Enough for Now

Enough for Now

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Left alone too often, Lisa finds fulfillment with her Personal Trainer as her husband finds his own pleasure.


Left alone too often, Lisa finds fulfillment with her Personal Trainer as her husband finds his own pleasure.


Submitted: October 01, 2016

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Submitted: October 01, 2016



It was 11 PM when the phone rang. Although Lisa knew who it was, it still gave her a start. The ring had the impatience of a crying baby that needed its bottle. To silence the persistent noise, the blonde woman jumped from her seat, leaving her wine glass abandoned on the coffee table.


“Hello”? “Oh, Hi John. You’re awfully late tonight I was just about to go to bed. Yes, I know, I love you too. It’s just that I was dozing off and you startled me.”


Lisa carried the phone back and seated herself next to the man who, smiling, was refilling their glasses. Dave, an athletic and handsome man lived on the block, had come by to keep her company in John’s absence, and not for the first time. She held a finger to her lips to keep him silent as she half-reclined on the sofa, her silken robe falling open exposing her inner thigh and long slender leg. Lisa kept herself in great shape working out at the local gym and playing tennis several times a week. She loved the attention she received from the men at the gym and whenever she was out and about shopping.


“Oh, you did, huh? A few drinks with the guys? That's nice. It’s good that you’re in your room now. Yes, I’ll bet the shower felt good. How is the convention going? Are you finding any new contacts? That’s great, Hon,” her eyes focused squarely on the dark-haired manly, hunk in front of her.


Dave was not only her neighbor, but also her occasional personal trainer. He was, as the saying goes, tall, dark, and handsome. His dark hair always a bit ruffled like a little boy. His eyes dark and mysterious, yet filled with a friendly gleam and a mischievous twinkle. He worked out at the same gym and that’s how he and Lisa met. The fact that he lived just down the block was icing on the cake.

“You want me to what? Tell you a story. What kind of story? Oh John, your always so horny. I guess that’s why I love you,” Lisa said as her gaze drifted down Dave’s bare muscled chest to his well-formed six pack.


“OK, how about this? A man has broken into our house and is pointing a gun at us, he ties you to a chair and is threatening both of us if we don’t do as he says?”


“That sounds exciting, go on,” John said as he switched to speaker phone, closed his eyes and firmly gripped his already tumescent and growing member. His hand slowly tracing its length, stopping now and then to give it a good squeeze.


The neighbor slid closer and returned to fondling Lisa’s breasts. Her large nipples stood erect atop her pink contracted areola. They promptly attracted Dave’s attention once again. Gently urging one to his face, he lightly brushed his lips across the hard nipple and then engulfed the puckered flesh. As Lisa continued her distracted dialogue with husband John, Dave pursued his covert erotic play, teasing one then the other of Lisa's breasts.


“Uh, you’re blindfolded, gagged and tied to a chair. You can hear us but must imagine how this intruder is having his way with me. Can you see us in your mind?”


John’s voice showing his piqued excitement. “Ooh...yes, I’m already hot. Go on.”

Dave looked up from Lisa’s breast flashing his perfect white smile that contrasted perfectly with his olive complexion. “I’m going to have fun with this,” he thought to himself. Able to hear both sides of the conversation, with a wink, returns to the young woman’s ample breasts.

“The intruder ties my hands... pushes me down on the sofa and tells me if I scream he’ll kill you. He opens the front of my blouse...no, my black silk nightie, with the barrel of his gun exposing my bare breasts, and running the cold steel against them.”? On cue, Dave takes her nipple between his teeth and applies just enough pressure to make her gasp.


Lisa’s breath makes a hissing sound as it sucked between her teeth. She quickly covers with, “The barrel is so cold. He has me lie down on the couch as he stands over me unzipping his pants. I want to scream for you to help me, but I don’t want him to hurt you.”


John whispers hoarsely, “Are you on the couch now, baby?”


“Yes, I am, and I’m afraid of what’s going to happen. Can you see him standing over me? Yes? You struggle against your bonds. They’re tight, cutting into your chest and arms, holding you fast to the chair. You shout profanities in frustration only to be distorted and muffled by the gag in your mouth.”


Meanwhile, Dave turns his head to Lisa’s stomach; trailing kisses as he moves lower, he stops with his hot, moist breath warming her exposed, naked mound. Lisa intent on his every move.


“Wh...what would you have him do to me, John,” Lisa breathes into the phone?


“I want you to give him oral sex.”


