He told Jenn what he had said to Don about the video before she arrived and was surprised how many questions she asked about what he had said to get Don that excited. Paul thought talking about their sex life with a near stranger might piss her off but instead she seemed clearly interested. He said that he too, had become aroused as he related the details to Don as he replayed the video in his mind. Even now, talking to Jenn about it was stirring his libido.


Reaching over he pushed her skirt up and found she was not wearing panties. His fingers teased her hairless cleft as she spread her thighs. She was already damp. Paul looked at her as if to ask why as he enjoyed her wetness.


“I and Don were kind of playing footsie under the table at the bar.” she admitted rather sheepishly. “That and touching you made me hot...he is a fine looking man after all.”


“Are you saying, while you were stroking me you were playing with his feet?”


“Yes, I hope you're not mad at me. I was just being playful.”


“No, I'm not mad, but now what do we do? He's following us home and may have expectations. It's bad enough I told him about the video and got him hot, now this?” Paul said.


“We'll think of something. Let's just go with the flow and see where it takes us.” Jenn said smiling.


“That's Jenn, always the optimist,” he thought. Paul had an inkling of what she was hinting. They played with each other the rest of the way home, where they had to hesitate before getting out of the car to let Paul's erection subside. Don pulled into the drive behind them and thankfully he too, took his time getting out of his car. Paul wondered if it wasn't for the same reason, now that he knew what had transpired at the bar with Jenn.


The three went into the house where Paul made drinks for everyone and showed Don around, while Jenn disappeared into the bedroom. After a while Paul excused himself as Don was browsing through their music collection and went to see what was keeping Jenn.


She was in the bathroom freshening her makeup, when he came in. She seemed nervous so he asked what she was thinking about. Jenn said, “What do you think we should do now?”


“Look, are you attracted to this guy? Do you want to have a threesome or something? I have to say I'm excited by the idea...OK, so a lot excited! I just want us to be happy with whatever we decide.”


Jenn looked at her husband like a deer in the headlights when he said, “It's alright with me, in fact it could be a lot of fun. It's something we've fantasized about many times. You make the call.”


That must have released Jenn's emotional gridlock because she started asking about what they should do and became fevered at the prospect. The more questions she asked, the hotter she became. Paul admitted he had been thinking about watching Don's cock filling Jenn with pleasure. He said that he was horny as hell, had been that way since early this morning and was ready for anything. He wanted to see this stranger with her as much as she wanted to be with him. It would be hot to watch the two of them together.


The couple came from the bedroom a bit red-faced from their discussion. Don was sitting on the sofa, drink in hand, his long legs stretched out in front of him. His dark hair tousled from running his hands though it.


“I was beginning to think you two weren't coming back and I'd have to drink all alone.” he smiled.


“No, nothing like that.” Paul said as he retrieved his own glass and downed the mixture. They made small talk until Paul casually brought up the video again, Don's face lit up.


“Are you ready for the viewing, I mean do you have time and would you like to?” Paul said nervously.


"Sure, I would love to see it. I have until my flight leaves in the morning to do whatever." he said without hesitation, excitement clearly in his voice. Paul glanced at Jenn, she smiled then quickly diverted her eyes.


“Is it alright with you, honey? Do you mind if Don sees our video?”


She got up to make herself another drink, nodding her head over her shoulder, then coyly, “OK, if you must.” Jenn sensed what was to come and it ignited a familiar heat between her legs.


Paul started the video, it showed Jenn on the bed in a sweet see-through burgundy camisole and matching bikini bottoms. He was in silk boxers. They kissed and touched each other through their clothing. Paul started kissing Jenn's neck and fondling her breasts. Don sat still watching at first but when Paul pulled Jenn's camisole down and exposed her tits he became wide-eyed. He kept saying how sweet and nice she looked in a low breathy voice. Soon, the screen was filled with her firm shapely ass but her pussy remained hidden. Paul spanked her bottom several times until it had a rosy hue, telling her what a bad girl she was and then began to peel off the rest of her lingerie exposing Jenn's clean-shaven pussy. The only hair remaining was a cute heart shape just above her clit. Paul directed Jenn to play with herself as he took some close-up shots of her. She spread her lips, running a finger up and down her slit and around her glistening clit enticing Paul with her lewdness.