“Mmmm...OK. He grabs my hair and jams my head to his crotch. He smells unwashed, sweaty, though not totally unpleasant. I don’t want to do this; I twist my head back and forth, but he forces me by again threatening you if I don’t.” Lisa sighs audibly as Dave’s mouth nears her slit. He expertly separates her soft lips to lightly caresses her exposed clit with his tongue.


“Uh...his cock is so big, I can barely fit it in my mouth,” another moan as her lover intensifies his clitoral touch. “Oh! John! I want it to be you. It’s your cock filling my mouth. I’ll just close my eyes and imagine it’s you,” she lied. All the while grinding herself against her lover’s busy mouth.


Dave lifts Lisa’s leg, laying it over the back of the sofa; her other foot on the floor affording him total access to her. She lies open and glistening wet with excitement from her role-playing and her secret lover’s attention. He dives into her, licking up the wetness and penetrating her with a long probing finger. His lips surround Lisa’s clit and pull it forcefully into his mouth. He wags his tongue rapidly back and forth against her nubbin, feeling it grow stiff and full between his hot ravishing lips. It is becoming impossible for Lisa to keep herself under control as she continues her lewd sex talk.


“Mmmm...oh my Gawd, he’s pulling my head down over his cock again, Mmmm... It’s so big, it fills my mouth. He’s forcing it deep into my throat; I can hardly breathe. I’m holding my breath for as long as I can. Finally, he lets go of my head and I pull away to catch my breath. I cough and spit until he forces my mouth back over his cock and pushes himself deep into my mouth, down my throat. Tears are running down my face and I can't breathe.”


John’s voice is excited and raspy. She knows her husband is about to finish himself off.


“Oh baby, I can’t take it anymore, I’m going to cum!” With that John lets out a loud extended groan. His wife knows that he is in orgasm, so to quickly finish the fantasy as he is cumming, she continues.


“The brute is fucking my mouth faster now. He’s going to cum, yes, yes, he’s cumming now, filling my mouth, it’s warm, squeezing out around my stretched lips. He’s holding my head down. I can feel it squirting against the back of my throat. He won’t pull out until I swallow. Do you want me to swallow?”


“Yes, Yes, swallow baby, swallow it all,” John demanded as he gasped for breath through his own extended climax. Lisa hears only her husband’s labored breathing as he pants to catch his breath, now satiated. Her attention switches to her own needs and the feelings Dave is evoking in her.


After a few short moments of silence, John in his usual fashion, hurriedly says, “Honey, you’re the best. I’m really tired now, guess I better get some sleep. I’ll be home tomorrow night,” with that, the satisfied self-centered asshole hangs up the phone leaving Lisa hot as a firecracker, eager to get back to the pleasure at hand. Her dark lover is busily working his skillful mouth between her wide-spread thighs.


Feeling the woman’s copious wetness flowing like warm honey, he senses that she is close to orgasm, her muscles rhythmically squeezing his fingers inside her. Dave wants to keep her on the edge for as long as possible as he lets his fingers slowly slide from her. His desire is realized when Lisa pushes him back and presses her legs together, keeping him from her delights.


“Oh Dave,” Lisa says urgently, “I want you in my mouth, I need the real thing. I want to give you pleasure.” The aroused young woman maneuvers herself until her head is hanging off the sofa in a perfect position for deep-throating. As she looks on, eyes dark and glassy from passion, her neighbor stands over her slowly doffing his pants and shorts, visually teasing her with his large stiff cock before dropping to his knees; his manhood bobbing lewdly, begging for attention. A drop of clear liquid issued from the tip of Dave's cock and stretched into a long thin crystal string, disappearing into the carpet.


Lisa promptly takes him in her hands saying, “This was on my mind the whole time I was trying to satisfy him.” Another large clear droplet oozed from the head of Dave’s wet shiny cockhead as Lisa pulled him to her mouth. At the last second, her nimble tongue snaked out to save it from falling to the carpet. “Mmmm, you taste so good tonight,” Lisa said as she steered him deep into her mouth with an eager mewl. Dave looked on as his fat cock disappeared through those plump red lips, charging him with a sudden rush of pleasure throughout his body. He pillowed Lisa’s head with his hands as he carefully deep-throated her grateful mouth. Tears and mascara streaked her cheeks as she took pleasure in the treat she offered him. After only a few minutes, the man stopped her fearing his own climax would come unexpectedly. There would be another time for this. For now, he wanted to feel her pussy squeezing and teasing him.