As they watched and commented on the video Don's voice began to quiver with his mounting excitement. Jenn's skirt was now raised over her knees and she was fighting the impulse to touch herself. On the screen she was pressing her tits together in front of the camera. Paul was behind her reaching between her legs to rub her pussy. Her lips wet from her juices.


So Don, do you like her tits enough to suck on them?”


“I'd love too, but I don't want to cause any problems.” he exclaimed.


“No problem here, you'd be helping fulfill a fantasy. We've talked about having a third person join us many times and I guess maybe the time is right. Do you have any problems with two men and one woman?”


“Not at all, Paul. I'm excited and honored to join you for some fun.”


Pulling at his tie and unbuttoning his shirt Don said, “I never thought this trip would come to this.”


“Like I said Don, we've talked and fantasized about this for a long time, Jenn has wanted to have sex with two men at once and I've wanted to watch another man with her and maybe join in. This is the right time and place. What can I say? Speaking of the star, where did she go?” Paul rose and headed for the bedroom, leaving Don to finish removing his shirt and pants and went to the bedroom to find Jennifer. She had changed into the same camisole outfit that she wore on the video. She looked awesome! He couldn't help grabbing a hand full of her ass as she passed by. He told her that he had invited Don to join in.


“I thought maybe you had so I got ready for you, turned down the bed and laid out your shorts. I'll keep him company while you ready yourself.”


“Oh baby, I'm ready right now!”


Jennifer was more than ready. She was exhilarated from the combination of the drinks, video and this good-looking stranger she was about to have sex with. Jennifer disappeared around the corner and Paul went to clean up.


Don was on the sofa now with just his shorts on watching Jenn give Paul head on the TV. When he saw her he quickly drew his hand away from his crotch only to show that his shorts wouldn't hold down what he was trying to hide. He stammered and blushed as Jenn walked directly over and sat down next to him.


“Let me see if I can help you with that.” she boldly said as her hand reach through the front opening and grasp his hard on. “My aren't you a big boy, and hard too.” she whispered. Still stammering Don told her that it was he that was supposed to be sucking on her tits. She agreed and pulled his head to her chest.


Don went after her like a starving man. He pulled her camisole straps down and exposed what he had witnessed on the video. Her breasts were fantastic, large and firm, with light brown nipples already hard and erect. He sucked one into his mouth and worked it around with his tongue. Dividing his time between the two as Jenn's head fell back against the sofa and she delighted in the attention she was given. She maintained her grip on his manhood, pulling and squeezing the pulsing cock. Don felt really big in her hand and she wanted so badly to kiss it but she was loving the feeling of him kissing her breasts.


Paul watched from the bedroom doorway as Don ravished his wife. He stroked his own cock and watched as Jennifer's hand did the same to Don, his cock now protruding proudly from his shorts. As Paul looked on, he felt a rush of adrenaline surge through his body as the image of touching and putting his mouth on Don's cock flew through his mind. What a strange sensation he thought. I'm not gay, but to experience the act intrigued him. What would it be like, what does Jenn feel when she does it to him? So many times he had wondered. He had to know.


Jennifer rose up pushing Don back against the sofa as she read Paul's mind and lowered her head to his throbbing cock. Don willingly complied stretching out his long legs, his cock thrusting further out of his shorts like a rising tent pole. Jenn looked at it and gave a low whistle as her hand worked the long, thick shaft. She put her mouth over the head and it quickly disappeared. Her head bobbed as she sucked and licked and pulled at Don.


Paul strode across the room, sat behind Jenn and stripped her panties to to her knees, exposing her moist and swelling pussy, as she continued to service Don's magnificent appendage. Paul spread her ass cheeks and slid his tongue between them, teasing and probing her, licking and sucking her bare lips, tasting the sweet nectar he was so used to.


Oral sex with Jenn so inspired his sex drive and flushed his fantasies from their hiding places that under its spell he was game for anything as far as sex was concerned. He let the hot stimulation wash over him like a giant wave of lust. His mind filled with the vision of being with another man now that the chance was upon him.