He turned Lisa around and had her kneel before the sofa, her upper body comfortably supported on the cushions. He took her from behind as she squealed her delight in feeling his member penetrate and fill her needful void. Together they slowly rocked back a forth, he pushing into her, she in turn pulling back on his member with those exquisite pelvic muscles. Their tempo increased and the man’s balls slapped against her, sounding a lewd lascivious cadence. Her mind returned to the story she had told her husband and she fantasized that it was the intruder that was pounding into her with that huge imagined cock. His rough, grubby hands raking against her soft skin, stinging her ass with hard slaps. “Fuck me...fuck me, Oh Gawd, fuck me good,” Lisa pleaded breathlessly. She became lost in her fantasy, relinquishing control to the brute who was raping her. She gave herself to the moment and found perverse enjoyment in the barbarous treatment; the frightening, exciting feel of being taken as though against her will. Lisa found a certain peace in just letting go. It felt strangely liberating to give up and flow through the rapids as if she were whitewater rafting. No sooner had she had that thought when inside Lisa’s body her orgasm demanded its release. “Oh yes Dave, give it all to me...faster...that’s it...oh fuck...ahhhh...yeesss.”


Without further warning the young blonde’s body stiffened, her pussy clenching at the man within her as the first wave of euphoria flooded over and through her body. She found herself grasping for her lover, grabbing at his ass, forcing him deeper into her. She wanted all of him. She wanted to consume his body within her convulsing vagina. To fill her aching loneliness. To make up for all the nights that she had been left unfulfilled by her rude and selfish husband. Lisa exploded in a mind-numbing climax as the man continued to assault her seemingly insatiable orifice.


Dave was unable to hold himself back any longer as he watched this beautiful woman in the throes of orgasm before him. His own climax burst to the surface like a geyser, flooding through his body and exploding from his burgeoning shaft in great torrents. It felt as though he were being turned inside out, drained, compressed from the inside. Pulse after pulse welled up within him. In his frenzy, his spurting cock came out of Lisa and painted her ass with another shot of hot white cum before he could plunge it back into her. He pressed in as deeply as his swollen cock would go, depositing the last of his ejaculate as his final wave of orgasm subsided. The woman before him now limp and subdued. In time, he rolled away from her and collapsed to the floor exhausted, she followed and cuddled closely. They both lay, quietly absorbed in their individual thoughts, drifting through the peaceful afterglow.


Lisa was the first to come back from their reverie. She rose up and went to the bathroom where she again became lost in her private thoughts. Although she would have liked to stay cuddled up to her perfect lover, she knew that, at least for now, it couldn’t be. Dave was only a Personal Trainer without much income and as much as she liked him and was overwhelmed by the great sex he provided, Dave was not her husband. She had grown accustomed to the finer things in life that John could provide and after the years of marriage to him, could not return to the meager life she had escaped by their marriage. For now, they must remain lovers only. She would continue to see him as her Personal Trainer at the gym and a part-time lover whenever she had the freedom. Maybe in the future, if things worked out, there might be a change in their relationship but for now, this was it. She would stay with her less than ideal husband and fuck Dave on the side. At least there was great sex between them and fuel for fantasy that she could use later when sex with her husband was required. Not a great life but it was tolerable especially since she had the money to buy nice things and could satisfy her sexual needs when they called.


Dave was up and dressed as she returned from the bathroom. He gave her a warm kiss and made his excuse for leaving, saying how much he loved their time together and that they would be together again soon. Lisa knew that was the case since they met three times a week at the gym and at least one of those days always ended with a long session of heated sex. It was enough for now.


The lithe blonde slowly closed and locked the door after her lover. In the kitchen, she opened a bottle of wine and poured a glass reliving the day’s encounter as she returned to the bathroom to take a luxuriously long, hot bath. Life was not unbearable in its present state. She thought about Dave and the great sex they shared as she slipped out of the silken robe. Dave could never give her the material things that made her happy, the expensive home, cars, and jewelry. Her husband could provide those things but not the mind-blowing orgasms she had with Dave. Really, she was experiencing the best of both worlds even though at times it was hard to keep that perspective. There were no strings attached with her lover, except for the personal training that she could quit any time or if need be, find another trainer. She wasn’t in love with Dave. For that matter, she really wasn’t in love with her husband, John. And that was the fly in the ointment, she didn’t have love.


Lisa closed her eyes as her fingers traced the shape of her body and slipped beneath the fragrant foam-covered water to explore. No, she didn’t have love, but what she did have was enough, for now.



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