Soon he was joining Jennifer at Don's crotch. They shared this experience as they had so many other firsts. Jenn offered Don's cock to Paul and he took it eagerly. Eyes closed now, he took the member into his mouth, feeling the soft, fullness it presented. Carefully, he began a slow fucking motion, pulling the loose skin with his lips. He wanted Don to feel the joy that he hoped he could give by having an intimate knowledge of his own penis.


Don was laid back with his eyes closed rejoicing in the feeling of this woman's talents. Little did he suspect that it was Paul not the beautiful woman that was giving him such pleasure. Paul was also absorbed in the act, using different strokes and pressures, pulling at the man's member with his mouth. He was getting as much pleasure from the feel of this smooth slippery cock filling his mouth and hand as he imagined. This experience rivaled that of eating his wife's pussy, which always gave him immense joy in itself.


Jenn pulled back to watched as her husband savored this other man's penis. She was both surprised and extremely excited watching this fantasy unfold before her eyes. She had never thought that Paul was capable of such passion with a man. Sure they had talked about it many times but she never expected it to be real one day. She was on fire with need wanting her own time with this man's rock hard cock. She needed to be fucked and she wanted Don to fuck her first. She wanted both men to fuck her. She was so hot and ready that she envisioned both men in a double penetration scene with her, their cocks meeting and rubbing together inside her as they pounded her with eagerness.


Jenn tapped Paul's shoulder to get his attention and he released Don from his mouth. Jenn switched places with Paul and climbed on to straddle Don's hips. Lowering herself, she helped guide his wet, bloated prick to her waiting cavity. Slowly she lowered herself until she consumed his entire length. Don forced his hips upward to give her every bit of his cock as deeply as he could. She whimpered as he hit bottom, pushing against her insides.


Paul watched as Don repeatedly thrust his cock deep into his wife, his balls slapping against her ass as she rode him. Overcome with the sight, Paul maneuvered himself behind Jenn's raised ass and worked his stiff cock against her unfilled hole. With some lube and persistence he managed to force himself into her ass, her body stretched to accommodate them both. The two men held their places and let her adjust to the fullness before they began to move within her crowded body. She loved it. The idea of these two men inside her and the overfull feeling was like nothing she had ever felt before. She relaxed as best she could and let them fuck her as they wanted.


Paul could feel Don's cock moving against his through the thin tissue of Jenn's insides. It was like nothing he had ever experienced. The two men slowly worked their cocks rhythmically back and forth along side each other in an erotic masturbatory dance that left Jenn whimpering with joy.


Don was beside himself with ecstasy. He moved his cock against Paul's feeling the other man sliding against him in the most delightful way. The thought and mental vision was so overpowering that he had to fight back his urge to cum.


The trio writhed as one for many minutes before Don announced that he could hold back no longer.


Jenn urged Don to cum.“Oh yes, give it to me. I want you to fill me up with your cum. Fuck me good, Don!”


With a loud guttural groan of satisfaction his cock swelled and released its burden, flooding Jenn with his white torrent as he held himself deep within her. Paul was struggling to keep his own orgasm in check when Jennifer broke into hers. With a shuddering cry of joy she came again and again, “Oh yes...Fuck me...oh fuck me...fill me up...Paul...”


Paul took his turn flooding Jenn with his explosive climax. After a time, each man's cock was slowly squeezed from the woman as their erections softened, leaving her to silently weep with joy from her mind-expanding orgasm and the gratification of pleasing these two men. She had experienced an act that she had only fantasized and it was overwhelming in its completion.


Paul dropped to the floor still gasping for breath until he was again able to speak.


“Jenn honey, are you alright, how do you feel?


“I'm fine, more than fine. I just need a few minutes to recover. Thank you both for a wonderfully, mind-blowing orgasm.” she said between deep breaths.




Don was speechless. He too, was having a hard time catching his breath after such a volatile orgasm.


“Yeah, I'm good... just can't talk... right now.”


The three lay, scattered on the sofa and floor for some time before they were able to move again. Paul reached up and took Jennifer's hand in his and squeezing it said, “I love you, baby.”


Don left an hour later full of smiles and saying this had to be the best business trip he had ever taken.


Paul and Jenn fell into bed, entwined in each others arms and drifted into a satisfied, peaceful sleep. There would be time tomorrow to discuss and relive their shared adventure and perhaps plan another one.


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